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1. Republican Leadership: We are holding you accountable. Stand with We the People and With President Trump!

Dear Republican Senators and Congressmen

This is very simple. We are the voice of the people from 30 1/2 states that voted and fairly and overwhelming elected President Trump! We are also the same voice that in many cases, elected you congressmen and women.
We are letting you know that we are absolutely sick of what you are allowing to happen with these unanswered attacks on President Trump by the left and the lying, bogus media!! The Handel win again shows left's biased polls are dead wrong! We stand with President Trump, support his policies, and have elected him because of his campaign promises and because he is a fighter and not afraid to speak and to act on what is right! In spite of this opposition, we still see him doing everything in his power to keep his campaign promises. We also see the left and the liberal media doing everything in their power to impede him and to try to remove him from office through lies, slander and in some cases treasonous acts! This petition is to let you know that we expect you, as our elected Congress people, to do everything in your power to publicly stand with and support our President of the United States and to call out the disgraceful lies and obstruction of the left, of the deep state, of the illegal intelligence leaking, and of these bogus investigations! We expect you to go on offense and to publicly call for investigations into the real crimes committed where there is actual evidence. Crimes such as: Benghazi, Fast and Furious, Hillary Clinton’s classified e-mails scandal, Obama's illegal surveillance & unmasking of political opponents, the Clinton Foundation, the IRS’s targeting conservative groups plus any other corruption under the Obama administration. Call for immediate investigations into real cases of Obstruction of Justice: Subpoena Lorreta Lynch, Bill Clinton, James Comey, Hillary Clinton and Susan Rice and have them testify!
We expect you to keep your own campaign promises: to repeal and replace Obama care, defund Planned Parenthood, pass Tax Reform, pass Immigration Reform, and Build the Wall, for starters! You are in control of the House, the Senate, and the Presidency, and we expect you to keep your campaign promises and get things done (such an opportunity for We the People!). This is very simple: You need to boldly and publicly stand up and immediately take action to strongly support our President, thereby supporting We the People of the United States who rose up on November 8 and fairly elected President Trump. If you do not, we have no choice and let us be clear: We will not be supporting you in your next election! It is past due time to stand up, take action, and do the right thing. Let it be known that we are busy, working people with families that care deeply for our country - unlike those funded by Soros and Co. that are paid full time to sit around, tweet and protest their faux leftist agenda! We have had it and we expect action! We are paying close attention, and we most definitely vote!!

Supporters of Donald Trump, The President of the United States

2. Open Letter to Republican Leadership

Dear Republican Leadership,

Donald J. Trump is the 45th President of the United States and has been for 150 days. He is President of the Deplorables, the forgotten men and women, the outcasts; but he is also the President of the Never Trump GOP faction, Hillary supporters, Bernie supporters, and those that proudly wear “Not My President”. It is time for our great nation to unite as Americans, no matter our political differences, and support the man duly elected to lead this country.

This letter is not to condemn you, but to plead with you to stand up and support our President. Some of you may have run against him in a hard fought primary, some of you may disagree with him on policies, and some of you may not like his personality; but he is our leader and he is the leader of your party. We are pleading with you to recognize what President Trump represents to his supporters, the millions of voters that cast a ballot for him in November. We are pleading with you to build bridges and surround him in prayer and support.

President Trump is truly the voice of those that voted for him. He recognizes that millions of us were no longer being heard by our elected officials in Washington, D.C. We were being cast aside and told to be quiet. What we believed in and what we wanted for our beautiful country made us sexist, racist, deplorable, and irredeemable. We are not those things! We are good, hard working Americans from all backgrounds and walks of life that love our nation, respect our flag, and the freedoms enshrined in our Constitution. Casting aside the Fake News and false labels, you will see an extremely diverse group of people that just want equal rights under the law and patriotically fight for those rights through our service and participation in the electoral process.

Our electoral victory is more than just a victory for the man elected. It is a victory for the millions of people he represents. President Trump represents a large portion of the Republican party, as well as Independents and Democrats, who have been crying out for years “Enough is Enough”. Unfortunately, the last 150 days have been filled with attacks and attempts to remove the man representing us from office. We have not seen support from the Republican party. We have not seen unity and we certainly have not heard calls to stop the violent hateful rhetoric against our President and his supporters. We plead with you to recognize that these attacks on President Trump are attacks on all of us. We plead with you to recognize your weak support for President Trump is weak support for all of us.

Today, this very moment, it is time to put hurt feelings and differences aside. It is time to work with the man we elected and push forward our agenda. We want you to succeed in 2018; but we will not help you if you will not help us. You can help us by supporting our President. You can help us by working together to pass legislation that represents the America First Policies. You can help us by standing up and being loud when injustices are being committed against the man representing us. You can help us by acknowledging there is an attempt to delegitimize the President and do something about it.

Be loud and make a stand. Support our President and therefore support us and we will fight for you, as we have fought for President Trump. Please do not let our voices be silenced again.


American Patriots

3. Support Canada's membership into the European Union

The current situation with the US proves that we are too much dependent on our neighbour to the south. Politics under President Trump put's Canada's sovereignty in danger. It is clearly stated 'America First'. We cannot rely solely on the USA anymore as Europe cannot rely on them anymore. This position is also stated by chancellor Ms Angela Merkel in the news after the unsuccessful Meeting of the G7 states. Canada has to find new partners to succeed and survive. It is a very natural move to ask without any further delay for an immediate membership into the European Union. Both sides will gain tremendous benefits from this move.

4. Call upon elected representatives in Cork to clarify their position on the reunification of Ireland.

In light of Brexit, the announcement of a second Scottish Independence Referendum and the growing demand for the reunification of Ireland, we are calling upon our local and national elected representatives to clarify, in writing, their position on Irish unity. When voting in the future, Irish unity will be an increasingly important policy issue. As such clarifying where each elected representative stands regarding unity will enable voters to select the correct candidates. Please sign to request that our politicians clarify whether they are pro- or anti- unity--we, the voters, deserve to know!

We ask that clarification be sent to :



We, the citizens of the world community do not want or support a nuclear war.


Grand Rapids, Michigan, It is time for UNITY.

What power do the words UNITY or DIVISION really have? Quite a bit if you ask me. The goal of this petition is to change a major street name in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The street name is DIVISION AVENUE, and our hope is to change it to UNITY AVENUE.

3 reasons WHY we should change it:
1. It is a proactive action that sets a positive tone for what Grand Rapids is about.
2. It shows the city, state and country that we prefer to unite instead of divide as a community.
3. It demonstrates that we can come together to make a change for the better.

If you believe in this idea and the effect it can have, please sign and share this petition to show your support!

Your fellow citizen,

Kurt French

7. WA-ZO-BIA - One Peaceful, Harmonious and Prosperous Nigeria

For many years, since the late sixties running through the fields of poverty and strife as like a little child running through high corn fields with no way to see ahead / future, the fields are too high as the fields of poverty and strife.

Nigerian youths and generations have been pawns in the hands of divide and rule Nigerian Lords who stop at nothing to achieve selfish aims while committing treasonable felonies such as sabotage, religious incitements, malicious propaganda and militancy in all forms, inclusive of religious fanaticism, sectional secession threats and resources control agitations. Thereby, wasting valuable human lives, time and resources with the same repetitive cycle at the behest of the Lords of Nigeria.

Yes, there may be genuine grievances here and there just as there are many root causes for these problems. We only just voted in a new Government from an opposition party against a sadly inept ruling party of 16 of our new democracy.

Let us behave responsibly and patriotic and while we wait in patience and support of the new Government we must learn how to seek constructive solutions and redress to our collective issues. Violence is not the way! One Nigeria! No to Boko Haram! No to Biafra!

8. I am a True Papuan / Saya Orang Asli Papua

Panggilan untuk Bersatu ini ditulis dalam Bahasa Indonesia dan Bahasa Inggris.
Please note that this Petition is written below in both Bahasa and English.

Saya Orang Asli Papua
(Panggilan untuk Bersatu)

Salah satu faktor keberhasilan dalam mencapai kehidupan berbangsa dan bernegara adalah KESATUAN. Dengan menanda-tangani Panggilan untuk Bersatu ini, saya mendukung Papua Bersatu dan membantu membangun karakter bangsa dan Negara Papua.

“Dan umat-Ku, yang atasnya nama-Ku disebut, merendahkan diri, berdoa dan mencari wajah-Ku, lalu berbalik dari jalan-jalannya yang jahat, maka Aku akan mendengar dari sorga, dan mengampuni dosa mereka serta memulihkan Negara mereka.” 2 Tawarikh 7:14.

“Tetapi Yesus mengetahui pikiran mereka lalu berkata kepada mereka: “Setiap kerajaan yang terpecah-pecah pasti binasa dan setiap kota atau rumah tangga yang terpecah-pecah tidak dapat bertahan.” Matius, 12:25.

I am a True Papuan
(An Affirmation calling for Unity)

For a nation to succeed certain characteristics are required. One of these is Unity. By signing this Affirmation you are embracing the call for Papuan Unity and helping build the character of a nation.

“If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sins and restore their land.” 2 Chronicles 7:14

“Every kingdom divided against itself will be ruined.” Matthew 12:25

9. Build a Lovely Facebook Community

Facebook is another media venue in many ways. Our information is linked with search engines, "likes", "shares" and "comments" then compiled and sold to manufacturers, businesses and producers to solicit and target us consumers.

Facebook is also a place where we perpetuate and reciprocate those very ads with "likes", "comments" and "shares". This behavior bleeds into our social life and we live out media propaganda learned through Facebook and other media sources. This mindset has created divide, distrust, dislike and disharmony. People are beyond bullied, groups of people are denounced and torn apart, hurt and hate is spread, as well as love and acceptance and caring.

We are looking for petitioners to pledge to be a better Facebook Community Steward, to denounce what is wrong and hurtful, to stop the ongoing targeting and cyber bullying simply to fit into a mold cut out for you, by "them", a "them" with only "their" best interest at heart...We pledge to "share" and create positive messages, statuses, replies, posts, pics and the like...We pledge to continue to "report" immoral, unethical, hateful and hurtful behavior online and on "pages"...We pledge to reply outspoken, standing against hate and with love, taking action against any and every post and page creating divide and separation, to unite us as people rather than divide us as groups...:-)

10. We All Are ONE!

Take a stand with us and declare: WE ALL ARE ONE!

When you look at all of the problems facing the world today--environmental exploitation, animal cruelty, hunger, poverty, greed, war--you can see the fundamental problem: a mindset which perceives everything as separate, competing entities.

In the words of noted quantum physicist Dr. Amit Goswami:

"The ultimate disease--the root disease--is the illusory thinking that we are separate from the Whole. To heal the disease is to realize that we are Whole, that the separation is but an illusion."

The goal of this petition is to heal the world's fragmented mentality through promoting an ethical system based on the belief that everything emanates from One, Supremely Good and Beautiful Source, and, therefore, everything is essentially One.

This simple belief provides a logical basis for the pursuit of love, compassion, and respect, healing the world on a fundamental level.

This belief is so universal and so powerful, it is high time it receives its due honor and support.

So, please, take a stand with us and declare: WE ALL ARE ONE!

11. A Spiritual Petition for Peace in Israel and The World

"The ultimate victory will not be the one with the most powerful weapons. It will be the one with the most powerful spiritual vision."--Rabbi Simon Jacobson

History has shown that the true strength of the Jewish people lies in its relationship with G-D and with each other. As Rabbi Nosson Scherman has noted, "It is axiomatic in Jewish thought that the ultimate physical survival of Israel depends on its spiritual standing."

In light of this reality, we ask you to sign this petition seeking Divine protection in the quest for peace in Israel and the world.

If we can obtain at least 1,000 signatures, we can offer this petition at a special prayer service to be announced on this site.

We are asking for Divine protection and blessing.

12. Directe democratie

In België betalen we te veel belastingen en zijn we bovendien nog niet goed geregeerd. We hebben nood aan een sterke federale staat. Te veel belastingen dood de economie van het land. Laten we de kosten besparen op zaken die we kunnen veranderen zonder moeite

13. Basic Medical Sciences are Not the right of Few

Basic Medical Sciences have been taught to medical and dental students by teachers holding a post graduate degree in Faculty of Medicine with a MSc or Ph D for the past so many years.

Many physicians and clinicians have been taught by them for so many years. They have chosen this profession for teaching not practicing in spite of knowing they cannot do any other job other than teaching. They have done yeomen service to the cause of education for so many years. They are part and parcel of the system who cannot be uprooted because now their services seem not required or job opportunities for Medical teachers are limited.

Comparisons are odd and it is not scientific and the wordings like these MSc are not equivalent to MScs from Western Nations indicates indirectly to accept MScs as equally qualified to teach. These courses were commissioned by doyens of Medical Education like Dr.A.L.Mudaliar, Dr.C.Goapalan and others are well recongized. They were commissioned to create a group of teachers who will stick to the job of teaching. They do not have the luxury or the intention many medical teachers who when given a suitable clinical settings will leave the job or practice in their spare time.

Please do not think of disintegration but think of unification for unity in diversity is the norm in any field. It is up to the medical educationists how best one can utilize the human resources available for medical education.

14. Stop the Police Cuts

The Government are cutting back on police.

What does this mean? It means an increase in crime and violence and an unsafe society for us and our children to live in.

Action needs to be taken and the time is now.

15. STOP Palestinian state grab at the UN

בחודש ספטמבר הקרוב, הרשות הפלסטינית, תוך הפרה ברורה של הסכמי שלום עליהם חתמה עם מדינת ישראל, מתכננת לבקש מהאו"ם להכיר ב"מדינה פלסטינית", על שטחים אשר עודם נמצאים במחלוקת, בצעד חד צדדי וללא הגעה להסכם עם מדינת ישראל. לאור צעד חד צדדי זה, למדינת ישראל לא נותר אלא להגיב בצעד חד צדדי מצידה, היה והרשות הפלסטינית תבצע את ההפרה.

This September 2011, the Palestinian Authority, in clear contravention of peace agreements entered into with the State Israel, will seek United Nations recognition of “Palestine” on lands still in dispute, without bilateral agreement.

In light of this unilateral action, Israel has no choice but to respond unilaterally should the Palestinian Authority commit this violation.

16. Paul Kucinich 2012

Every generation has to pick its leaders. Its hero. It movements. This is the time we claim what is ours! The current generation of young adults have the passion, ingenuity, the tools and the opportunity to accomplish this goal.

The time is now. To break enormous political barriers that exist in the current electoral system. A system which favors candidates that have the backing of only the two major parties and the backing of billions of dollars to fuel their campaigns. These billions are essentially bribes to direct policy.

These two men are out casts in their parties. Essentially they are true liberals and true conservatives. Ones who actually are true in their values of why they choose to label themselves liberal or conservative.

17. Zynga: Unban Yoville Players Banned for Mystery Deal Glitch

Around the beginning of September, 2010, players of Zynga's Yoville discovered a glitch involving Mystery Deals which players could send to their friends through social networking site, Facebook.

The glitch allowed players to click more than once, sometimes up to thousands of times on one offer. Players would use this method to build up millions of coins or hundreds to thousands of yocash (an in-game form of revenue that players must pay real money to gain.)

Yocash was one of the biggest temptations for players to turn to this glitch, as our baffled economies combined with the fact that lately in Yoville, a player cannot buy a bed, couch, toilet, hairstyle or hat without the use of yocash.

18. Intention for the Well Being of ALL

To my friends and global family,

It is time to join together to declare a new vision for our world. My intention is to have ten million people add their signature and energy to help transform human consciousness.

If you feel moved to help in this endeavor, please share the following declaration with others.

Thank you.

19. Support Ravism

We're here to make Ravism a recognised religion!

I know a lot of you will have already signed for this years ago, but something technical went wrong with the petition so its been re-started :)

20. Let's have Unity!!!

Unity Day was born in 1978 on Belmont Plateau and has since become the nation’s largest outdoor radio event. This keystone Philadelphia event celebrates family values, pride, and empowerment. Thirty years and counting. That’s how long WDAS FM’s world famous Unity Day has been going on, making it a part of Philadelphia history now.

WDAS recently announced that "due to the difficult economic times," the station could not produce Unity Day this year. Last week Clear Channel announced that John Rohm, who manages its stations in Pittsburgh, would also be market manager of the Philadelphia cluster, which consists of WDAS, Power 99, Q102, Radio 104.5, Rumba 1480, and My106.1.

21. Milwaukee Public High School Action Plan

Milwaukee Public Schools are implementing a 5 year action plan, including 8 goals and additional strategies, to work together and achieve more for students, families and the community.

Incorporating the non-profit programs of Challenge Day, students and staff will have the opportunity to build a foundation of unity and create a a safe, supportive learning environment for all.

22. Establish International "World Unity Day"


For humanity to move forward successfully in the 21st century, a spirit of unity
must be cultivated within the hearts of all nations and people.

A foundation must be laid that will allow each nation to grow and prosper
individually, but also collectively within the context of an interdependent global

A successful future for all nations and people depends upon strengthening the
bonds of our commonality as human beings, while honoring our differences.

To create a healthy global environment for all nations to overcome the struggles
they face, we must recognize that all have erred, all have faults and none are
perfect, yet each has cultural gifts to share.

Let us recognize and value those gifts. Let us celebrate the wealth of our
diversity and strive to learn from each other and help one another in a spirit of
openness, understanding, trust and respect.

Click the banner to learn more about the LLP Global "World Unity Day" initiative.