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1. Higher Education Lower Price

From the humble origins of providing higher education to WWII Veterans to institutions devious use of the Psychology of Money, Americans have found themselves demanding education, but receiving it at a hefty cost. The old adage goes, “you have to spend money to make money”, but at what point is enough money, enough? It is time for Americans to rally together to reduce these costs for the collective and future generations. We must make our voices heard and work with our government to develop effective and efficient solutions for higher education funding.

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We, the citizens of the world community do not want or support a nuclear war.

3. Support a Student Bill of Rights

Petition for an American Student Bill of Rights:

Students in the United States are blessed to have legal rights, freedoms and protections. These include constitutional, civil, contract, consumer rights and rights specific to higher education. They are scattered, however, through a number of legal documents and court decisions making it hard for students to find them.

Please sign this petition for the creation of a National Student Bill of Rights which clearly states what rights exist to protect students and how they are applied in institutions of higher education.

It doesn't matter which country you live in or where you are from, please, show your support. Press the sign petition button at the bottom of the page. You have nothing to lose and students have everything to gain.

4. Freedom for Basak Suhin Duman

==Please do not use anonymous signatures==

The Turkish Republic has adopted a very harsh interpretation of anti-terrorist laws which has been imposed in every single sphere of the country. The enacted measures are rather extreme in the sense that with the vague definition that purpo... rts the term “terrorist,” there are a near limitless number of categories/manifestations in which the term can be imposed on an individual or group of people.

Staging protests resembling the likes of Occupy Wall Street are virtually banned in Turkey. There is a silenced apartheid that is going on within the Turkish Republic which bans its people from taking to the streets in a way where grassroots activism can ensure government transparency at the highest levels.

In this case, an activist by the name of Basak Suhin Duman who was protesting against these harsh reactionary measures within the Turkish Republic was detained in Croatia and can potentially be extradited back to Turkey where she awaits criminal charges for political subversion. The worst activity pursued by this individual was undertaken at a protest in a country that does not take too kindly to protesting activists; she has never been involved with terroristic activity of any kind and protesting through a force of civil activism does not produce any evidence whatsoever to single anyone out as someone who could qualify for the makings of a terrorist.

Turkey has been a close ally of NATO and the Western bloc since the inception of its republic after the end of the Ottoman Empire. Therefore, INTERPOL has intervened on behalf of the Turkish Republic to honor the extradition order of Basak Suhin Duman in order to stand trail for participation in publically orientated protests staged against the Turkish Republic’s anti-terrorist measures. The tenant of this cause presents the citizens of the world with an implication which does not just impact one individual in a single country, but directly impacts us as peace and freedom loving citizens of the world. Overzealous authoritarian governance condoned in the name of anti-terrorism will inevitably bring about the makings of a totalitarian Orwellian state/society.

We must endorse the petition that is being pitched toward the Croatian government which insists upon the termination of the extradition order so that she will not have to serve as a political prisoner in a country where torture is still a common tactic utilized and observed in its national prison systems. In addition, the same individual would be heinously punished for an activity that is widely practiced in a carefree manner all over the Western world. I would like to thank any additional support for the advancement of this cause. Irrespective of our national identity and where we reside, we must stand for what is right, dignified, and justified at all costs. Further research and inquiry is always welcome.

Please sign the petition to prevent her extradition!

==Collected signatures will be added to signatures collected on the ground in Zagreb==

5. Return Due Process to Mississippi

“Never forget that everything Hitler did in Germany was legal."
~The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr

With the NDAA's indefinite detainment without due process clause, (meaning legally, the Federal Government can arrest anyone for anything at any time secretly) It is time to recognize that Mississippians could lose their right to a fair trial.

With new bills being introduced to take away our first amendment rights, we should be worried about the consequences of disagreeing with any legal policies the government wants to implement.

If there is a suspected terrorist or protester, they should have the right to a fair trial by a jury of their peers to determine if their actions were illegal, and to determine the extent of punishment under law.

6. Drexel Students Against Racial and Cultural Insensitivity

The diversity statistics for Drexel's 2011 incoming class according to were; 6% African American, 16% Asian or Pacific Islander, 56% Caucasian, 6% Hispanic/Latino, 14% International and 2% Unknown.

Drexel University has students of multiple religions and backgrounds studying there. Giving its diversity, Drexel should be more racially and culturally sensitive. This term Drexel students created a poster than can be seen as offensive to African students. It is suppose to be a poster for Drexel weServe Co-Op in Africa (Mozambique). The poster is a depiction of safari animals with a thatch hut in the background.

The fact that the program is completely unrelated to the image leads one to believe that the image was chosen based off of the location. Drexel's Student Conduct & Community Standards states that "... are prohibited as well as materials that may be viewed as demeaning or degrading to a person or group of persons."Somehow this poster and a few other items in the past have slipped through the regulations.

7. STOP Palestinian state grab at the UN

בחודש ספטמבר הקרוב, הרשות הפלסטינית, תוך הפרה ברורה של הסכמי שלום עליהם חתמה עם מדינת ישראל, מתכננת לבקש מהאו"ם להכיר ב"מדינה פלסטינית", על שטחים אשר עודם נמצאים במחלוקת, בצעד חד צדדי וללא הגעה להסכם עם מדינת ישראל. לאור צעד חד צדדי זה, למדינת ישראל לא נותר אלא להגיב בצעד חד צדדי מצידה, היה והרשות הפלסטינית תבצע את ההפרה.

This September 2011, the Palestinian Authority, in clear contravention of peace agreements entered into with the State Israel, will seek United Nations recognition of “Palestine” on lands still in dispute, without bilateral agreement.

In light of this unilateral action, Israel has no choice but to respond unilaterally should the Palestinian Authority commit this violation.

8. Review Austin Parking Ordinance

Austin City Council member Laura Morrison said that the meter extension was too drastic for the given problem and that it "changes the ecosystem of what makes up downtown at night and on the weekends."

Morrison pointed out Saturdays "add one more barrier to people coming to the Farmer's Market." (

9. Support a People's Constitution

1. Make a new people's constitution where all are accountable to the people;

2. A fully transparent system run by the people for the people with the environment taking the lead.

10. Free Hadi Abedi Bakhoda, a very ill political prisoner!

Hadi Abedi Bakhoda is a political prisoner of the 1980s on charges of supporting the main Iranian opposition People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK). He was tortured and shot by the Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), when arrested.

His spinal cord was damaged in such a way that he now cannot walk and is in a wheelchair since the incident. The shooting also damaged other organs including his kidneys and his bladder that had failed totally. Since then, he suffers from debilitating physical complications as a result of his injuries. Abedi Bakhoda's wife and Mehri Javan Mahjub (a former prisoner) were arrested and sent to Lakan Prison. His brother, Hormoz, was executed by the Iranian regime on similar charges.

Branch One of the Revolutionary Court condemned Hadi Abedi-Bakhoda for two years imprisonment in 2009 (he then was transferred to the Lakan prison in Rasht in Nov 2009) even if he was not capable of imprisonment due because of his severe physical infirmities. The coroner's office, prison clinic and other health institutes confirmed this fact at the time and also demanded his release but the Intelligence Ministry and the Revolutionary Court have never paid attention to his conditions, therefore, he was transferred to prison.

Hadi Abedi-Bakhoda is sent to hospital only when his conditions become very critical, but ultimately because of his fragile health, they are forced to give him sick-leave.

According to Human Rights Activists in Iran, on Monday May 23, 2011, the Revolutionary Court of Rasht (Branch One) summoned Hadi Abedi-Bakhoda to notify him that the lash ruling against him would have been carried out despite his health conditions (his bladder was not functioning properly and he was suffering from a severe kidney disorder) and did not even consider the fact that he was in a wheelchair: he then received 51 lashes for the alleged crime of not reporting to the Lakan prison in Rasht on time when he was hospitalized during a sick-leave.

11. Save Florida's VPK Program

Florida's Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten (VPK) Program was approved in 2002 by voters, it began in 2005 and has served our children well by preparing them for school, it also helps the parents of these 4 year olds by allowing them to enter the workforce or to go to school.

It has created jobs and helped the economy. Now the Florida Legislature wants to slash funding for the program and increase the class sizes. This will hurt our children's education and go against the wishes of Florida's voters. Let's protect our children and their education.

12. Let Greenpeace Activists Go!

Nearly 40 Greenpeace activists including Bruce Cox, Executive Director of Greenpeace have been arrested for peacefully protesting the destruction of the Alberta tar sands.

Those arrested face fines and jail time for their peaceful acts of protest. Despite their plight, these heroes maintain their position and intend fully to return to the fight once they are able. Alberta's premier has labled these people as terrorists, having decided to punish them to the full extent of the law.

Thank you for your support,

Jenny Smith,
Environmental Technician.

To make a donation to Greenpeace, go to;

13. Increased Committment to Government Offshore Humanitarian Refugee Program

Taken from Amnesty Australia's webpage, 18/04/08

"Many Australians believe in the right to a ‘fair go’ and this opportunity has been extended to the many people who have resettled in this country for a variety of reasons. Among the most vulnerable and needy are those who have been forced to flee from their homes due to civil unrest, persecution or poverty.

Each year Australia sets a quota for refugees and others at risk to be resettled here in order to receive protection. Last year the offshore humanitarian program quota was set at 13 000 places.

In October 2007, however, Australia announced a moratorium on resettling refugees from Africa under its offshore humanitarian program, citing difficulties regarding their ability to integrate. The statements made by the then Minister for Migration raised serious concerns about potential discrimination in the selection of refugees under Australia's resettlement program and were strongly condemned by all those who have worked tirelessly is assisting those refugees at greatest risk.

Previously the Australian Government's stated policy was to resettle those in greatest need of protection, regardless of race, religion, or nationality. The offshore component of Australia's Refugee Humanitarian Program has traditionally been one of the most positive and well-resourced refugee resettlement programs in the world. Australia has consistently remained one of only three countries to offer significant resettlement places each year.

Over the last 10 years while annual immigration numbers to Australia have nearly doubled from 73 900 in 1996 to over 140 000 people in 2006. The humanitarian program, however, has only increased from 10 000 to 13 000 places annually; a reduction from 13.3% of the annual immigration intake to 8.8%.

Significant world events make it imperative that Australia increase its offshore resettlement program including the ongoing conflict in Iraq, the crisis in Dafur and the violent suppression of peaceful monk-led protests in Myanmar in September 2007, as many continue to flee their countries in search for protection elsewhere.

Amnesty International Australia calls on the Australian Government to increase its offshore humanitarian program from 13 000 to 20 000 for the next financial year and to ensure those selected are done so on the basis of greatest need and not on a subjective assessment based on ‘integration potential’."

14. Put an end to Cruel Cooking Methods of Crustaceans

Cooking lobsters, crabs, etc. in ways such as boiling them alive or cooking them alive is a cruel and dirty act that must be changed. Fisheries, food markets, and restaurants still try to sell people on the idea that crustaceans do not feel pain. However, there is substantial evidence and scientific data that discloses how much of a complex and pain-reliant system crustaceans and other fishes possess.

1) As anyone whose seen a lobster being cooked can attest to, a healthy energetic one can be seen and heard kicking and struggling when submerged in overheated water. This indicates discomfort.

2) I think if you should put your trust in anyone, it would be the experts. Jaren G. Horsley, Ph.D., who has studied the creature for many years, states “As an invertebrate zoologist who has studied crustaceans for a number of years, I can tell you the lobster has a rather sophisticated nervous system that, among other things, allows it to sense actions that will cause it harm. … [Lobsters] can, I am sure, sense pain.”

"The thing most people don't realize is that they always think that if something feels pain, it will be noticeable, and send them into a state of shock." Jaren states "Lobsters however do not have an 'automated' nervous system that sends them into a state of shock when pain is transferred, so it remains hidden when danger is sensed."

3) From me, I can probably see why lobsters and crabs would be designed like that. After all, they are fragile creatures, and as most know, there are a lot of formidable predators who keep an eye open for something that looks to be wounded or in pain, which is why, in my own theory, they don't get shocked.

Another, more recent reference, is a study that was done just in mid-2009. The article on that study can be found here:


April 07, 2001

The head of the National Education Association (NEA), Bob Chase, officially endorsed gay activism in public schools at the 2000 gathering of the Gay Lesbian Straight Education network.

We stand against this as parents of children in public schools and concerned citizens.