#Human Rights
Governor Sonny Perdue of Georgia

William Jonathan Mayo has been incarcerated for almost (11) eleven years for a crime he did not commit. I know what you are thinking, "All prisoners claim they are innocent". I will admit to have said that myself. But the more I learned about Mr. Mayo's background, trial and sentence, I began to do something I would have never thought I would ever do, "Help a man in prison fight for his freedom".

On September 25, 2002, John Walsh (America's Most Wanted) aired a show called "When False Accusations Put You Behind Bars". This was aired on his new talk show called The John Walsh Show. William Mayo appeared on that show via satellite from a prison in Georgia. I listened to John Walsh as he raised questions about William's trial. There is strong evidence that the system didn't work and William received a bum deal Mr. Walsh stated. Mr. Walsh also couldn't understand Mr. Mayo's outrages sentence of two life sentences plus forty years for armed robbery even when there was no deaths or injuries in the crime and William Mayo had a clean criminal background.

This is how I became interested and concerned about a man I didn't even know. The two co-defendants have admitted guilt and took a plea bargain with the Prosecutor for a much lesser sentence of 20 years. Since the trial they have both come forward to testify twice in court that they lied about Mr. Mayo's involvement and have stated: "William Mayo had nothing to do with their crime", I believe without a doubt, HE IS INNOCENT!

Please take the time to visit a web-site created on behalf of William Jonathan Mayo by his supporters and please sign his petition because he should not have to suffer another day for something he did not do.

Our Criminal Justice System was created to protect us, but who protects us from our Criminal Justice System?

I am a concerned citizen for Justice. I have learned about the wrongful conviction of William Jonathan Mayo and the extreme sentencing he has received with this wrongful conviction. I am appalled that so many people and Officials in Georgia have been satisfied with this tragedy and so willing to let it stay covered up. In Georgia and other parts of the country and around the world we are outraged.

William J. Mayo was given 2 Life Sentences plus 20 years in prison for a home invasion armed robbery. William J. Mayo had no Criminal History! There were No Murders & No Serious Injuries in this home invasion robbery! The actual perpetrators of this crime plea-bargained for 20 years and have admitted twice in a court of law that William J. Mayo IS NOT GUILTY of the crimes THEY committed.

William Mayo does not deserve to languish one more day in Georgia's prisons.

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