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1. End the war in Iraq

Following the 1991 Gulf War, the United Nations mandated that Iraqi chemical, biological, nuclear, and long range missile programs be verifiably halted and all such weapons verifiable destroy. U.N weapons inspector inside Iraq were able to verify the destruction of a large amount of WMD-material, but substantial issues remained unresolved after they left Iraq in 1998 due to the lack of cooperation by the Iraqi government.

After 9/11 attacks, the president of the United States George W. Bush claimed that Saddam Hussein supported for international terrorist groups of treat to the West. He demanded a complete end to alleged Iraqi production and use of weapons of mass destruction and that Iraq comply with UN Resolutions requiring UN inspectors unfettered access to areas those inspectors thought might have weapons production facilities. During this time, before 2003 invasion of Iraq, Bush repeatedly backed demands for unfettered inspection and disarmament with treats of invasion.

Even though the government of Iraq agreed to new inspections in late 2002 and inspectors did not find any WMD stockpiles, the United States, United Kingdom, and Spain proposed another resolution on Iraq, witch they called the “ eighteenth resolution” to give Iraq a deadline to comply with previous resolution before a possible military intervention. This proposed resolution was subsequently withdrawn because not enough countries would have supported it. In particular, NATO members France and Germany, together with Russia, were opposed to a military intervention in Iraq, on the ground that it would be very risky, in terms of security, for the international community, and defended a diplomatic process of disarmament.

However, the White House had never stopped its plan which invading Iraq to achieve their “purpose”. In March 2003 the U.S. government announced that “diplomacy has failed” and that it would proceed with a coalition of allied countries, named “coalition of the willing”, to rid Iraq of its alleged weapons of mass destruction witch meant the war in Iraq was on hand.


It's been recently confirmed by employees of Sierra Entertainment, through replies to e-mail messages sent by fans requesting the creation of a new adventure starring Larry Laffer, that the next installment in the well known and established franchise of the bestselling Leisure Suit Larry series is in early development stages right now.

These avid fans, eager to know more about the next chapter in the Leisure Suit Larry (LSL) series, contacted Mr. Al Lowe, the creative talent behind the franchise character and his adventures (who has participated in the series as game designer, writer, programmer, director and musical theme composer to name a few), just to find out that the game is being done without him.

As you may know, the critically-acclaimed LSL series (Entertainment Tonight, Rolling Stone, Wall Street Journal), designed in its entirety by Mr. Al Lowe, were in it's 7th and most hilarious incarnation yet when a reorganization at Sierra took place in 1998. As a result of this restructuring, some highly anticipated titles (such as Babylon 5), together with other well established franchises (such as the Space Quest series and the 8th installment in the LSL series, tentatively named 'Lust in Space'), were cancelled.

5 years later, it seems as though Sierra Entertainment has decided there's a chance to build an, in ex-president Dave Grenewetzki's own words, "economically viable product". But this seem to come at the expense of sacrificing the series main appeal, it's unique concept and signature gameplay elements. Sierra Entertainment's former president, Mike Ryder, once expressed his intention in bringing back the Leisure Suit Larry property, though insinuated it would not be as an adventure.

As such, many people inside the gaming industry, and not just the long-time loyal fans, are becoming deeply concerned by this matter, together with the fact that the company didn't even had the decency to notify Mr. Al Lowe of the new project taking place.

3. Justice for William Mayo

William Jonathan Mayo has been incarcerated for almost (11) eleven years for a crime he did not commit. I know what you are thinking, "All prisoners claim they are innocent". I will admit to have said that myself. But the more I learned about Mr. Mayo's background, trial and sentence, I began to do something I would have never thought I would ever do, "Help a man in prison fight for his freedom".

On September 25, 2002, John Walsh (America's Most Wanted) aired a show called "When False Accusations Put You Behind Bars". This was aired on his new talk show called The John Walsh Show. William Mayo appeared on that show via satellite from a prison in Georgia. I listened to John Walsh as he raised questions about William's trial. There is strong evidence that the system didn't work and William received a bum deal Mr. Walsh stated. Mr. Walsh also couldn't understand Mr. Mayo's outrages sentence of two life sentences plus forty years for armed robbery even when there was no deaths or injuries in the crime and William Mayo had a clean criminal background.

This is how I became interested and concerned about a man I didn't even know. The two co-defendants have admitted guilt and took a plea bargain with the Prosecutor for a much lesser sentence of 20 years. Since the trial they have both come forward to testify twice in court that they lied about Mr. Mayo's involvement and have stated: "William Mayo had nothing to do with their crime", I believe without a doubt, HE IS INNOCENT!

Please take the time to visit a web-site created on behalf of William Jonathan Mayo by his supporters and please sign his petition because he should not have to suffer another day for something he did not do.

Our Criminal Justice System was created to protect us, but who protects us from our Criminal Justice System?