10 Downing Street & all UK political parties
United Kingdom

February 18, 2006

This is a petition for all the victims of drink spiking and drug rape.

If you realised your situation in time and were able to seek safety we still need your signatures. If you were not able to do this as you didn't realise what was happening, we need your signatures too.

Hopefully this petition will be strong enough to send to parliment, to police forces, to judges and to medical staff. To make them realise just how often this crime is happening.

As the home office and police forces have no figures on this crime, it is unknown how many people have suffered in silence.

"Statistical Update: July 2004
The latest breakdown of British survivors of the crime of drug related rape and sexual abuse through having their drinks spiked, as reported to the Roofie Foundation via their Help-line is as follows -
Drug Rape & Sexual Abuse Total Figures = 6,008" www.roofie.com

"One in four women say they have had a drink spiked in a club or pub."

"In the past five years, only 15 men have been convicted of the crime." http://www.guardian.co.uk/crime/article/0,,1300147,00.html

Please help to put an end to what is seen to be the "Perfect Crime".

Thank you.

The Roofie Foundation - established 1997 - Britain's only specialised agency dealing with the issues surrounding drug rape and sexual abuse. Originators of a help-line that provides a one-stop-shop information service for victims of drug rape & sexual abuse caused through drink spiking.

24 hour help line - 0800 783 2980

The "It happened to me" petition is asking all victims of drink spiking and drug rape, to sign this petition to show the UK the real figures of this crime. Thank you for your contribution. (Your signature will not be displayed on this site).

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