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1. NFL Superbowl Blackout

Let's start by saying I didn't like the words that president Trump chose in explaining the protest by NFL Players . However I have felt for several weeks that a NFL player can make a phone call any day of the week to any media outlet and have a means to talk about any inequalities or any injustice they choose to address . For any person or player to not stand for the flag is the wrong platform to choose for a protest . If your child wants to get your attention and throws a rock through your window . You then scream at your child and ask him why he did it , and the child says mom I had something really important to tell you . At that point does it really matter what the child has to say . My point is that whether you agree or disagree with the protest , the vehicle being used for the protest is a poor choice . Just because it will get the attention of people , it does not make it right . I consider myself a huge NFL fan , but it's up to us as fans to show players and the NFL that we will not accept any player or person kneeling during our country's great anthem . Too many men and women of all races and backgrounds have paid the ultimate price for our freedoms . I know many people will say , well this protest is one of these such freedoms . I feel that this is just a poor excuse . If you feel the words of president Trump were divisive and cause such a reaction , then look in the mirror and understand that kneeling for the flag will cause a divisive response as well .To sum it up , today I will choose to turn my tv off if such a massive protest exists.

2. police station and more police presence in leighton buzzard

a police station and more police presence is needed in leighton buzzard

3. Free Porro

Porro is a beautiful friendly placid dog whom has been seized by Newquay police for allegedly nipping a PCSO of which no evidence has been seen, their were witnesses to this alleged incident whom also state their was no such occurrence. I have rung 101 every day to enquire as to my dogs welfare the response I get is "the officer in question will call you and update you" this is all the information I get. Today when I rang they informed me the officer is now on rest day's so will not be back until the 9th August which will take us to nearly 2 weeks of my dog being in kennels somewhere. Porro has never bitten anyone and has never shown signs of aggression to anyone. I am concerned that this will go to court without me being notified which then means I cannot present my evidence to protect my dog from being put to sleep......

4. Stop County Agency Land Purchase Dotsonville/Gip Manning

The county is proposing a land purchase on Dotsonville Rd/ Gip Manning Rd in order to build a training facility for Law Enforcement/Fire/EMS. I want to stop the purchase due to pollution, both noise and air, from shooting ranges and planned burns.

5. Bring back the show Stalker

I just watched season 1 of Stalker on Go90. It is an amazing show I loved it. I was so sad to find out that it had been cancelled after one season. I need more of the show. We need to find out what happens and where it goes.

6. Please provide ALL Police Officers with tasers for their safety.

I am a wife of a Police Officer, married to the most amazing man who is the best father and husband anyone could wish for. Myself and our 3 boys are sick with worry every time my husband (their father) steps out of the house and attends his shift UNPROTECTED! Please help us, help the Police, to have more protection. The Government must realise that times have now changed and this country needs to change with those times! Crime / terrorism is on the increase no matter what Government figures advise - PLEASE HELP ME PROTECT OR EMERGENCY SERVICES who protect you everyday. Thank you.

7. Open Carry, Saskatchewan

The Bill of Rights of 1688 contained, as its leading term, the right to bear arms. Back when Canada was technically still under English rule they allowed the citizens the right to bear arms for protection, so why not now?

According to the Canadian Charter of Rights And Freedoms, under the Constitution Act of 1982, under Legal Rights, Section 7; Life, Liberty and Security of Person: "Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of the person and the right not to be deprived thereof except in accordance with the principles of fundamental justice." Under Section 12; Treatment or Punishment: "Everyone has the right not to be subject to any cruel and unusual treatment or punishment."

When you read those 2 sections of the Canadian Charter of Rights And Freedoms, how can you argue that openly carrying a firearm is not safe? Would people commit crimes if they knew everyday citizens have the ability to stop them? I don't think so. We in Canada have what is called an "Authorization to Carry" license, however, the Provincial Chief Firearm Officers (CFO's) have agreed not to issue such licenses. The law in Canada says you can defend your life with equal force of your attacker, it also says the law acknowledges the possibility of an individual requiring a restricted handgun for protection from other individuals when police protection is insufficient.

It seems as if the government doesn't find human life valuable enough for Canadian citizens to obtain a legal permit to open carry. How can you defend your life with "equal force" if the person threatening your life has a gun & you don't? It seems like a double standard to allow Police, Attorneys, Judges, & Money couriers the right to bear arms for defensive purposes, but as private citizens, we don't have the right to do the same.

8. Make the government pay for everyone to have a puppy

We all need a puppy.

9. PTSD COVERAGE for First Responders in Florida, SB 1088

In the wake of the Pulse tragedy the case of Officer Gerry Realin, exposed the harsh reality that Florida workers' compensation law does not recognize post traumatic stress disorder as a work injury for First Responders. Over the last six months media reports have highlighted the need to change this law to benefit First Responders and the communities they serve. In response several Florida legislators have taken action, but there are serious concerns that proposed legislation may not go far enough in protecting these brave men and women in uniform. In particular, the bill filed by Senator Perry, SB 516, could be interpreted as limiting coverage for PTSD to situations occurring outside the normal course of employment. Conversely, the bill filed by Senator Torres, SB 1088 ,provides broad coverage with a more favorable burden of proof. Florida must pass the most favorable and broadest protections for First Responders suffering from PTSD, and the time to act is now.

10. State of Emergency Against Crime & Violence #SendOutTheTroops

Over the past few months crime and violence has increased in our communities. We simply cannot stand by while criminals roam free and kill just about anyone.
No one is safe, we have seen an increase violence against babies, children, women and even the elderly. The police force needs help; they are unable to maintain order by themselves. We have an army (JDF), put them to work as well, send out extra help, declare a state of emergency if needed.

11. Save Indigenous Women From Going Missing and Being Murdered

Canada's history of Residential schools is one of our darkest chapters and treating Aboriginal women equal to everyone else is a crucial step in trying to make up for the horrific events that took place at these schools. At the moment when an Aboriginal woman goes missing police overlook the case and do not do everything in their power to find out what happened. This is an injustice to these women, showing that they are still not being treated equally.

Police make assumptions about women and tell their family that they are sorry but they can not do anything to help. For example, when Rhonda Running Bird went missing on a camping trip with her husband, her mother informed the police that her husband had a history of being aggressive. The police responded with “She must be in Edmonton getting drunk,” and did not take this important piece of information seriously. This is unacceptable.

Between 1980 and 2012 over 4,200 Aboriginal women have gone missing or been murdered. Even though this has been going on for a number of years and the numbers are going up and nothing has been done yet.


In the last year the number of burglaries has more than doubled and the police have provided evidence to prove this.

The GMP force has had it's numbers dropped from 8000 to just 5000 serving officers, that's after the Cief constable requested their numbers be increased to 10,000. It's therefore no surprise they can't cope and residents across the borough feel unsafe in their own home.

The only way we will get more officers to help make our street safer is by lobbying William Wragg and his government to fund the resource needed. Please sign and share this petition with as many residents possible within the SK6 area as possible.

13. Mandate that all street signs and adress numbers be visible from the street to help Emergency Response Teams

Everyone has had a hard time finding and seeing addresses in the dark and we all know how frustrating that can be, so imagine if someone's health and safety depended on the response time.

It's very important for all Emergency Response personnel to not have to worry about this and have to second guess themselves when time is of the essence.

All efforts should be made to make sure they are able to do their job to the best of their ability.

14. Reforming Police Training and Supervision

We propose the following changes to reform police training:
1. Police are only allowed to use deadly force when faced with an truly IMMINENT threat.
2. Spend less time learning to shoot firearms and more time learning to de-escalate situations.
3. Restrict violence used in everyday situations (drug offenses, traffic violations, jaywalking, etc.)

15. Installation of CCTV in Dalmally Passage, Croydon

On Saturday 13th August 2016 at 10.30am my Mum was violently mugged in Dalmally Passage, Croydon. There were 4 attackers and she was thrown to the ground with such force that her ribs were broken. They stole her iphone 4 which is totally worthless and then ran away along the Addiscombe Railway Park.

My 58 year old Mum suffers from rheumatoid arthritis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder and has partial vision but these thugs had no regard for her disabilities or the consequences of their brutal attack. My mum used to frequently use Dalmally Passage to get to my Nan's flat off of Morland Road as my Nan relies on her for personal care and shopping but since the attack my mum now has to pay for cabs to go the short distance from her house in Addiscome as she is too afraid to use the passage and has since suffered several panic attacks when leaving the house.

Unfortunately the men who mugged my Mum have not been caught as there were no other witnesses and there is no CCTV present in Dalmally Passage. This petition is to ask Croydon Council to install CCTV throughout the passage to help aid the police if anything like this should happen again and also to act as a deterrent to future offenders and help to make the residents feel safer. This is something that I feel very strongly about and think would be very beneficial to the local community.

16. Support the Alice Police Department - Stop Police Budget Cuts

Due to current budget crisis, the City of Alice has already cut all the City employees' salaries by 10%, has encouraged City employees to resign and is looking at cutting funding of the Alice Police by eliminating positions and cutting salaries.

17. Keep our Police Force for our town of Orangeville

Our town counsel is considering having the Ontario Provincial Police Force take over the policing for our town of Orangeville.

18. Bring Congress back from Recess

Under Article II, Section 3 of the Constitution, we ask the President to call a Special Session of Congress.

This Special Session should address these 3 items:

1.) Human Rights
Action: a. Outlining the rights of Civilians (when apprehended or detained in Police custody, the process of public defense, easier process to restore voting rights to returning citizens) and -
b. the rights of police (proper/unified training, psychological evaluations, fair wages/ treatment for PTSD)

2.) Race Relations
Action: a. Updating the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to include anti-profiling language & increased funding to Community Relations Service (CRS)

3.) Gun Control
Action: Background Checks for those seeking to obtain a firearm and closing the Gun Show Loophole. A vote on reinstating the Federal Assault Weapon Ban.

19. Body Cameras for LEO's in Missouri

It is our belief that having Body Cams required for every patrolling LEO in Missouri will not only help to exonerate the majority of Police Officers but it will also work to weed out the smaller percentage of Officers who have no business wearing a Uniform and a Badge.

It will take most of the questions and hearsay out of the terrible instances where there has been a crime committed and at the same time it would work to bridge the gap between LEO's and our communities.

With your signature we'll work towards introducing legislation to make sure that LEO interaction with civilians are safer and everyone is held more accountable for their own actions.

20. Stop Police Brutality

In 2015, the highest number of deaths caused by police brutality falls in line with the African-American race. These people were murdered by those who "serve and protect", they were unarmed. That number has doubled over the past year. Isn't it eerie that 37% killed were blacks?

Media covers everything except our people who are falling victim to police brutality. India Kager, Chandra Weaver, Keith Childress, Tiara Thomas, Sandra Bland, Trayvon Martin, Nicholas Thomas, and now Alton Sterling have all fallen victim to MURDER. No weapons. It's safe to say that the black community is and always will be target if we don't fight for our rights.

Visit for more information in regards to these deaths.

21. Save the Galveston Police Department

Recently the town board of Galveston, Indiana discovered they will have a large budget cutback due to loss of funds and lower funding from the state than expected.

They are in talks that the best course of action may be to cut the current police force down to one officer. Currently the town has three paid officer positions and eight reserve (unpaid) officers. The current number allows the officers to take days off and still provide safety and security to the town. However if some members of the town board have their way it will be depleted down to one officer. This will cut police protection down to a mere 8 hours for 5 days a week. In addition it will prevent that one officer from having any time off with family. Leaving him in a very unsafe situation. Back-up being miles away he could be all alone dealing with dangerous situations at any given moment.

Ultimately this decision will put the entire county at risk. The sheriffs' department will have to respond to a larger area and leaving other areas of the county unprotected. This decision is a huge one. It will put lives at risk just because certain town members refuse to look at other non-essential items and cut back.

Just like you do your budget at home and cut back and remove items you don't need, certain members of this board have decided the police are non-essential. Sign for your families safety.

22. Fix Florida's Law to stop Police Corruption

To fix the corruption in the police force and stop abuse.

To stop corruption there should be more support for putting cameras on police cars and the officer, deeper investigations that look at any incident from all angles, and a stronger regulations and punishment for convicted officers.

23. No to the North Carolina zero tolerance speeding law

North Carolina will start this new zero tolerance rule on speeding stating that the myth of 5 miles per hour over the speed limit is a joke and now they are going to show everybody by issuing speeding tickets based on zero tolerance. One mile over the speed limit means you will get a ticket.

To drive exactly 55 or 40 or 35 exactly is impossible in fact Google autonomous cars can't even do this. In fact not even your cruise control can do this.

So it all points to the fact that North Carolina has decided we need more money so let's beat up our residents and all tourism.

Well let me just say that we vacation several times a year, often in North Carolina. We spend a lot of time gem hunting and gold prospecting in North Carolina, but with this new "speeding" law we will boycott North Carolina. The state is looking for money from drivers for no good reason.

24. Burst the Bubble

Police Forces in England & Wales were recently inspected on "Police Legitimacy" which includes "ethical culture" and "whether the force understand, engage with and treat fairly the people it serve..."

North Wales Police received a 'GOOD' rating in this inspection; however North Wales Police and Cheshire are two of the few forces to use the controversial restrictive 'bubble' to convey ALL fans to and from derby football matches between Wrexham and Chester and vice versa.

The use of the 'bubble' has been the subject of much criticism of law abiding fans of both Chester and Wrexham Football Clubs who resent having their freedom curtailed by an arbitrary, disproportionate and unfair method of policing. They further resent their categorisation and stereotyping as football hooligans and general troublemakers.

The Inspectorate make no mention of the fact that they inspected football policing methods in their report and we must therefore conclude that they did not.

25. Remove police fine quotas in NZ

The New Zealand police should not have to fulfill a set amount of tickets, fines and arrests. Their duty is to serve and protect not collect revenue. The police should be focused on people commiting serious crimes not someone who was going 5 km over the speed limit.

Yes repeated offenders need to be punished but sitting behind cover on the crown of a hill and collecting plate numbers and issueing a fine without actually stopping the person who can then go onto have an accident is wrong and purely revenue gathering.

Please sign my petition to get rid of the quota so the police can do what they are supposed to do. Prevent crime and help people.

26. Shut down King street in honor of Jeremy McDole

We want to be heard and seen during a peaceful protest rally for the justice of Jeremy McDole. We want answers, we want this investigation to go deeper then it is.

We won't forget nor let this go! S

hut down King Street at 6 p.m. and let us bring a chair and sit, no violence, we want to stand for Jeremy.

27. Prosecute Rogue Officers in Kenya

A group of high school students traveling from Nyeri County for their August holidays were stopped by officers from Kiangwachi Police Patrol Base in Kirinyaga County and ordered out.

They were frisked, stripped naked and their photos taken (half naked) and the photos shared on social media.

This is contrary to Chapter 4 Article 28 on Human Dignity and Article 31 on Privacy.

28. Release of Innocent 62 Muslim children Arrested in Sealdah station Kolkata, India

62 Innocent Muslims children below 10 years old all of whom were Madrasa students have been forcefully arrested by Sealdah GRP Police, KOLKATA, INDIA...

They were travelling with the head of the madarsa from purnia from sealdah station. They had full reservation and proper documents but they are held in police custody.

Police accusing that they are terrorists. All children are below 10 years old ... even after all the students were carrying identity proof with them.

29. Stop police from murdering unarmed citizens

To cite just one statistics, police killed more people in the U.S. in April than Great Britain did in the entire 20th century. We have all seen other statistics equally alarming.

It is the nearly weekly videos of obvious killings, from breaking the neck of a young man who did nothing wrong, to killing two teens whose car had backfired and took 62 chasing cars, over 100 cops, hundreds of shots fired at the unarmed kids on a date, the officer who shot 42 times through windshield of stopped car that finally killed them released by judge who found him not guilty, to shooting and then planting evidence of a taser on the body of what had been a fleeing suspect fearful because of owed child support but stopped for a rear light being out, to choking a man to death for selling loose smokes, to goes on and on.

So far, the cop who planted evidence has been charged and the cops who broke the mans neck have been charged. In no other case was a cop even charged for killing an unarmed person.

30. America's Police Should Be Required To Wear Working Body Cameras

Throughout the years and not to mention recent news we have been seeing a spike of police related killings and beating across the nation. And in mostly every case the officer or officers are not even charged or is exonerated because of the "It's our officer's word over the criminal's word."

The sad part is that every victim ISN'T a criminal. Police are SUPPOSED to PROTECT and SERVE. That isn't the case for most. When will enough be enough?When it hits home?Or next door? Is this what all these taxpayers are working hard for? To have friends and family gunned down, beat down, framed, and etc? When will WE as a nation say "Enough is enough!".

When will we as the PEOPLE of the proclaimed "Land of The Free" actually be free of this murderous and cowardly hold that they have over us. This isn't a race thing.I am fighting for US, the people of America.Will I fight alone, Yes I Will! Is this what we want for our children? Our grandchildren? Our future? YOU'RE future? We fight for issues that hold no relevance in our lives. NOW let's fight FOR our lives! Our CHILDREN lives!