#Human Rights
Scottish Parliament

As an aspiring writer who looks to Shakespeare as a role model, I would consider it an honour to present this petition to the Honourable members of the Scottish Parliament with due respect.

Today as we see some of the writers across the world and in the UK, produce literature that are viable to raise roars and threats, a country which prides its freedom of expression cannot shut the doors for the writers, neither can they open doors to the extremists.

But writers who use racial discrimination and gender discrimination as their motif should be seriously punished so that no other writer does that and that the literature that the future British generation is reading, does not promote the same traits in them. If not done, this would lead to the promotion of the values which the British flag does not promote; as UK is and has been the main source of literature for the rest of the world.
What should be our stance in such a situation?

I propose that we should have a legislation passed that sees that both the writers and the readership living in the UK are not disturbed and that peace and harmony can be maintained in the UK. If we are to give our next generation quality literature to read then I believe that this petition should be the first step in doing so.

I propose the following for the petition and anticipate that the Honourable members of the Scottish Parliament will approve of the petition:

1. Freedom of speech is the basic right of every writer.

2. In case of threat, necessary arrangements must be made to ensure the protection of the life, property and career of the writer.

3. Writer involved in any genre should not commit any of the following during his or her writing, and the educational authorities and institutes should see to it that no such work be published in any form:
• Defaming the deities of any religion, including the prophets and saints of that religion and this extends to the families of the prophets and saints
• Degrades any Royal household, including all form of use of words.
• Uses any elements of discrimination in his writing
• Promotes religious hatred.

4. In the event that a writer is found involved in such activities, the following penalties may be imposed.
• Request for the imprisonment and further legal actions sent to the UK Government.
• Request for the honours to be conferred sent to the UK Government.
• Request for the financial penalties sent to the UK Government.

5. The writer must act accordingly to protect him or her being penalized by the law.

Petition by Wajahat Nassar, calling the Honorable Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to consider the guidance issued to the educational authorities and the institutes on the literature made available in the libraries.

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