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1. Save WriteOn

Amazon, who launched WriteOn in 2014, has decided to close the site due to the fact that it did not generate the number of users they had hoped, leaving an entire community feeling the loss of a place they have come to call home.

We believe that the original goal and expectation (as stated in press releases and articles) to compete with other sites, such as Wattpad, should be amended. The new goal should be to support the writers who so often end up posting their work on Amazon's Kindle Scout, and Kindle Direct Publishing ("KDP"). In so doing, both writers and readers will continue to be drawn to Amazon, where they will make purchases that grow Amazon as a whole.

As a community of writers, we will continue to hone our craft through the feedback we get from both readers and other writers. We commit to the standards and excellence that have made WriteOn such a wonderful community, and an extension that Amazon can be proud of.

Please, join me in petitioning Amazon to find a way to save our site, and to allow us to continue to WriteOn!

2. Keep Federal Support of Literary, Scholarly and Arts Magazines

Canadian literary, arts, and scholarly magazines publishing in either English and French are in danger of losing a key federal funding source.

Canadian Heritage Minister James Moore announced in a speech he made in Montreal ( that the Canada Magazine Fund and Publishing Assistance Program will be merged to create the Canada Periodical Fund. Eligibility for funding could potentially be restricted to those magazines with an annual circulation above 5000.

With notable exceptions, the circulation of virtually every Canadian literary, arts, and scholarly magazine, large and small, is below 5000.

3. New Blood for Good TV Drama

I say we'd need to promote the fact that making good drama may not be as expensive as the TV companies think & that not everyone agrees that cheap reality shows are the way forward through these times.

4. End Ideological Exclusion Now

Since 2001, the United States government has refused to grant visas to scores of foreign writers, scholars, artists, and activists on the basis of their ideas, political views, and associations. Individuals currently excluded from the U.S. include Swiss-born Muslim scholar Tariq Ramadan, who was not allowed to enter the country to assume a tenured teaching position at the University of Notre Dame; Basque historian and PEN member Iñaki Egaña, who was denied entry when he tried to come to the U.S. for research on a Basque author who was a target of MacCarthyism, and Haluk Gerger, a Turkish journalist and sociologist who PEN defended and the U.S. State Department supported in the 1990s when he was jailed repeatedly for his writings on Turkey’s Kurdish minority.

Prevalent during the Cold War, ideological exclusion kept such writers as Gabriel García Marquez, Mahmoud Darwish, Pablo Neruda, and Doris Lessing out of the United States for many years. PEN believes excluding international colleagues on the basis of their ideas and opinions violates the First Amendment rights of Americans to hear these views and engage with the speakers. Ideological exclusion does not make us safer; instead, it impoverishes cultural exchange and academic and political debate, and sends a message that our country is more interested in silencing than engaging its critics.

Stand with PEN in urging the Obama administration to end ideological exclusion and allow a full and free exchange of information and ideas.

5. Stop The War





6. Guidance on the literature made available in libraries

As an aspiring writer who looks to Shakespeare as a role model, I would consider it an honour to present this petition to the Honourable members of the Scottish Parliament with due respect.

Today as we see some of the writers across the world and in the UK, produce literature that are viable to raise roars and threats, a country which prides its freedom of expression cannot shut the doors for the writers, neither can they open doors to the extremists.

But writers who use racial discrimination and gender discrimination as their motif should be seriously punished so that no other writer does that and that the literature that the future British generation is reading, does not promote the same traits in them. If not done, this would lead to the promotion of the values which the British flag does not promote; as UK is and has been the main source of literature for the rest of the world.
What should be our stance in such a situation?

I propose that we should have a legislation passed that sees that both the writers and the readership living in the UK are not disturbed and that peace and harmony can be maintained in the UK. If we are to give our next generation quality literature to read then I believe that this petition should be the first step in doing so.

I propose the following for the petition and anticipate that the Honourable members of the Scottish Parliament will approve of the petition:

1. Freedom of speech is the basic right of every writer.

2. In case of threat, necessary arrangements must be made to ensure the protection of the life, property and career of the writer.

3. Writer involved in any genre should not commit any of the following during his or her writing, and the educational authorities and institutes should see to it that no such work be published in any form:
• Defaming the deities of any religion, including the prophets and saints of that religion and this extends to the families of the prophets and saints
• Degrades any Royal household, including all form of use of words.
• Uses any elements of discrimination in his writing
• Promotes religious hatred.

4. In the event that a writer is found involved in such activities, the following penalties may be imposed.
• Request for the imprisonment and further legal actions sent to the UK Government.
• Request for the honours to be conferred sent to the UK Government.
• Request for the financial penalties sent to the UK Government.

5. The writer must act accordingly to protect him or her being penalized by the law.

7. Allow people to respond to reviews on

Dear Writers and Readers on

I'm writing to inform you about a new rule the Webmaster of has imposed: they've forbidden us to answer the reviews. Yep, you're reading correctly. At first, it was believed that this was just a rumor, but some days ago a writer friend was punished because she answered her reviews in the chapters of the fic.

Many people think this is very unfair because that's the only way we have to communicate with our readers. It's the only way they can know we read their reviews; we read new opinions and make friends. We don't like this new rule, and we're writing to ask your help. It's very easy. We're making a list of people who are against this new prohibition.

To collaborate, you just have to add your user name and email address so that they'll be sure we haven't written up unknown names just to fill up the space.

8. Give Nickeldeon A Clue!

Recently, Nickeldeon has been making many stupid descisions. It really ticks me off how Nick decided to cancel their best and most popular show, Spongebob Squarepants, had they kept on they would make a fortune, but for reasons unknown they want to cancel it, in turn, Nicks other greats, such as Invader Zim, Hey Arnold, and Fairly Oddparents have dark futures ahead of them as well. These are the shows that are holding Nick together, but Nick just can' see that.

In the mean time, you probably have a question, if Nick isn't paying attention to it's good shows what is it paying attention to, Nick is paying attention to it's bad shows. Like heck-awful Rugrats! Oh my god, seasons 1-3 were great, but Nick had to get rid of the good writers and replace them with their cruddy writers, and the show became retarded! Now they are still showing new episodes after 10 stinking seasons! Haven't we had enough of those stupid little babies! As well, it even has a spinoff! All Grown Up, which nobody watches, but they act like it's their best show! Please, in fact, every show made by the Klasky-Csupo company EXCEPT The Wild Thronberry's reeks! As well, even Nickeldeons so-so shows, like Chalkzone, are beggining to become annoying. I would like Nick to change a few things.

1. Save Spongebob from cancellation and make new episodes written by original writers.

2. Save Invader Zim from Cancellation and make new episdoes written by original writers

3. Save Hey Arnold from cancellation and make new episodes written by original writers.

4. Extend Fairly Oddparents air time by a few more seasons and give the show back to Butch Hartman so he can make good new episodes instead of Nick's writers cruddy ones.

5.Cancel Rugrats and All Grown Up, and DO NOT even show reruns!

6. Cancel All other Klasky-Csupo Shows EXCEPT The Wild Thorberry's (which from what I here is already cancelled)

7. Chalkzone was only good in it's first season, please don't ruin it!

9. More Airtime For Larry Warton

To get more airtime and storylines on the Young and The Restless for David Shark Fralick.

Loyal viewers and supporters of Y&R, please let your support be known to the writers and producers of The Young And The Restless that you would greatly appreciate more airtime and a juicier, more active storyline, befitting of an actor of David Shark Fralick's talents and caliber.

10. More Jesse Metcalfe

Jesse Metcalfe is a talented and an attractive actor on Passions. He is good looking with a great body and good acting skills.

We the fans of Passions ask the writers and directors of Passions to better utilize the Actor Jesse Metcalfe. We like to see more storyline involving the character Miguel and more hot shirtless scenes and love scenes of Jesse Metcalfe. Please don't waste the talent you have on the show.

11. For The Love of Luka and Abby

Avid "ER" fans are fully aware of the past relationship which entailed the lives of Dr. Luka Kovac and Nurse Abby Lockhart. The fans of this NBC top-rated primetime drama who found themselves infatuated by the idea of Luka and Abby together are fighting to correct the wrongs made by the "ER" writers, and in doing so, bring Luka and Abby into each other's arms once more. This petition is being created in hopes that it can be used to awaken the producers/writers/etc. of "ER" to recreate the love that these two characters had at one time.