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1. Instagram following block

We made this petition to stop the following or unfollowing block (most for business accounts) or for adding advertisments about how many likes, comments or follows can you give more before being blocked.

2. Reforms In Intermediate Public Transport (Auto Rickshaws)

Dear Hon’ble Chief Minister Smt. Shiela Dikshit, Hon’ble Minister of Transport, Shri Arvinder Singh Lovely and transport commissioner Shri R K Verma

With regard to the problems commuters face with auto rickshaw drivers (ARD), such as overcharging and unruly behaviour, we wish to bring your attention to the following facts.

Out of the two types of autorickshaw drivers, 80 per cent are renter-drivers, renting autos from contractors who own multiple vehicles. They pay Rs 250-300 for 10-12 hours and earn the same amount in profit: half their daily taking goes on rent and CNG. Owner-drivers own their machines, although “owner” is misleading as most are repaying huge loans to auto-financiers from whom they purchased the rickshaw and the required permit. Monthly payments are Rs 9,000-15,000.

Two decisions have strengthened the auto-financiers’ hands. In 1997, the Supreme Court capped the number of autos, trying to cut emissions. No new auto-permits would be issued; nor could they be sold. Delhi’s size and population grew, but the number of autos did not. Consequently, the permit price rocketed and a black market emerged. Only auto-financiers won; their existing stock of auto-permits appreciated. In the late ’90s, a new rickshaw with permit cost just over a lakh. Today, after a decade of black-market inflation, the same package costs Rs 4-4.5 lakh: Rs 1.45 lakh for the auto, Rs 3 lakh for the permit. Meanwhile, demand for rented autos rose with new migrants, but supply froze, allowing contractors to hike rents.

Then, in 1998, the Supreme Court ordered public transport vehicles to convert to CNG by 2002. Owner-drivers had to pay Rs 30,000 each. In 2000, Delhi had 83,000 autorickshaws. In 2002, there were 55,000. The average owner-driver could not afford it; thousands had to sell their autos and valid permits cheaply to financiers. Others had their permits voided and were left unable to legally drive their autorickshaws: selling them to a financier was the only option. By cancelling and hoarding permits, financiers and the Transport Department managed to get rid of over a third of Delhi’s autos, sending permit prices spiralling.

Financiers now hold most of Delhi’s auto-permits — but in the names of the original owners (not the financiers), who sold their vehicles years ago. When a driver pays Rs 4-4.5 lakh for the auto-permit package, the permit will be transferred in his name only when the loan is repaid. Until then he drives “illegally”. Renter-drivers have the same problem: the auto-permit is in the contractor’s name, or a false name to cover the contractor’s activities.

Other methods exist to retain control. The financier will make the driver — frequently a new migrant to Delhi — sign several blank loan contracts. This gives him power to raise interest rates and deny the driver ownership even when the loan is fully repaid. It also allows him to charge extortionate “penalty charges”. Many of Delhi’s owner-drivers have been repaying loans for many years due to compound interest and “late payment penalties” of up to Rs 30,000. The contract maximises the financier’s ability to repossess the autorickshaw. Once snatched back, it can be sold to the next driver. Many vehicles have been “sold” and repossessed five or six times.

The over-regulatory regime demands Auto-drivers to carry around 16 documents with them at all times, “available” from the transport department on application. However, each application requires an absurdly long list of supporting documents: a 50-year-old Bihari driver may be asked for his old school certificates and Delhi ID and ration cards. Impossible requirements, of course, lead to bribes being offered.
Is it surprising, then, that in this distorted market, auto-drivers can’t rely on the meter? Somehow, in the midst of all these repayments, rents, bribes and challans, the autowallahs must feed their families.

Yet auto rickshaws are a vital part of Delhi’s infrastructure: they are efficient, affordable, economical, environmentally friendly — and iconic. They cannot be scrapped. Instead, the whole auto rickshaw sector must be reformed, starting with the issuance of new permits. To become a “world-class city” Delhi needs a bigger, better fleet of intermediate public transport vehicles that provide convenient public transport to residents respecting right to livelihood of the drivers.

The apex court-appointed Environment Pollution Control Authority in January this year cited the freeze ordered by the apex court on the number of autos at 55,000 in the city as the main reason for the financier mafia selling autos at an escalated cost.

3. PETITION of The Residents of the City of Rutland, VT.

 Repeated pornography issues in & among the Rutland City Police Department.

 Lack of leadership & morale of/in the Rutland City Police Department.

 Lack of action as is required to do “on behalf of the City and betterment of the community,” by the Police Commission.

 Lack of transparency within the City government & offices.

4. Saving Sophie

As most of you are aware, there was an incident back in June of 2009 where Sophie bit an elderly lady walking down the street in front of my house. Sophie was 14 months old, and UTD on vaccinations when this occurred. The lady that was bitten is not pressing charges and this is the first and only time that anything like this has ever happened.

The Dog Constable came to my house the following day and put Sophie in a very small cage, attached to the back of a car and drove away with her. While he was in my yard, I asked what the next steps were, and he informed me, (only after minutes of seeing her), since your dog has bitten someone, she will more than likely be euthanized. He did a 48 hour assessment on her (beginning the assessment only after 2 hours of taking her from my care, and travelling in a cage attached to the back of a car), and put in his report to the town. His conclusion was that she had fear aggression and that she was fearful of her surroundings, and that there is no way to tell how she will react if something scares her. The only option to protect the town was for her to be euthanized. They kept her for 12 days. I was not allowed to see her, and the town would not return her to me. As soon as I got a lawyer, things changed and I had her back home the following day.

For the last 7 months I have done everything in my power to assure the town that something like this will never happen again. I have put in a fence surrounding my yard, we complete weekly training sessions with renounced Animal Behaviorist, Andrew Turner, Sophie is being socialized on a regular basis, and is undergoing desensitizing for the things that she is fearful of. Sophie has made huge improvements and continuously strives to be a balanced dog. Just last week when I took Sophie for a walk, and there were 3 people and 3 dogs that we encountered on the walk, and she walked right by them. She is making improvements every day, and for someone to say, after doing a 48 hours assessment, that she is not trainable, “wired incorrectly” and the only option is euthanasia should not be in the position that he is in. How many other dogs have been put down because of his “authority”?

Because of this bogus report, by an unqualified individual there is a court date set for Feb. 16, 2010 at 1:00PM to decide the fate of Sophie. I am asking from the bottom of my heart that all of my friends please attend the hearing as support for Sophie.

5. PHS Varsity Soccer Players for Democratically Choosing Their Own Student-Leaders

In the past, undue influence and duress has been exerted upon the Coach(es) of PHS Soccer in naming certain players as "Captains" to the PHS Soccer Team at the deprivation of more worthy student-athletes and to the detriment of the team.

This environment whereby cronyism and political patronage is promoted and where an autocratic method of naming "Captains" has, in the past, led to the collapse of team morale and reflects poorly not only upon the soccer coaches and team but rather, by a proxy representation, reflects poorly upon the athletic department and the school.

To remedy this problem and for the assistance to, insulation of, and benefit of the coaching staff; for the morale of the team; for the prestigious reputation of our beloved school the players, the team, the athletic department and the school:

We honor our American heritage and ideals of democracy by petitioning the following:

6. Keep Mrs. Linda Dysart Teaching

On May 11, 2009 Mrs. Linda Dysart's class was informed that she would not be returning as she was being let go. Holding back tears she explained to the class how all of her classes had been redistributed to other teachers or completely taken off the available classes. Classes like drama, speech, and psychology were all given to other teachers to instruct. Classes like creative writing were gotten rid of.

She also coached both flags and show choir; she herself has not been informed of what is to come of those and is not even sure if she will be allowed to continue coaching them. Linda Dysart is an exceptional teacher and lady. If she is let go so many people will be let down. All the students taking, or planning to take, her prior mentioned classes will not be able to experience what an amazing teacher she is. If let go students in drama, psychology, speech, flags, and show choir will all be let down as they will not have the teaching of Mrs. Linda Dysart behind them.

She is an exceptional role model for Delta High School students and is one of the best we've seen in communicating, sympathizing, and directing students.

7. Tarmac Chiltern Road

The level and surface condition of the tarmac surface of Chiltern Road Ballinger has been in decline since gas pipes were layed beneath it in 1990.

After the pipes were layed, the company contracted by Chiltern Council to complete the work, did not adequately make good the subsurface before the pipe trench was recovered with tarmac.

The council took no action to ensure that the company made good their bad work.

Within two years the retarmaced section started to subside forming a trench section along the northern side of the road.

In addition to the trench damage the road developed a significant number of sections that deteriorated due to usage and weathering.

Over the following 15 years the council patched up and repatched various sections of the road.

The road's surface is uneven, pitted and a patch work of different coloured tarmac repairs.

It is unsightly and dangerous for cyclists, particularly for those traveling along it from east to west. This included a number of very young children who used this quiet cul de sac to learn to cycle.

In 2005 Mr. Benwell of Oakhurst and Mr. Clark of Coppice, Chiltern Road, wrote to the council asking them to repair the road and make good the whole surface.

The council admitted that the poor surface of the road was in part due to the inadequate work following the laying of the gas pipes. They refused to repair the road's surface because they had insufficient funds while other road had greater priority.

8. Anti-Horse Slaughter Bill

The following concerns can only be addressed with a face-to-face meeting with Senator Voinovich due to the fact that he is not current with the situation of the horse slaughter industry.

We are prepared to address the following issues:
A. Unwanted Horses
B. Slippery Slope
C. Negative financial impact claims when a horse slaughter ban be enacted.

We are a grass roots effort whose cause is to stop the slaughter of horses for human consumption and the exportation of horses for slaughter. Our request for a meeting with Senator Voinovich was denied on January 25, 2008.

9. Guidance on the literature made available in libraries

As an aspiring writer who looks to Shakespeare as a role model, I would consider it an honour to present this petition to the Honourable members of the Scottish Parliament with due respect.

Today as we see some of the writers across the world and in the UK, produce literature that are viable to raise roars and threats, a country which prides its freedom of expression cannot shut the doors for the writers, neither can they open doors to the extremists.

But writers who use racial discrimination and gender discrimination as their motif should be seriously punished so that no other writer does that and that the literature that the future British generation is reading, does not promote the same traits in them. If not done, this would lead to the promotion of the values which the British flag does not promote; as UK is and has been the main source of literature for the rest of the world.
What should be our stance in such a situation?

I propose that we should have a legislation passed that sees that both the writers and the readership living in the UK are not disturbed and that peace and harmony can be maintained in the UK. If we are to give our next generation quality literature to read then I believe that this petition should be the first step in doing so.

I propose the following for the petition and anticipate that the Honourable members of the Scottish Parliament will approve of the petition:

1. Freedom of speech is the basic right of every writer.

2. In case of threat, necessary arrangements must be made to ensure the protection of the life, property and career of the writer.

3. Writer involved in any genre should not commit any of the following during his or her writing, and the educational authorities and institutes should see to it that no such work be published in any form:
• Defaming the deities of any religion, including the prophets and saints of that religion and this extends to the families of the prophets and saints
• Degrades any Royal household, including all form of use of words.
• Uses any elements of discrimination in his writing
• Promotes religious hatred.

4. In the event that a writer is found involved in such activities, the following penalties may be imposed.
• Request for the imprisonment and further legal actions sent to the UK Government.
• Request for the honours to be conferred sent to the UK Government.
• Request for the financial penalties sent to the UK Government.

5. The writer must act accordingly to protect him or her being penalized by the law.

10. Opposition to proposed Grande walkway alternative location

The current walkway is located between 629 and 631 Worcester Drive within the Grande at Kings Woods. It is used by children of the Grande to traverse between their properties and the West Deptford Middle School.

The property owners of 629 and 631 Worcester Drive are requesting that it be moved due to various reasons. According to Eric Campo, West Deptford Township Administrator, there are three alternatives regarding the placement of the walkway:

1. No action. Walkway remains at its current location.
2. Relocate the walkway behind the the following residences:
615 Worcester Drive
617 Worcester Drive
619 Worcester Drive
621 Worcester Drive
623 Worcester Drive
625 Worcester Drive
627 Worcester Drive
3. Remove the walkway from its current location and pursue the following options:
a. Bus the students to the Middle School.
b. Have the students walk onto Grove Road to the Middle School.

11. Removal of Raised Power Lines

For Residents of 1177 Hornby St. "London Place" note the following reasons for removal:

1) Cost - Fee for BC hydro to cover or flag the power lines in order for window washers to clean windows. Fee has increased dramatically, and power lines do not serve the residents of 1177 Hornby.

2) Safety - People have climbed power poles to get to the top of the shared patio on the roof of 1177 Hornby. safety for both them and against theft. Also, safety for BC Hydro members who flag the power lines and safety for window washers of London Place.

For all buildings between the 1200 and 1100 blocks of Hornby and Burrard note the following reasons for removal:

1) Safety - Transformers have blown and have resulted in fires to the extent of fire department deployment.

2) The poles also narrow the alleyway resulting in garbage/Large trucks having a difficult time manoevering for daily activities.

12. Stop Torture - Guantanamo Bay Detainee Jumah Al-Dossari

In June 2006, it was reported that three men at Guantanamo Bay were found
dead in their cells from apparent suicides. This action was described by the
camp commander as "asymmetrical warfare," and an attempt to gain public
sympathy. However, FBI reports indicate that inmates have been subjected to
cruel and inhumane conditions while at Guantanamo Bay. Furthermore, their
state of indefinite detention, while being stripped of the writ of Habeas Corpus,
leaves them without recourse to any judicial process to challenge their

Bahraini national Jumah al-Dossari has been at the camp for over five years. He
claims he has been tortured in custody. This has included beatings and death
threats, prolonged isolation, exposure to extreme cold, and sexual assaults.

Amnesty International published a handwritten account by Jumah Al-Dossari in
2005, where he described "the revolting torture and those vile attacks which
were a humiliation and will continue to be a vile stain on history, memories that
whenever I look back on them, I wonder how my soft heart could bear them,
how my body could bear the pain of the torture and how my mind could bear all
that stress. How I wish my memories and my thoughts could be forgotten…"

Read Jumah Al-Dossari's full account of his imprisonment here.

On 15 October 2005, Jumah al-Dossari attempted to hang himself after going
into the toilet during an interview with his lawyer. In November 2005 he told
his lawyer that he had wanted to kill himself so that he could send a message to
the world that the conditions at Guantánamo are intolerable. He added that he
had tried to do it in a public way so that the military could not cover it up and
his death would not be anonymous. This suicide attempt left him with a broken
vertebra and fourteen stitches in his right arm.

Al-Dossari writes of feeling hopeless, of awakening screaming due to flashbacks
and nightmares, and fearing that he is losing his mind--all of which are
indicators of severe trauma. He attempted suicide again in March 2006 for
what is believed to be the 12th time.

He is currently in a state of indefinite detention, and no plans either to bring
him to trial or release him have been indicated. Several detainees have already
been released or repatriated for trial due to individual campaigns. The following
petition is an attempt to alleviate his situation and urge authorities to afford
him the basic rights that are required for detainees everywhere, in war or in
peace, under the provisions of international law.

13. Vista Media Center to Support DVB-x (DVB-S/S2/C/CI standard)

Microsoft announced that they won’t be supporting the DVB-x standard in Windows Vista Media Centre.

This petition is to show how much demand there is for this support standard to be included.

We wish to see the following standards supported, including the CI interface for DVB-S, DVB-S2, DVB-C, DVB-T (currently supported).

14. Reinstate Amir Das Commission

The Amir Das Commission, which was investigating the political patrons of Ranveer Sena has been disbanded by the Nitish Kumar Government of Bihar.

Ranveer Sena, a private army of upper-caste landlords brutally massacred 282 dalit, backward rural poor between 1995-2000—including the Bathe and Bathani Tola massacres, where pregnant women's wombs were torn out, lest they produce "Naxalites".

That the Ranveer Sena conducted its killings with impunity and protection, often close to police camps indicates the participation of politically powerful in the cold-blooded plans.
While the Commission was set up with reluctance (and only following massive protests), several obstacles were placed to prevent investigation, earlier by the RJD government and now by the JD(U)-BJP government. The disbanding comes as the final blow to ensure that the killers remain masked.

The announcement for disbanding comes following Sushil Modi's announcement that setting up the commission was flawed (obviously since top BJP and JD (U) leaders are known to have links with the Ranveer Sena).

While those whose families have been massacred and the socially oppressed, rural poor of Bihar are fighting against this, let us stand by them and demand that the patrons of the Sena killers be exposed and Amir Das Commission be allowed to complete its inquiries and table its report.

Please sign the following petition for the same and forward it to others to put the necessary pressure on the Nitish Government.

15. As If on DVD!!

April 7, 2006

For many As If fans, the show reached its ending in yeah 2004. Viewers watching in Latin America and on Sattelite in the UK have seen the last of the gang.

The show has now finished on most channels around the world, but you still may be able to find repeats if you look hard in the schedules.

As If was a ground-breaking British drama, following the exciting lives of six young adults living in London. The popular show has now finished filming after 76 action packed episodes.

Each episode was considered ground breaking and extremely unique. The show created a cult following around the world. The drama's success is partly because of the fantastic soundtrack and modern style of filming; flashbacks, dodgy camerawork and sureal sequences are extremely frequent in all of the individual 30-minute long episodes.

Jamie, Sooz , Nicki, Alex, Sasha and Rob are the six teenagers featured in this hit teen drama. Each episode of As If shows the story from of characters point of view, allowing the viewers to learn their thoughts and personal feelings on the drama unfolding around them.

As If has gained cult following all over the world, and is one of the most popular and highly rated teen drama's ever.

16. Oppose HB 3773, The Mother Of All Anti-Life Bills

HB 3773, The Mother Of All Anti-Life Bills: PLEASE OPPOSE IT!

Dear healthcare workers, citizens of the Philippines, and concerned friends around the world,

As medical workers and/or people who care about our country (the Philippines), we encourage you to help us in the fight against a frightening population control bill that has been proposed in our Congress: House Bill 3773, "The Responsible Parenthood and Population Management Act of 2005".

The time is short, since there will be a vote for the bill very soon, and the stakes are high. Many people are outraged by this proposition, and by educating as many citizens as possible about the dangers and exposing the deceit, we might have a chance to defeat it. If you agree that the situation is dire, you are strongly encouraged to examine the following petition AGAINST HB 3773. Then, please sign your name and forward it to as many people as possible.

The petition and list of names will be sent to our Filipino Congressmen on behalf of healthcare workers, concerned citizens, and ALL people of faith -- Catholics, other Christians, and Muslims alike. The congressmen have been bombarded with misinformation, and many of them are being led astray. Help them to realize the dangers that the bill poses to the life, health, and soul of our people, particularly Catholics and healthcare professionals. Help them to see that the world is watching and that knowledgeable, highly-respected Christians both here and abroad are deeply troubled by this development. And most importantly, please keep praying that we can defeat this insidious bill.

For more information about the bill, please see the following resource:

Also, see how our friends in the USA are joining their voices for this cause:

Thank you for reading, and God bless you!

17. Jacksonville Beach Pier Improvements

REASON FOR PETITION: The following interview was given just before the opening of the new pier and the following statements were made by The New Pier Management and we as pier Patrons/Anglers expect the management to abide by the statements that were made in the following Newspaper Interview in 2004 prior to the completion of the new Jacksonville Beach Pier.


Fishermen will be front and center at the new Jacksonville Beach Pier.

That's the word from the folks chosen to manage the 1,300-foot pier, which is expected to open around the end of November.

"That's our primary focus -- fishing," said Don Streeter, a partner in Dania Pier Management. "I think this thing is going to be awesome. There's nothing on the Florida East Coast that equals it in length."

Dania Pier Management operates piers in Dania Beach, Deerfield Beach and Juno. The company was awarded the contract after the city of Jacksonville put out bids to manage the pier. While several groups expressed interest, Dania Pier Management was the only respondent.

"We were doing our own research, talking to cities and counties [with privately managed piers]," said Debbie Doran, of the city's Department of Administration and Finance. "All of them were very pleased with Dania Pier Management."

The firm's contract runs for five years, with a provision to renew for another five years.

When plans for the new pier were first being developed, local fishermen expressed fears it might become not much more than a boardwalk designed to attract tourists. Not to worry, Streeter said.

"We're going to do everything we can to make it where the fisherman is the main priority," he said. "Whatever the fishermen want -- whether it's live shrimp, greenies. If it's available, we'll have it."

The pier's main building will house restrooms and a bait and tackle shop. Rental rods will be available, and popular pier lures and other tackle will be sold.

"All piers are different," Streeter said. "Here in Dania, they very rarely fish with plugs or lures. But in Juno, 80 percent of them use lures."

Streeter recently met with Doran, and he'll submit a list of recommendations, including admission fees and hours.

"They're in the business of operating piers, so I'm sure we'll look closely at their recommendations," Doran said.

Streeter's plans call for the same admission fees charged by the old pier. Ronnie Waterman, who once managed the old pier, said admission fees were $3.75 to fish, 75 cents to walk.

Streeter is also recommending that the new pier be open from one hour before sunrise to 9 p.m. Sunday through Thursday. On Fridays and Saturdays, the closing time would be 11 p.m.

"That's the way we're going to start off, and if the demand is there, we'll extend the hours," Streeter said.

Dania Pier Management's Juno pier is open from 30 minutes before sunrise to sundown. The company's other two piers are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Streeter, who plans to live in Jacksonville Beach at least temporarily, expects to hire several people to run the new pier.

The pier is expected to feature four fish-cleaning stations, two on each side. The original architect's plans included cleaning stations only on the north side, but Streeter recommended southside stations for use during colder months.

"If you've ever tried to clean fish facing into the wind during the winter ...," Streeter said. "The city has been very receptive to ideas. They're in agreement, if it benefits the pier and the fishermen, they're open to discussion."

The old Jacksonville Beach Pier held a popular annual tournament for surface and bottom species. Streeter said the new pier may also stage some kind of competition. Last year, on opening day of snook season, the Dania Pier conducted a $5 Calcutta pool for the first legal snook caught and the heaviest legal snook.

"If we get notice a good run of blues is coming down from the Carolinas, we might institute something like that," Streeter said.

Benches on the pier will be built back to back with space in between. Streeter has plans to install wind breaks that would fit in that space. Trash receptacles are scheduled to be emptied once a day.

18. Save the West Wing at Channel 9!

We, the undersigned fans of The West Wing, would like to petition Channel 9 Australia to reconsider cancelling and/or changing timeslots for this great show.

We do understand however that on some occassions it is necessary to move, reschedule or even put shows on holidays, but if it is possible to do this for a show at 7:00 that has a little following, why not something at 10:30/11:00/11:30/midnight, that has a huge following. Please Channel 9 reconsider cancelling this show mid season or if you are going to put it on holidays, then let us know.

Save The West Wing!

19. Cheswolde Traffic Petition

A Stop sign to reduce the amount of speeding.

Many memebers of the Cheswolde community of Baltimore City, are distressed over the amount of speeding in our neighborhoods. The following do herby petition the Department of Transportation of Baltimore City to erect a three-way stop sign, at the intersection of Hanson avenue and Woodcrest avenue.

20. Change The Way The CWF Is Run

This Petition Is To Either Create A Second Differently Run Fed On Code X Or To Change The Way Makakveli Runs The CWF To One Of The Following:

Have Opponents Make A Declared Number Of Votes And then Have A Schedualed "REFEREE" Decide Who Wins In A Final Match Ending Post


To Use CAWS On Smackdown Vs. Raw And Play COM Vs. COM Matches Which A Schedualed Writer Will Re-Write Exactly What Happens

21. School naming - Dr. Jesse Hall.

To Washoe County School District - Board of Education: The following individuals are requesting that you name the next school for an individual who has spent more that 35 years of service to this school district, Dr. Jesse Hall.

Dr. Hall was a teacher, principal and currently a site coordinator for the after school program in the Washoe County School District.

This petition is to support the naming of a school in honor of a long time educator, Jesse Hall, in the Washoe County School District.

22. JAMDAT temps say 'NO' to Apple One

By signing this petition, you (JAMDAT temporary employee) agree to the following:
- I am not satisfied with Apple One as my payroll agent. Apple One does not meet my desired (temporary employment) payroll qualifications.

23. The Petition for Mr. Lockard's Goatee

The first block of Mr. Kerrick's class wishes to see Mr. Lockard grow out his goatee.

24. Youth Judge for Canadian Idol 2

Getting a youth judge on the television show for canadian idol 2.

This Petition is for all those "Canadian Idol fans", which believe that next year on "Canadian Idol 2" there should be a YOUTH Judge. The following Petition will be sent to "CTV" if given enough Signatures. Thank you for your support and for your participation!

25. Full Time Mayor for Pryor Creek, Mayes County

There has been a lot of discussion regarding the need for a City Manager. The cost of hiring a City Manager at a time when we are in a financial downturn is not the only consideration we have. Hiring a City Manager is just adding to our costs and removing the direct access we have to the way our city is run.

The cost of bringing a potential City Manager to Pryor can cost in the $1,000's. Then you have a contract that may have to be honored - even if the individual doesn't do the job he has been hired to do.

Did you know that Locust has had 2 City Managers this year? Did you know that Kingfisher has had 5 different City Managers?
Where is the cost savings and where is the continuity needed to run a city?

We have the option of having a full time mayor. A mayor that is accessible everyday. A mayor that is responsible for the day to day running of our city. A mayor that is elected by "we the people" and is responsible to "we the people". If we want a change in leadership all we have to do is vote! To change the city manager you have to go through a lot more AND the city (our taxes) may have to buy out the contract.

26. Shut down

A new domain has copied numerous websites and must be stopped.

We, the following, are angry and disgusted with the behavior of a new domain, She has violated the terms of service for numerous websites and has outright stolen material as her own. We ask Endore to shut down her domain.

27. Support Gary Megson

WBA fans in support of manager Gary Megson.

We, the undersigned, support the West Bromwich Albion manager Gary Megson in his dispute with Paul Thompson and the club board, following the statement of resignation from Paul Thompson and his and other board members comments.

28. all rock stations should play godhead music

Godhead is a goth/industrial/hard rock band that has worked hard over the last 8 years to create a large following and a respectable name for themselves. They have a large following in the USA and europe but there are only a handful of radio stations who play their new music in the USA.

About 1 year ago they were signed to Post Human Records and under signed by Priority Records. With every
show they do, their fan base grows larger. It the first week of their new CD being released they sold over 7000 copies placing them #2 on the sales list for new alternative bands. If
you have never herd of this band and you like rock or goth music please go to and check them out.

29. Midtown Madness 3 for PC

Microsft has released 2 great racing games, the first one called Midtown Madness and it took a cult following and hundreds of fan site were set up and users were making loads of cars for it and alot of add-ons. Then Midtown Madness 2 came out with 2 new cities, San Fransisco and London and it had twice as many cars than the original. This sequel also took a cult following and put even more people in the MM community to make add-onns, cars, new cities, etc..., So lets make sure that microsoft does the right thing and releases MM3 for the PC and not for the X-Box.

30. Sports Car GT2 (SCGT2)

There has been a faithful following of the game "Sports Car GT" published by Electronic Arts & designed by ISI (likely the best racing sim designers when it comes to physics) for over 3 years now.

People all over the world are still discovering (and purchasing) this great game for the first time as is evident by posts on related forums. These forums are buzzing on a daily basis with talk and praise of this game 3 years after it's release. This should give anyone an idea just how this game was so ahead of it's time in physics and innovative coding.

PC Gamer magazine said it was "almost broadcast quality" in their review of SCGT. We agree!

The entire SCGT community has been faithfully waiting for an SCGT2 to be put together by Electronic Arts for quite some time. We feel a company like Electronic Arts who has been in the forefront of racing arcade/sim games has an equal obligation to its sim racing fans that it has shown towards its arcade racing fans in its NFS series.

Other racing series sims which may have somewhat of a larger following than GT racing, although much appreciated, have been (in our opinion) so overly produced and reproduced for so many consecutive years that they have become almost monotonous... until "Sports Car GT" came along.

We would hope that EA Sports can see that although this series may not produce the volume of sales that other series may produce, is a still very much a contribution to the whole. Many people who prefer true racing sims, will almost certainly have more than one sim game. But if those racing sim games all represent the same series differing only in the series year, sooner or later people will stop buying just to get a new car paintjob because some drivers in the year changed teams. Ok, and maybe some minor physics/modeling engine enhancements.

In our opinion, ISI (Image Space Inc.) not only captured the sensation of the GT Racing series, but also created a physics/modeling engine way beyond it's years in performance, stability, and visual game play.

We would hope that EA Sports could realize the submersion factor that ISI has managed to bring to SCGT and the interest of EA's customers in having a sim that reproduces the GT series well (as SCGT does), and requests ISI to create a follow up to this great game and give it's faithful followers and newcomers to GT Racing an SCGT2.