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The Government has launched a “reinvigorated” Right to Buy scheme for public sector tenants that will provide £75,000 discounts to help social tenants into home ownership. This means that tenant will be given 35% discount and 1% for every year they have been a social housing tenant.

However, this does not include tenants who are under the right to aquire scheme, this scheme offers between £9000 and £16000 dependant on where they live. The government state there are currently no plans for a change in right to aquire discount policy.

So again why is one group of Tenants being treated differently from another group of Tenant. We all Public Sector Tenants.

We, the undersigned, call on the government to reform the right to acquire scheme, to bring in line with the right to buy scheme in respect of the discounts given for buying the home they live in.

This will give each hard working tenant in social housing the same opportunities of home ownership.

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