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1. Stop Harming Malaysian General Insurance Agents: No Unfair Rebates!

PIAM created a very uneven playing field by allowing insurance companies to give away a 10% discount to any insured or policyholder, but not allowing their agents to do so.

PIAM did this by amending ICAGIB Clause 5.3 On June 22nd 2009, by deleting the word 'members' from the clause which now reads:
"No agent or broker shall give to any insured or policyholder any discount or rebate whatsoever or any commission paid or payable or on any part of parts thereof, in respect of any insurance policy covering a motor risk rated under the Malaysian Motor Tariff."

Previously, even the insurance companies which in the above are referred to as 'members' cannot give discounts to policyholders - but by amending this clause - PIAM has allowed Etiqa, AIG, Kurnia, RHB Insurance to sell insurance directly to customers, at a 10% discount - and the rest of the companies will follow suit.

This has created a very uneven playing field - the motor insurance premiums contribute to 46.2% of the entire insurance market in Malaysia. This change in the ICAGIB terms has given the the insurance companies the option and privilege to undercut their agents if they choose to. Do take note that we, the agents, depend on our companies for lifelihood and income. We have given our effort, heart and soul to further both our own interests and also that of the companies'.

I have personally lost many clients that are willing to travel directly to the insurance company to renew with the insurance company to get this 10% discount. I would have gladly given back 5% of my commission to my customers as it would save them the hassle of going over to the insurance company. At the very least, I am still able to retain half of the commission which is rightfully mine. I represented my company in instilling a sense of loyalty in my customers' minds, and this is the way my company has decided to repay me - by allowing my customers to renew directly with them without paying me the commission that I deserve.

This uneven playing field has been taking its toll on me - both financially, mentally and psychologically. I believe it is the same for all general agents throughout Malaysia - as a majority of the premiums we bring to the company come from motor insurance.

2. Support Lidl Calcot

Lidl have acquired the former Horncastle Garage Site on Bath Road, Calcot and we are delighted to be in a position to commence consultation with the local community on Lidl’s proposed plans.

The site was purchased by the previous owners, Inchcape in 2007, with the building having been vacated only a few months earlier with Ford consolidating their offer to their franchise on Basingstoke Road. Inchcape purchased the site with a view to obtaining planning permission for a new BMW and Mini showroom. Planning was obtained for a 3 storey dealership in January 2009, but due to the polarisation of motor dealers around the A33, Inchcape re-thought their strategy. Lidl completed their purchase of the site in July 2015.

Our proposal will regenerate the site which has been disused for many years with a Lidl food store to the company's new specification. The new specification store is larger than older generation stores and will be modern and efficient, offering a light, spacious and attractive shopping environment for customers. 95% of Lidl’s offer is own-brand products, with this store predicted to generate an average annual turnover of £4.4m. A Tesco Express will generate circa £3M in annual turnover whereas a large Waitrose, ASDA or Sainsbury’s could have an annual turnover of £30M - £40M.

As Lidl is not a one-stop shop, linked shopping trips to with other local retailers would be likely. The development would not only aid competition in the Calcot area, but would also bring greater shopping choice to local residents and create up to 40 new local jobs.

We will shortly be publishing a full set of development plans and we have launched a website ( as part of our comprehensive public consultation exercise.

3. Support Lidl in Huntingdon

Lidl was granted planning permission back in November 2013 for the redevelopment of the Former Stukeley Nurseries site in Huntingdon for a foodstore with a 1,063sqm sales area and 78 car parking spaces.

Lidl’s business model has since evolved in order to provide an improved customer experience through more space between aisles and checkouts and to create operational benefits arising from a more efficient store layout. The result of this being that Lidl now have a requirement for a slightly larger footprint and as such a revised planning application has been submitted to construct a store with a sales area of 1286sqm and 104 car parking spaces (including disabled and parent and child spaces).

The store will provide the town with a much needed discount food store, bringing more shopping choice to the local community and would create approximately 40 new jobs.

4. Support Lidl at Bishop Bridge Road Norwich

Lidl have agreed to acquire the Value Car Centre premises on Bishop Bridge Road, Norwich and have submitted a planning application for a discount food store with associated parking. Lidl’s proposal will regenerate the site by creating a contemporary and modern store to facilitate further choice for consumers in the locality as well as creating up to 40 new jobs in the area.

The application is currently under review by Norwich City Council and is scheduled to be determined by 18/02/16.

You can support this application by any of the following:

- Signing and sharing this petition.
- Writing a small letter or email to the City Council ( or FAO Tracey Armitage, Norwich City Council, City Hall, St Peters Street, Norwich, NR2 1NH).
- All of the above.

Thank you for your support.

5. Support Lidl Welshpool

We will shortly be submitting a planning application for a proposed Lidl foodstore on the former Sheep Pen site on Mill Lane in Welshpool.

As part of our exciting proposals, Lidl will construct a 1,116 sqm foodstore incorporating 65 dedicated car parking spaces (including 3 disabled and 3 Parent & Child spaces).

Lidl will employ up to 40 full and part-time staff who will be sourced locally.

The Lidl strategy is to offer our customers the highest quality at the lowest prices via neighbourhood stores serving local needs at convenient locations.

We have around 1,600 carefully selected product lines of which approximately 80% are own brand. In comparison to other mainstream food retailers who normally offer between 10,000 and 30,000 lines. Offering this limited range allows Lidl to maintain low prices whilst not compromising the quality of our range.

6. Military Discount at Starbucks

This video explains why? A Soldier and active Marine asking a Starbucks employee for a military discount, and couldn't get one.

He has served our country, he should get a discount. Everyone who shows a military ID should receive a discount.

7. Fairer discounts for right to acquire tenants

The Government has launched a “reinvigorated” Right to Buy scheme for public sector tenants that will provide £75,000 discounts to help social tenants into home ownership. This means that tenant will be given 35% discount and 1% for every year they have been a social housing tenant.

However, this does not include tenants who are under the right to aquire scheme, this scheme offers between £9000 and £16000 dependant on where they live. The government state there are currently no plans for a change in right to aquire discount policy.

So again why is one group of Tenants being treated differently from another group of Tenant. We all Public Sector Tenants.

8. Verizon Needs Military Discounts for Spouses

I am a Military wife, my husband and I recently got new phones and internet through Verizon Wireless. In the Store we were told I could get the Military discount on my phones and the internet, we were told that my bill would be $180.00 a month for all three services. The next day they had added a feature to my phones and I called to see why.

I was told it was not optional and my bill would go up by $20.00 per month, but that the discount had been applied. When I got my bill the discount had not been applied, I called again and they said it could take 1-2 billing cycles. The next bill came and there was no discount, my bill was $236.00! I checked my email and found a message from Verizon stating that I had been denied because I am a spouse, that the account holder must be Military to receive the discount!

Every other organization I have been to offers the same respect and discount to Spouses as they do for Soldiers, I have military ID and I am allowed on military bases. I may not have a rank but that does not make me any less MILITARY!

9. Public Transport Fare Concessions For Overseas Hong Kong Students 爭取留學生擁有公共交通學生乘車優惠權利

We want to raise our concern over the recently released anti-inflation policies, one of which sees local full time students to enjoy half-price concession whilst taking the Mass Transit Railway and Kowloon Bus. We believe this is unfair to all Hong Kong permanent residents who are studying overseas.

Our parents are both citizens and taxpayers of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, and they are hit by spiraling inflation as much as, if not worse than, everyone else. Moreover, we are both full time students and Hong Kong residents. Thus, it is well within reasons that we should be included in this scheme. Yet this so-called relief package does not in any way benefit us, and our families are also part of the society. On the other hand, it only alleviates the pressure of certain minority groups and fails to ease the plight of the general public, especially those among the middle-income families. This only serves to aggravate the inequality and resentment within the society.

Discount-price transportation fare policy is carried out among many leading economies. For example, Young Persons’ Rail Card of the National Rail Company in the United Kingdom allows any youth between 16 and 25 living or studying in the country to pay only 2/3 of the original fare, The Student Railway Pass of Tokyo Metro Company in Japan lets students travel between stations on the specified routes for free. In view of this, Hong Kong, suggested by your government as the Asia’s world city, should also follow the trend. Otherwise, your anti-inflation measures will be seen as favouring a small number of the population and working against your own government’s policies, and Hong Kong’s image as an international city may be damaged.

10. We Want a Lidl Store in the Drogheda Area

Lidl To Open In Drogheda Immediately If RGDATA Were To Remove Their Appeal.

The Lidl discount food store has made a commitment to commence construction of their store at the new M1 Retail Park if RGDATA were to withdraw their appeal.

The people of Drogheda could have to wait for a further six months before receiving a decision from An Bord Pleanala.

After receiving the approval form Drogheda Borough Council on the 7th July last the people of the town were so disappointed to find out that RGDATA could prevent Lidl from opening in Drogheda like this."

Lidl who's closest store would be in Balbriggan is due to open in Ardee and Dundalk within the next three months leaving Drogheda the largest town in the country without a store yet again. The company confirmed through survey's carried out on its Balbriggan store that over 40% of its business was from Drogheda showing a high level of leakage from the town.

Who are RGDATA you ask?
RGDATA- Supervalu / Spar / Centre / Londis / Mace and Cost Cutters are all local members of this organisation.

Considerable pressure is mounting on local RGDATA representatives to remove the appeal lodged against Lidl granting of planning permission.

RGDATA have stated that this is a Board policy to object and lodged appeals on all applications for discount food stores that are not located in town centres throughout the Country. Why can RGDATA who supposedly represent the smaller food stores try and delay or even prevent the development of a Lidl store in Drogheda after its has the backing of the Council Planners, Councillors and the people.

11. Say No to Cheap (bad) Beer

WE BELIEVE in the age old tradition of beer drinking. As Benjamin Franklin once said, "beer is living proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy".

On the other hand, discount beer is proof that God also likes to mess with our minds every once in a while. WE RECOGNIZE that there is money to be made from the sale of discount beer and that not everyone can afford the good stuff. Oh sure... there are more noble causes that we could take up.

Yet, we cannot sit back and watch one more poor wretch walk out of the beer store trying to conceal the swill-in-box that some would pass off as beer. Besides, all the good causes are already taken. We are PiSSD that people are compelled to compromise their standards when it comes to beer and we are PiSSD that some brewers are taking advantage of the poor, the thirsty, the befuddled masses.

WE COMMIT ourselves, one bartender, one voice, one beer at a time - to make a better tasting world for everyone.