#Human Rights
United Nations Human Rights Council

Bullying. The term has been synonymous with school children and teens. This is not always so.

What happens when bullies graduate? They sometimes become even bigger social deviants. (spouse abusers, thieves, corrupted leaders, etc, etc...) That's not to say that all bullies become a problem for society.

Ever since the beginning, there has been depression, hatred, anger, sadness, illness, racism, personality disorders, poverty, and even death attributed to bullying. This is unacceptable! Bullying trends on the human rights of nearly every demographic on Earth.

We, the undersigned, call on the United Nations Human Rights Council to assist in combating the societal disease known as bullying.

The best remedy for this problem would be an international humanitarian effort with the goal of eradicating bullying from the world. In this sense, bullying includes, but is not to violence, verbal and financial abuse, and threats based on race, ethnicity, religion or lack therof, wealth, gender, sexual orientation, body type and shape, education, appearance, ability or disability, athleticism or lack therof, and anything else.

We must stand as an international family to help people who have been or are being bullied!

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