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1. Ask Congress to Support Cholera Relief for Haiti

As Hurricane Irma barrels through the Caribbean, Haiti faces life-threatening flooding and a surge in deadly cholera cases. Please ask Congress to support emergency cholera relief now.

10,000 people have already died, and nearly 1 million have been sickened since the UN introduced cholera to Haiti in 2010. Now, the UN has run out of money to respond to the epidemic, and the emergency response teams that saved lives after Hurricane Matthew are being shut down. Unless emergency funding is secured immediately, more lives will be lost.

An effective response is only possible with funding from member states. So far, the United States has not contributed anything to the UN plan, and the Trump Administration has blocked efforts to find money in the UN’s budget.

With Irma approaching, the cholera response can’t wait. Please ask your Representative to stand with Haiti and support U.S. funding for cholera treatment now.

2. Appeal for the city of Derna

The UN Humanitarian Coordinator for Libya, Maria Ribeiro, expresses concerns over reports of severe shortages of basic necessities, including life saving medical supplies due to the conflict in Derna. This is has a negative impact on people’s health and wellbeing and, if prolonged, would lead to serious humanitarian conditions.

“I urge all parties to consider the safety and the wellbeing of the civilians a top priority and allow for the safe delivery of humanitarian supplies to ensure continued access to basic services, especially health”, said Maria Ribeiro.

The United Nations, through the Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) is monitoring the situation on the ground and working with all Humanitarian partners to respond to the evolving situation in Derna.

The Humanitarian Coordinator urges all parties to the conflict to respect Humanitarian and Human Rights law to ensure the protection of civilians.

3. The Corrupt Maman Sidikou of Monusco MUST GO

Maman Sambo Sidikou the Current UN secretary general representative in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is not only a Disgrace to himself but also the United Nations as a all.

Instead of being the United Nations SG representative in the Congo (DRC) He is the Mouthpiece and one of the strongest alli of the Dictator Jeseph Kabila who as killed millions .

Even Nikki Haley the US representative to the UN as Accused the UN Mission in DR CONGO one of the highly Corrupt UN mission in the World.

The People of the Congo are therefore requesting the UN Secretary General to moove Mr Sadikou from Office , Before us the People move him out.


Love Australia or Leave Party (LAOL) will play a historic role campaigning to vote to Leave the United Nations.

On June 23, 2016, LAOL announced that we will run a #UNEXIT Leave-UN Campaign. This will be a long-term campaign to leave the United Nations.

If the UK via #BREXIT can leave the EU, then there is nothing prohibiting Australia from leaving the United Nations. Let Australia be the country to take the lead. It took 20 years from the initial concept of the British leaving the EU to having a successful referendum. Our campaign will remain active until we can rid Australia of the curse of the UN.

We will document UN events, facts and the latest decisions and outcomes.
Leave-UN is dedicated to providing factual evidence to why and how we can leave the UN.

Find out more to why Australia should leave the United Nations check out our website


5. Save Loghman and Zanyar Moradi

The Iranian regime is continuing its unjust and unprecedented crime against Kurdish political Activists and ready to yet commit another crime!

Zaniar Moradi and Loghman Moradi, both death row prisoners from Iran’s Kurdish minority, claim they were tortured into “confessing” to the 2009 murder of the son of a senior cleric in Marivan, Kurdistan province. They were sentenced to death in December 2010 after being convicted of “enmity against God” (moharebeh) and “corruption on earth” for the murder. They were also convicted of participating in armed activities with Komala, a Kurdish opposition group, which conducted armed struggle against the Islamic Republic of Iran.

After recent execution of - Habibollah Golparipour and Reza Ismaeili - the regime now punished Zanyar Moradi and Loghman Moradi with death sentences issued in public hanging!

This surge in executions shows that behind words and promises, the Iranian authorities continue to rely on state-sponsored killing, sparking fears that Zaniar Moradi and Loghman Moradi, two Kurdish minority prisoners on death row, could be next,” said Hassiba Hadj Sahraoui, Middle East and North Africa Deputy Director at Amnesty International, she said October 28, 2013.

6. Jewish Prayer on the Temple Mount Now!

Last week UNESCO held a truly infamous vote to de-Judaize Jerusalem and the Temple Mount and was quickly condemned by Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu by declaring UNESCO “The theater of the absurd”.

The truth is that the State of Israel set the stage for this vote long ago via its anti-Jewish policy on the Temple Mount. Jews who come to visit the Mount are harassed and Jews who are found praying or worshiping are arrested.

Should UNESCO and other international organizations be held to a higher standard than the Israeli Government?

7. Implement UN Resolusition 1973-2011 for Libyan Civilians' Protection

- Spreading of heavy armaments & light weapons every where in Libya in the hands of Criminals that jeopardize the lives of ordinary people.
- The Corruption of all officials in the governing sectors that caused chaos in the country which made it unsafe place to live in and made the living so hard without the availability of currency in the banks and the boom rise in prices of food.
- The big number of deaths of young people,
- The vague future of the country shows a coming disaster that the UN should be held responsible for.

8. Demand for Immediate & Unconditional Dismissal of Charges against Iranian Activist Amir Amirgholi

Iran's Authorities Issues a Heavy Sentence against Amir Amirgholi.

Amir Amirgholi, 33 arrested in the street by security forces under Branch 6 of Ghods Court warrant has been sentenced to 19 years and six months in prison at Branch 15 of the Islamic Revolutionary Court in Tehran. Judge Abolghasem Salavati handed down the sentence.

Amir is a dismissed student of the Islamic Azad University of Ghazvin and the son of Abbas Amirgholi. Officials had taken him to his father's house and seized his personal belongings: a laptop, cell phone and hard drive of his PC. He was transferred to Ward 8 after an intense two-month investigation in solitary confinement.

Branch 6 of Shahid Moghadas Court of Evin court chaired by Amin Naseri, where he was accused on vague charges of "assembly and collusion against national security", "blasphemy", "insulting the Supreme Leader of Iran", "propaganda against the regime of Iran".

Amnesty International has stated that Amir Amirgholi, Iranian activist was sentenced to 19 years and sex months incarceration on charges in connection with his peaceful activities, following an hour-long trial in early 2016. He is being held in prison under extremely poor conditions while waiting for his appointment with the appeals court.

The leftist activist was arrested and taken to the Evin prison on August 30, 2007, after taking apart on the anniversary of the massacre of political prisoners in Khavaran. He was then held in solitary confinement in Ward 209 of Evin Prison without access to legal counsel and with no contact with his family for 56 days. Almost a month after the arrest, he was granted permission to speak with his family in a brief phone call, stated Amnesty International He had reportedly served 16 days in solitary confinements at the Islamic Republic chambers.

Amirgholi was previously arrested in the peaceful demonstration supporting Kobani on September 2014. He was released after spending a night at the chambers of Intelligence and Public Security Police of NAJA, according to the reliable sources. According to the reports, he also was arrested by security forces in front of Milad Hospital; officials released him after a few days.

According to his family, it is of urgent concern at this time that Amir suffers from a pancreatic disorder and require medical attention. Previously he was held at Ward 8 of Evin prison alongside hardened criminals convicted of pirating, theft, embezzlement, fraud and forgery. Evin prison is notorious for it's poor treatment and torture of political prisoners.

Branch 36 of Tehran's Appeal Court will hold a retrial session to re-examine Amirgholi's verdict on August 3, 2016.

9. Push for the creation of a Multinational Peacekeeping Humanitarian Task Force to stop ISIS and provide aid to Iraq and Syria

The self-proclaimed caliphate of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant or ISIL, also known as ISIS, is a malevolent, well-armed group of extremists responsible for killing over 1,700 people in 23 countries, not counting the higher death toll in Iraq and Syria or the millions forced to flee their country.

All nations must work together toward lasting peace and bringing an effective end to this global calamity. Therefore, the formation of a multinational peacekeeping humanitarian ground force is called for under the terms of Chapter VII of the United Nations charter.

This contingent shall fulfill solely the purpose of dismantling ISIS and providing much needed aid to civilians in conflict-stricken Iraq and Syria, with strict adherence to international law and the directives of the UN Security Council.

You may also sign the petition at the White House web page.

10. Online Petition of Oromo Communities’ Association in North America (OCA-NA)

Stop Brutal Repression of the Oromo People by the Ethiopian Government.

Stop the massacre of Oromo people and suppression of human rights in Ethiopia, Bring PELF Leaders to the International World Justice.

We, members of the Oromo communities in Diaspora, write this urgent letter to bring to your attention the atrocities perpetrated on the Oromo people in Ethiopia.

At this moment, the Oromo people are under siege; schools are closed, normal economic activities are disrupted and the farmers are confined to their homes, which are violated and searched by government agents without legal warrants.

Over the last four weeks, over 86 students, teachers and farmers were killed by armed government forces. Mass arrest are going on daily and the government is terrorizing citizens. We are deeply concerned by the eviction of thousands of farmers from their lands in the name development and for the expansion of the capital city, Addis Ababa (Finfinnee).

We are worried that, if unchecked immediately, the current state-sponsored killings, mass arrests and evictions could lead to unimaginable human tragedies and extraordinary regional crisis.

We are appealing for urgent intervention of by the United Nations and the global community before it is too late, to avoid what had happened in Rwanda and other places earlier.

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La Coalition Nationale des Jeunes de RENMEN AYITI (CNJRA) vous présente ses compliments et profite de la présente pour vous témoigner, au nom de tous ses membres, sa reconnaissance pour tout ce que vous avez accompli de positif, au bénéfice des citoyennes et citoyens d’Haïti. Cependant, elle se voit aujourd’hui dans l’obligation et dans l’urgence de vous écrire suite à votre prise de position dans le cadre des résultats des élections du 25 octobre 2015.

La journée électorale du 25 Octobre reste incontestablement la journée la plus calme dans toute l’histoire des élections en Haïti. Tout était bien préparé et les tricheurs ont bien planifié le Coup d’Etat Electoral jusqu’à 4heures PM. Un scénario parfait digne de Hollywood - mais c’est, une fois de plus, sous-estimer l’intelligence des électeurs haïtiens.

Comment comprenez-vous que les mandataires et certains observateurs nationaux soient expulsés des centres de vote au moment du dépouillement ? Comment justifiez-vous la présence du corps armé BOID dans l’enceinte des centres et bureaux de Vote ? Comment comprenez-vous qu’un candidat inconnu de la population remporte les élections à plus de 32% ? Comment interprétez-vous que des bulletins en masse ont été trouvés brulés dans divers endroits ? Comment expliquez-vous que des véhicules du Gouvernement ont été impliqués dans différents cas de fraude ? Comment expliquez-vous le fait que des maisons privées d’alliés du pouvoir (KAZEK, EDEPEP, …) ont été retenues par le CEP comme centre de vote ? Comment comprenez-vous que l’UNOPS, un organe subsidiaire des Nations-Unies, soit accusé par un membre du parti bénéficiaire des fraudes d’être impliqué dans des actes de fraudes lors de la journée du 25 octobre et d’être de connivence avec le Pouvoir en place pour le maintien de la domination d’une certaine frange du secteur des Affaires au détriment de la classe moyenne et de la masse défavorisée ? Pourquoi le rapport des organismes des Droits Humains n’a pas été pris en considération ? Aujourd’hui, on se demande, quels sont les vrais intérêts de la Communauté Internationale et du CORE GROUPE en HAITI ? A qui profite ce crime électoral ?

Aujourd’hui, la principale victime de ces magouilles et complots est la Jeunesse Haïtienne. La jeunesse est le véritable perdant, le rêve d’une nouvelle Haïti ayant à sa tête un Leader éclairé, visionnaire et accepté est parti en fumée. Quand est-ce que les droits des jeunes haïtiens seront-ils respectés ? Quand est-ce que, finalement, les droits à l’Education, à la Santé, au Logement, au Loisir, à la Sécurité et la Justice seront-ils une réalité pour la jeunesse de notre pays ? Nous sommes profondément inquiets quant à l’avenir, les jeunes risquent d’être condamnés à laisser leur ville d’origine à la recherche du mieux être dans les grandes villes. La réalité qui nous attend le plus souvent est la délinquance et le chômage. Il est temps que les conditions de vie changent en Haïti.

Nous avons plus que jamais besoin de paix et de stabilité pour enfin prendre le chemin du développement et aller vers l’avant. Seul le renforcement de notre Démocratie, à travers les élections dignes de ce nom, peut nous amener à ce point. C’est la seule condition pour la renaissance de notre pays. Haïti a ouvert ses portes à la communauté internationale, non pas pour qu’elle se substitue à sa souveraineté, mais surtout pour défendre ensemble les principes républicains et protéger l’espace de stabilité que nous voulons tous.

12. Revocation of Nobel Peace Prize awarded to FW de Klerk

Since 1994, South Africa is embroiled in a dispute between the ANC, and the EFF later, and the country's white citizens. Whites face violent deaths and torture in farm attacks, while the general murder rate exceeds road deaths and is in the top 3 in the world. Our YEARLY murder rate approaches the total amount of people killed in 25 years of the Gaza conflict, and violent deaths in South Africa exceeds warzones.

FW de Klerk won the Nobel Peace Prize after a fraudulent referendum, during which South Africans had to vote either YES or No, based on premises set for either the YES or No vote by FW de Klerk. If one studies the premises, you will find that FW de Klerk won the YES vote, but fraudulently delivered the premises he assigned to what would happen with the No vote.

The result is a violent country at war with itself, with civillian casualties exceeding warzones. Every day we face violent protests, and on average 50 people are murdered every day. The ANC was a terror organisation, listed as such, and with the ANC being put in control, the legacy of human rights abuses at the ANC's Camp Quattro lives on in our daily lives. Furthermore, a majority of 10 to 1, is using race laws to protect the many against the few, thus oppressing the minority white population.

13. Stop the Illegal Deportation of Three Afghan Citizens

Three Afghan Christian Converts Are at Imminent Risk of Deportation from Sweden.

On 10 Aug, Stockholm, three Afghan citizens who converted from Islam to Christianity Seyed Zaman Jafari, Samir Akbari and Gholam Sakhi Naseri are at greatest risk as a result of deportation decided by Swedish authorities. Seyed Zaman Jafari, 22, who lived in Logar Province where rules by Taliban, left Afghanistan seeking asylum grant about three years and six months ago. He escaped the country due to “ethnic clashes” in the region as rights groups said. Mr. Jafari rejected by Swedish Immigration Court in no justification reasons. He converted his religious from Islam to Christianity 18 months ago, and he would face any unpleasant danger if he was returned back to the country.

Another Christian Convert, Samir Akbari, 22, lived in Galacha of Kandahar Province, went to Sweden in 2011 and rejected by the court after one year living in Sweden. Samir was allegedly arrested by Swedish police on 20 March 2015.

The third one, Gholam Sakhi Naser, 23, lived in Faryab Province, left Afghanistan to Sweden in 2013. He also detained by Swedish Force Border on 23 July 2015 and kept in gävle detention along with the two others since the arrest. The Swedish Immigration Court rejected the asylum-seeking of them without any rationalization, notwithstanding all the evidents have proved that their life would be at dreadful risk if they were given back to Afghanistan.

“The illegal deportation is obviously breaching the 1951 Refugee Convention and 1967 Protocol that more than 120 countries have already joined it”.

“It is hard to believe many countries in the European Union which have signed the UN treaty are breaking their commitment since many asylum-seekers are in verge of deportation from European countries as Sweden, Norway despite of meeting the UNHCR Standards”.

Western governments are responsible for any horrible incident after refugees’ deportation.

It is worth noting that Afghanistan have assigned the highest ranking of the violations against Christian converts and religious minorities.

14. Justice for Muslims in Burma

This petition is about the unlawful and inhumane killings of Muslims in Burma. Also their rights are being snacthed and they are brutally treated like they do not have a right to exist.

15. Immediate & Unconditional Release of Majid Moghadam

Majid Moghadam, Civil rights activist, was taken to solitary confinement in notorious ward-240 due to his hunger strike which is started on 6 April 2015.

He has reportedly begun a hunger strike in order to protest his unjust verdict and inhumane condition in Evin prison. The hunger strike started due to unfair sentence and excruciating life in the prison such as overcrowding of prisoners in ward eight and lack of adequate food both quantity-quality.

Majid who is one of the victims and detainees of Kahrizak has been arrested by Revolutionary Guards officials on 3 Dec 2014, in the future, he was convicted to six years imprisonment by Revolutionary Court of Tehran.

He was accused of the charge of propaganda against the regime of Iran, illegally way-out of the borders and lack of Military Service ID.

Officials have apparently seized the personal belongings as a satellite receiver, flash memory, some books and CDs during the raid at his father house.

Majid had been previously arrested during the unrest after the presidency election in 2009 by plainclothes officials (Basiji) that as a witness of horrible occurrences in Kahrizak has unfolded the details regarding the cruel repressions by officials and plainclothes against demonstrators through his testimony.

He had previously been kept a 2-Alef Sepah ward of Evin prison at the beginning of his detention.

Reports of rights groups confirm that over 25 political prisoners have deliberately been held at ward 8 as these prisoners have purportedly been abused and harassed by those prisoners who have had accused of committing offences such as rubbery, murdering and possession of narcotics.

16. Immediate & Unconditional Release of Atena Daemi, an Iranian Children's Rights Activist

Updated on November 30, 2016.

Atena Daemi was violently arrested at her home this morning by IRGC agents who reportedly threatened her with death and did not present an arrest warrant. Relatives of the 29-year-old human rights defender say she was taken to Tehran's notorious Evin Prison. According to the human rights news agency, HRANA, Atena has been transferred to the women's ward of this prison.

In response to her arrest, Amnesty International released a statement today from Philip Luther, the NGO's Research and Advocacy Director for the Middle East and North Africa: "This is an extremely distressing turn of events and we fear that Atena may be at risk of torture or other ill-treatment. She is being targeted by the Iranian authorities simply for her peaceful activism, in particular speaking out against the use of the death penalty and supporting women's rights. She should be immediately and unconditionally released."

Atena Daemi was first arrested on October 21, 2014 and taken to Evin Prison where she was detained in the IRGC-controlled solitary confinement ward for a total of 86 days. She was then transferred to the women's ward of this prison and detained there until she was temporarily released on February 15, 2016 on a bail amounting to approximately $180,000 USD. According to a report by Amnesty International, for the first 28 days of her detention, Atena was held in a cell that was "infested with insects and had no toilet facilities". During this time, she was reportedly interrogated while blindfolded every day for a period of about a month and a half, and she had no access to a lawyer. Atena's mental and physical health severely deteriorated during this time, but Iranian authorities denied her medical care for her growing health complications.

In spring 2015, Iranian authorities sentenced the peaceful human rights defender to 14 years in prison under four charges: "Propaganda against the regime", "Assembly and collusion against national security", "Blasphemy and insulting the Supreme Leader", and "Concealing evidence". In September 2016, her sentence was reduced to seven years in prison by an Iranian appeals court.

Atena's family have talked to several human rights groups about the details of the charges against her. She was reportedly accused of blasphemy and insulting Iran's Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, because of jokes and song lyrics found on her mobile phone. The assembly and collusion charge was reportedly issued to her for attending a peaceful gathering in front of the United Nations office in Tehran in support of the children of Kobane, Syria. Iranian authorities reportedly charged her with propaganda against the regime for her public Facebook posts in opposition to the death penalty and Iran's mandatory hijab law. She was charged with concealing evidence for not being able to provide her interrogators with the password to the Facebook page of one of her friends.

Iranian human rights activists and friends of Atena Daemi are urging the international community to raise public awareness about her unlawful arrest and imprisonment. Concerned individuals can utilize social media to spread the word about Atena's plight and also contact their local government officials to encourage them to call for her immediate and unconditional release.

Let's do our part to support political prisoners in Iran like Atena, who are largely ignored by world authorities and the Western media for the sake of economic deals and investment with the Iranian regime.

Time and again it has been proven that the Iranian authorities do respond to international pressure. By raising global awareness about Atena, we will be helping her receive a layer of protection, making it more costly for the Iranian authorities to continue abusing her.

17. SOS to stop Brazil becoming the next communist country!

A petition against the Bolivarian communist expansion in Brazil promoted by the the administration of Dilma Rousseff.

18. Immediately & Unconditionally Release Omid Alishenas, an Iranian activist

Updated on Dec 10, 2016.

Omid Alishenas, an Iranian civil rights activist, was arrested by IRGC officials in front of his father's house on Sep 4, 2014 and taken to Ward 2-A Sepah (IRGC). He was accused of the vague charges of "assembly and collusion to attempt crimes against national security", "propaganda against the regime" and "insulting the Supreme Leader of IRI" at Branch 28 of the Islamic Revolutionary Court of Tehran chaired by Judge Mohammad Mogheyeseh on March 7, 2015.

He was in isolation for 132 days, his relatives said. In addition, officials denied him the right to access his family (face to face meeting) for more than nine months while Omid was kept in Ward 8. Omid has just spoken to his relatives from behind bars via phone.

He, 32, was sentenced to ten years in prison, the maximum punishment by the court for his peaceful activities as a child labor activist, as well as for gatherings he attended to protest the situation of Kobani children in Syria. The sentence was announced by the Head of Office of Branch 28 on May 12, 2015, and the case has been allegedly referred for re-examination to Branch 36 of the Appeals Court chaired by Judge Seyed Ahmad Zargar. The biased court accused him of “supporting the political prisoners’ families in the 80s”, “protest against systematic human rights violence in Iran, especially in cyberspace”, “opposition to the death penalty”, and “condemning the mass execution in the 80s”.

Omid, son of Atila, was very hopeful of being released on bail; Iran's judiciary officials refused his release on bail of $33,000 (1 billion Rials) despite the initial decision for conditional release, reliable sources said, which means he will have to spend the best years of his life in the notorious Evin prison.

Finally, He was released on bail of $ 230,000 (7 billion Rials) after spending 17 months in the regime’s chambers on January 18, 2016. The appeal court will issue its final decision on July 5, 2016.

Officials had confiscated his personal belongings such as cell phones, flash memory cards, three Personal Computers and a lap top, camera and CDs.

Mr. Alishenas, who has an academic degree in the field of Civil Engineering, has reportedly experienced severe torture both physically __ psychologically in the Islamic Republic chambers. He was frequently beaten during his interrogation periods that were mostly at night; officials used the barbaric procedures such as holding in isolation where in about 2 Square Meters he was kept without basic needs.

He had been in the solitary confinements at Ward 2-A Sepah (IRGC) for 132 days, and then was transferred to the public Ward 8 amongst criminals imprisoned for serious offenses such as murder, rape, drug smuggling, embezzlement, fraud and forgery (Ward Eight is officially labeled as a financial crimes ward).

The prisoners are kept in one of the crowded wards of the prison known as the infamous Ward 8, where the unsuitable circumstances could menace their health. It is an aging office building with low ceilings which has no proper sanitary facilities and has poor air circulation.

Branch 36 of the appellate Court issued 7-year prison term against Omid Alishenas. The court was conducted by Judge Ghomizadeh.

Finally, Omid Alishenas was arrested in a raid at his father house by Sarrallah Base forces of IRGC on December 10, 2016. He was taken to Evin prison to serve his 7 year prison term.

19. Immediate & Unconditional Release Saeid Shirzad & Atena Faraghdani, children-rights-activists

Demand for Immediate & Unconditional Release Saeid Shirzad & Atena Faraghdani, children-rights-activists.

does addressing the miserable and wretched situation of poor children of Iranian society in accordance with the Islamic republic laws consider a crime?

Mr. Saeid Shirzad, children-rights-activist, was arrested on 2nd June 2014 at his working place in Tabriz. Back in August 2012, he already faced judicial problems; he was forced to prison by state officials to handing numerous people in East-Azerbajdan being affected by a big earthquake. He was bailed-out after 19 days and later charged for a year on probation. Reporters of Harana informed, that Saeid currently is about to be sentenced once against to court as a danger to national security.

He did not appear at his last hearing in court because he refused to put on the unhygienic and disgraceful official prison clothes. As a punishment for that, the visitor’s right of his family was withdrawn.

For the beginning of the school term, Saeid wrote a note from prison where he appeals to children of feeling with him and being in solidarity with him.


Another Iranian prisoner is Mrs. Atena Faraghdani who is children’s rights activist and painter that has been arrested in August for unknown reasons. Her house was investigated by security guard of regime. She is not in favorable conditions and her tendon was injured in an accident that needs surgery for fifth time.

A source who wanted to remain unknown, informed Harana’s reporter that there is no any information about her sentence and allegations and reason of arrestment.

This source informed, “we suppose Atena is kept in ward 2-Alef in Evin prison.

We, the undersigned, strictly oppose the arrest and sentence of Said & Atena, children-rights-activists, and demand their freedom now and without conditions.

—We request that the international human rights community investigate the cases of prisoners of conscience in Iran, and especially the cases of Saeid Shirzad & Atena Faraghdani.

درخواست آزادی فوری و بدون قید و شرط سعید شیرزاد و آتنا فرقدانی؛ از فعالان حقوق کودک
آیا رسیدگی به وضعیت بغرنج و اسف بار کودکان محروم جامعه ایران، طبق موازین حقوقی جمهوری اسلامی یک جرم است!؟
سعید شیرزاد، فعال حقوق کودک روز دوشنبه 12 خرداد ماه 1393 (2 ژوئن 2014) در محل کار خود در تبریز بازداشت شد.
سعید در تاریخ جمعه 31 مرداد ماه 1391(21 آگوست 2012) نیز در حالی که برای کمک به مردم زلزله زده آذربایجان شرقی رفته بود، بازداشت و پس از 19 روز با قید وثیقه از زندان آزاد شد. او در شعبه 26 دادگاه انقلاب اسلامی، به دلیل این پرونده به تحمل یک سال حبس تعلیقی محکوم شده بود.
بنا به اطلاع گزارشگران هرانا، سعید شیرزاد که در زندان اوین به سر می برد، قرار است روز سه شنبه 15 مهرماه 1393(7 اکتبر 2014) به اتهام اجتماع و تبانی علیه نظام جمهوری اسلامی مورد محاکمه قرار گیرد.
مسوولان قضایی جمهوری اسلامی ایران از انتقال سعید شیرزاد، به دلیل ممانعت او از پوشیدن لباس فرم غیر بهداشتی، غیر قانونی و توهین آمیز زندان، به دادسرای شهید مقدس اوین برای ارائه آخرین دفاع خود، ممانعت کرده اند.
سعید به دلیل امتناع از پوشیدن لباس فرم زندان بنا به دلایل فوق، از داشتن ملاقات حضوری با خانواده خود نیز محروم بوده است.
او به مناسبت آغاز سال تحصیلی جدید در ایران نیز یادداشتی را در راستای ابراز همدردی و همبستگی با کودکان، از درون زندان خطاب به آنها نوشته است.
دیگر فعال حقوق کودک که اکنون در زندان به سر می برد،آتنا فرقدانی؛ فعال حقوق کودک و نقاش است که در شهریور ماه 1393 بدون هیچ گونه توضیحی بازداشت شده است.
ماموران امنیتی پس از بازداشت آتنامنزل او را نیز مورد تفتیش قرار دادند. او از شرایط جسمانی خوب برخوردار نیست و با توجه به پارگی تاندون دست اش، برای پنجمین بار نیاز به عمل جراحی دارد.
یکی از نزدیکان آتنا که نخواسته نام او فاش شود، به هرانا گفته است: هیچ گونه اطلاعی در مورد حکم و اتهام آتنا در دست نیست و گمان می رود که او در بند 2 الف زندان اوین نگهداری می شود.
ما امضا کنندگان متن بالا، بازداشت سعید شیرزاد و آتنا فرقدانی و محکومیت آنها را تحت هر عنوانی در زندان های جمهوری اسلامی محکوم کرده و خواستار آزادی بدون قید و شرط و فوری این فعال حقوق کودک هستیم.
از جامعه حقوق بشر بین المللی نیز خواستار پیگیری پرونده زندانیان سیاسی وعقیدتی در زندان های جمهوری اسلامی و به ویژه پرونده سعید شیرزاد و آتنا فرقدانی هستیم.

20. Immediate & Unconditional Dismissal of Charges against Imprisoned Human Rights Activists, Arash Sadeghi and Golrokh Iraee!

UPDATED on DJan 30, 2017.

Arash Sadeghi, who had broken his prolonged hunger strike on January 3, 2017, again has started his hunger strike since the re-arrest of his wife Golrokh on Saturday morning, January 22, 2017, BCR Group has learned.

The 30-year-old imprisoned activist was recently transferred to Ward 350 of Tehran notorious Evin prison, says HRANA. He, who has diagnosed with kidney and digestive failure due to a 71-day long hunger strike, was first taken to Ward 2-A of Sepah (the IRGC controlled section) with the excuse of transferring to hospital six days ago. Wardens transferred Arash to Ward 2-A at the same time resuming his hunger strike. The agents finally took him to Ward 350 after he endured three days in solidarity confinement cells, local sources quoting his relatives. News indicate that his personal belongings such as marriage ring and watch were supposedly stolen in transfer.

“Ward 350 is heavily guarded and severely isolated section allegedly run by the regime’s Ministry of Intelligence where prisoners of conscience are locked up in. The ward has limited contact with the outside world.”

Previously, Arash had started an indefinite hunger strike following arbitrary arrest of his life Golrokh on October 25, 2016. “I will continue my hunger strike until Iran’s authorities release her from the prison, HRANA quoted it form his letter. Finally, he ended his hunger strike after 71 days on January 3, after officials released his wife on a $125,000 USD.

Despite official promises, on January 22, the Sarallah Base agents (IRGC's main security group in Tehran) rearrested Golrokh Ebrahimi Iraee in front of her house in the morning and took her to Executing Verdict Department where is located in Evin prison. She was arrested along with her friend Saeed Eghbali, according to reports. Agents ultimately transferred Golrokh to Women Ward of Evin and released Saeed on January 23, 2017.

Hence, Arash is back on hunger strike because the authorities did not fulfilled their promises. He is currently kept at Ward 350 along with a few of political prisoners. The prisoners are deprived of making phone calls with their families, HRANA added.

According to news, the peaceful human rights activist is still being denied medical treatment by authorities. Arash was repeatedly unable to breathe without a pulmotor system and his life reportedly at risk. “The senior specialist at hospital emphasized that Arash needs to be hospitalized for at least five days to receive medical treatment for his critical condition”, close sources to Arash told BCR Group once he was previously transferred to hospital. Early January, prison doctors had reported that the damage in Arash's right kidney is so severe that it will likely never return to normal functionality. The report said that 70% of his right kidney and 20% of his left kidney are already damaged. "Arash Sadeghi has not received adequate medical care. Iranian regime authorities are torturing Arash through medical neglect, "says Maryam Nayeb Yazdi, an Iranian activist, on her Twitter account.

He is currently suffering from a low blood pressure, a lung infection, a severe cough, gastrointestinal bleeding and pneumonia, according to the medical reports.

Human Rights organizations and many worldwide activists have come out in support of Arash Sadeghi and his legal demands.

On December 30, 2016, Iranian citizens and activists around the world came together on Twitter to spread global awareness about his critical situation. Their efforts led to #SaveArash to become the top trending hashtag in the world and celebrities and Iranian parliament members to pay attention and speak up about Arash. However, international attention to Arash's case also led to the Iranian regime's media to launch a misinformation campaign against him and Golrokh. For example, the TV show 20:30, which is a propaganda arm of the Sarallah Base, shamelessly aired an episode attempting to smear the couple.

Both of Arash and Golrokh are currently kept at Evin prison to serve their unjust sentences respectively 19 years in prison and 6 years imprisonment.

The Tragic Tale of Imprisoned Couple Arash and Golrokh:

Arash Sadeghi's last arrest was on June 7, 2016 and he has been held in Evin Prison since then. He is being held in Evin's Ward 8 amongst prisoners who are charged with serious offences such as robbery, embezzlement, fraud and forgery.

Arash Sadeghi was sentenced to a 15-year prison term by branch 15 of Tehran's revolutionary court, presided by the corrupt Judge Salavati. In the same court hearing, Golrokh was sentenced to six years in prison. Arash had a previous four-year suspended imprisonment sentence in which Salavati activated in the court hearing, thus condemning Arash to a total of 19 years in prison. Both Arash and Golrokh were deprived of their right to a lawyer during the hearing.

Prior to his 15-year prison sentence, Arash was sentenced to six years in prison, which was eventually reduced to one year in prison and four years of suspended imprisonment. The charges against him include: "Gathering and colluding against national security ", "Propaganda against the regime ", "Insulting the founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran ", and "Spreading false news in cyberspace ".

Arash Sadeghi, a Masters of philosophy student who is barred from his education by the regime, was first arrested in July 2009. The nonviolent civil rights defender has been in and out of prison since then and has been severely tortured by his interrogators. Throughout these seven years of repeated imprisonment, Arash has launched several hunger strikes to protest against his unjust sentence and the unlawful behavior and actions of the Iranian regime's authorities.

Despite the decline in his health, authorities have frequently prolonged Arash's imprisonment, kept him in solitary confinement for long durations, physically and psychologically abused him, and tortured him through depriving him of his right to adequate medical care. As a result of the physical tortures inflicted on Arash during interrogations, he has suffered a broken shoulder and broken ribs and still continues to suffer from these injuries today. Arash is in need of medical treatment for his injuries caused by the hunger strikes and tortures he endured.

Arash has had an extremely painful experience in these seven years. Among the worst was arguably when his mother died during a violent house raid by Iranian regime authorities on October 30, 2010. According to close sources, Arash's mom died as a result of the shock of the raid.

Golrokh Ebrahimi Iraee was nabbed at her house by IRGC forces early morning on October 24, 2016. The agents kicked down the door to her home and entered without an arrest warrant, according to her relatives. She was reportedly taken to Evin Prison and held in the women's ward. Golrokh is charged with "Insulting Islamic sanctities” (blasphemy) for an unpublished fictional story she had written in her journal about "stoning ", according to various confirmed sources.

21. Help the Yezidis

Yezidis are being prosecuted for their Ethnicity and Religion. Iraq is in danger, and UN security council Resolution 2110 has to implemented immediately. The Yezidis have no 'Faith Mates' outside their region, who cares for them. India is closer by believes, so it is more duty bond to help.

We are a tiny organization trying to do what we can. Indian citizens and citizens of the world appeal you to save fellow Humans, who are being killed for crime of not thinking, believing the way aggressor wishes them to believe and not following religion aggressor imposing on it , or not being born with certain Ethnicity and the aggressor believes these reasons enough that deserves being raped, sexually exploited unnaturally, tortured, looted or being sold as commodity or livestock and performing its Holy duty by doing so. Even followers of Islam are not being spared as aggressor declares & degrades them as being ‘Not Muslim Enough’ as per their fancies and accused not killing the Kaffirs.

The Targets are Christians, Jews, Shiites and Sunnis who are ‘Not Muslim Enough’ or ethnically fallen breed and bred. Yezadis are particular target and unfortunately they have no Faith-Mates outside who have special bonds or love for.

They may not be ‘Indian Enough’ but with long lost ancestry that makes slightly closer to anyone outside, even not so they are humans and need us now. We the humans from any faith or believe must do something, whatever we can do. Every minute we lose to help them; we lose more human life, human dignity, and letting destruction nearer to our home.

22. Putin must return the bodies to their families!

MH17 shot down over Ukraine.

Bodies need to be returned without delay or tampering to the UN for return to their loved ones.

23. Acte d'approbation citoyenne

Acte d'approbation citoyenne, L'amicale des Juristes, Avril 2014.
Acte d’approbation citoyenne
Ayant pris connaissance de la lettre ouverte en date du vendredi 4 avril 2014 adressée par L’Amicale des Juristes à Son Excellence Joseph Michel Martelly, Président de la République dont teneur suit :
Lettre ouverte à Son Excellence Joseph Michel Martelly
Président de la République

Monsieur le Président,

Depuis votre accession à la Magistrature suprême de l’Etat vous n’avez pas cessé d’être la cible de toutes sortes de dénigrements publics. Vous êtes souvent accusé d’être de connivence avec des individus identifiés comme étant vos proches, lesquels ont pris le malin plaisir de se livrer constamment, avec l’appui du palais national, dit-on, à des actes réputés attentatoires à l’ordre établi par leur implication présumée dans des activités dites criminelles telles le trafic de la drogue et le kidnapping.

Dans le souci majeur de protéger l’intégrité d’une noble institution comme la présidence de la République dont vous assumez la direction pour le compte du peuple haïtien, L’Amicale des Juristes vous exhorte, au nom de la transparence, de rompre avec votre silence pour éclairer, par un message significatif à la nation, la lanterne haïtienne sur les faits à vous reprochés, compte tenu de votre attitude jugée complaisante dans des dossiers de justice concernant vos proches.

Dans le cas où cette requête n’est pas suivie d’effets dans les quarante-huit heures de sa publication à la presse, L’Amicale des Juristes, institution d’avant-garde de l’Etat de droit, prendra sur elle la responsabilité d’inviter les honnêtes gens de notre pays, dans le cadre d’une action citoyenne symbolique, à signer avec elle, sous forme d’une sommation, une pétition dont le but est d’enjoindre le Parlement à vous destituer pour incapacité de gérer l’Etat dans la sérénité, selon la Constitution et les lois de la République.

Fait au siège social de L’Amicale des Juristes, le vendredi 4 avril 2014.

René Julien, av.

24. South Carolina Citizens In Support Of Censure Of Lindsey Graham


25. Democracy & Justice for Cambodia

"The ruling Cambodian People’s Party (CPP) appears to have been involved in electoral fraud in Cambodia’s July 28, 2013 national elections, according to residents and ruling party officials interviewed by Human Rights Watch."

Prime Minister Hun Sen has ruled for 28 years and has not respected U.N. recommendation.

Cambodian citizens have witnessed and undergo:
• Fake Democracy & Dictatorship in Cambodia;
• Threats, Violence & Intimidations in Election;
• Election Registration Fraud & Ghost Voters.

The Cambodian People's Party have responded to the threat of mass protest by deploying extra troops and armored vehicles into the capital of Cambodia, Phnom Penh.

26. Freedom for West Papua

While everyone is encouraged to sign this petition, it was originally created to support action inspired by the eBook, Crying Freedom (previously called Vanishing Tribes) - an illustrated story written as a tribute to fifty years of peaceful resistance in West Papua. Further explanation is available on the website at for those who wish to better understand the reason for this simple petition.

Please help us ask the United Nations to fulfill their historic duty to protect West Papuans from the current military occupation by Indonesia, and from the associated militarized commerce that is ravaging this precious land and its peoples to the point of total destruction.

This simple petition is supported by the following facts:

1. The right of self-determination is articulated in article 3 of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples;
2. In May 2013, the UN General Assembly voted to place French Polynesia back on their list of territories to be decolonized;
3. West Papua was also on the decolonization list from 1994 to 1962, and was taken off in a way that violated indigenous and fundamental human rights;
4. West Papua clearly meets the UN list criteria set down in resolution 1541 (XV).

(If West Papua cannot be granted de facto independence and acknowledged as an existing country, we would hope that the region at least be re-instated on the list of Non-Self-Governing Territories, opened to journalists from any nation, and the people of West Papua finally be given their first real opportunity to vote in a referendum properly supervised by the UN under the auspices of UN-sponsored armed forces. See the many other petitions for West Papua asking for these kinds of outcomes.)

OK - here is the entire petition in one sentence:

27. No to Palestine!

28. 'Global Peace and End to All Wars' as a Post-2015 Development Goal

Wars down the ages have killed and maimed billions, and have the ability to destroy all development agendas overnight.

From 1945 onward, more than half a billion have died and many more injured as a result of inter-state and intra-state wars. Humanity needs a world without wars in order to survive and develop.

The post-2015 Global Development Goals of the United Nations (which continues the path taken by the Millennium Development Goals) offer a historic opportunity for the whole of humanity to rally together and demand a world without wars; and global peace.

A post-2015 development agenda which does not pledge nation-states towards global peace and elimination of all wars will be meaningless to some, hollow to many and irrelevant to all of humanity.

Please sign the petition and forward to your friends...

29. Syrian Crisis : Stop the war - Save Syria's Children

The Syrian Crisis as reported by the United Nations confirms the appalling abuses of children in this escalating conflict and this underlines the urgent need for a resolution to this crisis and for humanitarian access to those children still trapped in the country.

It is a sad indictment of the international community's failure on Syria that children continue to be killed, injured and maimed by artillery and crossfire. There are said to be approximately 6,500 (likely to be a huge underestimate, as two thirds of all recorded deaths, the UN reports, do not include an age) children killed so far in this 27 month conflict.

30. خطاب به دکتر احمد شهید بازرس ویژه سازمان ملل، در رابطه با شادی صدر / For the attention of Dr. Ahmed Shaheed the UN Special Rapporteur, in reference to Shadi Sadr


هم میهن،
بدینگونه به آگاهی شما میرسانیم که در تاریخ ۸ ژوئن، نشستی در لندن بریتانیا، در پیشگاه احمد شهید، بازرس ویژه سازمان ملل برپا خواهد شد، که به شکنجه و چند و چون جایگاه و حقوق زنان در ایران خواهد پرداخت. با آگاهی از نهاد نابسامان حقوق بشر در ایران، بویژه زنان، برپایی نشستهایی از این دست، بسیار ستوده و بایسته است. لیکن یکی‌ از برگزار کنندگان و سخنرانان پایانی جلسه، خانم "شادی صدر" است، که بتازگی آشکارا در برابر ایران و ایرانیان رویکرد گستاخانه ای را پیش گرفته و اینبار سخن از تجزیه خوزستان بمیان آورده است.

از آنجایی برخوردهای قومگرایانه و تجزیه طلبانه ایشان بر همگان آشکار شده و خشم بسیاری از میهن دوستان را بر انگیخته، بر آن شدیم که نامه ها‌ای به احمد شهید بنویسیم و همراه سپاس از وی برای پیگیری نهاد نابسامان حقوق بشر در ایران، وی را از همکاری با کسانی مانند شادی صدر که خود قومگرا و ایران ستیز هستند، باز داشته، و رویکرد ناپسندیده وی را که برای بسیاری از ایرانیان و گروه های اپوزیسیون پذیرفته نیست، برای ایشان آشکار کنیم.

از این رو من متن نامه زیر را آماده ساختیم تا از اینکه کسانی مانند شادی صدر خود را در پیش جهانیان نماینده مردم ایران جا بزنند، پیشگیری کنیم!

خواهشمندیم هرچه زودتر ملحق گشته و این پتیسیون را امضا نمایید؛ همچنین این نامه را به جای نمونه و الگو بکار برده یا بگونه ای که میپسندید ویرایش کرده و پس از درج نام خود در پایان، به نشانی رایانامه (ای-میل) احمد شهید که در زیر آورده شده بفرستید:

خواهشمندیم همچنین سراسر متن این پیام را به همه فهرست دوستان خود از راه فیسبوک، رایانامه (ای-میل) و راه های دیگر ...... گسیل نمایید و از آنها نیز نیز یاری بجویید. باید همه نیروی خود را هرچه زود تر بسیج کنیم تا شمار هرچه بیشتری رایانامه به احمد شهید فرستاده شود تا ندای ناخشنودی خود را از دست اندازی کسانی مانند شادی صدر در چالش های حقوق بشر در ایران به گوش ایشان برسانیم.

Dear Friends,
This note is about the upcoming symposium in London (England), on June 8th, which is planned by “Human Rights for Iran” organization, to investigate torture and status of women in Iran. Dr. Ahmad Shaheed, UN Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the Islamic Republic of Iran, will be the special guest and keynote speaker at this meeting.

Further information can be found here:

One of the key organizers and speakers at the meeting, Ms. Shadi Sadr, has recently made unpleasant comments about Iran, and has openly backed the separatist parties, and as a result, has enticed a lot of concerns and irritations amongst the Iranian community and opposition parties worldwide.

To that end, a group of Iranian Individuals who strive for justice and freedom, as well as the integrity of our country, decided to write a letter to inform Mr. Ahmed Shaheed about their serious concerns with respect to Ms. Shadi Sadr`s approach, and to advise him to reconsider further cooperations with her in the discussion of human rights issues in Iran, as she does not holds a constructive reputation among the Iranian people and opposition parties and hence does not represent them.

It is evident that the efforts of individuals as Shadi Sadr who endeavour to stir ethnic conflicts, by blaming a particular ethnic group for the supposed disadvantages of another, only poses a damage to the genuine struggle of the Iranian people for human rights and freedom. Ms. Sadr’s efforts serve to amplify the predicament of the Iranian people by promoting ethnic hatred and conflicts, which may potentially lead to a civil war and the downfall of the Iranian nation. Ms. Sadr is openly backing separatist parties who advocate ethnical violence and terrorism. Nevertheless, these separatist organizations are not representative of their corresponding ethnic groups and have no respect amongst them.

In order to support this cause and raise your voice about Sadi Sadr’s approach, and object her appearance as the representative of Iranian people concerning human right issues in Iran, please use the following letter as a template, or modify it as you wish, and add your name / title on the bottom, and e-mail it to: