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1. Join With the AKC to Protect Responsible Small Breeders

Join with the American Kennel Club to express your concerns about the harsh and unintended consequences that the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s proposed regulations (RIN 0579-AD57) to redefine “retail pet store” would have on responsible small and hobby breeders.

Under the proposed regulations, breeders - who maintain more than four “breeding females” and who sell even one puppy sight unseen, by any means (including online, by mail or by telephone), would now be regulated as commercial breeders by the USDA. The effect of these proposed regulations would be to take away the public’s opportunity to obtain puppies from some of our nation’s top breeders who in many cases, have dedicated their lives to breeding for health, breed type and temperament.

Under current law, the federal Animal Welfare Act exempts from federal oversight “retail pet stores,” which sell puppies directly to a final customer for use as pets. This exemption means that most non-commercial small or hobby breeders do not have to be licensed and regulated by the USDA. The proposed rule rescinds the exempt “retail pet store” status of anyone selling pets at retail to buyers who do not physically enter the breeder’s facilities in order to personally observe the animals available for sale.

The rule also requires anyone who owns more than four “breeding females” and sells puppies, cats or other small/exotic pets “sight unseen,” by any means, to be licensed, regulated and inspected as a USDA commercial breeder.

The AKC shares the USDA’s concern about substandard Internet puppy sellers that operate outside the current regulations. However, the unintended consequences of this proposed rule create unreasonable hardships on small hobby breeders. This rule could threaten the future of a vast number of small responsible dog breeders and the very existence of some rare breeds in the United States.

The rule creates an unfair burden on small breeders who may depend on the ability to place dogs very selectively in known situations without physically meeting with the purchaser at the specific time of sale. Likewise, many hobbyists are comfortable purchasing an animal sight-unseen based on known pedigrees, bloodlines, previous relationships or personal knowledge of each other’s facilities and programs. Such scenarios are particularly common and necessary for breeders and fanciers of rare breeds. The proposed rule does not make allowances if the purchaser is willing to sign a waiver of an in-person sale requirement.

It is unreasonable to expect small breeders, who may keep a handful of intact females in their homes, to be able to meet exacting USDA commercial kennel engineering standards that were never intended for home environments. Other pre-existing restrictions such as local ordinances, insurance or licensing may also prevent hobbyists from adapting their facilities.

2. Promte responsible pet ownership in Africa

Uncontrolable stray dogs in Africa due to irresponsible breeding and ignorance; puppy mills awareness highly recommended; our fabpet amagazine need support;
thank you.

3. Remove the Alcohol Ban from Residence

College residence is supposed to be a place for students to relax, to do homework, to socialize and to just have fun. College students are for the most part responsible adults and deserve the right to drink in their home.

The Bay St George College of the North Atlantic campus does not believe this is true. They have put in place an alcohol ban. Many students feel this is unfair, and unnecessary. There are many other ways to deal with alcohol abuse than to ban it completely from all students forever.

We as students feel this ban is unfair, and making our college experience a little less enjoyable due to the fact we can't have our friends over to hang out and relax and have some drinks.

Not everyone in the building abuses alcohol, and it is unfair that you ban everyone from their legal rights as 19+ year olds. And banning alcohol completely from res causes students to find other places to go and drink which in itself is unsafe.

4. Demand Those Responsible Pay Back The Missing Education Dollars


Audit: Willingboro school officials faked financial reports in 2005.

TRENTON - Senator John H. Adler today asked State Attorney General Stuart Rabner to launch a criminal probe to punish those responsible for misappropriating millions of taxpayer dollars in the Willingboro Township School District.

"As we tell our children, there have to be consequences for wrongdoing," said Senator Adler, D-Cherry Hill. "Taxpayers need to know we will dig down to the root causes of wrongdoing and punish those responsible."

In a report by State Auditor Richard L. Fair, it was disclosed that Willingboro officials approved a grossly under-funded budget for the 2005 fiscal year and then falsified reports to cover up the shortfall, causing a crisis which was abated only after the Legislature sanctioned a $10 million bailout loan.

"It is unconscionable that New Jersey taxpayers should be asked to tolerate and to subsidize what very well may be criminal behavior," Senator Adler said in a letter today sent to Attorney General Stuart Rabner. "As a taxpayer, I am appalled. As a State Senator, I appeal to you for a corrective remedy."

The Auditor's report noted that the Willingboro School Board said its vote to approve the budget was based on "falsified" information supplied by district staff. In July of 2005, the board suspended School Superintendent Alonzo Kittrels.

In the wake of a school district deficit set at $5.9 million, three Willingboro schools were shuttered in the district of 5,600 students.

The State audit found that the district's 2005 budget set aside $13.6 million for teachers' salaries when the actual cost was $17.7 million and that a monthly report on the district's financial activity consistently understated expenses.

"Children should see that grownups who abuse taxpayers are held accountable," Senator Adler said. "Otherwise, we're all complicit."

Senator Adler served as co-chair of the Joint Legislative Committee on Public School Funding Reform which recommended tighter fiscal accountability procedures for districts throughout New Jersey.

5. Against the New Alcohol Restrictions in NSW

In October, Premier Nathan Rees announced new alcohol restrictions to try and kerb alcohol fueled violence and excessive drinking in 48 bars/pubs/clubs across NSW.

These restrictions are:
-2am to 5am lockout
-No Alcohol is to be served within 30 minutes of closing
After Midnight:
-Drinks are not to be served in glass containers
-A Limit of 4 Alcoholic drinks per person are allowed
-There will be a 10 minute time-out every hour where no alcohol will be served

6. Anti-Horse Slaughter Bill

The following concerns can only be addressed with a face-to-face meeting with Senator Voinovich due to the fact that he is not current with the situation of the horse slaughter industry.

We are prepared to address the following issues:
A. Unwanted Horses
B. Slippery Slope
C. Negative financial impact claims when a horse slaughter ban be enacted.

We are a grass roots effort whose cause is to stop the slaughter of horses for human consumption and the exportation of horses for slaughter. Our request for a meeting with Senator Voinovich was denied on January 25, 2008.


It is the purpose of this petition to inform the City of Orlando to take dramatic action in controling the homeless, on Lake Dot Circle, which have become relentless in their pursue for money, food, or anything of value.

We demand the City of Orlando and hold them responsible to ensure the safety of its citizens! Note we are concerned for the safety of our children and the children at the Kwanni's Club day care (on Lake Dot Circle).

8. Allow Arthur Street Condominium dog ownership

As it stands, the Arthur Street Condominium owners must ask permission by way of a vote by the trust in order to own a dog. So far, they have voted against dog ownership for the reasons listed: potential noisy or vicious dogs, messes left behind by dogs, and neighbors who dislike dogs.

As responsible homeowners and neighbors within the Arthur Street condominium community we are asking that there is guidelines created to allow for dog ownership wihin our community. These can include limitation in size of dog, proximity of dog walking and mandatory clean-up, as well as preclusions made for the removal of any dog that is seen as dangerous.

We feel that any responsible homeowner should not be begrudged the opportunity of owning a dog because of a select number of people and their views on the matter.

9. Sign the AKC Responsible Dog Ownership Pet Promise!

This petition, originally published in August 2006, has been republished as of today's date: September 19, 2013.

We are petitioning America's pet owners to remind them of everything that is required to be a responsible dog owner.

The AKC Responsible Dog Owner Pet Promise, created to bring the spirit of AKC Responsible Dog Ownership Day to life and adapted from the AKC Canine Good Citizen Responsible Dog Owner's Pledge (, reminds us that raising a happy and healthy pet is more than just playtime and pampering.

For more information visit

10. Clemency For Stray Dogs and Cats

July 31, 2006

It is hereby requested for the immediate consideration of the future of stray dogs and cats.

With stray dogs and cats' complete concern and welfare considered it is hereby requested for the state of Missouri to mandate for ALL person(s) to be required to be responsible for their pet(s). This to be accomplished by the following:

(1) To list on yearly personal property in each county the total number of dogs, puppies, cats, kittens. For each dog, puppy, cat, kitten spayed/neutered, personal property tax WILL BE EXEMPT. Each dog, puppy, cat, kitten NOT spayed/neutered will be assessed personal property tax of 5 per cent of total personal property.

NOTE: This tax will be placed in a special fund to be used by city pounds/county shelters/humane societies to spay/neuter their strays.

END RESULT - Future strays will not be born to end up alongside country roads to die or to breed with other strays. City Pounds, shelters/humane societies will not be overrun with these unwanted strays.

11. Removal of Pine Forest Senior High School Principal

March 08, 2006

We the parents and residents of Spring Lake and Shaw Road sStudents are requesting the removal of Pine Forest Senior High School Principal, Mark Culbreth due to prejudiced remarks and comments made against the Spring Lake and Shaw Road students.

Mark Culbreth states that these are the students responsible for his low test scores and the students responsible for bringing elements of gang activity into his school.

12. Religious Tolerance and Cultural Diversity

December 17, 2005

An American Hindu family living in a rural Village in Western New York State is appealing a Court Injunction banning their Family Cow.

The Village allows a Commercial Beef farm to operate across the Street from the family's home.

The Local Courts have reufused to address the First Amendment issues, saying the case has nothing to do with Religion. The Judge did not give the family a chance to testify at their trial.

The family wants to keep a cow and her calf on their 14 1/2 acre Village property in order to demonstrate humane and responsible care of cows and to promote vegetarianism, sustainable agriculture and locally grown food as the first steps towards a socially responsible diet.

They advocate Ahimsa (non-violence) and work to promote peace, gratitude and mercy in human society; all of which are symbolized by the cow in their religion.

Although the practice of protecting cows is unique to Hinduism, the principles of responsible and humane treatment of cows represents the Free Speech interests of a broad spectrum of Americans concerned with animal rights, vegetarianism, sustainable agriculture and nonviolence, (Ahimsa).

The Village of Angelica does not forbid farm animals and other residents keep cows, goats, sheep and chickens for commercial purposes and as pets.

Please sign the petition to the US Commission on Civil Rights and let them know the US Courts should give serious consideration to cases involving Free Speech and Religious Expression.

13. Termination, Prosecution and Conviction of Responsible Individual(s) of Zania's Cruelty

October 31, 2005

Mauled dog faces death after being left untreated at Lebanon Animal Control Shelter.

Seeking termination, prosecution and conviction of Josh Greer and individual(s) responsible for animal cruelty and abuse of Zania.

Zania, a 4-year-old black Labrador retriever, was a playmate to a 4-year-old boy living in Mt. Juliet. She was picked up Friday, October 14, 2005, for running loose and placed in the Lebanon Animal Control facility because Mt. Juliet has no facility of its own. Zania was placed in a pen on Saturday with three other dogs, who for several hours, continuously attacked her until she was found lying in a pool of blood Sunday afternoon.

Zania was removed from the pen, hosed off (to wash off all the blood), and left outside on the concrete floor. She lay on the cold (50 degrees), wet concrete until an anonymous phone call was made to the Director of the Humane Association of Wilson County, a nonprofit, private agency with no ties to Lebanon Animal Control.

The dog was lying apparently lifeless on the concrete floor inside a chain link fenced enclosure when the Director arrived. She discovered the dog was still alive and called the Police Department, who came with an animal control officer 30 minutes later. After another 30 minute delay, they took the dog to the Lebanon Animal Hospital. The Director confirmed with the animal control officer that Zania was a healthy dog when she was picked up. The animal control officers also confirmed they were aware Zania had been injured earlier by the other dogs, but had made the decision to let her recover on her own.

Dr. Craig, the attending veterinarian, verified Zania was in shock, had a subnormal temperature, blood loss and would not have survived over night if she had been left untreated at the animal control facility. Details of his report and pictures of Zania can be seen at: There is also another article at:

When the story first came to light, Zania was facing leg amputation. Now, she is facing death because of the cruelty inflicted by Josh Greer.

According to Tennessee Code, Title 39 Criminal Offenses, Chapter 14 Offenses Against Property Part 2-Animals, under Section 39-14-202, Cruelty to animals:
(2) Fails unreasonably to provide necessary food, water, care or shelter for an animal in the person's custody;
(3) Abandons unreasonably an animal in the person's custody; and
(4) Transports or confines an animal in a cruel manner can be found committing an offense under this section and is a Class A misdemeanor.

In addition, 39-14-212 Aggravated cruelty to animals - (a) A person commits aggravated cruelty to animals when, with aggravated cruelty and with no justifiable purpose, such person intentionally kills or intentionally causes serious physical injury to a companion animal. Under this section, as of June, 2004, offenses carry felony level penalties. We believe these codes have been violated.

It is not acceptable or humane to place dogs with unknown histories in cages together especially with breeds known for fighting. Zania was denied shelter with no protection from the elements as she lay dying, compassion in her handling while in Josh Greer's and other animal control officers care, protection when she was locked and confined in a pen with a breed of animals known to fight with no means of escape or protection, and immediate vet care as she lay in critical condition. She was confined and abandoned in a cruel manner that now threatens her life.

Zania has suffered enough. Our prayers and thoughts are with Zania and her family. We respectfully ask that you act on behalf of Zania and other animals who have found themselves in similar situations to put a stop to the cruelty and abuse that exists at Lebanon Animal Control. Josh Greer and those individual(s) responsible for Zania's cruelty and abuse must be terminated. No justifiable purpose can be found in the reckless, cruel, and abusive manner in which the animal conrol officers behaved in the care, handling and decision making for Zania. We therefore petition that they be prosecuted and convicted to the fullest extent of the law.

On behalf of Zania and all animals, we thank you.

14. Boycott Florida For the killing of terri schiavo

We having signed this petition vow not to visit Florida, Disney Land, Bush Gardens or any other attractions in Florida. We also are not buying products made in your state. Until something is done with the people responsible for the death of Terri Schiavo.

15. Bailey's Crusade: dog park for Sarnia

The City of Sarnia has no off-leash area in which dog owners can allow their pets to run freely and become socialized with other animals.

Proper socialization of dogs will make for a safer community. Therefore, as dog owners in Sarnia, we have begun this petition to bring the need of a dog park to the attention of the City Council and Park and Recreation Department.

16. Lower the Drinking Age in the USA

As an adult, I am angry at the way I am treated just because I am 19 years old. My main problem is the restrictions on alcohol. "Minors," as we are called when in the presence of alcohol, have the right to fight for this country and vote. And not only am I upset that I cannot even have one drink, it is also the restriction from just about everywhere that serves it. Limitations should not be put on adults simply based on their age.

Anyone under the age of 21 cannot walk into TGI Friday's, a simple restaurant over the hours of 10:00 PM. That same person though, can sit down for a meal at 2:00 in the afternoon with a table of 30-year-olds drinking margaritas at the next table. There are hardly any nightclubs that allow anyone under 21 just because they are in the presence of alcohol. Being denied access to a nightclub gives minors very little options of what to do during their weekends. Most of the time, this leads to staying at home, or going to a friend's house where they are out of the public's eye and are able to drink. This can become a problem because they hardly have the chance to learn to drink responsibly. Being in the comfort of someone's home allows him or her to drink too much because the opportunity to just stop and "crash" on the couch, is there.

A lot of minors do not even want to go to a nightclub to just drink. They want to dance and they hardly get the opportunity to. The music in the 18 and over club is very limited and it is wrong to assume that everyone in a certain age range wants to listen to one type of music. It is so insulting to be an adult who is able to take care of their own responsibilities, but yet is so limited as to what they can do.

An adult is an adult and to separate a group from another just because of age is discrimination. This is supposed to be a country of equal rights and if we are all equal between skin color and sex, then an adult should not be less privileged than another because of his or her age. If 18 to 20-year-olds are not meant to share the same privileges as others, then take away their adulthood altogether. The privileges to serve the country and vote should also be taken away. Everyone matures differently and there is no way you can assume every 18-year-old is not yet responsible to drink and that every 21-year-old is. Many claim that if the age limit is lowered to 18, then the demand to lower it even further will rise. These people seem to forget that the difference between an 18-year-old and a 17-year-old is the simple fact that you are legally an adult at the age of 18.

When one hits the age of 18, they are most likely still living at home with their parents. If you give these young adults the chance to go to a bar with their parents to have their first drink or two, you let them learn responsibly from their parents the way to handle alcohol. At the age of 21, many adults are out of their parents' homes and experience what is supposed to be their first drink without any supervision. They drink too fast without knowing their limit because no one is there to warn them.

To most who are banned from it, alcohol is a sort of "forbidden fruit." As Dr. Ruth Engs, a professor at Indiana University has stated, "Lowering the drinking age would help send the important message that drinking is, in itself, not evidence of maturity... that responsible consumption for those who choose to drink is evidence of maturity." Japan is a country with a 20-year-old age limit for alcohol, but is not strictly enforced. Many have easy access into clubs and bars and when you are used to this as a minor, drinking is not a huge deal. You are treated more respectfully and there is no need to go against the law. By going out at an early age, you learn to drink responsibly at an early age.

17. Lowering The Drinking Age in MASSACHUSETTS

The reason why i made this petition is because the current laws are not working, kids still find ways to get alcohol.They have people who are older than them buy it or they have fake ids.What has this law done? Nothing,They say when you turn 18 you become a legal adult but you cant make your own decision wether to drink or not but its ok to become a bartender right at 18 , 19 or 20, but yet you cant drink any, Its okay to join the army and die for you country at 18, 19, 20 but yet they wont allow you to have alcohol.You can get married but yet you cant celebrate with a glass of champagne at your wedding because you know why You havnt reached that magic # 21!!!.You know what thats absurd,And then they tell us oh you cant handle any right you havnt matured enough ,O ya but by law im already an adult, i can get tried as an "adult" ,VOTE, BUY TOBACCO,PLAY THE LOTTERY , WASTE MY MONEY ON GAMBLING SO THE STATE CAN MAKE A PROFIT OFF ME BUT YET IM NOT OLD ENOUGH TO HANDLE ALCOHOL.Thats stupid i think we should make are own decisions and be responsible for are own actions i think they should change the law.
Because if they lowered the law it would take the fun out of doing something illegal.
Do you get what im saying yet?Because if its illegal kids are gonna say ya i wanna do it because i cant buy it, im only 18 , 19 or 20 but yet i cant do it even though im an adult right?.That will make them do it even more. The law isnt working as you think it is , if they lower it to atleast 19 years old i think it would teach us how to drink responsible as young adults.Look at europe they may be a different country but yet not much countrys have a strict law on age .Here its 21,there its under 16 , 18 and 20.And some countrys dont require an age.Who knows if this will work but it doesnt hurt to try.They lowered the law but it failed ,but put it this way they made that decision to drink and drive no one ever said to do it, it was there decision alcohol does affect people and i aint gonna argue about that , it does have different affects on people and sometimes people make the wrong choices when they abuse alcohol but you cant discriminate on age because of that.If you agree with me then sign it if not then thats your opinion.

18. Stop Media Violence

An epidemiological study was conducted by the American Medical Association to finalize whether the media is indeed responsible for societal violence. Research compared the happenings of surrounding nations with television, to that of nations without. All observed areas were both demographically and ethnically identical, having the television alone as a variable. The findings were astounding. Every examined region, in which media had been introduced, had a drastic upswing in the rate of violence with children. Within fifteen years the murder rate had doubled. The span of time can be explained simply in that it was the duration needed for the exposed three to five year olds to reach the 'prime crime age'. One example supporting these findings occurred in a small Canadian town in the year of 1973. At this time the town had just been introduced to media influence. Shortly after, there was an incredible 160 percent increase in aggression among the first and second graders of the area. Yet another example is the outstanding increase in the imprisonment rate, which has quadrupled since 1975, a year in which media violence had become more prevelant.

Presently, in the United States, there are about two million teens who have possession of a deadly weapon, approximately 135,000 carry them to school. Many believe this is due to overexposure to violence in the media. On average, media viewers encounter an act of serious violence such as: rape, kidnapping, murder, or assault once every four minutes. The problem we face is the possibility of when viewing these horrendous acts consistently, youth will be more inclined to mimic these actions publicly. One such example is the infamous movie, Natural Born Killers (a Warner Brother production) that has been found to be responsible for more than a dozen murder cases, such as the following. In the year of 1994, a fourteen-year-old boy, who was accused of decapitating his younger sister, claimed he only had wished to be like the Natural Born Killers. Yet another teen, who had become obsessed with the movie, shaved his head and wore tinted green granny glasses (like Mickey the main character) before murdering his stepmother and half-sister. The American Medical Association has concluded that since television was founded in the 1950's, the media has been a casual factor behind 10,000 homicides, 70,000 rapes, and 700,000 assaults annually. There is no excuse for this individually or nationally, and it must be brought to an end.

As Americans of this proud nation we cannot ignore these issues with a complacent attitude. Rather, we must make it a priority to renew national morality by petitioning the industry itself.

19. Yellowstone National Park Responsible Access

NPS Announces Public Comment Period for Yellowstone Snowmobile Rules.

Everyone who would like to responsibly enjoy Yellowstone National Park in the Winter needs to respond. Quickly Or it may be closed during the winter this year forever

The National Park Service (NPS) has proposed a rule requiring that most recreational snowmobiles entering Yellowstone National Park meet specific air and sound requirements and be accompanied by a trained guide. The proposed rule also dictates daily limits on the number of snowmobiles allowed in the park. These guidelines result from the March 25, 2003 Record of Decision that addressed the impacts of oversnow recreational vehicle use in the park. Details of the proposal are available at The NPS is accepting comments regarding the rule until October 14, 2003. Comments can be sent to Yellowstone National Park, Planning Office, PO Box 168, Yellowstone NP, WY 82190, or online at

20. Full Time Mayor for Pryor Creek, Mayes County

There has been a lot of discussion regarding the need for a City Manager. The cost of hiring a City Manager at a time when we are in a financial downturn is not the only consideration we have. Hiring a City Manager is just adding to our costs and removing the direct access we have to the way our city is run.

The cost of bringing a potential City Manager to Pryor can cost in the $1,000's. Then you have a contract that may have to be honored - even if the individual doesn't do the job he has been hired to do.

Did you know that Locust has had 2 City Managers this year? Did you know that Kingfisher has had 5 different City Managers?
Where is the cost savings and where is the continuity needed to run a city?

We have the option of having a full time mayor. A mayor that is accessible everyday. A mayor that is responsible for the day to day running of our city. A mayor that is elected by "we the people" and is responsible to "we the people". If we want a change in leadership all we have to do is vote! To change the city manager you have to go through a lot more AND the city (our taxes) may have to buy out the contract.

21. Ban the Auctioning Of Dogs on


"On Friday 25th July 2003, less than 24 hours after this petition was started, Trade Me agreed to stop the practice of auctioning of not just dogs but also cats, birds and horses. They have also sought the advice of the SPCA on how to make their site more animal friendly an encourage responsible ownership. Thank you to everyone who supported this petition. It worked a lot faster than we were expecting and just shows what people can do when they band together.
Thank you again."

This Online Petition has been set up to try to discourage the New Zealand based buy, sell, trade and exchange internet site Trade Me ( from allowing the auctioning off of DOGS on their NZ based Auction Site. We feel very strongly about dogs being auctioned off and would like as much support as we can get to try and convince Trade Me that this is not the way of responsible dog ownership. Dogs are our much beloved family pets and there are far more suitable ways of selling your dog or puppy to the best possible home through advertising and lots of contact with the prospective owners rather than as an auction. We are concerned that once the reserve price is met on these auctions, the seller is legally obliged to go through with the sale, and therefore has no say on whether the home is suitable or not.
Please sign our petition and support the stopping of dog auctions on Trade Me.

Thankyou, Joanne, Maree and Jan.

22. Reform the Moderator situation at the E3 Forums!

To all of the Elder Scrolls 3 Forum users: It has become painfully clear that the moderator situation has grown out of control. Moderators with too much power are oppressing the forums users, and they are using their power to fulfill personal vendettas that they may have with certain users.

Supervision of these Moderators is almost non-existant, because only TWO Administrators actually lay claim to the responsibility of maintaining the forum and its moderators. As anyone can tell, there is too large a load for too few people to handle, and this is why ALL the users of the forums demand a reform of the Moderator staff and power.

We feel the new Moderator Structure should be as follows:

1.) Moderators do NOT have the power to BAN users from the forums.
2.) Specific individual Moderators shall be assigned a specific forum and is held responsible for actions in their forums.
3.) Only Administrators shall be permitted to BAN users, AFTER a hearing has taken place with the Moderators about the offending user.
4.) If a BAN is executed, the BANNING ADMINISTRATOR shall issue a detailed email to the BANNED user stating, in depth, the details of their offence, the reason for their ban, and where in the User Agreement they violated the terms they agreed to when they signed up.

To elaborate these reform options:
1.) Too many chiefs and not enough braves is the sentiment there. If every moderator is allowed to ban any user at whim, a vulgar display of power is inevitable, such as the current state of the forums!
2.) If you read the forum information, you'll notice a huge moderator/administrator mix is responsible for ALL the forums. This is too much work, and more than HALF those listed Moderators/Administrators are actively involved in Moderating the forums. If you assign two or three Moderators to a forum, its much easier for them to keep it under control, and you have no overlapping and hasty desicions made.
3.) This is a given. If every policeman was allowed to carry out Judge, Jury, and Executioner with every person he arrested, you would have many many dead people. Simply because the wrong people have all the power. Responsible Administrators should be responsible for making banning decisions, based on a general Moderator consensus that deals with the problem causing user, the number of offences they made, and where exactly in the user agreement they are violating. Only after this is accomplished can a ban be executed with 100% flawlessness and justice.
4.) Banned users have a RIGHT to know WHY they were BANNED. A simple vague reason provided by the forums with a equally vague error message is NOT good enough! Banned users need to know what they did wrong, where they violated their user agreement, and what their being banned for. This way, there is no way a user can have any grounds to cause more trouble or question the decisions made against them.

This petition is to establish order on a ramshackle slip-shod poorly managed forum, whose users are FED UP with being miss-treated by the power-abusing Moderators, and the unprofessional methods of their actions.

The forum users want JUSTICE!

23. Drinking and Driving Education in Texas

The first place to start regarding increased knowledge and education of drinking and driving as a problem with significant consequences rests before the college years. Middle school and high school administrations only minimally touch the surface in educating young children. For example, Students against Drunk Driving (SADD) is an organization in which students join and sign a written contract stating that no matter the circumstance, he/she will phone home for a ride rather than drive, if intoxicated. It has been argued by parents and educators that such types of organizations essentially promote underage drinking. However, the fact of the matter is that the contemporary mentality among many school age children is that drinking is cool and getting behind the wheel after having a drink can inevitably be observed across the country. Thus, organizations such as SADD serve as accident prevention rather than drinking promotion.

A severe limitation of such programs is that they are optional. SADD is an extra-curricular club that students may opt to join. Having compulsory meeting times in which social issues such as drinking and driving are addressed can help increase awareness among school age children and better prepare them for responsible decision making in college. Additionally, a student petition by students at the University of Texas-Austin would aid in alerting school officials of the need for greater education in middle and high school age children, in preparation for college and its increased liberties.





25. Bulldogs NOT Scape Goats!

After the Corporate scandals of recent time, the "creative accountants" have hit our beloved game of Rugby League. So who is to blame? The players? The Board? The Administration? Who will suffer from this disaster? Any hint of banishment from the comp, plain & simply turns the issue into a ring circus, where the players are the main attraction - the performing Scape Goats.

The NRL needs to take a good look at this very grey area. There is no question that punishment is granted. But there are harsh ramifications associated with any punishment involving the heart of the game - namely the players & supporters.

We all know that the game of Rugby League has experienced a lot of turbulence, especially over the past few years. We now have a new scale of scandal. The corporate collapses of OneTel & HIH here in Australia as well as unprecedented collapses overseas such as Enron & WorldCom voiced well-publicised public concern for the employees of each organisation, & well-deserved condemnation for all accountable parties involved. ANY hint that any of the companies could be bought out & "rescued" in order to save the employees was unanimously welcomed. The NRL & Rugby League public alike need to be consistent with this protocol & belief. The bulldog players are the "employees" here. Why should they suffer due to mismanagement? Same game, different players.

We need to unite as one to do what's best for the game. Banishment to the bottom of the table will prove one thing: that the NRL doesn't want to resolve the problem; they just want to make a "statement".

26. Responsible Rehab of Orphaned Wild Animals in Ontario

The majority of orphaned baby animals the Ottawa Carleton Wildlife Centre (OCWC) receives for care come in alone or in pairs. For successful socialization and reintroduction to the wild, they are put in normal family-size groups of four to five animals. They spend many weeks together or, in the case of some species, many months, and are released together at carefully selected foster volunteer sites that have all the natural features necessary for their survival.

The Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources regulations now demand that each animal be separated from its group and released back to within one kilometer from where it came.

OCWC will not be party to what we know are inhumane and irresponsible release regulations. Separating animals that have bonded as a unit and taking a single terrified animal back to almost-always inappropriate sites where they are not wanted and where there is no interim care, means animals will have no chance of survival.

If the Ottawa-Carleton Wildlife Centre is to remain open to help wildlife, this regulation must be changed.

Please protect our wildlife and ensure the future of OCWC and other rehab centres in Ontario by reading and signing the Petition.

27. Free The West Memphis 3 - Jailed without proper evidence

The Robin Hood Hills Murders
May 5th, 1993 was a Wednesday, and when the Weaver Elementary school bell rang, three 8 year old boys headed home to their nearby West Memphis, Arkansas neighborhood. Only a few hours later they would be reported missing and an informal search by their parents would be under way.

The next afternoon at 1:45 PM, a child's body was pulled from a creek in an area known as Robin Hood Hills. Eventually the bodies of the other two missing children were found nearby. All three of them were naked and they had been tied ankle to wrist with their own shoe laces. The children had been severely beaten, and one child, Christopher Byers, appears to have been the focus of the attack; he had been stabbed repeatedly in the groin area and castrated.

A triple homicide is extremely unusual, and particularly when the victims are children and unrelated to one another. So far, two documentary films have been made about this case, and interest in it shows no sign of fading. The facts surrounding the Robin Hood Hills murders, the events which they triggered, the aftermath, the trials, the verdicts and the hearings have been the focus of an ongoing research project for the past several years and we have reached many surprising conclusions.

Having had no previous experience with this type of murder, the West Memphis Police Department allowed potential evidence to be destroyed at the site where the bodies of Steve Branch, Christopher Byers and Michael Moore were located. Officers who were present made very little apparent effort to preserve or properly document the scene or to make accurate notes. Perhaps this was due to negligence or perhaps it was due to the fact that they were inadequately trained and inexperienced in handling such a crime and the events that naturally follow. Many unidentified people can be seen milling around the bodies in the brief crime scene video, and the Chief Investigator, Gary Gitchell can be seen smoking a cigarette well within the perimeter of the area.

Strangely, a juvenile probation officer was present when the horrible discovery was made and he indulged in speculation with a police officer about who might be responsible for such an unspeakable act. The probation officer had been following the activities of a local teenager named Damien Echols for years, and his first instinct what that the moody, dark haired teen was responsible. In fact, he and the police officer agreed that Damien was the only person they felt was "capable" of such a thing. Both men decided that the triple homicide had actually been a bizarre Satanic ritual sacrifice performed by a "cult" which they imagined Damien was the leader of.

28. America's first dog should be pedigreed.

America's first dog should be pedigreed. "Mutts" are the product of irresponsible breeding, that may occur when a pet owner fails to spay or neuter, or worse, abandons, a pet.

Although puppy mills produce pedigreed dogs, and are also irresponsible, there is one source for a dog, and only one source, that promotes responsibility in breeding - the show-dog kennel.

Show-dog kennels are responsible in not breeding animals for profit. They produce puppies for the purpose of finding the next show animal, then sell the rest of the pups as pets. Show-dog kennels promote spay and neuter by placing restrictive contracts on the puppies they sell, requiring spay and neuter of the pups by a certain age, and only allowing those pups to be bred when they are of good quality, and in cases where the breeder of the pup will also practice responsiblity in breeding.

Show-dog pups are raised in home environments, well-socialized and loved. Their parents have been tested for genetic and communicable diseases. They have been given the best of nutrition and veterinary care during their growing period.

Show-dog kennels are the most responsible source for a well-adjusted pet dog, and should be promoted as such.