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1. Stop teachers undermining students

Abuse of power is a problem often faced by those appointed to guide others. This is very evident in the school education system. Teachers continuously decide to undermine their students which not only affects a student's school life, but additionally affects their personal life. Corruption of those who guide leads to enormous damage to the one being guided. Lots of students are terrorized daily by teachers in search of authority. Many of these terrorizers also make their bullying public to other students, which in turn can lead to even more severe bullying of students. Worse of all students often feel scared to report their bullying as they feel like the cannot trust another educator, or even they may believe their bully may lower their grade scores. This corrupt system creates a negative environment for students which can destroy their lifestyles. My goal is for the

2. Increasing TCU Parking

To increase parking availability on TCU's campus.

3. Lets Make University Food Healthier and Cheaper

Our universities are packed full of commercial fast food restaurants with menu items that are high in cholesterol, greasy and for the most part not made with the freshest ingredients. For students to study day and night, while having to juggle jobs and other responsibilities on the side takes quite a bit of energy. Energy requires proper eating and on campuses the accessibility of affordable healthy meals should be the norm. Unfortunately it is not and we deserve better. With your support and signature we would like to propose a change that will allow us to integrate more of the food items we should have access to, at the fair price to our campuses.

4. Fixing the College Achievement Gap

As college tuition has been on the rise, so has the number of people and entering and graduation colleges. However, this increase is significantly less in those whom are in poverty.

5. Help us Keep Cordova school for Special Needs Children open


6. Enact Probable Cause in United States Public K-12 Schools

Implementing a probable cause standard would decrease racial bias in schools. Probable cause reduces bias and discrimination against students of color, since a warrant must be obtained before carrying out the search, as opposed to a standard of reasonable suspicion--where no warrant is required for a search to occur and school administrators may search whomever they suspect, which disproportionately is minorities.

According to the U.S. Department of Education Office for Civil Rights in March of 2014, African American students are suspended and expelled at a rate three times point six times greater than that of white students. In Ohio, African American students are thirteen point three times more likely to be suspended or expelled than white students, therefore students in these schools are over four times more likely to be suspended or expelled compared to the rest of the nation-- this is according to the Kirwan Institute in February 2014. The University of Columbia explains that generally, minorities receive harsher and more severe punishments than white students for committing the same offenses.

According to the Ontario Human Rights Commission, as a result of racial discrimination, colored students can experience severe psychological trauma and feel criminalized for their ethnicity-- and as a result, racialized communities face a lack of minority representation in public offices and committees because they feel as though their voices do not matter in the grand scheme of things. In schools, minorities are racially targeted and punished significantly more than their white peers, and carry their experiences of racial profiling into their adult lives. Schools are where our country’s next generation learn the ways of the world-- a standard of reasonable suspicion will engender and continue the persisting racism in our schools and, consequently, society as a whole.

As stated by the National Education Association in March 2011, a standard of reasonable suspicion makes it much easier for the school district to enact harsher punishment policies for students, which usually come in the form of zero-tolerance policies. In these cases, minor infractions are dealt severe punishments. Zero-tolerance policies have been enacted in many schools across the country, leading to criminalization of students, even for the smallest of offenses, such as bringing cough drops or nail files to school. This increase in suspensions leads to increased criminalization of minorities in particular, as explained in our racial bias contention. The Ontario Human Rights Commission further details that, after experiencing this, students of color learn to distrust laws and the school system that criminalizes them. They are at an academic disadvantage compared to their white peers and become unlikely to achieve the same level of academic successes. Furthermore, when students are sent to juvenile detention centers, the quality of the education they receive drops drastically, which results in some students not receiving an adequate education and cannot contribute to society.

According to the University of Indiana, our nation’s schools are becoming a gateway to the adult criminal justice system. Criminalization of students in schools leads to a poor learning environment and develops an inherent distrust among students for both the nation’s laws and the school system, which reduces learning and productivity for not only the perpetrators, but disrupts the education for uninvolved students as well. This leads to students growing up and failing to become productive and law-abiding members of society.

Once suspended, students are more liable to become repeat offenders-- and this translates into their adult lives as well. According to the New York Civil Liberties Union, students, and disproportionately minorities, who face criminalization in schools are much more likely to commit criminal offenses as adults. In fact, as stated by PBS in 2013, 68% of all males in state or federal prison do not have a high school diploma. This evidence simply cements the notion that a standard of reasonable suspicion creates distrust in students and pushes these students into a later life of criminal offenses.

This is the school-to-prison pipeline, and it is a detriment to society, the economy, and our younger generation. Reasonable suspicion only exacerbates the issue, and causes more students to enter the pipeline. A probable cause standard would alleviate the racial bias on minorities in schools, allow them to continue their education and thrive, and become fully-functioning members of society.

7. Stop the Government of Pakistan from deporting Turkish teachers

A school with richest infrastructure; lots of Pakistani students enjoying scholarships, lots of others have already availed and have moved to numerous universities in different parts of the world; decent, educated, courteous, innocent Turkish people busy serving this society for the last 19 years…… there is no measuring tool with which to evaluate how much they did for us, but see the kind of reward! An urgent, insulting notice asking them to quit Pakistan Soil till 20th November. This is not how it's supposed to end. This isn't the reward of their Efforts, Love and Care for the people of this country. This decision doesn't only involve the Gov. it's is the future of thousands of Pakistani students.

PakTurk wouldn't be the same without these self sacrificing people. We strongly condemn this unjust decision. Where are the human rights? Where are the Islamic teachings? Where is humanity? The people who spend the golden period of their life in difficult conditions of extremely hot and freezing cold weathers of Pakistan, who didn't care of long power shut downs, who stayed in the conflict zones of our border provinces but didn't leave the sacred mission of imparting education, are now being asked to leave the country in 3 days and that too with their innocent children and infants! What a shame! What a disgrace for us being Pakistanis! What an unfaithful attitude!

8. Air Conditioning/Heating Throughout Lake Local Schools

The temperature of Lake High School, varying on the season can become unbearable. Whether it be scorching in the early fall/late spring, or a freezer in the winter, we can never seem to find a comfortable temp. Several schools throughout Stark County have switched to higher quality air conditioning and heating systems.

Before we begin expanding our school, or focusing on small things that need to be renovated, we should pay more attention to the larger problem: the comfort of the learning environment of the students.

By involving air conditioning and heating into our school system, we take away one more distraction which can be presented throughout our daily lives. For students, their schoolwork should be their main priority, rather than shivering or sweating all day long. With a regulated temperature, it allows for a more comfortable stay at the school and can even result in happier students with higher grades since they are not distracted with the lack of heat or air.

9. Second Season of Frontier Vets

Frontier Vets, Season 1 has just finished its run on SABC3.

We feel the entertaining and educational first season deserves to have a second season commissioned by SABC3.

Many people from all walks of life have been positively impacted by the show which promotes animal care in a lesser known area of rural South Africa.

10. STOP ticketing St. Ed's Students and START giving us more parking spaces!

As a senior attending St. Edward's University, I have noticed that over the past four years it has been increasingly difficult to find the ONE thing that should be attainable for all students - substantial places to PARK OUR VEHICLES.

With the student population steadily increasing, I find that this is an important and necessary issue that needs to be addressed and hopefully resolved.

How do YOU feel about St. Edward's parking? Shouldn't we be getting what we are paying for?

11. Remove Students from campus when they protest during test periods

Fees Must fall started as a student led protest movement that began in mid October 2015 in response to an increase in fees at South African universities

on 19 October 2015 students started blocking access to and from Campuses all over South Africa in the aims of having a no fee increase. This went on until January in 2016 which put a stop to most academic activities.

NMMU has experienced strikes during the time 22 August 2016 till 26 August for Fees must fall. As a student of the university I know the stress it puts on students when you not sure whats happening or when you can go back to class. And that's why we calling on you to help us get back into the class rooms during these times.

12. Colored hair for students of Huntington County IN

At my school I would like to color my hair to express my individuality; however I am not able to do so because only natural hair colors are permitted. But it is permissible to have eyebrow, lip and nose piercings as well as gauged ears.

I and all individuals who have already signed my paper petition believe that this is unfair and the rule against colored hair should be changed to allow bright and expressive colors!

Please sign my petition and pass the word on!

Thanks for your time!

13. Freedom and respect for the Iranian people

This letter will be sent to Dr. Ahmed Shaheed (United Nations Special Rapporteur on the human rights situation in the Islamic Republic of Iran)

You can add your signature to letter through this petition.

Sign and share widely!


14. Save Edison High School's Library

We are students of Edison High School in Richmond Ohio and we are losing our library unless we fight for it.

Multiple students and teachers are fighting to keep our library instead of letting them make it into another computer lab.

So please help Edison students and faculty keep our library open!

15. Petition to Stop KFC from Occupying Buddy Hoagies' Signature Venue

Capitalism is on the rise and KFC has set a higher bid on the venue that used to occupy my beloved Buddy Hoagies.

A place that holds many memories for us Northerners.
A place where students study for their Olevels is now being replaced with a fast food restaurant that is bound to bring a lot of noise to the public.
A place that sells reasonably healthy food that is now, sadly gonna be replaced by deep fried unhealthy chicken.
A place that provides jobs for full time students, elderly people and housewives.
A place that allows kids to play while their parents dine.
A place where the kitchen staff and service staff are like family.

Stop capitalism now by pledging against Lee Bee Wah's support of Fast food chain, KFC.

Dear Lee Bee Wah. Step down, because ever since you proposed for cyclers to get a bicycle license, I laughed. Just because you don't like smokers, doesn't mean you can shut down the place they hang out at.

16. Appeal to the School Committee to change the four-test policy to three tests

We wish to change in the four-test policy, which states that if a student has 4 given tests on a given day, then that student may chose to take one of those tests on another day, so a student only takes 3-4 tests a day.

Instead, the maximum should be three three tests, so a student only takes 2-3 tests.

Thus, we shall create more flexible schedules for the student body. Also, it allows students to spend more time in extracirculars and other activities in which they refine their talents and discover their destiny.

17. End corporal punishment in the Public Schools of Robeson County

Robeson County, North Carolina is one of few remaining counties to permit corporal punishment in public schools. According to a recent report, sixty percent of all corporal punishment in the state occurs in the Public Schools of Robeson County.
Please sign this petition to urge the Public Schools of Robeson County School Board to ban corporal punishment.

In Robeson County, of the 88 students that were physically punished, 80 of them were American Indian.

The use of corporal punishment is a local school board policy. Our students deserve a better approach to school discipline. We ask the Public Schools of Robeson County School Board to implement a policy banning corporal punishment in all our schools.

18. Support Melton Theatre – Sign our Petition!

Melton Theatre; part of Brooksby Melton College, is delighted to be celebrating its 40th birthday this year. As one of the town’s biggest attractions the Theatre has a rich history of providing the local and wider communities with a wide range of shows, events and entertainment all year round, and has welcomed many well-known and well-loved guests over the years.

Brooksby Melton College is committed to ensuring its facilities are entirely fit for purpose for the communities that it serves, and therefore plans to develop Melton Theatre to provide a much more modern and user friendly facility. The new facility will allow them to further build on the exciting programme of shows and events currently on offer and will provide a state-of-the-art training space for all Performing Arts students too.

The development itself would take around 6 months to complete and they will work hard to minimise the impact that this development will have on our communities.

Melton Theatre’s audience grows year on year, and in 2015 they welcomed over 26,000 people, which brings significant benefits to local businesses, with 18% of the audience travelling from outside of Leicestershire. The Theatre also supports 18 community groups to deliver a series of shows throughout the year.

We are starting a petition which will demonstrate the importance of allowing this development to take place, not only to Melton Theatre and future students, but to a large number of community groups, local businesses and Melton Mowbray itself.

We would very much welcome your support, please take a few moments to sign this petition.

You can view the plans via the following link:

Thank you.

19. Mandate Low-Income School Outreach by University of Michigan Students

For many young students who attend schools in low-income neighborhoods around Detroit, the idea of attending college is more of a myth than a goal, a fancy thought rather than a valid path for the future. Before these children can strive for a college degree, they must first believe that it is possible.

Student outreach programs at the University of Michigan that target these disadvantaged schools help resolve this problem, but participation in these efforts is dismal compared to what the student body is capable of.

The implementation of a new graduation requirement, mandating that students participate in at least one outreach trip to a school in a low-income area, would impose minimal costs on the University and its students but would have a tremendous positive impact on the goals and hopes of these underserved children.

Help make these dreams a reality! 27,407 college students making a small effort can go a long way!

20. Stop the Increase in Student Loan repayments

In George Osborne’s autumn statement released on 25/11/15, it was confirmed that the earnings threshold for the student loan repayments will be frozen for five years. It will not be raised with the to keep up with the average earnings, like we were promised in 2010. It will ultimately end up costing the average student £2,300.

This new decision is also being backdated to 2012 so existing students, and in some cases graduates, will be affected. Osborne strategically left this out of his autumn statement speech.

Sign and we can get the threshold risen as we were promised.

21. Let's Talk Teachers & Government

Strike action, also called labor strike, labor strike, on strike, greve (of French: grève), or simply strike, is a work stoppage caused by the mass refusal of employees to work. A strike usually takes place in response to employee grievances. The union representing Ontario's elementary school teachers will meet with the premier on Friday morning, the day after it announced its members will stop supervising all extra-curricular activities in schools starting next week.

We are slowly tearing and ripping the economy apart. One of the reasons is strikes. The point of this petition is not to point fingers. But to show you the student's and parents of students who want the Government as well as the Teachers to give in and work together. I am a student Devin, I am not fully educated on the things that are going on in our union but from what I hear it could have consequences. SCHOOL'S SHOULD BE A COMMUNITY, A FAMILY. WE HAVE TO WORK TOGETHER. What makes a family? What makes a community? Not only learning but experiencing things together. Plays, Trips, Dances, etc. Now they are getting rid of those.

Research from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and the National Research Council (U.S.) shows that participation in extracurricular activities, sports and clubs are key characteristics for evaluating student engagement and students’ sense of belonging at school. This research also shows that both engagement and belonging have a significant impact on students’ overall success.

According to the Ontario Public School Boards’ Association, “extracurricular activities can . . . foster lifelong appreciation and interests, preparing a young person for life in ways that go beyond academic success.”

Students, Parents, ANYBODY. Help the students of schools in the DSBN, and anywhere prove to the teachers and the union that they need to talk.






22. Make student finance payments monthly

The Student Loans Company is swapping its IT frameworks for 2015/16. We need month to month upkeep installments consolidated in the new plan.

Scottish students as of now get regularly scheduled installments – students in rest of the country merit the opportunity to deal with their accounts amid their studies

23. Ban The Resume

The resume was created in 1482. More than 500 years later, why are we still being forced to create these ancient documents only for someone to spend less than 10 seconds looking at it or worse, ignore it totally!

Most of us can't stand out or show employers what we really have to offer on a piece of paper. Our work experience is limited and its our drive, passion and determination that's gonna get us employed!

It's time employers took a different, more 21st Century approach to hiring!

We're gonna send this petition (no names) to the top 100 employers of students & graduates to let them know that they're missing out on great talent when all they judge us on is a piece of paper!

24. Allow our classmates to participate in graduation

Please allow all classmates that completed 4th term to participate in graduation regardless of the exit exam results.

The ladies worked hard all year and just because they didnt pass the exit exam they are being denied the right to participate in graduation. This is a rule that changed in the middle of our program.

Please sign and allow all classmates to graduate with their class.

25. Stop the Strike for Halton Schools

The Halton district schools believe we should not have a strike that's including our teachers, it's not fair to anyone and it's just penalizing us.

This year grade 9 students will move on to grade 10 and will have to do the EQAO test, none will be prepared and all the marks will just reflect back onto the Ontario curriculum and our teachers. Many students want to excel and do the best they can through high school to move onto University.

Having a teachers strike may not look good and reflect well on a resume or an application to another school. Also as everyone knows sports are going on throughout the year and are going on right now, many students have worked hard to earn money to play the sport they love, to become apart of the schools. However if the year does end early many students won't have a chance to play anymore and many won't get the money they worked hard for back.

If you want to do what is right for this generation of kids and young adults you should not put any of the Halton area schools on strike for reasons that do not require a strike.

26. End English Language School Scams

Reform the English language learning sector for international students in Ireland.

In the last year, 15 schools have closed without notice. In nearly all cases, students were left entirely out of pocket, and no recourse or remedy.

In one instance a student from Nepal lost four times his annual salary on pre-paid school fees. In another case a Brazilian family lost half of their life savings on fees, travel and accommodation for their daughter's wasted trip to Ireland.

27. Free Textbooks for College Students

College students are often extremely overwhelmed; not all in the same way, but we all go through it at some point. And textbooks - the cost of them mainly - just add to the stress.

They should be free because we are broke, delaying buying them will cause you to get backed up, and other small problems will arise once you do finally get them.

28. Burmese government to immediately stop the violent attacks, harassment, and arrest of students peacefully protesting against the National Education Law

We, people from Burma(Myanmar), strongly condemn the latest instance of brutal and indiscriminate assault by the police and vigilante groups against the students, monks, and residents in Letpadan who have been peacefully exercising their civil and political rights.

We further call on the Burmese government to immediately stop the violent attacks, harassment, and arrest of students peacefully protesting against the National Education Law, which centralizes power over the education system, hampers academic freedom, and was approved without proper public consultation.

29. Free Iranian Student Activists Zahra Khandan and Soha Mortazaei

The Iranian Revolutionary Guards’ Intelligence Department has arrested a number of Women’s rights activists on Monday January 19 2015, in Tehran, and has also summoned a number of the activists or has threatened them. It has been said that these are all in order to prevent the protest plans by these activists in connection with the recent acid attacks against women in Iran.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), Iranian Revolutionary Guards Intelligence arrested a number of women’s rights activists. Zahra Khandan, journalist and former student activist from Amir Kabir University (Tehran Polytechnic) and Soha Mortazaei are two of these detainees who were arrested in Tehran at their homes.

Zahra Khandan, who has a record of working for Iran Labor News Agency (ILNA) and Etemad Newspaper, was arrested at her home by Intelligence officers and there is no news about her location. Intelligence officers in contact with this journalist’s father, informed him about his daughter’s detention.

Also, on Monday 19th January, Intelligence officers arrested Ms Soha Mortazaei, student activist at her home. Soha Mortazaei, is a student of Amir Kabir University of Technology who had been suspended for one semester in the university, as well. She was released, but then arrested yet again for the "crime" of attempting to attend a public sporting event.

It is said, additional arrests of women’s rights activists were carried out that same day.

Women’s rights activists believe that, considering the summoning of and phone call threats to several other activists on that same day, the arrests are likely to be related to attempts to prevent women’s rights activists from holding possible rallies to protest regarding recent acid attacks against women.
SOURCE: HRANA Human Rights News Agency

30. The Coach John Willis Project

Coach John H. Willis came to Brunswick High School in or around 1980, as the Head Coach of The Brunswick High Football Team. Prior to the arrival of Coach Willis, the football program at Brunswick High School performed below average at best. There was no real direction or purpose to the program and very little community support. When Coach John Willis took over the Football program, he instituted the school Spirit called PIRATE PRIDE, and instilled the following philosophy inthe hearts and minds of the many young men under his direction: He consistently told all of us, "IF YOU WANT TO BE GREAT, YOU HAVE TO PAY THE PRICE!"

Coach John Willis sucessfully changed not only the culture of Football at Brunswick High School, but because many of his football players were multi sport athletes, his PIRATE PRIDE influence extended in all other athletic programs. The commitment to excellence of Coach John Willis resulted in The Brunswick High Pirates becoming Region Champions and even playing in the Finals of The State Championship.

Therefore, it is the desire of this petition to Immortalize Coach John H. Willis by respectfully petitioning The Glynn County Board of Education to amend it's Rules to name the practice field at BRUNSWICK HIGH SCHOOL...... JOHN H. WILLIS field.