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The Petitions are a very important part of the Committees of Safety. With a large number of signed petitions, we will be petitioning our State legislators to sponsor and vote for State statutes that will provide for a constitutional system of security and defense for a free State while also providing for a constitutional sound monetary system.

Our State legislators and Governors need to know that a large number of the People are in favor of these statutes and will volunteer when the statutes are enacted. They also need to know that, We the People, will support them (with our votes and money) when they sponsor and vote for these constitutional statutes. They will find it unnecessary to take money from "special interest lobbyists", because they will have the support from We the People.

They will be upholding their sworn oath, to support and defend the Constitution, securing our Rights and provide for the general Welfare of the People.


We are uniting our local communities in each State and to prepare for any catastrophic event, be it economic, man-made, or natural disaster. We support the writing of individual State statutes addressing our most immediate concerns, that include but are not limited to:

- Developing a Constitutional system of security and defense for a free State, one that is not Federal or National , but rather one that is local to each State.

- Developing a sound monetary system, one that is not based on the unstable, unconstitutional Federal Reserve System, but rather one that is stable, Constitutional, and based in gold and silver.

Therefore, we the undersigned urge our State legislators to sponsor and vote for these Constitutional statutes.

We have a form of government that has been flipped upside down. The principles for our form of government are spelled out in our "Declaration of Independence" , our State Constitutions and the Constitution for the united States of America. The Creator created the People , the People created our States, People and the States created the federal government. Instead today the federal government and its agents act as if they were "gods" bullying, bribing and terrorizing the States and the People. We must reverse this. We believe the Plan the Committees of Safety have laid out will do just that and will restore our Republic lawfully and peacefully.

Please sign this petition and join as volunteers with www.CommitteesofSafety.org. Also, it is important that you please download the petition on the site, sign it and send by fax or snail mail.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter.

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