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1. Mr. President, Declare AntiFa a terrorist group

Anyone who has been paying attention to current events in the United States of America, is aware of AntiFa and their terrorist activity.
From violence committed during our presidents inauguration, to the violence perpetrated on people at rallies across the nation. AntiFa has been growing in size, becoming bolder, and becoming more violent.
They have been very clear in their desire to tear apart our Republic and replace it with socialism / communism, and they advocate for, and use, violence to further their agenda. This is the definition of a terrorist group.
Please read, sign, and share this petition.
Thank You

2. Call to save Arash Sadeghi-Appel pour sauver Arash Sadeghi

Arash Sadeghi,31 a defender of human rights, imprisoned in the section 350 of Evin prison, is very sick, but the Iranian authorities put Arash’s life in danger by refusing to transfer him to the hospital.
Arash Sadeghi started a hunger strike in October 2016 to protest against the incarceration of his wife, Golrokh Ebrahimi Iraee, a human rights militant imprisoned because she wrote a fiction about stoning – the fiction not even being released yet. Arash Sadeghi ended his hunger strike on Tuesday January 3rd, after 71 days, but hasn’t received any care since. His current status is critical and he needs to go through intensive care. The authorities are playing with the life of Arash by refusing to transfer him to a hospital. Prevent a prisoner to receive proper care is crual and like a torture towards him and his family.
The Iranian authorities must immediately transfer Arash Sadeghi to a hospital to provide the care he needs urgently.
We strongly protest against this situation and call for Arash Sadeghi to be freed and immediately transferred to the hospital.
By signing this letter, we call the international organisations of human rights to take urgent measures to save the life of Arash Sadeghi. If we don’t act today, tomorrow might be too late.

Please sign this petition to help us save Arash Sadeghi.

Links to learn more about Arash Sadeghi :
فراخوان برای نجات جان آرش صادقی
آرش صادقی 31 ساله یک فعال حقوق بشر میباشد که در بند 350 زندان اوین زندانی است. او بشدت بیمار است، اما ماموران زندان اوین با دستور از بالا با جلوگیری از رفتن او به بیمارستان جان او را در خطر انداخته اند. آرش صادقی برای اعتراض به دستگیری همسرش گلرخ ایرایی به یک اعتصاب غذا در اکتبر 2016 دست زد. گلرخ ایرایی یک فعال حقوق بشر است که بخاطر نوشتن یک رمان منتشر نشده در رابطه با سنگسار زندانی می باشد. آرش صادقی به اعتصاب غذای خود در 3 ژانویه بعد از 71 روز پایان داد. اما تا بحال از درمان او جلوگیری کرده اند. امروز او در وضعیت بسیار خطرناکی قرار دارد و باید بصورت اورژانس تحت معالجه درمانهای تخصصی قرار گیرد. با اجازه ندادن انتقال او به بیمارستان، با جان او بازی میکنند. جلوگیری از معالجه یک زندانی، اقدامی جنایتکارانه و مصداق شکنجه در حق او و خانواده اش می باشد.
آرش صادقی باید فورا به بیمارستان منتقل شود تا بصورت اورژانس تحت معالجه قرار گیرد.
ما بشدت به این وضعیت اعتراض داریم و خواهان آزادی و انتقال بی وقفه آرش صادقی به بیمارستان هستیم.

با امضای این فراخوان، از تمام ارگانیزاسیون های حقوق بشری میخواهیم، به اقدام فوری برای نجات جان آرش صادقی دست بزنند. اگر امروز کاری نکنیم فردا دیر خواهد بود .

3. More Fairness for High School Students!

Recently, the Virginia government has passed a law that has concerned me. It will allow more freedom and opportunity to students to pick the classes of their choice to best suit their future careers. And this is extremely good and will improve the failing system that we currently have. The only problem I have with this is that its only available to current 8th grades (as of early 2017) and below, me as a current 9th grader have to go through the current system for the rest of high school.

I have several problems concerning this -
1. This Virginia law excludes me along with every other 9th grader and above from the opportunity to explore our plans for the future.

2. This law makes it so that the future 9th graders and below will have more access and training to their careers compared to current 9th graders and above, tipping the playing field in their favor making us a product of discrimination beyond our control based on age.

3. It would create a sense of superiority among everyone below my grade level (9th).

4. Protect the Marriage Act and the Natural Family

For centuries the institution of marriage is both a symbol and protective legal framework for the natural family. Marriage is the special bond between a man and a woman to the exclusion of others.

Marriage is entered into with intent to hopefully produce and raise children, to support each other in times of need, to bring together families and to ensure the future of our people. Marriage and the natural family are the basic building blocks of civil societies in East and West.

In Australia, as in most other nations, legal marriage requires both partners to comply with a set of biological characteristics and laws: A bond of marriage cannot be formed between brothers and sisters, fathers and daughters, mothers and sons, certain other blood relatives, underage partners, persons otherwise married or partners of the same sex. These partners may love each other and decide to live together, but they cannot form a union in marriage.

If a mutually expressed feeling of love would become the sole qualification for marriage under the law, how can parliamentarians reasonably reject demands to recognise polygamous marriage, marriage with children, or marriage between relatives? After the Italian parliament recognised same-sex unions in June 2016, lobby groups are already demanding equality for polygamous unions to reflect the cultural norms of certain migrant communities.

The possible ramifications are far reaching for children deprived of natural parents: Claims of biological and genetic discrimination, accusations of creating more stolen generations and the consequences for our demographic fabric with severe fiscal implications are most obvious.

De-facto partnerships and civil law arrangements are readily available to homosexual couples. There is no need to unsettle the special bond of marriage and abandon the natural family. Marriage is rightfully defined as the union of a man and woman, formed with the intent to create a natural family and to preserve the right of children, wherever possible, to be raised by their natural mother and father. We hold this to be a self-evident natural right deserving of its special status and ongoing legal protection in our society.

5. North Carolina to Secede from the United States of America

We the People of North Carolina, in Order to form a more perfect State, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this petition for the United State of North Carolina.

6. End The War On Drugs

The "War on Drugs" started in 1970 by president Nixon is an infringement on civil liberties and a way of perpetuating systemic racism. Nixon's own Chief Domestic Advisor acknowledged the original purpose of Nixon's "War on Drugs" in an interview in 1994 where he stated:

“The Nixon campaign in 1968, and the Nixon White House after that, had two enemies: the antiwar left and black people. You understand what I’m saying? We knew we couldn’t make it illegal to be either against the war or black, but by getting the public to associate the hippies with marijuana and blacks with heroin, and then criminalizing both heavily, we could disrupt those communities. We could arrest their leaders, raid their homes, break up their meetings, and vilify them night after night on the evening news. Did we know we were lying about the drugs? Of course we did.”

The "War on Drugs" continued under the 4 subsequent presidential administrations, which culminated its systemic racism with the 1994 crime bill enacted by the Clinton administration. That crime bill resulted in the mass incarceration of black Americans. Going on four decades, the "War on Drugs" has directly resulted in the perpetuation of systemic racism inherent in our political system and society.

According to "Since December 31, 1995, the U.S. prison population has grown an average of 43,266 inmates per year. About 25 per cent are sentenced for drug law violations."

The United States already has the highest per capita incarceration rate in the world, and the "War on Drugs" is helping to maintain that oppressive, tyrannical status quo.

Further, the "War on Drugs" has resulted in the obstruction of scientific research into the potential medicinal benefits of cannabis and its associated compounds, and it has denied American citizens access to a medicine capable of treating their ailments. Under federal law cannabis is listed as a schedule I controlled substance. According to the US Department of Justice's website: "Substances in this schedule have no currently accepted medical use in the United States, a lack of accepted safety for use under medical supervision, and a high potential for abuse."

Meanwhile, The National Institute for Health, a government-funded organization, acknowledges that:

"Evidence from one cell culture study suggests that purified extracts from whole-plant marijuana can slow the growth of cancer cells from one of the most serious types of brain tumors. Research in mice showed that treatment with purified extracts of THC and CBD, when used with radiation, increased the cancer-killing effects of the radiation (Scott, 2014)."

There is a direct hypocrisy evident here. The government cannot simultaneously assert that cannabis has no medical benefit by maintaining its schedule I status and that cannabis can be used as a treatment for cancer.

Lastly, the "War on Drugs" has failed to substantially decrease the public demand for drugs. Illicit drug users represent a multi-billion dollar market. Currently, that money leaves the American economy and goes to the black market. This external flow of money leeches value from our economy into the hands of violent criminal organizations which spend that money on increasing production of illicit drugs and weapons. Meanwhile, the American government spends approximately $15 billion annually "fighting the War on Drugs."

The "War on Drugs" represents an oppression of human liberty, a perpetuation of systemic racism, a justification for mass incarcerations, an obstruction to medical treatments and research, an opportunity for organized crime to profit and thrive, and an multi-billion dollar economic sinkhole. It must end as immediately as possible.

7. End Presidential Campaigns '16

The 2016 US Presidential race surpasses the usual political nonsense. The candidates are proposing dangerous and impossible platforms. Supporters of various candidates have warned of inciting riots, civil war, and world war if their candidate doesn't win.

There is a growing movement for vacating the vote or writing in "nobody". There are viable third-party candidates but the "establishment" controls the media, voting polls, and even ballot access.

There is even a guy with a boot on his head promising ponies and time-travel, which is more viable than some of the other plans set forth by front-runners. There is no hope for reasonable voices of American people to be heard in this election cycle.

8. RedHanded Campaign

The Redhanded Campaign has put into a publication official documentation that proves law enforcement officials are breaking the law before Grand juries and that prosecutors are aiding & abetting the criminal conduct and that members of the judiciary are covering it up.

9. Drill Baby, Drill

A minority of extreme environmentalists have initiated a petition to prevent the bringing of energy jobs to the coastal area of South Carolina. Their voices threaten the will of the 77% majority of the people of this state.

South Carolina has the ability to enter a boom economic period with the advent of new off shore drilling, with the environment being maintained and improved.

Energy production can and does work hand in hand with a clean environment.

Don't let the doom and gloom naysayers stifle your voice, economic well being and future prosperity. What they don't tell you, it's not just about cheaper gas and energy independence. It's also about the everyday products dependent upon petrochemicals. Everything from your daily vitamins, medicines, clothing, kitchenware, furniture, appliances, electronics and so much more! There is barely an item you encounter in your daily life that was not produced with a petrochemical. Yes, even your smart phone and iPad.

Sign the petition to bring energy jobs to South Carolina.

It is understood that:

The United States of America must achieve energy self sufficiency and reduction in reliance on foreign oil.

Less expensive off shore energy production excess can provide export profits and attract major industries to our shore.

Until green energies prove to be productive, reliable, affordable and efficient, we must rely upon the alternatives, such a offshore energy production, clean coal, nuclear and hydroponic sources.

South Carolina offshore drilling will produce thousands of new jobs and millions in additional tax revenue benefits. **(Until offshore surveys are completed and studied no concrete figures can be presented.)

The Gulf of Mexico platforms are highly prized by offshore fishing and diving tourist trips. They form an artificial reef teeming with life and generate for Louisiana alone, over 5,500 full time jobs and around $324 million annually. The reefs produce fish densities anywhere from 10 to 100 times than that of the sea floor, per Bob Shipp, professor at the Marine Sciences Department, University of South Alabama.

3000 of the current 3700 off shore US oil platforms are in the Gulf of Mexico, with 1/3 of the commercial fisheries in North America, situated in Louisiana. These platforms produce 80% of US oil and 72% of US natural gas.

Dr. Charles Wilson of LSU's Department of Oceanography & Coastal Science, states, "The fish Biomass around an off shore oil platform is 10 times greater per unit area than that for natural coral reefs." he adds, "Then to 30,000 adult fish live around an oil production platform in an area half the size of a football field."

In a study by Dr. Shipp, found that the northwestern part of the Gulf of Mexico was basically empty of stocks of red snapper for the 1st hundred years of the fishery. With the appearance of thousands of platforms, the western Gulf has become a major source of red snapper.

With SC off shore energy production, the state will experience and increase in not only energy production jobs, but also in the ancillary increase in tourism jobs, increasing fishing and diving tourism, job creation in housing and other supportive industries, as well as increased state and local tax revenues.

The oil rigs will not be seen from coastal communities, like the City of Beaufort, nor from the beaches of Hunting Island. They will be beyond the sight lines of beaches, approximately 75 to 100 miles off shore, in comparatively shallow water as opposed to the Deepwater-Horizon Well, which sits at 5,000 ft. The shallow depth will make the well easier to inspect, maintain and secure from potential accidents.

Island Packet, 8/25/2014, "Since 2010, two well-containment companies have developed technology that could quickly cap and contain a well blowout to prevent another Deepwater Horizon-scale disaster", said Erik Milito, a spokesman for the oil lobbyist American Petroleum Institute.

Read more here:

10. The RCMP abuses C-68

Swiss Arms Confiscated

Effective 10:00 pm eastern tonight the RCMP has reclassified the Swiss Arms Classic Green carbine from non-restricted (and restricted) to prohibited status. There are approximately 1,000 -1,800 of these firearms in the public. The government will not be offering compensation and will be demanding that the firearms, which cost between $3,000 - $4,000 be surrendered. The government is suggesting that all affected firearms owners contact the distributors from which the firearms were purchased for reimbursement.

The NFA encourages all affected owners to contact their federal Member of Parliament. This is part of an ongoing agenda of the RCMP to progressively prohibit firearms in Canada.

Under Bill C-68, the firearms classification system was supposed to be updated regularly to prohibit firearms being introduced into the market, as well as those already in Canada.

The Government of Canada was supposed to assist in this with periodic new legislation and Order in Council (OIC).

The RCMP have been doing this unilaterally since 2006. Access to information records show that RCMP have an aggressive firearms reclassification agenda, and that prohibitions will not stop with the Swiss Arms Series Rifles. These rifles were approved for import by the RCMP have been sold in Canada for over a decade. Owners once held registrations for them under the now defunct long gun registry.
There has never been a crime or incident of violence committed with one of these rifles.

NFA condemns this RCMP assault on the rights and private property of law abiding Canadians. The RCMP has shown contempt for the rights of Canadians by their actions, and we expect the Government of Canada to take steps and introduce measures to reign in the RCMP and end the assault against the rights, property and freedoms of Canadians.

If you wish to join the support group please goto!

11. Eliminate Corruption in Scotland

The justice minister Kenny MacAskill MSP stated “We know there is corruption within Scottish justice system” we find this is totally unacceptable.

The foundation of any democracy is its justice system and if parts of this system are corrupt, then we do not have real democracy.

Corruption undermines every aspect of our society and this campaign calls for compulsory random drug testing for anyone involved within the court system.

As in many other professions regular random drug testing is the norm in order to protect the public and the integrity of that profession, therefore we call for random drug testing to be introduced within specific sectors within the court system. This should include solicitors representing clients.

We believe that this will restore the public’s faith in the Scottish justice system. Therefore I hope you will sign our petition to introduce regular drug testing of those who work or earn their living from the Scottish legal system.

12. Stop Hypocrisy: Stop David Cameron Representing UK at Nelson Mandela's Funeral

Over the next few days you will see David Cameron and the Tories shedding crocodile tears and telling the world what a great statesman Nelson Mandela was.

The truth is that the Tory party thought Mandela was just another grubby little peasant upstart for daring to take on his countries white ruling elite and some even publicly called for him to be hung or shot and would mock him at their Bullingdon club booze ups and young conservative parties and the FCS of which John Bercow was the then chair person and who is now the worst ''speaker of the house'' this country has ever had, and who constantly meddles in the freedom of information act to cover up Tory fraud on their expense claims and other misdemeanors.

They only changed their stance when it was clear that world opinion was now firmly on Mandela's side and that apartheid would eventually collapse, and that Mandela would become a world icon for freedom and human rights, and so they jumped on to the winning side's band wagon.

The aim of this petition is to show a mark of respect for a man who fought tirelessly against oppression . The People of the UK will not be represented by A Hypocrite.

13. Free American Citizen Vincente M Tenerelli

Vincente Tenerelli a young college graduate, was the victim of an assault while a tourist in Egypt. He was wrongfully convicted of manslaughter while defending himself at his hotel.

The witnesses and investigator never saw the incident take place but provided false testimony to have him convicted. Vincente has been in jail for nearly two years for self defense.

14. South Carolina Citizens In Support Of Censure Of Lindsey Graham


15. Georgia Energizing Liberty - bringing Ron Paul to Metro Atlanta - Spring 2014

• Who we are, and what we're doing:

Georgia Energizing Liberty is a coalition of individuals who want to produce a large liberty event in 2014 in Georgia with Dr. Ron Paul as the featured speaker.

• When and where?

This event will be on a Saturday in April in the metro-Atlanta region. We expect to draw a crowd from all over Georgia, as well as its bordering states.

• Why?

In addition to Ron Paul, this event will include national and local leaders of the liberty movement. It will serve to energize the liberty base, attract new people to our movement, share our message of freedom, and help liberty-minded candidates raise money and awareness. It will provide a forum to have liberty-focused panels and discussion. It will also put on notice those who do not vote to uphold the Constitution, fight for our liberty and freedom, and ignore our fiscal responsibilities and small government ideals.

• Where does the money come from and go?

The ticket price will simply cover the costs of the event itself. To keep the ticket price low (at or under $25), we are also pursuing sponsorships, donations, and merchandizing. Without these ticket prices would be at or above $75. We feel that a ticket price of at or under $25 is the max we would like to charge, if at all possible.

• Why should I sign this petition?

The results of this petition will allow us to determine the interest level of such an event and to estimate the needed venue size. Those who sign this petition will be added to the list of invitees via e-mail, and will thus have a first opportunity to purchase tickets when they go on sale. Depending on the venue size, it is very possible that this event could sell out.

• We are very excited, and hope that enough people will sign this petition to warrant us continuing with this event! If you want to be a sponsor or donate, please put a note in the comments and we will contact you.

16. Ban all Pornograpy, Period. (ESPECIALLY in Israel)!


If you knew about how your neighbors were being kidnapped, one by one systematically.... what would you do? Who says that being Spiritually kidnapped is a lighter offense?!

An overwhelming majority of the Men Woman (and even the children!) of this generation have either gotten sucked into, or Spiritually/psychologically harmed by the sickening pornographic content that circulates all over the world with impunity while enslaving millions of people, each year, to disgusting cravings. Which have destroyed careers, lives, families, and entire societies (this can be easily verified looking at history). Biblical Sources call upon us to fulfill an obligation to Humanity; One that is undeniable and which we can fulfill, today. When the Future Health/Strength/Blessing of our People and (therefore) the Future of all Nations is now at stake - we are OBLIGATED to act....BY ANY AND ALL MEANS NECESSARY

Maimonides writes: "The redeeming of captives takes precedence over supporting the poor or clothing them. There is no greater Commandment than redeeming captives for the problems of the captive include being hungry, thirsty, unclothed, and they are in danger of their lives too! {This obviously applies Spiritually as well} Ignoring the need to redeem captives goes against these Torah Laws: "Do not harden your heart or shut your hand against your needy fellow" (Devarim 15:7); "Do not stand idly by while your Neighbors Blood is shed {This obviously applies in the literal sense regarding this case} (Vayikra 19:16). And misses out on the following Commandments: "You must surely open your hand to him or her" (Devarim 15:8); "....Love your Neighbor as yourself" (Vayikra 19:18); "Rescue those who are drawn to death" (Proverbs 24:11) and there is no Commandment greater than the redeeming of captives." (Maimonides, Mishneh Torah, Hilchot Matanot Aniyim 8:10-11)

For further information, please read:

- s.s.s.

17. Setting Captives Free

In May of 2013, Setting Captives Free was targeted by a group called All Out who accused Setting Captives Free of producing offensive content because the ministry offers a course called Door of Hope to provide help to those who want to leave homosexuality.

Apple removed the Setting Captives Free application entirely citing a violation of code 16.1 of the developer agreement (offensive content).

Please sign this petition to have the application restored.

18. Support The Marriage Equality Agenda for Australia

As you all know Marriage equality has been a much debated topic and there has been much talk on whether or not is should be legalzied in Australia.

Well we say yes, we have come so far as a nation so why stop here by discriminating against people for their gender which is an extrememely old fashioned ideaology?

19. Declaration of an Independent Internet

The Declaration of an Independent Internet
Drafted July 4, 1995 and updated December 3, 2012 to Guide Us to a Safe Internet without Censorship.

20. Air "The Determinators" during prime time hours before November 6, 2012

This film provides incredibly important insight into the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, the political philosophy from which it sprang, and its inevitable results.

21. The Write In Ballot

I am working with the Write In Ron and trying to convince as many as possible to do a Write In Vote for Ron Paul, or someone of their choice.

22. Cape secession from South Africa

The Western Cape has existed as a province of South Africa since it was coerced into the union in 1910. Since then oppressive legislation such as Apartheid, BEE and many more brought on by both the NP and the ANC. We have finally had enough!

Experts have surmised that not only is the Cape economically viable to survive on its own, it would also become much more successful. Cape governments have also proven that they are much more capable of governing the Cape than the current regime.

The Cape does not only desire to secede, it needs to. If we are to create a better society, we need to do it within a new nation: a Cape Federation.

23. Barry O'Farrell - Stop your attack on Law Abiding Firearm Owners

NSW Premier Barry O'Farrell has announced the Firearms Amendment (Ammunition Control) Bill 2012 which will impose new restrictions on the sale of ammunition to law-abiding firearm owners and additional onerous record keeping requirements for firearm dealers ( See Bill here: ).

This Bill will do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to reduce drive-by shootings by CRIMINALS in Sydney.

What it will do is:

(1) inconvenience tens of thousands of LAW-ABIDING FIREARM OWNERS, particularly in the bush,

(2) drive firearm dealers to the wall with the added paperwork, and

(3) breach Mr O'Farrell's pledge to reduce red tape for businesses and the community by 20% by June 2015 ( ).

24. Scrap or revise the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901

The Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act of 1901 is a foundation document enacted by the British Parliament.

Only 8 referendums have been successful in over the 110 years the Constitution has operated. The Constitution today had been marginalized by legislative superiority.
[R v Kirby; Ex parte Boilermakers Society of Australia (1955-56) 94 CLR 254; (1956-57) 95 CLR 529; (1957) AC 288]

The Constitution contains may archaic and incompatible sections to Common and Natural laws.

25. Parksville NY Revitalization & Planned Community

Over six years ago, a group of concerned citizens formed the Parksville Planning Committee (PPC), a not-for-profit organization interested in revitalizing the hamlet of Parksville. Parksville was once one of the most populated and thriving communities in the Catskills.

The hamlet has since suffered severe economic downturns to the point that only a few businesses and residents remain. Sullivan County has been depressed for a long time as well. We believe that along with the efforts of many citizens of Sullivan County, as well as many other concerned individuals and organizations throughout New York State, that we can revitalize Parksville with the support and voices of those that want to make a change in Sullivan County.

The Department of Transportation (DOT) has budgeted over $90 million, re-routing the highway around Parksville. The highway initiated in the 1950's ran through Parksville, dividing the hamlet, making it unwalkable and difficult for travelers to stop and enjoy.

Because the new highway construction now bypasses the hamlet, it opens the opportunity to restore the community. The DOT has created a beautiful exit 98 off of Route 17, soon to be Interstate 86, an easy-off, easy-on exit, and a grand, inviting presentation to Main Street, Parksville, and its historic pharmacy building on the corner of Main Street and Short Avenue. The Department has been beautifying the area with landscaping and street restorations. The PPC would like to restore lighting, curb appeal and to develop a park, but can only do so with the help of the community.

There is growing interest in Parksville's developments, but we need your voice to support the PPC. The PPC developed a website where you can see their mission statement. The plan is to make Parksville the first planned community in Sullivan County, a walkable hamlet with stores, bank, grocery, pharmacy, medical offices, clothing stores, etc., as it used to be. There are concrete proposals for zoning and a reasonable tax rate that will stimulate a well-developed, self-sustainable local community. Parksville is in a unique setting - easy on, easy off access to an Interstate. It is nestled in a beautiful valley. There is a Rails to Trails that is currently a project of the PPC where the O&W Railroad used to run. Parksville was once one of the most popular destination spots in the Catskills.

Please sign this petition to show your support for a planned community in Parksville in a concerted effort to assist in the re-growth of Parksville, and ultimately contributing to the re-growth of Sullivan County.

26. Liberty Templemans Memorial Artwork

In 2010, Springbank School in Northland, New Zealand raised $3800 with an event to create an artwork for a local student who was murdered in 2008 (Liberty Templeman). The artwork was to be dedicated as a memorial for the young student. However the local community board has refused to let the artwork, (a beautiful oval glass art) to be placed in the local Public Library.

If no place is found in kerikeri for the memorial, then it will be sent either down to Auckland or to the UK Where Libby and her family came from.

We Students find this an unfair process as a lot of work was put in for this event and having the memorial sent away and is never seen by the local public because of a (So called) community board would be unfair.

This petition was designed to get the local community board to review and change its decision and keep the memorial in its right place. In Kerikeri.

27. Defend Constitutional Government

It is the civic duty of every citizen to hold their government accountable when it betrays the public trust and when it demonstrably fails to exercise its prescribed powers. When those elected behave as though they are above the law and abandon their Oath of Office to uphold and defend the Constitution, it remains for the people to demand justice for the wrongs committed against them.

The Indian Trail Town Council, and staff, have continued to engage in unethical, unlawful, immoral, and illegal actions. The following list of offenses provides sufficient probable cause to investigate the culture of corruption that pervades local government, which endangers the people's unalienable rights to “Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.”

The intent of this petition is to begin the process of restoring an open and transparent government to the Town of Indian Trail, North Carolina.

Citation of Offenses

Inspection and Examination of Records: Repeated secreting, tampering, editing, manipulation, and mishandling of official documents pertaining to alleged embezzlement of up to $400,000.00 by a former staff member.

Defrauding the Public: Deliberate misrepresentation of facts regarding said embezzlement, characterizing it as a payroll discrepancy where no such evidence exists.

Racketeering: Undocumented payments to a former mayor.

Coercion: Former staff member intimated or directly threatened civil action against anyone on the council who divulged criminal activities.

Bribery: Former staff member was paid, and gag ordered, to remain silent.

Usurpation of Authority: Council members unlawfully attempted to evict the mayor from a meeting by ordering a Sheriff's deputy to forcefully remove him.

Acts of Intimidation, Defamation of Character, and Reckless Endangerment: Council members engaged in malicious slander and libel via social media, like Facebook, and on a regional radio program. Council members condoned acts of violence against resident(s) by poisoning drinks and use of guns.

Manipulation of official meeting recordings: Town Clerk deleted a section of publicly posted recording of a meeting at the instruction of a councilman.

Contempt toward residents: Council members used condescending and derogatory comments via official town email.

Boycotted Meetings: Council members boycotted duly announced meetings.

Secret meetings: Council members attended unannounced, private meetings where they accounted as a quorum or where the public had a right to be present.

Conflict of Interest: Council members have an appearance of impropriety whereby business before the Council may be unduly influenced to benefit select constituents.

Undue Influence: Council members campaigns and business ties funded by developers.

Closed Sessions: Voting on actions and closed-door discussions regarding personnel for questions of character that must be publicly exercised in Open Sessions.

28. Demand The Right To Carry

Another woman dead. Do we really value the life of our citizens?

Our right to keep and bear arms in our own or the country's defense comes from exactly the same place as the American one -- English Common Law, the English Bill of Rights 1689, the writings of Sir William Blackstone in his Commentaries on English Law, and others. All these laws (and indeed the full body of English Law), became part of Canadian law on our Confederation in 1867 with the affirmation of the British North America (BNA) Act.

29. Moral Declaration of Independence

We are declaring a moral separation from the current ruling administration and the policies it is currently enacting which is diminishing our liberties.

Moral Declaration simply means:

- Declaring our willingness and our ability to no longer support the current administrations decisions.

- Asserting our stance under ‘Redress of Grievances’.

- Affirming that in good faith and trust-

- We are done giving them moral support!

• We are presenting the new Moral Declaration of Independence with grievances in accordance with the United States Constitution and current U.S. Code of Law.

• We openly recognize that we have shared the intent and the spirit of the original Declaration of Independence.

• The original document was a declaration of war; however, at this time that is not the direction that America can withstand.

• Its strength and spirit is as viable today as when first written. (We intentionally utilized much of the original writings.)

• This document, as a petition with signatures will be taken to and registered in Washington D.C.

The cornerstone of our constitutional Republic has been the Declaration of Independence. The men who founded this great nation knew that those who rule must be of the character that recognizes that we will all stand before the God of heaven and be held accountable. These founders also knew that the ruling class often forgets this fact. We have been given the right to reset to the original intent of this founding document.

Now is the time… for all patriotic citizens to stand up and be counted.

“Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord” (Psalm 33:12).

30. Freedom of Choice in Healthcare

The reason for outrageous medical cost in America is simple: Prohibitive Regulation = Prohibitive Cost.

Severe licensing restrictions orchestrated by doctors and enacted by legislators to limit competition have created a critical artificial shortage of doctors; and additional ludicrous, stifling regulation of all aspects of the medical industry has pushed the cost of medical services well beyond the financial means of much of the population.