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1. Seeking protection against security threats of organized crime groups in El shikh Zayed city - Egypt

Recently and during El sisi presidency in Egypt , being wealthy becomes more and more a disadvantage , moreover, well educated citizens and holders of critical positions are represented as fragile and unprotected.
On the other hand , thugs and organized crime groups hold more and more power and gain influential status , they even have a tight and close relations with security officers whom withhold the identities of thugs and organized crime groups to not being touched by Judaical authorities .
Therefore , the only option left for upper middle class citizens to live a good life rests on New cities especially El Sheikh Zayed city - 6 of October.
Shockingly,that last resort doesn’t offer any prospering future for anyone except criminals , as they act freely under the auspices of the investigation department of El Sheikh Zayed police station .
While reporting to the ministry of interior is becoming more and more insignificant , let alone being a target by showing hostility behavior toward police officers .

2. Mr. President, Declare AntiFa a terrorist group

Anyone who has been paying attention to current events in the United States of America, is aware of AntiFa and their terrorist activity.
From violence committed during our presidents inauguration, to the violence perpetrated on people at rallies across the nation. AntiFa has been growing in size, becoming bolder, and becoming more violent.
They have been very clear in their desire to tear apart our Republic and replace it with socialism / communism, and they advocate for, and use, violence to further their agenda. This is the definition of a terrorist group.
Please read, sign, and share this petition.
Thank You

3. Security protection

So as we are all awear with whats been happening within the (crowd control) security industry. I have found that it was built around the liqour industey, how ever the attacks on gaurds are getting worse, and its mainly drugs at the root of the problem. Im doing this due to recent involvment in a incident i had where a 44yr old male bit me. Still waiting for results on tests but i have found we are missing a simple tool such as handcuffs. The police and us are dealing with the same people, how ever they have weapons and at a push of a button they have back up. What do we have? Nothing so im asking the goverment to re-think about the industry and start thinking whats safe for us. I want every guard to be able to carry handcuffs (if trained to do so) in the cc. By signing this we will be able to get together and make my negitive in to a positive.

4. Petition For the Installment of Parking Lot Security Cameras

It has recently come to my attention that Sussex County Community College does NOT have security camera's in the parking lots. This means if someone hits your car or steals out of your vehicle they cannot be found.

If you would like our college to install cameras for our safety/security and our vehicle's safety/security, sign below.

5. Wollaston Co-Op Staff Safety

The Wollaston Co-Op store, used by so many in the village and surrounding areas, has been subjected to several armed robberies over the past year. Even now, there is no extra security in place to protect the night-time staff who work until 11pm every night of the week.

The Co-Op's slogan is 'Doing the right thing since 1844. Because we are not just about profit.'

Please sign if you believe the Co-Operative organisation should put security in place at the entrance to the store. If we don't care for the staffs' safety, who will?

6. Stop Children being Kidnapped in Pakistan

The news of the kidnapping of 712 children in Punjab sent a chill down my spine. According to data, in 2015, some 1,200 children were kidnapped in the province and the figure for the current year is 767; while 312 children were abducted in Lahore.
It is shocking that Punjab is a safe haven for kidnappers. These children are kidnapped for many reasons like pedophilia, ransom money, trade, and beggary through children, transformation into militants or suicide bombers, and even for extracting vital organs of the kidnapped. One can realize the pain and suffering of the families of the kidnapped children.

We are signing this petition for General Raheel Sharif (COAS PAKISTAN) as we have already lost all our hopes from governing body of Pakistan. They are sleeping and taking no notice of this until there is going to be threat for their own children. They have failed to stop this hideous crime against humanity and our nation.

No matter i am living abroad, but being a democratic citizen of Pakistan, i feel its my duty to raise voice against this serious issue.

Regards: Adeel Hashmi

7. Stop the killing of German Shepherd security dogs in Kuwait

An unnamed American businessman in Kuwait has killed 30 of his German Shepherd Dogs and, it is reported, plans to do the same to an additional 80 dogs that were used for protection and security purposes.

It is said that he lost his contract with a petroleum company and is getting rid of his dogs.

Please sign to stop him from continuing this massacre -- we will forward the petition to the Kuwaiti government and post it on the government's Facebook page.

8. Bring "LARRY" the gatekeeper back!

The Residents of Copperleaf Homes in Palm City Florida wish to appeal to Southeast Florida Region Office
ALERT Protective Services
8461 Lake Worth Rd, Ste 214
Lake Worth, FL 33467
Office: (561) 340-1426
To bring our beloved Gate Guard back, Larry. He was attentive, respectful and on his toes.

We the undersigned residents wish to have him brought back to his post as soon as possible. Larry was considered part of our community family. We the undersigned request an open dialogue to bringing him back home to us as soon as possible, for our families and our true security needs.

9. Increase Security at 7900 at Park Central Apartments

With the increasing number of car break ins, tires being stolen off cars in the garage, and the security gates not working; we ask that the management consider the protection and safety of its occupants by installing new working gates, and security cameras throughout the parking garages.

10. Stop Museum Park Package Thefts

A number of residents in the Museum Park/Almeda neighborhood area between SH288 and Main Street have experienced frequent thefts of packages left by USPS, UPS, and FedEx. Packages left outside of gates or just inside of gates, where someone can reach or manipulate the packages over to where they are accessible are often stolen.

We want assistance with USPS, UPS, FedEx, or other delivery services to train drivers and delivery men to more carefully deliver packages to minimize this occurrence. We want the police to patrol more frequently, and follow up on these issues and complaints when lodged. As a neighborhood, we are working to become more watchful, but the cooperation of all entities is required to correct the problems.

If you are a resident of this area, sign below. We will take an initial signature list to the specified entities, and follow up through the NextDoor Museum Park Neighborhood list and Museum Park Neighborhood Association.

11. Petition to Recall Governor Walker

It is our hope that Governor Walker would be willing to discuss the introduction of foreign refugees with the following:
State Representative
Local Officials
Alaska based military
Alaska law enforcement
General public.

We would like Governor Walker to hear our concerns in a public forum. We would like to hear from Governor Walker about:
The Vetting process.
Financial ramifications of government assistance and relocation expenses for refugees.

If Governor Walker is unwilling to discuss this issue with his fellow Alaskans, then we will regretfully proceed with the Petition of Recall.

This is a Recall Petition for Governor Bill Walker.
Sec. 15.45.510. Grounds for recall are as follows:
Negligence of duties

12. Demand for Return of Patio Security Screening

Several months ago the L.A. County Housing Authority (HUD) hired a contractor to paint the interior common areas and exteriors of the four Orchard Arms senior/disabled apartment buildings in the Santa Clarita Valley, North L.A. County.

When residents moved in, they were told that it was permissable to have security screening installed on their patios but they would have to pay someone to construct the framework and install the screening. On the average, residents who did this, paid about $75 each for the materials and labor to have them installed. When the painting was contracted, management, without timely notice, ordered all residents to remove the screening and were told that they could no longer have security screens installed.

We want the Housing Authority to pay the cost of having these destroyed screens replaced on patios where they were removed, and want the ruling denying any resident from having screens installed to be reversed.

These screens made it possible for pet-owning residents to let their pets out of the residences safely. The screens also afford a measure of security from intruders, rats and insects from entering the patio areas.

13. Request Michael Oren Accept Martin Sherman's Debate Challenge

We hereby petition Amb. Michael Oren to accept Dr. Martin Sherman's challenge to a public debate on the various and multifaceted ramifications and validity (or lack thereof) of Mr. Oren's recent statements regarding Israel's national policies regarding the disputed territories (also known as Judea and Samaria or The West Bank) and how they might impact Israel's present and future prospects for genuine and durable peace and security.

The debate should be held at a place and time mutually agreed upon by the two participants and made open to the public.

14. Military presence at schools

In response to the recent tragedy at Newtown, Ct. we as parents (and taxpayers) believe there should be a military presence at every school across the country until appropriate security measures are taken.

As secure as the current systems may seem, the holes have been exposed in this latest act of violence. In order to stop an armed gunmen, they have to be met with the same at the front door. Recent census shows that there are approx. 3 million total (active & reserve) U.S. Service Members and approx. 100,000 schools.

This ratio shows that this is possible with 30 members per every school and in all reality, to ensure safety there is only 1-2 needed. Our troops as well as our government are funded through our tax money and it is about time we have a say in where it goes.

15. Make PayPal provide security code to card issuer for payments



Card security code (CSC, CVV, CCV, CCID etc) is used by PayPal only in first step - attaching card in user profile. After that, on card verify and on every payment, no CSC is provided to card issuer (bank) and attempts rejected until user disable CSC verifying for his (her) card.

Permanent disabling is insecure, and temporarily disabling is annoying card user.

16. Stop the Sale of Nexen to CNOOC (China)

China wants to buy Canada's oil sands. China's national oil company, CNOOC, wants to start by buying Nexen Energy, of Calgary. The shareholders of Nexen have been offered a 60% premium for their shares.

The Government of Canada must decide whether the sale of Nexen should be allowed under the government's "net benefit" rule; that is, will it bring about a net benefit to Canadians. This decision must be made in a reasonable time, typically, 90 days or so.

CNOOC should not be allowed to buy Nexen because national oil companies will divert Canadian oil to their nation first, when oil grows scarce on this rapidly shrinking planet, regardless how high a price Canadians will be willing to pay to buy it back.

Canadians should not allow any Canadian oil company to fall into the hands of any company owned by another country in an era where energy security is becoming increasingly important.

17. Stop violence against aid workers!

Aid workers, whether they be humanitarian responders or development specialists can face life-threatening risks when assisting others.

The threats are numerous and range from conflict, terrorism, kidnappings, assaults, travel accidents, exposure to disease, and many others. In the last 4 years over 800 aid workers were victims of security incidents.

The perceived politicization of aid has motivated individuals or groups to use violence and specifically target those who seek to help vulnerable populations.


Economists, academics, and 76% of all Canadians in a recent poll support expanding the CPP. So do eight of ten provinces. The only ones standing in our way are Alberta, Quebec and the federal government who would rather create a different savings plan - one where you take on all the risk, your employer doesn't have to contribute a dime, and banks and insurance companies get to administer - for a fee.

Why give more of your hard earned savings to them when expanding the CPP is a better deal for you, and a better deal for your children when they're ready to retire?

Currently workers and employers pay 4.95% of salary into the CPP (up to a current “Yearly Maximum Pensionable Earnings” limit of $47,200 per year).

Labour's plan to double future CPP benefits can be paid for by increasing what workers currently save through CPP contributions by 0.43% of pensionable earnings each year for 7 years.

These increased contributions would effectively double the average earnings replaced by CPP pension benefits, to a maximum (in 2010 dollars) of $1,868 per month

19. Keep UEL Security Staff in House

UEL has introduced a Security Review that ostensibly gives 3 options. However in letters sent out to the Security Staff this week mention was made that the Uel management Group had accepted the recommendation to outsource security without any prior form of consultation. At a recent JNCC meeting it was stressed how all the staff unions were concerned over this process without any form of communication to the Trade Unions.

The Joint Unions have instigated a campaign including this petition to highlight their concerns.

We are campaigning as we feel that this recommendation is directly opposed to the Vice Chancellor's strategy in his "Transforming For Excellence" where it calls for an "An outstanding workforce: professionalism, careers, flexibility UEL has exceptional staff at all levels. We will build on this strength and make sure that all staff have the opportunity to play a full role in our future.

We will promote, support and expect professionalism in all that we do. We will build up clear career paths for all staff that reward achievement and capability.

We have long recognised that the profile of our staff – particularly our most senior academic staff and managers – does not match the UEL community as a whole.

We will therefore continue to work actively to promote the development of women and black & minority ethnic staff in both academic and support roles. We will create level playing fields for all staff and champion equal opportunities in all that we do. "

Please support this important campaign and sign the petition and send messages of support.

20. Secure Our School

Over the past year at Metropolitan Community College(MCC) campuses there have been numerous security incidents.

These incidents have ranged from a stabbing to an attempted kidnapping. There was also a drug incident at the beginning of this semester at the Blue River Campus.

21. Petition Egypt's Transitional Authority to Provide Adequate Monument and Site Security

Since the recent protests and restructuring of the Egyptian government there has been a significant and dangerous wave of vandalism, theft and antagonism at the ancient, Islamic, Coptic and Jewish sites and monuments of Egypt. During this time, there has been ineffective security personnel dispatched at said sites, largely consisting of unarmed police and inspectors.

The theft and damage to these sites is becoming considerable and the perpetrators are often armed and arrive in large gangs. The damage and loss of irreplaceable Egyptian and global heritage is significant and increasing. If not retrieved, any stolen items are irreplaceable. It is vital that adequate security is immediately restored to the monument sites and artifact storehouses in Egypt.

Trained and armed personnel must be dispatched back to these sites immediately.

22. Cancel Veto power of the 5 countries with permanent seats

Why do those 5 countries have the power to do whatever they want in the world?

Why do only they have the power to cancel any decision from the Security Council?

This unfair for the rest of the world.

23. Help 3 American boys, live in the U.S with there Haitian parents

The earth shook once, it was 4:53 in the afternoon. It was suppose to be a regular day. I was seating in the front seat lost in my thoughts thinking about what to fix for dinner. When we started to shake the second time, I realized that something was going very wrong. In just 30 seconds, we lost the compass of our lives. We got stuck in traffic for over 4 hours. The house on our left collapsed, but this old lady didn’t have the time to escape. She spent 4 hours begging for help; my 7 year old son spent 4 hours crying and sreaming because My husband and I were among the people helping to get her out. He was scared we would die. I had a choice then: save a life or be selfish and stay by son? (or would that be selfish?) I decided to help, it would kill me if everyone had ignored my mother. I guess either way my decision would have been the wrong one at that time. While I’m preparing this petition, 8 months already past yet, the scream of that lady and the fear of loosing his parents are still vivid in my sons mind. Today, I want to take the right and the fair decision towards my boys.

My decision to start this venture came about when, these kids have been faced by yet another tragedy that no child, anywhere should experience. Now a series of kidnappings targeting kids. They break in peoples house at night, kill, rape, beat and terrorise evryone in the house hold. I know that they are a lot American kids around the world who would have loved to move with there parents to the states. But I am a mother who will not give up on the physical and emotional well being of my kids.

Thus this petition to help us bring our family in a safer environment. I need my boys to enjoy 8 hours of sleep. I want them to go to school with out worrying about how much concrete, about dying. I want them to go to a birthday party and have fun and not ask me what time is it all the time. I want them to laugh, play, relax and be kids. They are Americans; help your own.

If you are parents then you know how I feel please log on to this website and sign this petition:
They are so proud of being Americans, please help your own. Consider it as helping three American boys, not a Haitian mother.

24. Protect Our Borders - Stop the Cuts!

Due to government cutbacks the staffing levels for the London and South East Enforcement will be cut from 174 full time posts to 144.

This will remove all the Immigration Officers working at the Dover Eastern Docks, one of the busiest Ports in the UK.

25. Stop BILL 159

Bill 159 ~ Ontario Certification Exams for Security Industry Professionals.

You will need to get between 55% and 75% to pass the Ontario Exam. Each ministry test will cost $60 although you can try as many times as you like. Each attempt will cost $60.

You could end up paying hundreds of dollars to pass. If you don’t get a passing grade, before your next renewal you will have to take the 40 hour Ministry mandated course that will cost you between $250 and $400. You will also be left out of work while completing this training.

26. Help Bring the children from Haiti

Manneau and Evena Jean-Charles have began the adoption process of Stevinson, Millard and Sabine Jean-CHarles in 2007 from there homeland of Haiti.

The adoption process has been completed from the Haitain side, since the Haitian earthquake, and now under the policy involving Humanitarian Parole for Haitian Orphans signed by Secretary Janet Napolitano on January 18th 2010, we have requested our children to come to the United States, and made request via Homeland Security and the USCIS and Haitian Adoptions. All paperwork is in order.

To date the children, one of which is injured with two broken legs, and all three homeless, living in the streets of Haiti, have yet to be delivered into our care and custody.

27. Better access to Social Security Benefits

When you worked, you paid taxes into the social security, then when you become disable, you can apply for the benefits you have earned. Social security benefits are not paid automatically. You must apply for them using special forms. You may also have to provide several documents, including a letter from your doctor, your social security card, and your birth certificate.

28. Review confiscation of goods and security scanning at Indian Airports

When i entered in the airport in india i didn't know what are the item to carry in the hand bag. My lockage scanned and weight made in the separate counter and put that particular bag in the lockage section. Then i entered in the emigration section, every think cleared. Then i entered the security section, they scanned
my bag they found the ghee. It should not carry in the hand back in the final stage.

29. Support Anthony's Law

22nd March 2009, Qantas Flight 430 arrived at Sydney Airport at 1.30pm. On board, passengers were aware of a group of men exchanging threats mid flight & texting backup on the ground. Awaiting to collect a passenger was 29yr old, Anthony Zervas.

An unprovoked brawl erupted in the terminal area and by 1.45pm, Anthony was brutally bashed in plain view of Security Officers and terrified passengers. He died shorty afterwards.There were 22 police officers on duty at the airport that day.

The Howard government commissioned British expert John Wheeler to review airport security in 2005 after reports in The Australian exposed major breaches at Sydney airport. The inquiry found policing at the nation's airports was often "inadequate and dysfunctional".

Opposition parliamentary spokesman for justice and public security Jason Wood said airport security was still understaffed by 35 percent.

He said airport security awareness training program Operation Hawkeye, which was supposed to be implemented in 2007, had been shelved by the Rudd Government. Counter-terrorism expert Nick O'Brien said the airport incident was highly damaging.

The union representing airline check-in staff, the Australian Services Union, was instrumental in getting duress buttons installed at check-in counters because of fears of increasing violence due to air rage. But officials said staff in Sydney had not been trained in their use, and a response could take up to 20 minutes.

It is understood three duress alarms were activated by staff near the brawl, sending a message to Qantas security staff, who received confirmation from the AFP within a minute that they would dispatch a patrol.

30. Petition Against Floodlighting at St Aloysius School

Developers Balfour Beatty have applied for planning permission to erect eight 23 foot (eight metre) high floodlight columns on the sports and games areas at St Aloysius School in Hornsey Lane. The pitches are next to a woodland conservation area and the floodlights will be clearly visible to homes on all sides of the school. This contrary to policy.

The facilities can accommodate 3 football games, the users of a large sports hall and associated spectators. The planning application requests permission to use floodlights until 9pm weekdays and until 7pm weekends and Bank Holidays.