#Animal Rights
Bonsai Kitten

The Bonsai Kitten is an ancient japanese 'art', where small cats, around the age of 1-4 weeks old, are put into a rigid vessel in an attempt to reshape the creature into the shape of the vessel.

It is one of the worst cases of animal cruelty around today, and needs to stop. It is unfortunatley very real.

Soon after birth, a kitten's bones have not yet hardened and become osseous. They are extremely soft and springy, and the flexibility of the kitten's skeleton means that if the bones are warped at this early age, they can be molded into any shape. Bonsai Kitten uses this theory, and moulds kittens over a period of 4-5 months. This means for that time, the animal is trapped within the container, with only breathing holes and another hole with a feeding tube for the mouth. As you can guess, the kitten cannot excrete in the glass vessel. So, prior to insertion, the anus is blocked up using super glue.

Although they claim "You must have a license to 'grow your own'", the website is open to anyone, even small children, which means it can either upset it's visitors - or encourage them.

Bonsai Kitten takes orders, and money, for completed experiments. They get hundreds of orders each month, which means they put hundreds of kittens in glass containers every month too - not all of them successful.

We hope after reading this, you will decide to join this petition, and save these innocent creatures. The company have been contacted, mostly by the Chairman & CEO of The Humane Society of Canada, and other drug companies about the fact they supply muscle relaxant drugs over the internet. But they are hiding behind the principal of 'freedom of speech'. This has been stated by this company as "cowardly of them". This petition as a last resort - if this fails, what other hope is there for these poor little kittens? It needs to stop - Ban The Bonsai!

Ban The Bonsai, and save hundreds of innocent kittens from this horryfying 'art' and intense suffering every year.

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