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1. Make Greenville Green Again: Recycle Glass

As Greenville, SC claims to be a "progressive city," backtracking byway of no longer recycling glass hurts both its reputation and its residents.

Between 12-20% of all recycled material in Greenville is glass. That is a grotesque amount of additional waste now going to our already overflowing landfills, further polluting the air we breathe.

Below are a few statistics to back the necessity of recycling glass:
- Recycled glass saves 50% energy versus glass from new, raw material
- Recycling one glass container saves enough energy to light a 100-watt bulb for four hours
- Recycled glass generates 20% less air pollution and 50% less water pollution
- One ton of glass made from 50% recycled materials saves 250 pounds of mining waste.

The benefits of recycling glass easily outweigh the cost, especially when the long term effects are taken into consideration. We must take responsibility and begin establishing a proactive culture.

This issue is our issue, and must be strongly addressed. It's up to us to express to Greenville County and Pratt Industries our concerns. This is our home. As Greenville residents, it's our job and privilege to ban together in order to spark the conversations that will initiate change. There is a solution. And embracing open dialogue is how we will uncover it.

"Let's Make Greenville Green Again."

2. Liberty Templemans Memorial Artwork

In 2010, Springbank School in Northland, New Zealand raised $3800 with an event to create an artwork for a local student who was murdered in 2008 (Liberty Templeman). The artwork was to be dedicated as a memorial for the young student. However the local community board has refused to let the artwork, (a beautiful oval glass art) to be placed in the local Public Library.

If no place is found in kerikeri for the memorial, then it will be sent either down to Auckland or to the UK Where Libby and her family came from.

We Students find this an unfair process as a lot of work was put in for this event and having the memorial sent away and is never seen by the local public because of a (So called) community board would be unfair.

This petition was designed to get the local community board to review and change its decision and keep the memorial in its right place. In Kerikeri.

3. National Wine day SA

The Wine World Network is aimed at getting SA wine industry exposure through a social media platform of wine minded people.

A national wine day is a must for all those who include wine and its heritage into their lifestyle.

4. Save Broadfield House Glass Museum

On the 5th January 2009 the staff of Broadfield House were told that Dudley Council is proposing to close Broadfield House Glass Museum and move its collections and research resources to The Red House Cone site, as from March 2010.

At present the Red House Cone has neither enough exhibition space, nor adequate lecture space. The proposed move to the Red House Cone would result in the museum's research materials, library and collections being hidden away from public view. Consequently the owners of the loan collections (which include the Friends of Broadfield House) may well want their glass to be returned. Furthermore, there is already a large amount of glass in store at Broadfield House (and at Himley Hall) which is not displayed!

It would be a major loss for glass researchers, makers, enthusiasts and collectors if the important resources of Broadfield House were to be made unavailable. As one of the “major” glass attractions bringing visitors to Stourbridge, it would also be a loss to Dudley Council. The museum's repository of major glass collections, especially of 20th century glass from the Stourbridge area, is also of significant international importance.

In view of the above, The Glass Association is campaigning to stop this move unless and until the Red House Cone site is fully able to exhibit (as a minimum) the collections that are currently displayed at Broadfield. The Red House Cone must also be able to provide adequate facilities to house Broadfield House’s research materials. Both the collections and the research materials need to be readily accessible and ideally new lecture facilities should also be created.

The Friends of Broadfield House, The Glass Association and The Glass Circle would fully support the move if it were to improve and enhance the Broadfield Museum experience. However, it has been said that the only way Dudley Council can save money is to close Broadfield House down completely and either box up the collection for posterity, or sell it! If this were to happen the Council would be guilty of losing a huge piece of the area's glass heritage.

5. Get back the Glasshouse!

At the end of 2006 with no warning The Glass House was axed from ABC TV. Amid speculation, the (then) PM John Howard, denied any link with the event, and the hundreds of thouseands of viewers were left dumbfounded.

NOW - we have a new government and its time to hear Wil Anderson, Corinne Grant and Dave Hughes again on Wednesday nights!

6. Save our weekly rubbish collection service (Kirklees area)

Many local people living in the Kirklees Council area are opposed to council plans to abolish their weekly rubbish collection service.

Labour councillors want to save the weekly grey bin rubbish collection service to keep their areas clean, tidy and free of litter, stop rubbish piling up in streets and gardens, and prevent fly tipping.

Local people have told us they also want to recycle more by increasing the frequency of the green bin collections and have glass collections.

We want to collect signatures for this petition to force Kirklees Council not to axe the weekly rubbish collection service and to help local people to recycle more by increasing the frequency of the green bin collection and glass collection.

Thank you for your support.

7. Stop selling dogs and cats in pet stores!

July 16, 2006

So many dogs and cats are getting sold in pet stores. People tease them through the glass and stare at them all day. They get mistreated and handeled wrong.

They can catch a disese being there all day. They have to sleep in their glass cages all night. I think that is tourture.

Please sign this petition to help the dogs and cats in need!

8. Legalize TintZ Globally

May 26, 2006

Dear Friends! Collegues! Dear Partners and Customers! Dear Drivers and Passengers! Dear All! My name is Leonard F. Yankelovich and I am BrandMan of DARTSFILMZ.TV window films.

Generation Z. Yes, I deal with window films. That's why somebody can tell: "Yeeeeeeah, Leo, You only want to make money selling Your films! You have no idea to help us". I will tell: "NO". The tint laws we have all over the world are outdated, incorrect and useless.

Tint laws we have make any car a dangerous weapon on any sunny area. This tint laws make car glass double dangerous during acidents. There are million "NO" we can tell to this tint laws, but we still don't do it. No idea to write here all problems related with nottinted drivers glasses....I want to tell here.

LET'S STAY UNITED. Let's kick this outlaw tintlaws which don't allow us to drive safely! LEGALIZE TINTZ!!!

9. Gender Equality - Fair Pay

March 15, 2006

• In 1987, the Center for Creative Leadership concluded that women as a group are kept from advancing not because of their individual abilities but because they are women.

• Some people think the glass ceiling from 1987 still exists, others think it has been shattered, and yet others think it is more a plastic ceiling; that you can never really break through, as in being taken seriously, but you can advance.

• Female athletes don't sign the multi-million dollar contracts men do,

• In American factories in the 19th century, men got paid $3 and women got paid $1 a week for the same hours.

• On March 7th, 1860, women workers at a shoe factory in Lynn, Massachusetts, went on strike, and wages rose that April.

• NOW (National Organization of Women) was formed in 1960, one of its goals being equal pay for the same job.

• In 1964, congress passed a civil rights amendment originally intended to gain the equality of black people.

o A senator from Virginia added "sex" to race, color and religion so it would look ridiculous and not pass.

o This addition was what made it pass, and under the amendment came the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

• Many employers exercise "tokenism." This is when an employer will hire women (etc.), in a number that the hiring of them is merely symbolic. This creates on-the-surface, but not true, integration.

• Where tokenism or integration isn't present, women mainly work in pink-collar ghettos.

o In service occupations, 7 million men and 10 million women.

o In elementary and high schools, 1.5 million men and 3.5 million women.
o As doctors, 715,000 men and 245,000 women, yet as nurses and lab technicians, 403,000 men and 2.4 million women.

• In 1997, Patty Abramson founded the Women's Growth Capital Fund to help women start their own business. However, out of 1,200 high risk business loans, only 30 were owned by women.

• Women seeking executive jobs know that companies like Reebok (executives are 44% women) will be the best to join.

• Out of 830 executives in the fortune 500 companies, 5 are women.

• The glass ceiling keeps women in pink-collar ghettos too. It affects women in non-traditional unskilled labor jobs.

• According to the U.S. Department of Labor, full-time working women receive 75-77 cents for every $1 earned by a full-time working man.

• Female university professors earn $6,500 less a year than male university professors.

• According to a worker at a consulting firm named "Pam," women are usually hired as assistants while males are usually hired as associates. Associates generally earn more money that assistants, which makes it seem fair.

• In the WNBA, stars earn $50,000 a year, while in the NBA stars can earn $20 million a year.

• Three quarters of women work in pick-collar ghettos with lower pay. These women are "firmly entrenched;" not receiving pension or life insurance in addition to being paid lower or being hired part-time or temporarily and being paid minimum wage.

o Good News for Working Women: More and better jobs in nearly every employment field; less discrimination in the mere hiring.

o Bad News for Working Women: What they find after being hired and while working. Fewer benefits, lower pay and slower promotions as compared to men.

• The toughest challenge can be balancing work and family. Women, stereotypically, have more family responsibility than men, so pursuing a career while having children can be seen as greedy for the woman, but not the man. Some women even quit their jobs to spend more time with their children.

• Many women face prejudice in jobs that require physical strength. Women may also face prejudice because they are assumed to be mentally weak, due to the assumptions that they are caring, kind and loving.

• There is just overall negativity against women that carries its way into the workplace. Men are called leaders, women are called bossy. While women are no less likely to get angry than men, the way women express anger is seen as too emotional, while the same behavior is perfectly acceptable for a man. (Banging a fist on the table while screaming).

• The glass ceiling has not become a cement ceiling. More women are breaking into traditionally male dominated jobs. Women receive perks and promotions and in some cases, in record numbers.

• The glass ceiling has not been shattered either. Tokenism is prominent in the hiring of women in traditionally male dominated fields. They are promoted slowly and seldom, they struggle to balance home and family, they do not receive equal pay for equal work, they are stuck in pink collar ghettos, they earn three quarters of what men earn.

• Thirty or forty years ago, the wage gap was excused as being a result of equal merit. Now, women have all but caught up with men in education and the Equal Pay Act of 1963 and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act have only helped them, but the pay gap has persisted. The reason for this is sex based discrimination.

10. Sell the Kansas City Royals David Glass!

After being mired in the worst losing streak in team history, it is time for David Glass to move on. He has ruined baseball for a once proud franchise, and has desicrated Ewing Kauffman's name.

It is time to stop holding out for revenue sharing, and let someone that actually wants to see THEIR team win have that opportunity.


11. Adult at 18 in Idaho

Let Idaho be a leader in the promotion of rights and privileges of all adults in our State. With our nation at war, it brings to mind that the brave men and woman of Idaho can make the decision to put their lives on the line for the sake of the nation; it only makes sense that they can also make the decision to have a cold beer.

If one is old enough to vote for the person that ultimately decides the fates of not only the State, but of this great nation, that same person deserves to make a personal choice regarding whether or not they wish to consume a glass of chardonnay. If a person is liable for choices they make regarding laws and can be held as a "responsible adult" at the age of eighteen, then that person should have the same privilege of deciding if they would like to toast the bride at a wedding, or the newest addition to his or her own family with a glass of champagne. This is a privilege that would not only benefit the men and women of Idaho that fall under the current drinking age; it would also benefit the businesses of Idaho.