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1. Let's sue the United States Of America




2. Support a Population Driven Stimulus Package

As you know America is in a huge recession; why don't we allow the American people the opportunity to stimulate the economy?

China's economy is rising exponentially. Why? The people of China are working together to boost their own economy.

We as Americans have become lazy. We look to the government to continuously bail us out; all the while putting us further and further into dept. The more money the government throws into stimulus packages that don't work, the more our national debt goes up.

Americans constantly complain that the President isn't doing enough, or isn't putting money into the right areas. Instead of complaining we should take the initiative and ask to have the right to contribute and decide where the money goes. The solution is very elementary.

Take a look at the size of the adult population in America; if each adult citizen pays just $10.00 a month to a stimulus fund that would equate to approximately $3 billion dollars a month. That money raised could bail this country out quickly without adding to our national deficit.

My suggestion is allocate the funds each month to two areas. The first being the SBA and the second being infrastructure. We've spent enough money on the stock markets, banks and the automobile industry. Small businesses are the meat and potatoes of America. Why are we padding the pockets of the already wealthy CEO's of these big corporations?

This stimulus fund will boost small businesses to grow and expand therefore, creating more jobs. Equally it will create jobs by enabling constant growth in our infrastructure.

So, why don’t we as Americans quit complaining and ask that we contribute into digging ourselves out of this hole.

3. Seniors of Buffalo County, Nebraska Pushing for more than a $10 Food Stamp Supply

People in Buffalo county that are disabled or of the age of Senior acceptance only receive ten dollars in food stamps on a monthly basis.

This can't be accepted, because of the fact that seniors and people with a disability consume more than ten dollars of food in one month, and people who are in this age or disability range may not be able to work for themselves in an income manor.

4. Ban aggressive dog breeds in the UK

The government has taken several steps to try to crack down on those who breed and trade dangerous dogs, as well as those who own them.

The Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 is the most prominent of the various laws that cover dog ownership in the UK.

The act bans the breeding and sale or exchange of four kinds of dog - pit bull terriers, Japanese Tosas, the Dogo Argentinos, and the Fila Brasileiros. Cross-breeds of those dogs are covered by the law.

The dangerous dogs Act 1991 states 'to enable restrictions to be imposed in relation to other types of dog which present a serious danger to the public;'

[25th July 1991]

Rottweilers were the number two breed of dog named in fatal human attacks from 1979 to 1998 in a report by the CDC. Dangerous behavior in Rottweilers results from their original breeding for aggressive guard dog traits. This tendency may extend towards other animals as well. Often injuries and maulings occur when an owner or passerby tries to separate fighting dogs, or unintentionally triggers a guarding behavior in a dog. In most cases, the type of behavior a Rottweiler exhibits is the result of past training (or lack thereof).

Rottweilers may either be dangerous or benign, depending on the action taken by the owner in socializing the dog. The portrayal of Rottweilers as evil dogs in several fictional films and TV series, most notably in The Omen, has added to their negative publicity. Rottweilers are banned in many municipalities, some scattered countries, and are sometimes targeted as dangerous dogs by legislation. Many owners of Rottweilers are forced to obey state leash/muzzle laws, as in Germany and in France.

Examples of the breed’s potential danger are provided by the recent deaths of two infants on 29 December 2007 – a 9 week old girl in Melbourne, Australia, and a one year old boy in Wakefield, England.

In the Melbourne death, a rottweiler that regularly showed his aggressive nature by violently barking and jumping at the fence as people walked by his master’s house, took the family’s first born from her cot and mauled her to death.

In the Wakefield death, the one year old baby was being held by a seven year old girl when the rottweiler bitch grabbed him from the girl's arms and then mauled him, inflicting terrible injuries. The victim died at the local hospital a short time later. The family owning the dog, reportedly told police she had not previously shown any signs of aggression.

5. Boycotting use of Wise Guys Pizza at Lyme Central School

This year, Lyme Central school has changed their pizza to Wise Guys. They have pizza every Friday and plainly its just too much.

Pizza is not a healty choice and many many people have people outside of school. It should be limited to once or twice a month.

6. Better security for residents in LakeShore Dunes Apartments

I live in LakeShore Dunes Apartments at 440 North Lake Street in Gary, Indiana 46403, (219)938-0500. The main security door of my high rise building is broken. They have been refusing to fix this door for the past month.

I am a single parent of a young child that works evening shift and get home late. One night I get off work at 11 p.m. and get home with my 3 year old at around 12:30 a.m. and the main security door is wide open because it is broken and there is a homeless man sleeping in the main hallway.

I pay $630 in rent, no section 8, and have called the manager of the complex SEVERAL times and she is REFUSING to fix the door. I do not feel safe because anyone can walk into the building and catch a resident by suprise and be assaulted by an unwanted guest in the building. It's unsafe and scary.

The door has been broken for an ENTIRE MONTH. The manager told me that it is too expensive to fix the door. The only piece that they need is the "scissor looking" piece that makes the door snap back shut. It's not an expensive piece. They are just being lazy. There are allot of people that have small children and some single mothers that live alone in our building. I would hate for something to happen to a mother and her small child because of the irresponsibility and laziness of management, maintenance, and security.

In the stairwell, there are huge holes in the wall with wires and hanging out and plaster all over the floor. A child could touch the wire by accident and be fatally electrocuted.

I want them to fix the door. There is no reason why the door should be broken for that long. It is just pure laziness. When security does their "routine" building checks, they don't even bother to close the door. The gouging holes in the stairwell walls are dangerous and have been there for months.

Maybe if we can get some publicity about this issue, they will be more aggressive about fixing the door. PLEASE HELP!!

7. Stop Crime in South Africa

July 14, 2006

5,000 people were killed on Sept 11, 2001 in America and the world "is at war".

21,000 people were murdered in South Africa last year, and rest of the world turns a blind eye!

An 8 month-old baby girl was raped to death by 5 men in Cape Town, South Africa, as they thought it would "cure their Aids".

A 24 year-old pregnant woman was repeatedly raped in her home in Birch Acres, Kempton Park, South Africa on Monday, January 08, 01.

A five-month pregnant woman, her husband and their five-year-old daughter were relaxing at home when four unknown men entered the house. The husband (32) was tied up and held at gunpoint while the suspects raped his wife in the dining room. The suspects then ransacked the house and took electrical appliances, household goods and clothing valued at about R20000.

No arrests have been made. The gruesome list goes on and on . . .
For once, this is a worthwhile message to pass on - for my friend Jeremy Sutton who was murdered, leaving his 8-month pregnant wife, Trish, behind - and for all others who have been touched by crime.

If Gary Teichmann can sign this so can all of us. One Sunday Times front page headlines stated:

Toddler sodomised to death. 2-year-old girl sodomised so brutally, her wounds shocked doctors. Her anus and rectum were so severely injured that medical staff could literally see 3cm inside her body. The rapist walks free after police corrupted her file.

Dear Friends Chris Duncan here. I know a lot of you have received petitions like this before and many more like it.
I also know that there is a serious problem in South Africa. I know a lot of you don't feel that there is much of a problem and refuse to be part of petitions to stop murder. I ask you now, please: If you refuse to do a simple thing like placing a name to a list in an attempt to bring it to the attention of your leaders, what are you doing that the rest of us don't know about to stop it?

Even if it's to clear your conscience so that in a small way you can say you did something, it is worth it.
What would it take for you to suddenly spring into action?

Should your child, wife or husband need to be killed first?
Please think about it and think perhaps it can help instead of "what good will it do?"

Following the latest child killings in Cape Town, I hope Cape Tonians and South Africans in general are prepared to take a stand to stop all this crime. For our son Peter Marks who was brutally beaten to death leaving a young wife and son of eight months and devastated family behind and for all others who have been touched by crime.




Name Comments
219 Curt I get disability and it took over a year to get then medicaid wouldnt cover the hospital bills more than 90 days back leaving me screwed drowning in medical bills.
218 Adrienne Smith It is hard enough to get disability and has taken me two yrs to get before a judge. Now you want to change everything that people on disabiity need. We are still people. Most of us have worked very hard in our lives, and no one asked to get sick or disabled in anyway. Some day I would hope to re-marry, however, it seems that you are forcing people to live together instead of the instiution of marriage which is sacred. We can not lose money because we want to marry and live some kind of life. Please do no go through with any kind of "taking away from the disabled people of the United States". Our goverment seems more concerned with giving money to people in other countries than taking care of the born and raised US citizians.
Adrienne Smith
217 Wendy Gantos I am a disabled attorney and cannot practice due to my disability. I had to wait 2 years for my employer to give me long term disability. During that time, I tried to get food stamps, and the process was so ridiculously long and hard, I never got them! Now if an attorney can't figure out the system, how can the rest of the country figure it out. I live now on disability and my bills are way more than my income every month. I can't even afford to pay my student loans. Great country, huh?
216 Ron Bones My wife is on ssi&ssd,I'm a disabled Vet with only 30% and we barely get through the month. food stamps only go so far when what you get isn't even half of what a single friend gets because she lives in a different part of the State. Tehy need to get the system worked out so that everything is equal. But I doubt we'llsee it soon. You know the old saying: SURE YOU CAN TRUST OUR GOVERMENT...JUST ASK ANY NATIVE AMERICAN!
215 Liz DeWitt Please, do not abolish social security. We need it.
214 Katherine M. Aaron Please support the disabled in this country. They already have to jump through hoops just to be approved and it certainly causes financial hardship on a family that are unecessary.
213 Joyce A Spencer People who marry they have disabilities. They end up losing some money. How in this country can they live could.When they pay more out of there checks every month.People should not have money taken away from them.Just because they marry.
212 rita stafford-bones Execellent point
211 Sophie D.
210 Teddy G. Bryant How far will this govt. go to be out of control and to take away benefits taxpayers have paid the govt., and to which they have the right?
209 Kathy Rogers I'm the mother of a disabled young adult. Our people in the US should taken care of before others. Forcing people to live alone or divorce a spouse to receive benefits is inhumane.
208 John Davis Remember Tim Cratchett? (Dickens-A Christmas Carol) You don't really want to see a nation of them do you? Give us the tools to maintain our dignity and ability to still be productive citizens!
207 Jacqueline McVicar What happened to taking care of our own? Shouldn't citizens of the United States receive aide before any other country?
206 Mike Pearson We can afford WAR , but we can't afford those with diabilities. and we say we are a Christian Nation???
205 Joanne D. Ferguson This is so important!
204 Dixie Boyd I am on disability. I cannot get glasses. I cannot get dental. I don't have transportation. If I marry I will loose my own benefits... WHAT KIND OF COUNTRY IS THIS?
203 Mary Runyon The disabled in this country deserve so much better and humane treatment.
202 Adriana Lortia
200 Paul Manning
199 Priscilla Peters It seems to me That the Government makes it almost impossible for people to be Married...Please Help Us
198 Debi Koscielski My goverment supports & pushes its religious beliefs on me by promoting marrage & its religious right, yet punishes me by taking my disability when I comply. YOU CAN'T HAVE IT BOTH WAYS!
197 Barry Berger
196 Diane Grugan-Duvall I am the mother of a child with a disability.
195 Laurie Furlong I am the parent of a young adult with disabilities and I volunteer working with disabled. I support reform of the marriage penalty to SSI recipients.


9. White History Month

Blacks and hispanics have their history month, educating people about their histories. I, and many other people, believe that white people should have a history month of their own.

10. Cox Communications Banned KTAL and NBC from our cable network

On January 31st, Cox Communications customers in The Ark-La-Tex will lose access to KTAL and NBC programming at midnight. The retransmission agreement with Cox Communications for all their cable systems in our viewing area will expire (Bossier City, LA; Magnolia, AR; Minden, LA; Mount Pleasant, TX; Wright City, OK; Valiant, OK), and they have been unable to come to terms with our cable company for the continued carriage of KTAL's station.

They are asking Cox Communications to pay them 25 cents out of the extremely expensive cable bill that we pay every month and Cox is unwilling to do so and has decided to no longer carry KTAL.

Cox Communications is one of the most powerful media companies in the United States who not only owns cable System but also Radio Stations, Newspapers and local TV Stations like KTAL. Ironically, their broadcast Television division shares our viewpoint about being compensated for carriage by cable companies.

Cox Communications, like all cable and satellite companies, makes payments to the companies that own and operate programming networks. They pay the owners of the programming channels monthly fees, ranging as high as several dollars per month for the right to carry the programming. Cox Communications has made it very clear they do not want to pay any fees for the rights to carry KTAL.

11. Make MapleStory Cost Money

Congrats to the creaters of MapleStory, the best free RPG game out there. But why make a game free when it could cost money? You'd still have the same amount of players but they'd just have to pay a few bucks a month. You deserve it, look at the game you have created.

Best of Luck counting your cash,

12. The J.R. Act of 2004

A petition to grant a special 24 hour limited access to Johnny Ray, aka JR.

13. "URGENT" Stop Paternity Fraud in California

In too many cases, California fathers end up paying child support on other men's children AND DON'T KNOW IT! Often the mother involved DOES know that the child or children are not the children of her husband, but she claims that they are his children because she is mad at him and she likes the children's father. This is fraud.

When she makes that claim to a court in a divorce or a child support action, she is committing perjury. She may claim to be doing it "for the children". A crime committed "for the children" is still a crime.
The #1 one targets of such frauds are our Military Man who proudly and voluntarily serve our country. It is not fair!

Write to Congress and express your concerns of this wrong doing.

Soldiers Risking Their Lives in Iraq Might Face Prison Over Child Support Upon Return

By Stephen Baskerville, Ph.D.

Soldiers Risking Their Lives in Iraq Might Face Prison Over Child Support Upon Return

As America's servicemen risk their lives to protect their families and ours, the federal government is preparing to put them in jail.

That's right; you heard correctly. Most societies honor their returning heroes. In America we punish them.

Soldiers who ship off to Iraq risk not only their lives but arrest and jail when they return. Those who accept a pay cut to defend their country can be incarcerated when they are unable to pay the impossible child support burdens imposed on them by the federal government's divorce machinery.

It is mind-boggling that servicemen who risk their lives to protect us will face arrest as they step off the plane. Yet this is precisely what happened after Desert Storm, and it will happen again this time.

The federal government has issued the usual PR smokescreen, urging soldiers to contact their local child support agents to request a modification. But such requests are almost never granted. Child support fills government coffers with federal taxpayers' money. Governments have no incentive to give these soldiers a break and plenty of incentive not to.

The Christian Science Monitor reports that a soldier whose domestic job pays $31,000 must pay $900 a month in child support. His reserve pay will reduce his income to $27,000. The Monitor neglects to point out that even at the higher pay, this is about half the man's take-home pay, and that he is likely to be living on less than $1,000 a month. Another father's child support comprises 73% of his income, leaving him $200 a month to live on.

Do we really believe that these heroes are "deadbeat dads" who went to Iraq to avoid paying child support? If not, perhaps it is time we began to examine whether the entire child support system is anything other than a fraud. If these men are not "deadbeats," then who is? If these arrests are an abuse of government power, why are not all the others?

Attempts to protect our civilization from external threats will be pointless if we allow it to be undermined from within. How long do we expect men to sacrifice their lives and livelihoods for their country when their government steals their children and uses those children to extort huge sums of money from their fathers?

What kind of morale can we expect in our armed forces when the same brave men who risk their lives to protect their families from invasion by terrorists are powerless to protect their families from invasion by their own government.

Now imagine this happening to you or one of your love ones. To add insult to injury you find out that the child you are being forced to support is not even yours and your ex-wife or ex-girlfriend knew about it since day one!

For FCF News on Demand, this is Stephen Baskerville.

14. Help Fight Cancer and help my Dad

This Petition Is Made Up For My Dad. He Has Always Been A Healthy Person Up Till Now but About A Month Ago he Was Diagnosed With Cancer! And Well It's All Over His Body (Lungs, Brain, Stomach, Back, Hip, Chest, Intestints;etc..). So Yea Its Pretty Bad. He's Been On Kemo And Radiation And They Took Him Off For A Week Or So B/c They Claim That The Tumors On His Brain An Lungs Are Shrinkin But To Keep Them Like This We Are Gonna Have To Take Alot Of Money An Alot Of Prayers!

I Truly Know An Believe God Can An Will Heal Him An Restore Him B/C God Still Can Preform Miracles! So All I Ask Is You Please Pray For Him As Well As My Family! An Please Sign This Petition As A Symbol That We Not Only Have Your Prayers But That You Want To help Fight This Diease, Cause Your Signature Could Help Save A Life Of Some One Else! Thank You So Very Much An God Bless!

15. Annulment of Working on Saturdays and Rearrangement of Payment Day

This petition is made against Mc Orange Institute to annul Saturdays as working days, and also to set the last days of the month (30th or 31st) as the payment day for its staff. We, as the staff of the institute are not satisfied with the long working hours, which start at 8:30a.m. till 5:30p.m. during weekdays, and 8:30a.m. till 12:30p.m. on Saturdays. The normal office hours in Malaysia are from 9a.m till 5p.m weekdays, and 9a.m. till 12:30p.m. on alternate Saturdays. Alternatively, (This is especially true with educational institute/companies and Mc Orange is an educational institute.)companies which want to cease operation on Saturdays may extend the working hours from 9a.m. till 5:30p.m. during weekdays. In our case, not only we have to work an extra hour from Monday to Friday, we are also obligated to come to work on Saturdays. In the Malaysian Labour Act Enactment 1955, the maximum number of working hours per week is 48, and our cumulative working hours per week is well over this limit.

As for the case regarding our payment day, we request the company to set up the last day of the month as our payment day. This is due to all kinds of complications resulted from receiving late payment, well into the end of the first week of the next month. Most credit cards' bills, telephones and other utilities' bills are due within the first few days of each month, this has resulted in late payment of our utilities' bills, which requires us to pay fines.

16. Tennessee RSDS Patients Need Your Help

Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy is a long, never pain free, disableing disease. We need your support, and all the State of Tennessee, to help me, help others like myself who have (RSD).

Note the Proclamation of Governor Phil Bredesen, In A State Of Tennessee Proclamation, the following:

Whereas, Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome(RSD)is an extremely painful neuromuscular disease which affects more than six million people in the United States; and

Whereas, RSD results from injury or trauma to a leg or an arm and can simultaneously affect the nerves, muscles, blood vessels, skin. joints and bonds in progressivly severe stages; and

Whereas estimates indicate that 5 percent of all injuries or trauma may result in progressively sever stages; and

Whereas,the cause and cure of this disorder are unknown, although RSD is treatable with prescripton drugs, physical therapy, occupational therapy and emotional therpy; and

Whereas, early detection and treatment are vital to preventing the diabling effects of RSD, which in its most severe stages can result in total dysfuction of an extremity and treatment can reduce the physical, the entair body; and

Whereas, with increased medical awareness and greater understanding of RSD, early detection and treatment can reduce the phsical, and emotional and financial effects on its victims, NOW THEREFORE,I Phil Bredesen, Governor of the State of Tennessee, do hereby proclam the month of September 2003, REFLEX SYMPATHETIC DYSTROPHY SYNDROME MONTH.

So in Tennessee, and encourage all citizens to join me in this worthy observance.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I hearunto set my hand and caused the official seal of the State of Tennessee to be affixed at Nashville in this 18th day of August 2003.

Phil Bredesen

Being used by Margaret L. Downing, as stated by Governor Phil Bredesen.

17. Increase Child Support in the USA

Children are not getting the financial support they need from one of their parents in most homes. Child support should be placed at a minimum of $100.00 per month if the mother/father earns at least $350 per month. If we continue to let parents get away with paying $50.00 per month child support our kids will not get what they deserve.

Many parents will not work because they have to pay child support. It should be pay or get locked up. The system should support the child more instead of the parent.

18. Lower the prices on domains!

Thousands of people around the world want a domain for their website. The only thing stopping them is the price! The cheapest price is around $5.99 a month! That equals to $71.88 dollars a year! A lot of people don't have that much, and it only gets worse! Sign this petition to try and lower prices!


MSN are closing down all uncontrolled chat rooms on 14th October this year. all controlled chat rooms that will be available will cost per month. We don't want this to happen. This petition will be sent to MSN to show them how serious we are about keeping our chat rooms open.

20. Increase Child Support

This petition is drawn up to better support the children by increasing child support. We would like child support to be increased to a minimum of $100 for fathers that are/ are not working and/or receiving a source of income of at least $300 per month. Therefore, some fathers may decide to work instead of depending on state or federal assistance because of the decrease in income. This will be putting more money into society and creating more jobs.

21. Terrorism Awareness Month

The judicial courts of Germany, Argentina and Unites States have found the Islamist regime of Iran guilty of terrorist crimes.

Terrorism Awareness Month
19-Aug to 19-Sep

Whereas terrorism is a threat to the global peace, regional security, human rights and freedom.

Whereas the judicial courts of Germany, Argentina and Unites States have found the Islamist regime of Iran guilty of terrorist crimes.

Whereas the terrorists who fire-bombed the Rex Theater on 19-Aug-1978 in Abadan Iran; had the same purpose as the terrorists who caused the World Trade Center inferno on 11-Sep-2001 in New York.

Now therefore We, the undersigned, announce the period of 19-August to 19-September as Terrorism Awareness Month .
We also urge the Heads of the world's democratic states and General Secretary of the United Nations to facilitate warrants for the arrest of the Islamic regime in Iran to be carried out.

22. Shaw High Speed Bandwidth Limit Should be Increased

Shaw Cable Systems operates Shaw High Speed Internet and imposes monthly bandwidth limitations in the area of 3 gigabytes a month download. This limit is much too low when you consider the rich multimedia content of today's internet, and the nature in which they advertise that they will bring you this rich content.

23. Help Nathan become Ellen Member of the Month

This is a petition to support me, Nathan, as the ULTIMATE and SEXIEST Ellen member of the month. I think I am being descriminated against because I am too damn sexy for the Ellen club, and I would like everyone's support to help me win the hearts of Ellen fans everywhere, so I can become the newest sponser for lesbian couples everywhere.

24. Glivec should be placed on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme

Nicholas Poulos is 30 years of age with a wife and 20 month old daughter. Nick was diagnosed with Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia in the Chronic Phase in April Last year. Nick's only options for remission are the drugs Interferon, the new drug Glivec or a bone marrow transplant. As he has no suitable donor at the moment for a bone marrow transplant this is not an option.

Unfortunately Nick is intolerant to the drug Interferon as he suffered an extreme adverse reaction resulting in him being hospitalised.

This leaves Glivec as the only option unless a suitable donor is found for a transplant.

Glivec is only available under the Federal Government's Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme for patients with Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia in the Accelerated or Blast phase. The accelerated phase is when the disease is developing more quickly. The Blast phase is the final stage of Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia and patients in this phase would have only a matter of months to live.

Obviously we do not wish to wait for him to reach this stage. Currently the cost of Glivec is $4000.00 per month.

25. AOL Instant Messanger

Aol Is going to charge $15.00 per month to use instant messanger! They are going to start this May 9th! To stop this we need at least 1,000 people to sign the petition! Please help!

26. VDR 101

Due to success of the Delta Cyber Strike System and the resulting contract from Delta management we request a resolution requiring the implementation of the cyber system including but not limited to activation of at least once a month the cyber communication system.