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If you knew about how your neighbors were being kidnapped, one by one systematically.... what would you do? Who says that being Spiritually kidnapped is a lighter offense?!

An overwhelming majority of the Men Woman (and even the children!) of this generation have either gotten sucked into, or Spiritually/psychologically harmed by the sickening pornographic content that circulates all over the world with impunity while enslaving millions of people, each year, to disgusting cravings. Which have destroyed careers, lives, families, and entire societies (this can be easily verified looking at history). Biblical Sources call upon us to fulfill an obligation to Humanity; One that is undeniable and which we can fulfill, today. When the Future Health/Strength/Blessing of our People and (therefore) the Future of all Nations is now at stake - we are OBLIGATED to act....BY ANY AND ALL MEANS NECESSARY

Maimonides writes: "The redeeming of captives takes precedence over supporting the poor or clothing them. There is no greater Commandment than redeeming captives for the problems of the captive include being hungry, thirsty, unclothed, and they are in danger of their lives too! {This obviously applies Spiritually as well} Ignoring the need to redeem captives goes against these Torah Laws: "Do not harden your heart or shut your hand against your needy fellow" (Devarim 15:7); "Do not stand idly by while your Neighbors Blood is shed {This obviously applies in the literal sense regarding this case} (Vayikra 19:16). And misses out on the following Commandments: "You must surely open your hand to him or her" (Devarim 15:8); "....Love your Neighbor as yourself" (Vayikra 19:18); "Rescue those who are drawn to death" (Proverbs 24:11) and there is no Commandment greater than the redeeming of captives." (Maimonides, Mishneh Torah, Hilchot Matanot Aniyim 8:10-11)

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We, the undersigned, call upon God and our respective Governments (Israel and all foreign Powers as well) the Great Allies of Morality, Justice, and Freedom - to remove and ban all pornographic material (especially material transmitted over the internet which bombards websites, e-mails, cellular phones, almost all forms of social media, ect. ect)

The relentless transmission of psychological poison (porn) has now spread all over the Blessed Land of Israel and ultimately threatens both National and International stability. Therefore, by signing this petition We testify that We absolutely refuse to stand idly by while our Neighbor's blood is being shed (in public). Israel has already been, and will forever be a brilliant example of goodness and kindness....a Light unto the Nations. We sign this petition in order to make sure of this, and thereby do Our part to protect and repair the World that We live in.

Heaven and Government are by their very nature obligated to act in Our best interest, as citizens of the Earth and of its Territories. We respectfully demand that they both act on Our behalf....TODAY

The 8th of Tamuz, 5773
Parashat Pinchas

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