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1. Petition to Legalise Euthanasia in Singapore

As a Schizophrenia patient I realise I have nothing and no one to live for.
My parents disown me and my brother used me as a person to loan money from, while he himself enjoy his life with his wife and child while I am not looking for partner due to not wanting to burden anyone. My parents side with him because they always praise him smart but end up he has lots of debt due to failure business.

In modern Singapore life everyone has to study and work with the purpose of having family and own a roof to stay, but it is unclear what is the true reason to seek this as because most marriage ends up failure and happy life is simply means having abundance of money, as if money is the sole reason for human to live for, as if there is no other reason to live for, as if everyone need to fight each other to gain money while betraying their conscience and told it off that it will be for their own happiness but the result is they will be in pain and remorse over their deed.

Let's petition Ministry of Health and SG government to legalise Euthanasia to end the life of people who suffers like us, so that we are no longer being sow discorded in school between students, at work between colleagues, just for the sake of better future, career and better position in company with Shareholder of companies and Government earning million benefiting from your remorse and peanut pays. While they earn millions you are pay peanuts and yet still a loyal dog to defend the corporate and government orders.

2. A new World Military Force

The war on terror has been dragging on for years. Each individual country is fighting it their own way or they are waiting for the United states to take the lead on the war. Terrorism is a global threat so all countries should come together to fight it but not only terrorism but piracy, the trading in slaves & sex slaves and drugs.

3. Free My Brother Elliott White

Elliott White is my 2nd to the oldest brother. In 1997 he had just turned 18 years old, was an Outstanding athlete in Baton Rouge, La attending Woodlawn High School & with no previous criminal background, was charged with robbing a local Subway where he was an employee. The girl behind counter said that it seemed like the person that robbed the store knew their way around the store. She was asked to go into the walk-in freezer that had no lock on it & was told not to come out until the robbery was done. There was no evidence supporting that Elliott was the one that committed the crime. However, due to poor representation, after 7 months of incarceration at a local jail, his lawyer told him to plead guilty and hope for a light sentence.

To make an example out of him, he was sentenced to a 30 year sentence without parole for armed burglary and 21 years for kidnapping at Angola State Penitentiary. He has served 18 1/2 years as of December 17th 2015.

This HORRIFIC sentence has traumatized my family for years. While in prison we've lost our oldest brother, a navy veteran, in a car accident, our grandmother 3 uncles. On the better side The Creator is able.


4. Recognize Descendants of American Slaves as a Unique Ethnicity

Descendants of American Slaves as a Unique Ethnicity

My name is Dr. Gerald Higginbotham, Sr. Vice President for the American Slave Nation, Spiritual Leader and Spokeperson for the Descendants of American Slaves (DAS).

America refuses to acknowledge the DAS Culture. We have been called slaves, Colored, Negros, Black and now African Americans.

It is really sad a nation that is supposed to be so sharp is so ignorant when it comes to ethnicity.

Until we address this piece our America will never be whole.

An African American is a U.S. Immigration term given to those Blacks and whites Africans that legal immigrated here to America from Africa that came for the American Dream or that wanted to make some money.

As an American, a Descendant of American Slaves I feel that it's important to speak the truth. The American Slaves Culture has been struggling ever since the civil war. The slaves were improperly released from slavery. They were not given type of economic emancipation for her 247 years of labor to America, our culture was not provided any type of guidance or leadership training to enter into mainstream America.

So the American Slave Culture has been struggling not Black America or African Americans.

It's the DAS culture screaming out for help. DAS vs. African Americans are two distinct cultures both have different needs.

We ask now that you help by signing this petition to recognise Descendants of American Slaves as a Unique Culture

A Unique Ethnicity. Help us create a Nation - The American Slave Nation.

5. Free Biram and End Slavery in Mauritania

In the history of humanity, the slave trade and slavery were by far the worst atrocities committed by man over man. No moral, economic or religious reasons can justify such a negation of the humanity and dignity of black men. The struggles for the abolition of slavery were harsh, bitter and lengthy. But humanity have made a big step forward in writing it in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights that "All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights." Despite the fact that it was only in 1948 that this principle is contained in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, however, it has always guided the actions of humanity when it came to abolish the black slavery in America, when it came to stop Nazism in Europe, when it came to put an end to the apartheid regime in South Africa, and when it came to end colonization in Africa.

The fight against racial, ethnic and gender discrimination, and those related to sexual orientation, are always struggles of our time. These struggles must be conducted within the framework of equality of all citizens under the rule of law. However, it is totally unacceptable and intolerable in our times that there are still states where slavery is systematic and institutionalized.

This is the case in Mauritania where in front of the state and laws, there are normal citizens and inferior citizens whose fate comes down to servitude. Faced with this insolent reality in Mauritania, courageous isolated actors are peacefully fighting for the abolition of slavery. Among them, there are "Biram Dah Ould Abeid" and his companions who were arrested in November 2014 in Mauritania while they were conducting an awareness campaign for the abolition of slavery. And since Thursday, August 20th 2015, they were sentenced to 2 years in prison for defending humanity and the dignity of the black men in Mauritania. Today, they are in a cell, it is up to us to finish the job.

Their fate and that of all the enslaved communities in Mauritania will depend on our ability to convince the Mauritanian authorities that, not only the dignity of the black men is to be preserve, but also, actually, all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights

6. Demand and end to Institutionalized slavery

My name is Rene Neal-De-Stanton. I wrote this petition because I believe that slavery should not be legal in any form in the United States of America. The main reasons for my beliefs are constitutional. Slavery is a violation of human rights.

Since the formal petition can only be 1000 characters long, the rest of the petition can be seen below. If there is anything in this petition you do not agree with, please do not sign it.

"... To resolve the issue, we want a law to be passed by congress that will make all forms of slavery illegal in every state of the United States of America.

We also do not want individual states to be able to decide the laws in their jurisdiction. We believe that this issue is dividing the United States as a whole and that action should be taken quickly."

7. Stop Sex Trafficking in the US

Sex trafficking is the modern day slavery. Men, women and children are promised better lives, then are kidnapped into the world of sex trafficking.

If everyone would help to end this violent crime, sex trafficking would cease to exist in just a decade.

8. "We the People" African Reparation Movement

All across the globe recompense is being sought after and paid for historical atrocities; however, when it comes to the plight of the African – wherever he finds himself in the world, such terms as militant, angry, and trouble maker are used in an attempt to ostracize and minimize those who raise this topic to the grandchildren and great grandchildren of European colonial enslavers.

As one can plainly verify that, the plight of the Jewish people has been redressed and continues to be rectified on a daily basis. The plight of the Native American Indian has for all intents and purposes been redressed by means of the billions of dollars in land, and Native American owned and operated casinos, that has ventured into a trillion dollar a year business for the Native American coupled with monumental lobbying power.

What is a crime against humanity?

1. The invasion of the continent of Africa for criminal proposes: is a war crime and international crime against humanity.
2. The unlawful abduction of the African people: is an international crime against humanity.
3. The genocide of the humans not healthy enough to make the journey from Africa: is genocide a war crime and an international crime against humanity.
4. The act of slavery for hundreds of years: is an international crime against humanity.
5. Creating the market for slavery: is an international crime against humanity.
6. The unlawful behavior performed on slaves (example) general torture, whipping, burning, kicking, hitting, cutting, chaining, hanging, raping and murder; all act without any consequences: is genocide a war crime as well as an international crime against humanity.
7. The unlawful breeding of humans for criminal proposes: is an international crime against humanity.
8. Creating intentional psychological damage to a human: is a human rights violation.
9. Breaching many verbal and written contracts made by the slave owners: is business fraud and a human rights violation.
10. Segregation of a human because of their skin color: is a human rights violation.
11. The financial neglect from the government and lending institutions: is a human rights violation.
12. Allowing the actions and criminal activities of secretive hate organizations by the U.S: is a human rights violation.
13. The secret operations and medical experiments performed on African American by the U.S government: is genocide a war crime as well as an international crime against humanity.
14. The neglect of the government to act during voting and constitutional crimes: is a human rights crime and U.S constitutional violation.
15. The financial and psychological damage performed on African American by the United States in current time by not providing reparations to them, but providing it to many other groups in America: is a human rights violation.

9. Help raise awareness and stop human trafficking to end modern day slavery

Human trafficking is define as a crime against the person because of the violation of the victim's rights of movement through coercion and because of their commercial exploitation.

Human trafficking is the trade in people, and does not necessarily involve the movement of the person from one place to another. Many victims are women and children and have no way out.

Help raise awareness and stop human trafficking to end modern day slavery.

10. Stop Human Trafficking in the UK

Whenever we think about the biggest issues everyone talk about res-session in Britain or the economic crisis that have been faced by our society. Of course they are one of the most important issues that have been exposed to the people but some of them don't get any attention that they deserve.The issue I am talking about is human trafficking.

This is a really dangerous issue like people who are being victimized looses all their legal and human rights.For Example,Article 8 protects your rights in four areas: your private life, your family life, your home and correspondence. It is a qualified right, which means that your right to respect in these areas can be infringed in certain circumstances. This act is violated in the case of human trafficking but no important steps are taken to stop this. The large population who are been trafficked are of women and children. This means that our present and future both are in danger. The children that are future of our nation are being exploited. The women that are our pride are being victimized brutality and harshly, they are sexually abused.

There aren't strict actions taken by the government as well. Too many human traffickers escape justice in UK, says solicitor general.There were 1,180 victims of trafficking in 2012, and 39 people were prosecuted the previous year, says Oliver Heald. If there won't be any action on the oppressor and prosecutors of human trafficking there would not be any lesson for the others that might help us to stop them. People also do this because of the huge amount of profit it has.As a global industry, human trafficking is worth in excess of $32bn (£20bn) a year.Not only the people are trafficked outside Britain but also they are sent in by other countries that means increase in population that are being exploited and might increase the crime rate further more.

I believe that Government of United Kingdom should take necessary steps against the human trafficking which will stop and threaten the people who dare to do it. This will also encourage people to come forward and work against the human trafficking as it will get exposure and attention from the community. It can save lives of millions of people, as there human and legal rights are taken away.

Sign this petition to be a Strong voice of the voiceless!

11. World Online Event to end child slavery and child labor!

I recently heard that the companies like Microsoft, Sony, Apple & Etc. are making their technology with children who are bellow 18!

To see the information in Croatian click here.

12. Ban all Pornograpy, Period. (ESPECIALLY in Israel)!


If you knew about how your neighbors were being kidnapped, one by one systematically.... what would you do? Who says that being Spiritually kidnapped is a lighter offense?!

An overwhelming majority of the Men Woman (and even the children!) of this generation have either gotten sucked into, or Spiritually/psychologically harmed by the sickening pornographic content that circulates all over the world with impunity while enslaving millions of people, each year, to disgusting cravings. Which have destroyed careers, lives, families, and entire societies (this can be easily verified looking at history). Biblical Sources call upon us to fulfill an obligation to Humanity; One that is undeniable and which we can fulfill, today. When the Future Health/Strength/Blessing of our People and (therefore) the Future of all Nations is now at stake - we are OBLIGATED to act....BY ANY AND ALL MEANS NECESSARY

Maimonides writes: "The redeeming of captives takes precedence over supporting the poor or clothing them. There is no greater Commandment than redeeming captives for the problems of the captive include being hungry, thirsty, unclothed, and they are in danger of their lives too! {This obviously applies Spiritually as well} Ignoring the need to redeem captives goes against these Torah Laws: "Do not harden your heart or shut your hand against your needy fellow" (Devarim 15:7); "Do not stand idly by while your Neighbors Blood is shed {This obviously applies in the literal sense regarding this case} (Vayikra 19:16). And misses out on the following Commandments: "You must surely open your hand to him or her" (Devarim 15:8); "....Love your Neighbor as yourself" (Vayikra 19:18); "Rescue those who are drawn to death" (Proverbs 24:11) and there is no Commandment greater than the redeeming of captives." (Maimonides, Mishneh Torah, Hilchot Matanot Aniyim 8:10-11)

For further information, please read:

- s.s.s.

13. Reparation Petition for those of African descent in America

This petition is designed for reparations as Promised by the United States Government, by proxy, for those of African descent whose forefathers/mothers were forcefully removed from our homeland, deprived of their human rights, sold like cattle, treated without humanity, separated from their families for life, beaten, killed, raped, tarred and feathered, hanged, etc., given no compensation for the building of America and worst of all, programmed with the Willie Lynch doctrine which is still at work today.

The United States government has been instrumental in pressuring the German and Japanese governments into paying reparations to the people who suffered and survived the crimes and legacy of slavery endured during World War II. The United States government has also paid reparations to Japanese-Americans who were detained in concentration camps during World War II.

As African-Americans, we are entitled to, and the American government is indebted to us, and is therefore obligated to provide long and over-due Reparations to African-Americans for the atrocious crime of Slavery which is important to the future of ALL African-Americans.

Compensation through education.

14. Support Bill 310 and Stop Legal Prostitution to prevent further Human trafficking

1) In response to the recent legalization of prostitution ALLOWED in Bawdy houses, and victimizers and traffickers who can now disguise themselves as Body guards, phone operators and drivers to continue Exploiting women and Children and living off their avails. I have created a petition and expect to acquire 1000 signatures and Postal codes to help create awareness to appeal the Ontario court of Appeal decision and the consequences of it. Just because it can be taxed and legal does not make it immoral.

I have sent a copy to Human Trafficking Advocates and a copy to the Supreme Court Of Canada and The Prime Minister, Premier of Ontario and Members of Parliament regarding this urgent matter.

Article 1:
Prostitution laws struck down Article 2: Court ruling won't help protect most vulnerable prostitutes





Explanation/Concerns If the law for prostitution legalized is not appealed:

Ontario is probably the next landmark for human trafficking there is no law or prohibition in preventing men and women from driving the girls, bringing them to and from brothels or their home in peoples family neighborhoods and no way to tell if they are being "manipulated exploited" by others.

Employment rates are down already, men and women who would be owners of escort agencies will exploit them, they have to perform acts even if they do not want to,RUNAWAYS, ABUSED, vulnerable younger girls/boys wanting to make fast money and dropping out of school unless they have morals, or a good family and a stable income. Now perpetrators will be fueled and have a reason to exploit them it’s legal to transport them, and if they live together how do you prove they are living off the avails, there is no enforcement of these big factors not to mention Ontario will be a port of trafficking now worse than before.

I feel afraid for the new generation, the message that humans can be bought, IT doesn’t make it right to legalize something immoral as long as they can tax it?

I also am worried about my nieces and friends children. Also our young generation, this message is saying that it is ok for a guy to buy sex and/or females it is vs. Education and Morality and Employment Once again, I am calling for your support and immediate action to criminalize prostitution and bawdy houses, and to abolish the “support staff permitted aka pimps” and protect the minors and new immigrants from human trafficking, as Ontario will be a hub for prostitution for minors as there is no way to completely enforce protection for them. THEREFORE WE MUST STAND UP FOR CANADA AND SAY NO WE WONT ALLOW FURTHER EXPLOITATION

MP wrote the petition for me and I am posting it below
WE THE UNDERSIGNED CITIZENS OF CANADA, draw attention to the House to the following:

WHEREAS it is internationally acknowledged that the median age of entry into prostitution is 12-14 years of age;

WHEREAS 92% of prostitutes would leave prostitution if they could;

WHEREAS the demand for commercial sex with women and children is the root cause for prostitution and trafficking for sexual purposes;

WHEREAS child prostitution and violence towards women have increased in countries where prostitution has been legalized;

THEREFORE your petitioners request that Parliament amend the Criminal Code to decriminalize the selling of sexual services and criminalize the purchasing of sexual services and provide support to those who desire to leave prostitution.

We are asking for tougher laws to be proactive against crime. The legalization of bawdy houses will not help the victims but cause more trafficked children and women and victims.


Josy Chafoya LOG1B0

15. Stop Slave monument to honor White Slaver in St Kitts

We reject the current plans to build a monument to John Newton, a slaver, as part of the slave routes project. Saint Kitts is an African-Caribbean majority country with numerous African heroes to celebrate and cast monuments to. The erecting of this monument is an insult to so many great Africans who have died and suffered under the yoke of slavery and is tantamount to blasphemy.

It re-institutionalizes the horrors created by slavery and white supremacy. People must source heroes from their own narrative and not those of the people who inflicted these terrible crimes against humanity.

Not only do we want the cessation of plans to erect the monument to this slaver. We ask for a review of the media and educational system in the island, where the history books and African media is offered in the school system. Thus putting an end to the current racist Eurocentric version of the African reality.

16. Get 500 Years Later and Motherland documentary on SABC

500 Years Later for 4 years has been stuck with SABC in the negotiation process. They are trying to ignore this powerful multi-award winning documentary which deals with the legacy of slavery and oppression in Africa and the Diaspora. Even if you don't live in Africa be part of Pan-African change by demanding our Motherland is representative of the majority interest.

South Africa a highly racialized society which is plagued with the legacy of apartheid, which was an assault on the human dignity of African people. That trauma is identical to that suffered by the African Diaspora. Despite South Africa's claims at creating a new South Africa for all, the media remains largely distant from content that empowers the African majority. It white wash issues of race and self-determination leaving the people with deep internalize feelings of self-hatred and self-ignorance.

The sequel to 500 Years Later is Motherland which deals with the most concise story of Africa. Despite even having in the South African president all attempts to license this film to the national broadcaster are ignored.

MOTHERLAND - A film by Owen Alik Shahadah from Halaqah Films on Vimeo.

17. Human Trafficking: Help Raise Awareness and Bring it Before Parliament!!

Human Trafficking is a very profitable industry for those involved. But the people being trafficked are often stripped of their rights and freedoms and become 2nd class citizens to their captors. Human trafficking is the fastest growing criminal industry in the world.

Revenue from trafficked persons is estimated to be between 5 to 9 billion US dollars per year. In Canada, the RCMP estimate that 600-800 people are trafficked into Canada annually and that an additional 1,500 to 2,200 people are trafficked through Canada into the United States.

Many of the people being trafficked are either women or children, that are then funneled into other industries such as free labour market and prostitution.

If we can get enough people to sign this we can get this topic raised during parliament. This is all about raising awareness and getting the Canadian Government to do more for this pressing issue.

18. Free Anti-slavery Activists

English Version

Free the Anti-slavery Activists

On January 07, 2011, the Initiative for the Resurgence of the Abolitionist Movement in Mauritania ( IRA ) has released a statement announcing the sentencing of Biram Ould Abeid, leader of the organization and two others to six months in prison. Three others received suspended sentences of six months. Based on fabricated charges, the sentences are solely meant to prevent human rights activists from defending victims of slavery.

Arbitrarily arrested and mistreated on December 13, 2010 while trying to free two young girls 10 and 14 held as slaves, the anti-slaves activists have sentenced by the Mauritanian court on false charges that they had assaulted the police.

French Version

Liberez les Activists Anti-esclavagists
Le 07 Janvier 2011, l’ Initiative de Resurgence du Mouvement Abolitioniste en Mauritanie (IRA), a publié un communiqué annonçant la condamnation de Biram Ould Abeid, leader de l'organisation et deux autres à six mois de prison. Trois autres ont reçu des peines de six mois avec sursis. Basees sur de fausses accusations, les condamnations visent uniquement à empêcher les militants des droits de l’homme a défendre les victimes de l'esclavage.

Arbitrairement arretes and maltraites le 13 Decembre pendant qu’ ils cherchaient a liberer deux jeunes filles agees de 10 et 14 ans in situation d’ esclavage, les activistes anti-esclavagistes ont ete condamnes par la justice mauritanienne sous de fausses accusations d’ avoir agresse la police.

19. Save Lolita

Miami SeaQuarium was the first animal amusement park to house an orca whale, 37 years ago. Lolita is the whale's name, and after all of these years, she still lives there. Lolita's tank is under government regulation size, but the SeaQuarium has been promising a new tank for over 20 years. They have yet to build one. Lolita is made to perform twice a day, every single day, and this is slavery.

She was taken from her family at age two, and has never been reunited. This whale needs to be saved before she dies, after a life of solitary confinement and slavery.

20. Save our Pride, Save our Pool

A once proud and thriving cultural development venue, the Lawrence Street Recreation Center has been neglected by the city for years.

While municipal projects went forward elsewhere, our African-American families stood to lose generations of tradition with activities already diminished by the lack of appropriate funding where it is needed most.

Swimming is not only fun, but also a safety skill that disproportionately affects African-Americans from a history that needs no clarification. It is time for Lawrence Street Recreation Center to be re-developed with a full set of amenities of a first class, indoor facility.

We realize that Lawrence Street recreational facility is vital to all citizens of Marietta regardless of race or color, even though it is the African American community that has sought to initiate this endeavor, all are welcome to join.

Note: Cullen Jones, was only the second African-American to ever win a swimming gold medal even though black people are less than 1% of the competitive swimmers. It can't change by closing pools and closing opportunities in our own neighborhoods.

Sign this petition and tell the city that we are not only going to be counted in the Census, but also in our local government on every issue from now on, starting with this one.

Save our Pride. Save our Pool.

21. Be the KEY to Freedom

The practice of slavery has plagued the human species for over 5,000 years. Yet here in the 21st century, slavery is more prevalent than ever before with an estimated 27 million people enslaved worldwide.

Even in the U.S slavery continues today. The U.S government estimates 14000-18000 people are trafficked into the U.S annually and put into some form of modern day slavery.

22. August 1st Emancipation Day in Canada


Emancipation Day was celebrated throughout the British Empire immediately following the passage of the British Imperial Act of 1833. Black communities throughout Ontario – including Amherstburg, Hamilton, Brantford, St. Catharines, London, Owen Sound, Toronto and Windsor held annual celebrations until over time the communities and the inspiration dwindled or until the celebrations were stopped due to security concerns in the 1960’s. In Toronto, once the abolitionist centre of the province, new found interest in supporting the Canadian Centennial project called Caribana overshadowed Emancipation Day celebrations in Toronto, or in collaboration with the “Big Picnic” that drew hundreds from American and Canadian cities, converging in Port Dalhousie, ON.

The OBHS has been working to have August 1st as Emancipation Day since 1997 when the OBHS supported the international effort of the Caribbean Historical Society of Trinidad and Tobago to have it commemorated. Immediately successful in having it formally recognized with the City of Toronto, Metro Toronto and the City of Ottawa, the earlier attempt to have Provincial recognition through the initiative of Jim Brown MPP was only recently noted to have only gone to second reading. Renewed OBHS advocacy for this Bill resulted in a working relationship with the initiators of this successful Bill.

Bill 111, the first co-sponsored act of the Ontario Provincial Legislature, was introduced by Ted Arnott, MPP and Maria Van Bommel, MPP with the support of Peter Kormos, MPP. It was passed unanimously on December 4, 2008 - the first co-sponsored bill of the Ontario Provincial Legislature.

The OBHS had also approached the Federal Government, and Preston Manning immediately had us to a reception in Ottawa to mark his party’s support of a national recognition of August 1st as Emancipation Day. However, while introduced by Deepak Obhrai MPP for Calgary East, it only went to second reading. Numerous subsequent efforts to have Emancipation Day recognized nationally including letters and emails to the Prime Minister and to MPs have yet to produce the desired result. The OBHS will continue to work on a national commemoration of August 1st as Emancipation Day.

The effort was renewed by a petition launched at the OBHS launching event for February as Black History Month held on January 25th, 2009 in Toronto. See also

This is the first online petition.

23. Stop Human Trafficking in Eastern Europe!


• 200,000 individuals are being trafficked from Eastern Europe

• 80% of the world’s trafficked women are from Eastern Europe.

• Human trafficking is modern day slavery.

• They are forced to domestic servant hood, sweatshop work; but the majority of teenagers are forced into PROSTITUTION and CRIME.

• Albania is the country most involved in the sex trade, with women and children being lured to go to the West with false promises of marriage, jobs or education.

• UNICEF put the global value of human trafficking at over $12 billion dollars a year, just $2 billion less than Albania’s gross domestic income.

• In Belarus, over 800,000 are “missing” believed to be working --- many against their own will or in extremely hazardous conditions.

• 6000 children between the ages of 12 and 16 are trafficked from Eastern Europe each year.

24. End Domestic Sex Trafficking

Every day thousands of children in the United States are forced, manipulated, and lured into some form of commercial sexual exploitation. Violence and threats keep the victims silenced and fearful of escaping or trusting Law Enforcement.

Since the passing of the Trafficking Victims Protection Act (T.V.P.A) in 2003, the United States government has spent more than 500 million dollars to spread awareness and assist in the rehabilitation of foreign nationals who have entered the country as victims of human trafficking—but funding and resources are inadequate for American children of the same crime.

25. Stop Human Trafficking in Trinidad and Tobago!

Recently the government of Trinidad and Tobago has discovered an appalling number of persons missing for the year 2008. Upon further investigation it was discovered that it is as a result of Human Trafficking.

After its discovery the rate of these cases increased rapidly, now at there are at least 10 reports everyday and the country is now panicked as the government denies these cases and more evidence surface everyday!!

26. American Slavery Petition

The petition demands--through the voices of as many names as are on the list--further action and examination into the effects of slavery and, finally, a statement not only by American representatives, but by all Americans who believe in freedom, that this country will never accept slavery within its borders, and will do all it can to discourage it elsewhere.

27. Justice for Marichu! End Trafficking and Modern-Day Slavery of All Filipina Domestic Workers!

Filipino domestic workers in New York and New Jersey, and our families, allies and supporters are demanding that Phil. Pres. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s administration and the Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) conduct a full investigation of former United Nations Ambassador Lauro Baja, wife Norma Baja, daughter Elizabeth Baja Facundo and their travel agency, the Labaire International Travel Inc. on charges of human trafficking, involuntary servitude, racketeering and US wage and hours violations filed by our fellow domestic worker Marichu Baoanan on June 24, 2008 at the US District Court Southern District of New York.

We call on the United Nations Human Rights Council Vice President Erlinda Basilio to head the DFA investigation on the charges against the former Ambassador who was also the former UN Security Council President.

We also support the demand of Marichu Baoanan for a public apology from the Bajas for violating her human dignity and subjecting her to involuntary servitude.

Like Marichu, about 30,000 Filipino domestic workers in New York work for very long hours and low wages, for less than the US minimum wage, and no overtime pay. In the private homes of our employers, we have no protection against abuse, maltreatment and slavery. We suffer from exclusion from major federal and state labor laws. We are also subjected to discrimination and harassment due to immigration status.

According to the preliminary results of a DAMAYAN survey of 210 Filipino domestic workers in the New York metropolitan area, 63 percent reported experiencing one or more wage and hour violations, and 34 percent of survey respondents reported being abused.

We are outraged by the thought that the Department of Foreign Affairs is not our haven, and that even top ranking Philippine officials could be traffickers instead of our protectors.

We are the lifeline of the Philippine economy. We will remit about $16 billion dollars, and more than $20 billion including informal channels to the Philippines this year. We were forced to leave our homeland due to the poverty and lack of opportunities in the Philippines. For these reasons, we demand respect and dignity.

28. Against Australian Government's Compulsory Volunteer Programe For Unemployed and Elderly

The Australian Government is forcing the unemployed and the elderly to join Volunteer Organizations and perform a minimum of 15 hours volunteer work a week.

Not only does the phrase "compulsory volunteer work" say it all, It is slave labour and should be abolished.

29. Slavery used in chocolate is wrong, let's ban it in Bethlehem

Over a hundred years ago the founders of Cadbury tried to do something about slavery involved in cocoa production.

Now we are in the 21st century and over 40% of the chocolate consumed in America is tainted with slavery.

There are hundreds of thousands of children who work in slavery in the Ivory Coast producing cocoa that Nestle, Hersey's and all our other favorite chocolate companies buy.

The only way to stop the supply of slave chocolate, and therefor stop the slavery, is to stop the demand.

Bethlehem should be the first place where America takes a stand and in light of our ethics ban slave chocolate. I am a proud American, but I find it hard to claim we support and work for freedom around the globe when such a luxurious food is knowingly produce from the products of slaves.

Change needs to come one city at a time, if the Federal government passed a law banning slave produced cocoa, the chocolate market would experience a serious shock.

Sadly, with the way politics work, for this reason our congress will never pass such a law. If other cities slowly follow our lead, slowly the demand for fair trade (slave free) chocolate will increase, and the demand for dirty chocolate will decrease.

This is an issue which we the people have to resolve.

30. Panacea Corps Of Chattel Slavery Ltd.

(Former Chattel Slavery) is the beginning of Black History in America. You may think, everything is alright and it's O.K. to go about your business. I must warn you! It's not O.K. There are a few things needed to be done to help establish daily affirmation and to fully address many existing problems of today!

Many people do not know what chattel slavery means. The word chattel is a term used to identify fromer African Descent Slaves. According to Webster's, the word Chattel means (an item of personal, movable property, a slave)

There are several issues within the system, needing our immediate attention.

For this reason, it is extremely important for you to act now! So ratifying the same, (Former Chattel Slavery) in America, was only part of, an international slave trade.

Between the years 1783 and 1888 The institution of (Chattel Slavery) was largely religious and centered in Great Britain, Western Europe and the U.S.A.

The significance of the panacea Corps Of Chattel Slavery (PCOCS) is to:

1. Complete a Petition Drive to raise a minimum of 25 Million Signitures and Supporters. For questions about the petition please email us at:

2. Establish a new chain of America's African Descent Slaves Library For (AADSL) to house all historical information pertaining to Black history as it started in America, Including all history pertaining to African Descent Slaves (From The Beginning Of Captivity, Up To Date With The Most Resent Documented Information and more!) For questions about (AADSL) please email us at:

3. Create America's National Community Service Employment Educational Programs (ANCSEEP). The programs are to be presented as a preempted pilot Repertoire Of Reparations to be sought in respect for damage due to direct results of former chattel slavery in America! For questions about (ANCSEEP) please email us at:

What is more important and the main reason why these programs are necessary: It was legal according to law makers, to own human being as property therefore daming a people with the title of chattel slavery. This is why (PCOCS) wishes to Right The Wrong Doing Of Former Chattel Slavery. And How? Join the movement and learn more!