#Civil Rights
Parliament House,Canberra

This Labor government is dead in the water. It has lost its way… yet again. Its incompetence and arrogance has led it to be effectively at war with Australia. Its call to class warfare and attempts to divide and conquer Australians in order to enforce incompetent policies have failed.

Citizens, businesses and whole industries are now in unprecedented open revolt against its insane carbon tax, its brainless spendthrift programs and disastrous refugee policies. Labor now trashes our economy and neighbours with one bizarre political quick fix after another. Worst of all, it has no idea how to regroup and get back to governing and has no answers other than to pathologically project all its failings onto Tony Abbott. It no longer listens to it’s citizens and we no longer listen to it. It is now incapable of learning, condemned to repeat their bungling from East Timor to Malaysia, from roof insulation to TV set top boxes.

For it’s own sake and that of Australia, Labor needs to be removed from government and be allowed to disassemble and be reborn again. After all, it is not in our interest for Labor to self-destruct – we need two healthy and vibrant, competing political parties.

"We, the undersigned, Demand an early election,We the People of Australia believe the solution to this problem is to have an election NOW!

We the People of Australia want to be heard.

We The People of Australia demand the Australian Government to act now and call this Election immediately.

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