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1. Songwriters to Big Tech: Stop Fighting Us in CRB

The National Music Publishers' Association (NMPA) represents U.S. music publishers and their songwriting partners. The NMPA, along with the Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI), is currently facing Google, Apple, Amazon, Spotify and Pandora in the Copyright Royalty Board proceedings that will determine how songwriters are paid for the next five years.

Songwriters must stand up to Big Tech and demand that they stop fighting to pay even lower royalties to the music creators who fuel their businesses. We must unite our voices by signing on to this letter.

2. More Student Input and Opportunity in the Greenbrier Marching Band

Standing under the football stadium lights and playing stand tunes, marching on the practice field every Tuesday and Thursday, practicing the show every Friday on the football field, and performing it at a competition the next night is the marching band experience. We breathe, play, sing, perform, struggle, and succeed together. Last year we did not place in our class in the Northeast High School competition and we felt that shame together. Every hardship faced from our humble beginnings at first-year marcher clinics to our last band camp is worth the best performances and musical growth. The breathtaking moment in 2015 when we placed in finals was worth every calf raise, lap, push up, crab step, fall, and all the frustration at our instructors. Victory comes gradually, first through the small breakthroughs, such as hitting that set you always miss or playing your first note louder than anything you have played before. When individual triumphs combine, success is created and the evidence is distinct and substantial. Currently, the band faces two main challenges: learning to respect and agree with a new band director and coping with the loss of the current seniors. Without coming to an agreement about the direction of the season, we could face dropouts, making the second challenge significantly more difficult to overcome as there will be fewer marchers to replace the old members. Disagreement can also potentially lead to another year of a dysfunctional band and overall agitation. Both band parents and students agree that they deserve to have input as to how often they can compete, what they play, and how their last band camp will be, especially the upcoming seniors and senior parents. This is why we students have started this petition, to voice our concerns and hopefully come to an agreement on these and any other pressing issues.

3. Stop Facebook live ban

Every time someone uses their Facebook live they seam fit to remove and block the video while banning you from using the feature. Sign the petition to make aware that this is annoying and wrong!

4. Hire Weird Al For Super Bowl 2018

For most fans of American football, the halftime shows have become stale with the yearly rotation of pop music, hundreds of dancers on the field and fireworks. It's gotten to be a parody of itself. So why not go all out with the King of Parody, Weird Al?

The list of songs from his decades long career with the opportunity to have him joined onstage with the original artist as well as the costuming and just plain old fun that his performance would bring would make everyone smile. Isn't sports supposed to be fun? So let's have a little!

5. Bring the Scorpions to Ireland

The Scorpions have been performing for 50 years now and have performed on all the continents and in many obscure countries in this time. There are many fans of the band here in Ireland, myself among them that would love to get a chance to see them perform in Ireland. I myself have travelled to many countries, spending a lot of time and money to see them play live. Lets bring them here to meet us as we have gone abroad to see them.

6. Bring Kpop to the RIO GRANDE VALLEY

To show promoters that the deep south texas have loyal fans that cannot make the trip to other texas cities.

7. Give Creative Artists Radio/TV Air time

The world is filled with talented, creative artists who retain integrity of their craft in a world where the industry has become more about what sells; stifling quality & purity. More and more people are opting out of favoring the big names and instead find indie solo artists/groups via social media.

These artists are talented and work hard. If they can produce quality sounding material, their product(s) should have a chance to be heard as well. The industry (alone) shouldn't dominate what's played on the airwaves. Diversify and expand the horizons. Comment with names of your favorite indie artists!

GLOBAL GOAL: 100,000 Signatures

Facebook: TALENTS Magazine
Twitter & Instagram: talentsmag910

8. Bring Fifth harmony to South Africa

There are a lot of Fifth Harmony fans in South Africa. We really want to see them live and meet them. The LGBTQ community would love to see them.

Please help me make this happen.

Thank you.


9. Day 2 for Coldplay Singapore

As we know there is a large number of fans who are unable to get their hands on the tickets for Coldplay Singapore.

Part of the reason is because of reselling companies buying in bulk and inflating the prices. As such let's petition for a 2nd day for the concert.

10. For Phantogram to start making metal music

Phantogram has been making awesome music for some years now.

It would be phantastic if they came out with some metal music soon.

11. Make a New Album, Cole

The people are waiting for J. Cole to drop a new album.

12. Save Dance-makers Amsterdam

Amsterdam is under threat of losing its production house for dance. This is a result of the minimization of the multi-year subsidy from the Amsterdam Funds for the Arts (AFK) to Dance-makers Amsterdam.

Support this petition!

Don’t allow a situation that will affect the Amsterdam dance field to suffer negative consequences for years to come.

13. Bring MenudoMania to NYC

We are looking to continue the Mania of Menudo by bringing MenudoManiaForever to NYC. We have in the past participated in El Reencuentro NYC and MenudoManiaForever in Miami.

We have received many requests for a show in the NYC area but need your help with reaching out to promote, and show how much interest we have in this area. Social media will only take us so far, so with your help our goal is to get at least 3000 signatures, enough to fill a venue and get this show on the east coast.

Please help by reaching out to all those MenudoManiacs out there, and lets show the Manager and promoters that WE CAN do this!

Thank you for the continued support and love of Menudo.

14. GOT7 Fanmeet in Atlanta in 2017

The moment I saw that GOT7 were having a fanmeet in Canada, it hit me that GOT7 needs to have one in Atlanta, GA. I remember back in 2015, they had fanmeetings in San Francisco, Chicago, etc. and I'm pretty sure fans that live in ATL or live in the surrounding states would LOVE for them to have a fanmeeting in Atlanta.

So let's do this for all of the IGOT7's who live in Atlanta or live in the surrounding states!

15. Bring twentyønepiløts to the Middle East!

I'd start with simply start with outlining that twentyønepiløts have never vpcome to the Middle East to perform so we the middle eastern clique want them to be here in this world tour of theirs.

We want them to come perform in Dubai or at least somewhere in Dubai, so to twentyønepiløts, Josh Dun, Tyler Joseph, Fueledbyramen, and the tour organizers oh and Mark as well please bring twentyønepiløts to Dubai!

16. Create the Kingston Atelier Arts and Agri-culture Center

The Kingston Atelier is a non-profit organization preserving the Princeton Nursery heritage by cultivating an art and nature community center.

The Princeton Nursery Historic District will be the perfect home for the new Kingston Atelier and Culture Center, “The place where arts and nature thrive”.

The KAC center will be symbiotic with the Mapleton Preserve maintaining fields to support organic gardening, wild-crafting activities and sustainable sculpture. Leveraging the historical significance of Flemer’s innovations and vision, the Center, working with the Atelier’s Micro-farmers will have an ongoing educational, cultural and live entertainment series that will serve the local community and school systems as field trip and recreational destinations.

Mapleton Preserve contains the historical heart of the Princeton Nurseries lands. In 2005, this 53-acre property was jointly purchased as open space, by the New Jersey Green Acres program and South Brunswick Township

Princeton Nurseries encompassed 1,200 acres in Plainsboro, Kingston, West Windsor, Princeton and South Brunswick and was the largest nursery in the world — and one of the most innovative. Mr. Flemer achieved international renown in the nursery and horticultural professions through his innovative selection and distribution of improved cultivars of shade and flowering trees.

17. Save the Broadview Public School Music Program

It has recently come to the attention of the parents of children at Broadview Public School that the current music teacher at the school, Ms. Leslie Bricker, will be retiring at the end of this academic year and Mme. Deschambault has made the decision to not replace her.

This news came as quite a disappointment and surprise to the parents as Ms. Bricker has done a phenomenal job of providing the students with an enriched music program that includes vocal and instrumental music, musical theatre, dance, as well as music theory. Several hundred students are involved each year in the extracurricular music programs at Broadview.

It is our understanding that, despite the change in French Immersion programs, there are several schools in the OCDSB that have added a position for a music teacher next year for K-6 students. Several other schools have increased the amount of music that is being taught by a specialist. If other schools can do this (and some of those schools also had teachers who were surplus to their schools), we ask why this is not the case at Broadview.

Were the french teachers consulted about whether they wanted to teach their own music, drama and dance? Do the teachers feel comfortable doing this? NO. The choirs, musicals, and extracurricular singing outings currently offered by the dedicated music director would certainly cease to exist as French teachers couldn't reasonably be expected to juggle their classes as well as offer a high-quality music program.

Music requires knowledge of musical language and vocabulary, and requires specialized experience to deliver the curriculum, which is quite complex. Furthermore, at this age the students need more direction with music than with many other subjects. It is a skill-based discipline.

Numerous studies and brain research have been undertaken that indicate the direct correlation between performance in music and higher scores in standardized testing in Math and Language. If our school board wants to improve Math scores, we should be increasing the presence of music in our schools, taught by qualified specialists. But there is more to it than that. Music fluency increases emotional resilience, increased empathy, increased self-confidence, and increased attention span and focus. There is also no substitute for playing or singing music in a group with your peers and friends.

We do not feel that music should be cut from programs. We do not feel that music should be sacrificed for other subjects. We strongly feel that music deserves its rightful place as a full part of the academic program, taught by a qualified music specialist.

18. HomeTown to Amsterdam

With this petition we want to show the Irish 6-piece-boyband 'HomeTown' how loved they are in the Netherlands and make many Dutch Homies' dreams come true by getting them to perform there.

Because everyone deserves a chance to see their favourite band live, right?

19. Bring Saied Music Store to Owasso!

When have you ever been in need of a simple box of reeds, or a replacement flip-folder for that Friday night football game just a couple of hours away? Now, this would usually be an easy fix, just run to your local music store, right? This is where the issue is.

Owasso is a busy and growing suburb and we are in dire need of a reliable, name-brand music store. Yes, there are two locations of Saieds Music in Tulsa, but that's a 25 minute drive there, and 25 minutes back, not to mention the traffic.

Placing a Saieds Music Store in Owasso would bring great service to the musical community, and a lot of business to the store. For instance, from the 6th grade through the 12th grade, in Owasso public schools there are roughly 900 band students alone, not to mention the many other mucisians outside of this school organization.

20. Yes! Anchorage Wants The Writer's Block Bookstore & Cafe.

This petition is intended to show widespread community support for bringing the Writer's Block Bookstore & Café to Anchorage, Alaska. They have acquired the property formerly known as Adults Only in Spenard.

The Writer's Block will be a community-oriented Alaska-focused bookstore, café, and restaurant, featuring events related to literature, local music, and the arts.

They are currently in the final stages of financing and need our signatures in support of this important addition to our community.

21. "We Didn't Start the Fire" 1989-2016

Billy Joel is one of the greatest American singer/songwriter's of our generation.

In 1989 he released an iconic song, "We Didn't Start the Fire" that chronicled American history from the time of his own birth to the present day.

22. Support our Own National Artists

For too long the Artists, Singers, Song Writers, Musician and others in the Creative Arts industry have suffered due to the lack of Copyrights. The direct effect of this has cause this industry to suffer year after year.

The main protection for the people who venture into this industry is Copyrights and Intellectual Property Rights. Without Copyrights and Intellectual Property Rights, we face extreme hardship trying to make a profit or any return on funds invested into this trade. Businesses and Corporations, big and small, decline to invest in us based on this mere fact.

We are underpaid and disrespected by big companies and promoters who exploit or creativity for their own financial gain. Even at a Governmental level we are treated as third class citizens, and there is a high level of discrimination as it pertains to shows held on behalf of the Government. The organizers for these events constantly choose the artist for these events and payment methods based on friendships and association.

As citizens and tax payers, we deserve to be afforded protection by law to our intellectual properties.

23. Keep Poi Story at Home

Camp Okihi has been the home to the Central Valley’s first and only arts and music festival, Poi Story, since 2012.

People travel from all over California to be a part of this festival and anticipate it annually. The local economy is boosted with visitors and locals buying camping equipment, groceries, fast food, gas, decorations, art, and so much more. Poi Story encourages attendees exploration of their individuality and creativity by decorating their campsites, creating art installations, interacting in activities such as painting in the fully themed art area, writing a positive statement on an art wall, chakra clearing, reiki readings and much more.

There is a drum circle using recycled water containers, old buckets, and acoustic drums around the fire pit to promote comradery and music, with the idea that as soon as you lay your hand on a drum, you are a drummer. The event also utilizes art vendors, local food and drink vendors, and non profit organizations that bring awareness to alcohol and drug abuse and education on keeping our lands clean. Using the "leave no trace" term, the event encourages campers to clean up after themselves and others using various methods such as "moop" cleanup (material out of place) to help make sure even a candy wrapper gets picked up and allows clean up crews to collect recyclables to recycle for themselves. In addition, safety is also considered by using security and a local retired fireman to watch over things.

In addition, Poi Story provides entertainment from Polynesian inspired performances and belly dancing performances at the amphitheater and a wide variety of music to dance to at a stage. There's even been a wedding at the amphitheater during Poi Story because Poi Story meant so much to the couple.

Camp Okihi has a uniqueness that Poi Story needs; camping, feasibility, a unique amphitheater for performers, barbeque pits and the burn pits for the drum circle each night. It has what people have come to expect.

A small amount of residents in the area have complained about the annual event because of the noise. Not any type of violence or impending danger... noise. A valid noise complaint this past year did not even exist, yet Poi Story is in danger of not being able to be held there any longer and a petition was unknowingly signed against the event. We (the promoters) understand that they live in a remote area for a reason, but we also know that it is not always quiet as the Bakersfield Soccer Park is directly across the river from Camp Okihi. Poi Story is one time a year for two nights and there weren't even substantiated problems this past year. In fact, a ranger voluntarily came out to make sure nobody was bothering the event. In past history, park rangers have made comments about liking what the event offers, being irritated at the complaintants calls because they could see we were within the sound permit and were cooperating with the rangers, and also liking what the event is bringing to Bakersfield.

We ask the residents be rational knowing this is only one time a year for two nights and see what the event actually brings to the community. We ask that the County Park and Recreation Department reconsider their decision to stop the event from using Camp Okihi. The decision was made without contacting Stereo Type Productions or investigating what this event actually is or provides and promotes to the community versus claims of a simple correctable issue of noise two days of the year.

24. Stop Government Assaults on Music

(To keep the petition short and concise we have posted our fully referenced, extended Preamble on our website )

To the Honourable President and members of the Senate in Parliament assembled:

We are a group of Australian Residents, Mums, Dads, Grandparents, Family Members, Organisers, Promoters, Business Owners, Musicians, Artists and Young People who are opposed to the alienation and marginalisation of youth in Australia, in the form of Government 'crackdowns' on music events.

The petition of the undersigned shows:

The current attack on Electronic Dance Music events (specifically) has caused community wide witch-hunts to shut down anything and everything that youth find even remotely entertaining or interesting - thus driving them further towards unfulfilling and deeply depressing lives where drugs and/or alcohol fill the void.

Fuelling community vexation, NSW Premier Mike Baird, NSW Police Minister Troy Grant and numerous Police Commanders and Commissioners have all repeatedly impressed on the public that the 'nature of the entertainment [EDM] is intrinsically linked to illicit drug use', commonly labelling EDM events as 'a breeding ground for wild behaviour, sexual assaults, violence and underage drinking' among other derogatory and Ad Hominem attacks.

As any loving family member well knows, consistent negative dialogue can only serve to CAUSE anger, resentment and mental health issues in young adults, as does reducing quality of life and choices of entertainment.

Additionally, Australians are being prevented from privacy and undisturbed use of their own homes and many tax-payers (promoters, organisers and venues) are loosing business and/or going bankrupt due to forced closures for no other reason than hosting dance parties for youth.

Hence, we beg the Honourable President and members of the Senate to recall, throughout history it has been proved time and again that assaults on entertainment and music are ineffective in addressing drug-culture. And to please also consider those who are being adversely affected, some to devastating degrees, by the current assault.

25. Support Melton Theatre – Sign our Petition!

Melton Theatre; part of Brooksby Melton College, is delighted to be celebrating its 40th birthday this year. As one of the town’s biggest attractions the Theatre has a rich history of providing the local and wider communities with a wide range of shows, events and entertainment all year round, and has welcomed many well-known and well-loved guests over the years.

Brooksby Melton College is committed to ensuring its facilities are entirely fit for purpose for the communities that it serves, and therefore plans to develop Melton Theatre to provide a much more modern and user friendly facility. The new facility will allow them to further build on the exciting programme of shows and events currently on offer and will provide a state-of-the-art training space for all Performing Arts students too.

The development itself would take around 6 months to complete and they will work hard to minimise the impact that this development will have on our communities.

Melton Theatre’s audience grows year on year, and in 2015 they welcomed over 26,000 people, which brings significant benefits to local businesses, with 18% of the audience travelling from outside of Leicestershire. The Theatre also supports 18 community groups to deliver a series of shows throughout the year.

We are starting a petition which will demonstrate the importance of allowing this development to take place, not only to Melton Theatre and future students, but to a large number of community groups, local businesses and Melton Mowbray itself.

We would very much welcome your support, please take a few moments to sign this petition.

You can view the plans via the following link:

Thank you.

26. Remaster and release David Cassidy's Old Songs and Vintage Concert Footage

David Cassidy took the music world by storm like no one else, with his unique voice, electrifying concerts and passion for his art.

The millions of fans who saw David during that incredible and unforgettable era will know he simply offered the best experience. Today we ask that the vintage concert footage and previously unreleased songs are unearthed, digitally restored and released.

We know all those concerts were filmed in their entirety from Madison Square Garden to the Melbourne Cricket Ground along with all six shows at Wembley's Empire Pool, Manchester, White City and concerts from across the world.

27. Pre-Release "All God's Children Have Knives" To Your Fans! We Can't Wait Another Month!

J. Han Will Release His New Album "All God's Creatures Have Knives" on the 30th of March. As fans of Cotton, we are impatient.

We demand him to give us access to a pre-release stream.

28. Make ShawnAccess an App

This is a petition that will be heard by Shawn's record so that ShawnAccess can be made into an app.

29. My Chemical Romance reunion 2019+!

My Chemical Romance (often abbreviated as MCR) was an American rock band from New Jersey, formed in 2001. The band consisted of lead vocalist Gerard Way, guitarists Ray Toro and Frank Iero, bassist Mikey Way and keyboardist James Dewees. Shortly after forming, the band signed to Eyeball Records and released their debut album I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love in 2002.

They signed with Reprise Records the next year and released their major label debut Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge in 2004; the album was a commercial success, and was awarded platinum status a little over a year later.

A fan on the internet has noted some very interesting changes to the My Chemical Romance Official Website. According to the post, things on the site such as bio updates and suspicious hyperlinks referencing an upcoming tour have all been altered on the site. Check out the post – see for yourself.

30. 5sos come to Nigeria , Africa

You guys would not believe how unlucky we are, like no-one ever comes here (Nigeria) the only place stars go to in Africa, is South Africa which sucks cause they have fans in Nigeria too. You guys don't know how much I have cried because when they are in South Africa , they are so close yet so far and it is really painful . for 3+ years now , been anticipating to meet them.


Even if its just for a week or 2 days. I just want to experience that feeling of meeting your idols, just to say thank you for everything they've done for me and our amazing fandom. If you sign this petition, you will be giving me the support to meet them.