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1. Fall out boy in Singapore

Fall out boy has not been in SIngapore for a long time and it is a very well-known and loved band. We would like to hear fall out boy perform live. If more than 200 votes, I will send it to fall out boys public writers and send it to them on social media. Pleae help.

2. Boycott Awakening Records

Awakening records are false and selling illegal records so boycott this company by unliking and unsubscribing from thier media.

I also call on face book to close thier pages as what they are doing is illegal.

3. Help venezuelan Willy Arteaga and his Violin to play free

Primero le rompieron su violin por tocar en las protestas pacíficas de Venezuela
Luego lo hirieron no una, sino dos veces
No les bastó con eso y lo apresaron, lo torturaron y lo aislaron sólo por estar en las protestas con su música.
A qué le temen? A un joven y a su tornado musical?

4. Dua Lipa to do a show in Melbourne

We ask that Ms Dua Lipa does a show in Melbourne, Australia next year so that we are able to see her, one of our favourite girls in the world, live alongside one another as we are great pals whom live in different states (and whom will be meeting for the first time if President Dua "legend" Lipa pulls through) xoxo

5. Consumer Protection Against Big Tech Astroturfing

Astroturfing is a billion dollar industry that affects and manipulates consumers and that American people negatively funds terrorism create and spread fake news while astroturfing political lobbyist groups such as the MIC coalition attempt to garner the people's support to pass legislation that would, in essence, cut off much-needed revenue from songwriters and the independent publisher.

6. Save Papermill Island

Paper Mill Island, in its prime, was one of the best assets of the Village of Baldwinsville -- the venue was packed on most Friday and Saturday nights. In recent years, the village government has imposed unrealistic sound ordinances and fined promoters, to the point where promoters avoid the Island and resort to other local venues. Paper Mill Island is a wonderfully scenic and amazing music venue that needs to be utilized to its fullest potential.

Recently, published a story about the lack of shows:

As detailed in that article, the sound limitation is set at 90-95 dB (a lawnmower typically produces 100-110 dB). In addition, the mayor was quoted as saying "Our board has not heard people clamoring for entertainment . . . [r]esidents don't feel like they're missing out."

The SAVE PAPERMILL ISLAND Campaign, and this petition, have been started to show the mayor that, in fact, we are fed up with the lack of use of the Island. We DO feel that we are missing out! Just because we don't show up at Village Hall to complain doesn't mean we're not dissatisfied. Please sign onto this petition to support the rebirth of Paper Mill Island back into what it once was - a great place for music at the center of our community.


7. Musicians fight for their royalties "Parliament please protect us"


A collective of concerned bodies under the umbrella of the “South African (SA) Copyright Alliance” have written to the parliamentary portfolio committee on trade and industry on the provisions in the proposed Copyright Amendment Bill that, they believe, undermine creators’ copyright.

The organisations – SAMRO, CAPASSO, DALRO, RiSA, SAMPRA, MASA and MPA SA – collectively represent most of the country’s music creators and publishers as well as book authors and publishers.

“While we welcome the DTI’s intent to modernise the copyright regime, as the SA Copyright Alliance we are concerned that certain provisions in the Bill, if passed into law, disadvantage the very creators the Bill aims to protect,” said Southern African Music Rights Organisation (SAMRO) CEO Nothando Migogo.

She explained that the Copyright Amendment Bill suggests that users (e.g. broadcasters, digital music services) of copyright-protected material should enjoy the same privileges as the creators of that material.

“This would mean that a user is given the right to earn income, royalties, from material that is not theirs. This is in direct conflict with the basic principles of copyright law,” Migogo said. This would naturally dilute the revenue payable to creators in the music and literary industries, pushing them into further financial woes”.

Further, where the state or other organisation commissions a creator to create content, the Bill proposes that such commission triggers an automatic loss of copyright in that content – a proposal that will see composers and authors lose their existing right to earn royalties from SAMRO (performing rights revenue) and CAPASSO (mechanical rights revenue) when, for example, broadcasters use their work. This would also theoretically apply to filmmakers funded by the state, who would lose control of their work should they forfeit their copyright ownership.

Migogo said the SA Copyright Alliance’s final major concern is around the Bill’s insistence on significantly increasing and making blurry the instances where copyrighted material can be used, many times by large multinational organisations, without compensating, or even alerting, the copyright owner.

In the current version of the Act, a creator knows when her song or book can be used (by the media, a school etc) without compensating her for such use.

This Bill essentially says ‘well, you can use it for free as long as a court of law will find the use to be fair’ “

It introduces a very vague concept to the law that will force many songwriters and authors to approach the courts in attempt to protect their copyright. This vague concept of “fair use” is a direct import from the USA, a very litigious society where the court system works much faster than it does here in South Africa.

“It is confusing how we call for stronger systems (legislation and institutions) to work towards ensuring creators live better quality lives and are able to retire and pass on with dignity, yet our legislators are pushing laws that weaken the system that protects them.

How can it be the intention of the lawmaker to put academic writers of prescribed university books in the position where a university buys one copy of the book and makes free copies for its 2000 students, without compensating the author at all?”

Having written to the portfolio committee considering the Bill to articulate its concerns, she said that, “the SA Copyright Alliance is more than willing to engage the committee in a workshop in order to demonstrate how copyright underlies the basis of the music and literary industries”.

For more information, please contact 011 712 8505/8521 or email

8. Save Aberdeen Music Centre

The Local Authority want to change the provision for Aberdeen Music Centre bands and orchestras. Without your help, the bands and orchestras will stop or the service will be seriously diminished. The bands will NOT be starting in the new academic year – not all of the parents and pupils involved have been made aware of this.

Music is vitally important for our city and our children. The Aberdeen Music Centre bands and orchestras have a rich tradition spanning more than 50 years.

To find out more about this campaign, please visit our website

9. Bring The Joanne World Tour to South Africa

In 2011 Lady Gaga when she was in South Africa with the Born This Way Ball, she promised to comeback... After in 2013/14, she had ARTRAVE: The ARTPOP Ball, which she didn't come to showcase in SA. Now in 2017 she is going on The Joanne World Tour and we are asking her and BIGCONCERTS for the tour to come to South Africa!

10. Harry Styles: Your South African fans are pleading for a tour in 2018.

Harry Styles need no introduction! Since he released his first solo album, his fan base in South Africa grew by the minute.

We are all familiar with Sign of The Times that's been playing on all the radio stations across SA!

If you have not heard the album, you should!

We are pleading for Harry to add South Africa to his tour dates in 2018.

Please help us by signing our petition!
Find us on Twitter: @HarryUpdatesSA

11. Want Jack White to play Ralph Peer in a biopic of the series "American Epic"

After watching the PBS series "American Epic," I'm astonished at the similarities between Jack White and A&R Executive Ralph Peer (who plays a significant role in the first part of the 3-part series) both in their physical appearance and entrepreneurial endeavors in the music business. This petition is to call for Third Man Records, Sundance/Robert Redford, and possibly Mike Zoss Productions to produce a biopic/fictionalized version of the series with Jack White in the role of Ralph Peer. While Jack White and Robert Redford are directly connected to the "American Epic" series, I've included The Coen Bros.' production team because of their wonderful take on the concept and era with the film "O Brother, Where Art Thou?"

12. Bring BTS to Edmonton

BTS is hugely popular in Edmonton, and they continue to get popular. With people spending so much money on Merchandise and constantly supporting BTS, a concert here will make money like crazy. If BTS decides to come here, people from all over Canada will come. Even from all over the word. People will go out of their way just for BTS. There is such a huge huge number of fans here and it's guaranteed we will sell out the stadium. It would be huge news that BTS would be officially the first Korean band to come to Edmonton and it will create a lot of buzz for our city. From old fans to new fans, so many people will come to their concert.

13. I'm So Sorry video

(I'm from Russia, so my English isn't very good. Sorry. Hope there isn't too many mistakes.)
"I'm So Sorry" is one of my (and not only my) favorite songs, and I think that song like it should have a video. I sometimes see comments like "Why didn't ID make I'm So Sorry music video?", so I decided to make a petition. I'm afraid that it won't make a difference, but everything is possible.

14. Bring Kpop to Europe

ALL Kpop Fans please help get KPOP to Europe! We need to all come together to show them that fans are here waiting to see them and it will not waste their time or money!!
Block B recently came to london and were a huge success. Sold out tickets for meet and greet and filled the troxy Venue!
There are so many Kpop fans in Europe that are constantly dissapointed by world tour releases and No mention of a European country. We are dedicated fans and would fly to any other European country to support our idols but to fly to America or Asia is just to far for an awful lot of us.
You have millions of fans here waiting to finally be apart of a concert thats not through a computer screen.


Nicki Minaj supports child rape by supporting her brother Jelani Maraj. Billboard must show their support by cancelling Nicki Minaj's performance at this year's Billboard Music Awards. This will send a strong message by not supporting those who use their finances to support a pedophile legal fees. This petition say we are not going to support pedophilia.


Eminem has not been in Toronto since 2014!? LETS GET ANOTHER EMINEM CONCERT IN CANADA ONTARIO EVERYONE!! I have to see Eminem live before I die, it's on my bucket-list, I assume I am not alone on that...

Share this petition!!!! WE NEED A CONCERT NOW!!!!!!!

17. More Music Classes

Trigg County High school only offers one music class, band, and it is only offered to those who have been in band since middle school. Our school should offer more than one music class to it's students. If while in high school a non band kid decides that they want to go into a music career they will be unable to take any classes for that field of study. Our school wants college and career readiness but without more music classes the people who want to go into this field will be disappointed and unprepared.

18. Save Five Towns College Summer Pops 2017

Five Towns College has offered a Summer Pops Band program under the direction of Dean Karahalis for the past eight years. The Summer Pops featured talented current students and alumni as well as community members. The group not only served as a place for musicians to sharpen their skills but also served as a networking opportunity between members. Unfortunately this summer the program is being cut. Please sign this petition to show how much this group is loved and how appreciative we are to be a part of it.

19. Get Lucy Spraggan played on radio

Lucy Spraggan has released 4 albums in total, 3 since her appearance on X Factor have all gone into the album charts in the top 20. However, her songs do not get played on commercial radio despite the obvious support given her album chart position and recent 13 date tour of the U.K., with a number of the venues sold out.
Lucy Spraggans music has affected my life in a positive way and has got me through some tough times in my life. This is my selfless act of kindness to say Thank You for getting me though the dark times. I want the radio stations to take notice and this petition is a way to show support for Lucy and her music.

20. Attila Tour: Come To Newcastle

Ok, we all know Attila is amazing. And their new album titled "Chaos" is bomb as. But there's one problem. They aren't doing a tour in Newcastle. Sure they're going to Birmingham, Bristol, Manchester and London, but not our Newcastle. And I have took this personally. Newcastle always puts on a show. So Attila, you wanna have one hell of a night? We're waiting.

21. Have all the old school TV shows, kids shows, cartoons, music awards, music videos and hard to find classics avalible to stream on TV streaming to watch

This is a petition for the FCC and cable networks to bring back all the greatest old school original classic TV shows, family shows, kids shows, cartoons, movies, music videos, music awards, old school concerts, classic NBA, MLB and NFL games and events; old school fifa soccer games, old school VH1 and MTV, the old Hanna Barbara cartoons, the classic Looney Toons cartoons, old Disney movies, old kids commercials, old cartoon commercials, classic commercials and all the greatest old school hard to find shows and specials from the 40s, 50, 60, 70s, 80s, 90s and early 2000s all available to stream and watch on Sling TV, Hulu, DirecTV streaming and all the other great streaming channel devices all in a library list with all the full episodes and seasons of all the old school shows that are not shown on TV no more.

And all the greatest old school full movies in an order list, all the old school cartoons and kids shows in a list with all the full episodes, all the Hanna Barbara and Looney Toons cartoons in list with all the full episodes, all the official old commercials, all the classic TV shows and family shows in a list with all the full episodes, all the best classic MTV and VH1 music videos in a list to watch and listen to.

All the old school game show full episodes in a list to watch, all the greatest old school MLB, soccer, NBA and NFL full games and events to watch and so much more greatest old school TV shows from the old school days that are all not shown on cable TV anymore. And even all the greatest shows, movies, cartoons and more from the 1930s and some of 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010 since they are a few fun and good shows from those years too, but nothing else after 2010 from 2011 to the present cause that was when TV sunk like the titanic imo. That way, us old school fans and kids who grew up watching the most heartwarming and fun shows and movies from the old school days can relive our memories and childhoods again. And so that kids and teens today who were not alive in the old school days and who didn't get a chance to watch them can also have a child and have a chance to watch them. And so today's youth and people will finally have respect, morals, good manners, love, friendship, caring, helping and bettering their lives with the real old school classics that teach good life lessons, real education, loving moments, friendship, imagination and more.

Make them all available on the new TV channel streaming devices in a menu list for us to watch and relive again as well as Saturday morning cartoons again too for $40 or $50 dollars a month. Or $60 dollars a month for all the classics and a few selected modern shows that are pretty good to watch too! And if it's possible, please remaster them all in clearer and higher picture quality or in 1080P plasma HD blu ray picture quality with HQ surround audio sound so that we can rewatch them better. Still bring back all the exact same old TV shows, movies, cartoons, kids shows and more back on streaming TV devices, just in better and clearer audio and Live picture quality if possible.

The shows, movies, cartoons, kids shows, sports, music videos, concerts and more we would like available to watch on streaming TV are the following:

Cartoons and kids shows:

Jem And The Holograms
Kids Incorporated
Kidsongs (PBS)
Doug (Nickelodeon)
Adventures In Wonderland (TV series)
Reading Rainbow
Captain Planet And The Planeteers
He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe
Sailor Moon
The Power Rangers (old Power Rangers)
Wishbone (PBS)
Disney's One Saturday Morning
The Magic School Bus
Tiny Toon Adventures
Pepper Ann
Tom And Jerry Kids Show
Double Dare
Eureeka's Castle
What Would You Do (Nickelodeon)
Rocko's Modern Life
Salute Your Shorts
Wimzie's House (PBS)
Hi-5 (both U.S. and Australian versions)
Zoom (PBS)
Are You Afraid Of The Dark
Clarissa Explains It All
Boy Meets World
Roundhouse (Nickelodeon)
Carmin Sandiego (PBS)
Bill Nye The Science Guy
Growing Pains
My Cousin Skeeter
80's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Global Guts
Animal Jam (Discovery Kids/Jim Henson)
Mr. Rogers Neighborhood
Adventures With Kanga Roddy (PBS)
Biker Mice From Mars
G.I. Joe
80's Transformers
Mickey Mouse Club MMC
Kidsongs TV Show (original from 1987-1989)
Fifteen (Nickelodeon)
The New Adventures Of Winnie The Pooh
School House Rock
Rocket Power
Gullah Gullah Island
Barney And Friends/Barney And The Backyard Gang (80's and 90's)
Lamb Chops Play Along (PBS)
Wild And Crazy Kids
Hey Dude
Ned's Newt
Big Bad Beetleborgs
Legends Of The Hidden Temple
Adventure Of Pete And Pete
The Secret World Of Alex Mack
The Babysitter's Club
The Tweenies (Noggin/Nickjr)
Theodore The Tugboat (PBS)
Big Comfy Couch (PBS)
Blue's Clues (Nickjr)
Even Stevens (Disney)
M.A.S.K (TV series)
The Puzzle Place (PBS)
Honey I Shrunk The Kids (TV series)
The Doodlebops
Jay Jay The Jetplane (PBS)
Bear In The Big Blue House (TV series)
Out Of The Box (TV series)
101 Dalmatians: The Series (Toon Disney)
Adventures Of Gummi Bears (Toon Disney)
Adventures Of Sonic The Hedgehog (Toon Disney)
Blazing Dragons (Toon Disney)
Bump In The Night (Toon Disney)
Care Bears (Toon Disney)
Chip N' Dale Rescue Rangers (Toon Disney)
Darkwing Duck (Toon Disney)
Donald Quack Attack (Toon Disney)
Ducktales (Toon Disney)
Fillmore (Toon Disney)
Gadget Boy And Heather (Toon Disney)
Gadget Boy's Adventure In History (Toon Disney)
Garfield And Friends (Toon Disney)
Goof Troop (Toon Disney)
Hello Kitty's Paradise (Toon Disney)
Hercules: The Animated Series (Toon Disney)
Jungleclubs (Toon Disney)
Lloyd In Space (Toon Disney)
Marsupilami (Toon Disney)
Mary-Kate And Ashley In Action (Toon Disney)
Mickey Mouse Works (Toon Disney)
New Archies (Toon Disney)
Quack Pack (Toon Disney)
Raw Toonage (Toon Disney)
Rupert (Toon Disney)
Sabrina The Animated Series (Toon Disney)
Sabrina's Secret Life (Toon Disney)
Super Dave (Toon Disney)
Talespin (Toon Disney)
Teacher's Pet (Toon Disney)
Teamo Supremo (Toon Disney)
The Littles (Toon Disney)
The Schnookums And Meat Funny Cartoon Show (Toon Disney)
The Weekenders (Toon Disney)
The Wizard Of Oz (Toon Disney)
The Wuzzles (Toon Disney)
Toad Patrol (Toon Disney)
Ultimate Book Of Spells (Toon Disney)
What's With Andy (Toon Disney)
What-a-Mess (Toon Disney)
Wild West Cowboys Of Moo Mesa (Toon Disney)
Wish Kid (Toon Disney)
Miffy And Friends (Noggin/Nickjr)
Adventures Of The Galaxy Rangers
Defenders Of The Earth
Oswald (Noggin/Nickjr)
Bloopy's Buddies (PBS)
Jayce And The Wheeled Warriors
Spiral Zone
Fraggle Rock
Sky Commanders
The Centurions
Ulysses 31
Visionaries: Knights Of The Magical Light
Speed Racer
Pinky And The Brain
Batman Beyond
Bugs N' Daffy
The Daffy Duck Show
The Cat and Bird Warneroonie Pinkybrainy Big Cartoonie Show
The New Batman Adventures
The New Batman/Superman Adventures
The Nightmare Room
Ozzy And Drix
Pinky, Elmyra and the Brain
Road Rovers
Shaggy and Scooby Doo get a clue
Static Shock
Superman: The animated series
The Sylvester and Tweety Mysteries
Teen Titans
That's Warner Bros
Tom and Jerry tales
What's New Scooby Doo?
The Zeta Project
The Wuzzles
Xiaolin Showdown
Pokemon (old Pokemon)
Mummies Alive
Sonic The Hedgehog
Sonic Underground
Dragon Ball Z
Colby's Clubhouse
CMJ Clubzone
Bob The Builder
Monkey Magic
Zoey 101
Hip Hop Harry (Discovery Kids)
The Wiggles (old Wiggles)
The Buddies (here
Fashion Magic
Sky Dancers
The Babysitter's Club
Purple Moon
Sabrina The Animated Series
Girls 20 Questions
Girl Talk Date Line
American Girl 300 Wishes
Lady LovelyLocks
Samurai Jack
Fashion Plates
King of the Hill (educational cartoon)
Doing Cartwheels Outside (girls)
Going to the Mall (girls)
Becoming Ballerinas (girls)
Sweet Valley High
Waterballoon Fights
Girl Talk 1995 Edition
Clueless CD-ROM
Let's Talk About Me!
Let's Talk About Me! Too
Teen Digital Diva
Teen Digital Diva II
McKenzie & Co. CD-ROM
Girl Talk CD-ROM
Playing Truth or Dare
Philips CD-I (multimedia system)
Girl's Club (CD-I)
Floating Down the Lazy River
Going to Limited Too
Dazzeloids CD-ROM
Take Five CD-ROM
Playing Baseball
Playing Softball
Playing Soccer
Ice Skating
Playing LEGOs
Giving Makeovers (girls)
and many more!

Family shows and TV shows:

Family Matters
Full House
Home Improvement
Married With Children
Who's The Boss?
The Facts Of Life
Step By Step
7th Heaven
Touched By An Angel
Growing Pains
Different Strokes
Good Times
Sanford And Son
Wonder Woman
The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air
Living Single
It's A Different World
The Golden Girls
Little House House On The Prarie/Little House: A New Beginning
The Rifle Man
Angels: The Mysterious Messenger (NBC)
The Bill Cosby Show
Remington Steele
Happy Days
Three's Company
The X-Files (original 90s TV series)
Xena: Warrior Princess
Legend Of The Seeker
I love Lucy
The Munsters
The Addams Family
and many, many more!

I know there are over 100 different great old school classic TV shows, family shows movies, pro sports, cartoons, music videos, music awards, VH1, MTV and more from the 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and early 2000s that we're cancelled and are not on cable TV anymore. And it'll take to long to name and list them all, so I'll put some article links and videos to show you some examples. And while you're at it, please also make streaming and downloading online music videos and songs available on Sling TV, Roku cable, DirecTV streaming, iTunes TV, Hulu and all the other brand new TV streaming devices too with Apple IPhone technology, picture quality, features and audio quality so that we may watch our favorite music videos and listen to our favorite songs in a library folder list too. And also, make all the classic movies, sports, cartoons, kids shows, music awards, music videos, MTV, VH1 and concert events all in a main menu list in order to select and watch along with special features. Something like this for example:

(Classic Main Menu Category Selection)

Sports: This category selection will have and show all the streamed classic NBA games, MLB games, NFL games, soccer games, old school wrestling full episodes and pay per views such as ( 80s and 90s WWF, WWF/WWE Attitude Era and Ruthless Aggression Era, old WCW wrestling, WCW: Monday NITRO and WCW: Thunder, 80s NWA wrestling, old school NJPW and Japanese pro wrestling, old AWA wrestling, old TNA from 2002-2009, wrestling society x, WWE Saturday Night Velocity, WWE Sunday Night Heat and more). All available to watch in live quality. As well as ROH wrestling, west coast wrestling connection and a few more too.

Movies: this selection category will have and show all of everyone's favorite old school original full movies in all genre types including sports movies all in live quality. Movies that are not shown on cable TV anymore and movies that are rarely shown on cable TV.

MTV and VH1: this selection category will feature and show all the greatest original music videos, music events and more of the old MTV and VH1 in HQ quality or in blu ray 1080P HD quality and HQ surround audio sound.

Kids shows: this selection category will have and show all the old school original childhood kids shows not shown on cable TV no more such as Gullah Gullah Island, The Kidsongs, The Kidsongs: TV show, Kids Incorporated, the all the Mickey mouse club: MMC, the Babysitter's club, Luzzie McGuire, Even Stevens, goosebumps, the old power rangers and all the childhood classic kids shows all streamed and available to select and watch all the full episodes and seasons in order in live excellent quality along with the special features.

Cartoons: this category selection will have and show all the original old school childhood cartoons that are not shown on cable TV anymore such as the original 90s/early 2000s pokemon, captain planet and the planeteers, 90s sailor moon, the mummies, he-man and the masters of the universe, 80s jem and the holograms, sky commanders, adventures of the galaxy rangers, spiral zone, 80s transformers, bravestarr, defenders of the earth, rugrats, hey arnold, pepper ann, Clifford the big red dog, Anne of green gables: the animated series and all the old school original cartoons all streamed and available to watch in live crystal clear quality with all the seasons, full episodes and special features.

Music videos: this selection category will have and show all the greatest old school mainstream full official music videos, one hit wonder music videos, 90s classic eurodance music videos and many more that are not shown on cable TV music channels anymore in digitally remastered blu ray and 1080P HD picture quality and HQ surround audio sound. With all the special features.

Music concerts: This selection category will feature and show all the biggest, greatest and loudest old school bomb concerts, music concerts, super bowl halftime performances, music tours and more from the 80s, 90s and early 2000s by all the greatest old school one hit wonder legend artists and bands. And some concerts before the 80s too all in Crystal clear picture quality and HQ surround audio sound to watch and relive.

Music awards: and finally, this selection category will feature show and all the greatest five star original music and grammy awards from the old days of music, from the old school VH1, from the old school MTV and more by all the greatest original legendary mainstream music artists and bands. As well and extra special features in crystal clear picture quality and HQ surround audio sound available to select and watch again.

And one more thing. Also make an online YouTube app and Google app included in all the TV streaming services with all classic these movies, shows, sports and music for people to search for more of their favorite specific and proper classic shows, movies and more so that they can include them too if there are some they can't find in the streaming devices and packages. And make an mp3 music library in the streaming TV services like iTunes TV where people can stream and download their favorite album songs, special music, soundtrack songs and more and listen to them on their TV's too in a library folder list of songs that can fit thousands of songs and more in it.

Doing all of this and allowing all these classics and childhood memories to be included on all TV streaming services and available to stream, download and watch on TV in live crystal clear quality will really, really make you TV company people huge money and deep pockets every month and every year in each future generation! Just imagine how many five star rated viewers you people will get and gain back everyday worldwide and in the USA with something special and outstanding like this? You business people will never start losing ratings and lots of viewers again. And you 'll all help start another original old school boom period in the world, in music, on TV and in everything again and help bring back the old school days into the future decades and more. So please don't pass up this great opportunity and idea I'm offering you TV people. Make all of these available to stream, download, listen to and watch on TV for $40, $50 or $60 dollars a month for all of these old classics and even some handpicked and selected good modern shows and movies that are good today too (since there are only very few good shows and movies of today).

Try this offer to people nationwide for one decade (10 years) and see what success and kind of ratings in will bring in and draw. If it turns out successful, makes big cash and it brings in high ratings and a huge ton of viewers everyday, then you can keep this feature available for everyone to watch and have, and for you to offer permanently or for long as possible. But if for some reasons, it doesn't have much luck and no success, and if it makes very little money, gets low ratings and very low viwership: Then you can cancel it after 10 years and just stick to the current TV streaming channels, movies and services of today that you're all currently offering. But I'm sure everyone in the entire world WILL love having all the old school classics and original on streaming TV services and devices to watch and listen too again though! So it's always worth a try you know. It will be just like having a collection of dvds, music CDs and blu ray discs with all your favorite songs, movies, TV shows, music videos and more to watch and listen to. Only this time, they'll all be on streaming TV to have and watch for life. And to listen to for life as well for an affordable monthly budget price!

So let's all REALLY take back television and relive all of our original childhood classics to listen to and watch again so that TV will be fun and out of this world again like it used to be back in the old school days. Please give this idea of mine's a try and let us relive our childhoods and give all the youths and people of today who we're not alive in the old school days a chance to see our golden era childhood classics too. Thank you and I'll put some links below. Big love!

video link examples

article link examples

22. Bring back music channel playing only music videos

Please bring back the music video. There are many music channels on TV, rarely any play music we need a channel just for current & classic music videos.

23. Nominate IFCO into Country Music Hall of Fame

Despite having a history of their own that easily rivals some of the biggest names in Nashville, they remained unassuming, gentle souls (albeit with an outrageous sense of humor and always at the ready for mischief). As co-presidents of IFCO, the only fan club monitoring organization in the world, they were the dedicated voice of the fans, and the artists, for more than forty years.

In 1968, four years before the first Fan Fair, the sisters held the first annual IFCO Show. It wasn't just a showcase for the artists, it was also a chance for the fans to meet their favorite artists and get an autograph. This event gave birth to what eventually became known as Fan Fair and is now the CMA Fest. They were also one of the first music related businesses to claim an address on the World Wide Web.

The Johnson sisters were such an integral part of the country music industry and the concept that has grown to be called CMA Music Fest can be traced back to these three utterly disarming, totally charming, wildly-whacked-out, funny, unassuming, promotional genii. They were the Yin to Nashville's Yang. If you are looking for the true heart of country music, look no further than Loudilla, Loretta, and Kay, the incredible Johnson sisters. They impacted Nashville in a way that ensures they should never be forgotten and I, for one, would like to see them inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame. If you agree with me, please sign this petition.

24. Bring Garth Brooks to CMC Rocks 2018

CMC Rocks is Australia's Biggest International Country & Roots Festival & just celebrated it's 10th Year. We'd like to see Garth Brooks kick off the next decade of Country Music celebrations.

25. Re Open Historic Studio 14 NOW as A Safe Arts Space!

Studio 14 is a 28 year old, fully sprinklered Music and Artist space that was recently shut down by Baltimore City. Since then, we have hired a Fire Prevention Engineer to help guide us through the process of being compliant.It is his opinion that we should have never been shut down, but that time was needed as usual in these cases, to correct issues. Major improvements have been made. Life safety engineered plans have been submitted, Upgraded sprinkler heads on an already and continuously operating system were replaced.
It is the opinion from our FPE that the major Egress hallways are compliant, the sprinkler system to code and at least partial occupancy should be granted.

With your support we hope to convince the City that many Artist have been displaced and to give them back their home.


26. Songwriters to Big Tech: Stop Fighting Us in CRB

The National Music Publishers' Association (NMPA) represents U.S. music publishers and their songwriting partners. The NMPA, along with the Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI), is currently facing Google, Apple, Amazon, Spotify and Pandora in the Copyright Royalty Board proceedings that will determine how songwriters are paid for the next five years.

Songwriters must stand up to Big Tech and demand that they stop fighting to pay even lower royalties to the music creators who fuel their businesses. We must unite our voices by signing on to this letter.

27. More Student Input and Opportunity in the Greenbrier Marching Band

Standing under the football stadium lights and playing stand tunes, marching on the practice field every Tuesday and Thursday, practicing the show every Friday on the football field, and performing it at a competition the next night is the marching band experience. We breathe, play, sing, perform, struggle, and succeed together. Last year we did not place in our class in the Northeast High School competition and we felt that shame together. Every hardship faced from our humble beginnings at first-year marcher clinics to our last band camp is worth the best performances and musical growth. The breathtaking moment in 2015 when we placed in finals was worth every calf raise, lap, push up, crab step, fall, and all the frustration at our instructors. Victory comes gradually, first through the small breakthroughs, such as hitting that set you always miss or playing your first note louder than anything you have played before. When individual triumphs combine, success is created and the evidence is distinct and substantial. Currently, the band faces two main challenges: learning to respect and agree with a new band director and coping with the loss of the current seniors. Without coming to an agreement about the direction of the season, we could face dropouts, making the second challenge significantly more difficult to overcome as there will be fewer marchers to replace the old members. Disagreement can also potentially lead to another year of a dysfunctional band and overall agitation. Both band parents and students agree that they deserve to have input as to how often they can compete, what they play, and how their last band camp will be, especially the upcoming seniors and senior parents. This is why we students have started this petition, to voice our concerns and hopefully come to an agreement on these and any other pressing issues.

28. Stop Facebook live ban

Every time someone uses their Facebook live they seam fit to remove and block the video while banning you from using the feature. Sign the petition to make aware that this is annoying and wrong!

29. Hire Weird Al For Super Bowl 2018

For most fans of American football, the halftime shows have become stale with the yearly rotation of pop music, hundreds of dancers on the field and fireworks. It's gotten to be a parody of itself. So why not go all out with the King of Parody, Weird Al?

The list of songs from his decades long career with the opportunity to have him joined onstage with the original artist as well as the costuming and just plain old fun that his performance would bring would make everyone smile. Isn't sports supposed to be fun? So let's have a little!

30. Bring the Scorpions to Ireland

The Scorpions have been performing for 50 years now and have performed on all the continents and in many obscure countries in this time. There are many fans of the band here in Ireland, myself among them that would love to get a chance to see them perform in Ireland. I myself have travelled to many countries, spending a lot of time and money to see them play live. Lets bring them here to meet us as we have gone abroad to see them.