For over 60 years, the young women who were forced into sexual slavery lived with the shame attached to the ordeal.

This caused many to conceal their past and only recently a few of them have come forward and speak out against the atrocities they experienced.

For too long, this dark spot of history has been largely glossed over or ignored by Japan.

As MPs, you must help us tell the Government of Japan, a friend and ally of Canada, to acknowledge and accept the responsibility for its past actions as it attempts to maintain a good relationship with its neighbors in the Pacific and with Canada.

Human rights are universal and transcend geographic boundaries. As a member of the international community in good standing, Canada has been loud and clear in condemnation of human rights violations wherever they occur. As Canadians, we are proud of and applaud our government's firm expression of our Canadian values.

Only through action of the international community, such as the passing of Motion 291 in our Parliament, would the Japanese government realize that their behavior is not welcome. Japan will re-gain trust and respect only if they learn from the actions of post-war Germany in true remorse of their wartime atrocities.

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