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1. Would you be interesting in Barrie to Toronto and back express van service?

We are asking the question. Would you be interested in a Barrie to Toronto and back express van service? The bus service will be an all day service from morning rush hour to late evening service.

2. Demand the Trudeau Government Reverse Approval of All New Pipelines

Last fall at the end of several processes, the decision about whether or not to approve certain new pipeline infrastructure projects that would expand the tar sands, increase tanker traffic on Canada’s west coast, and triple the amount of oil being transported per day fell into the hands of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Despite country-wide opposition in the form of protests, candlelight vigils, and sit-ins in the offices of various Ministers of Parliament, our Prime Minister decided to speak for Big Oil instead of Canadian citizens, and went ahead with the projects.

In approving both the Trans Mountain expansion and the Line 3 pipeline, the Trudeau government has abandoned its commitment to building a nation-to-nation relationship with First Nations communities. Although the United Nations Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) requires free, prior and informed consent, and over 60 First Nations have signed a treaty opposing tar sands expansion, these promises of reconciliation continue to be ignored. The approval of these pipelines also abandons the Paris climate agreements of working to stave off serious effects of climate change by reducing global greenhouse gas emissions significantly before 2050.

We understand the purported economic benefits for Canada, but those benefits are short term and do not ensure environmental stability. We need to encourage a rapid transition to green and clean energy now in order to secure a livable future for our children and the rest of the biosphere. Prime Minister Trudeau needs to show that he cares about the people living on Turtle Island (North America), that he is committed to indigenous reconciliation, and that he will stand up and be a climate leader. Enough empty promises, time for our government to take action.

3. Please help preserve Queen West

The City of Toronto did not approve this application for a 15-story condo and commercial building at Portland Street and Richmond Street West. The developers are now appealing to the Ontario Municipal Board, who often looks past the quiet little street directly impacted and makes their decision from statistics compiled from tall buildings blocks away!

In this case, we are attempting to preserve this tiny neighborhood by asking the Ontario Municipal Board to limit the height of a proposed huge new building - below the Loblaws building at Portland Street and Richmond Street West. Please do not let this huge building stomp on our heritage and history, and obliterate the sky from those living in the quaint 2-story 'workers rowhouses' on Portland Street and the modern 8-story condos nearby.

All Toronto residents are invited to vote for our proposed restrictions. If you ever drive or walk down Portland Street this affects you, too!

Thank you
Portland Area Residents Association.

4. No place to go : Let's stop the homeless youth epidemic

It is estimated that there are at least 10,000 homeless youth in Toronto during any given year and as many as 2,000 on a given night. This is an unseen epidemic that often goes under the radar.

Did you know that 30 percent of homeless youth have been involved in some form of the sex trade? That about half of street youth surveyed said they had stolen food and eaten food that had been thrown out. That 23 percent of the young women and 11 percent of the young men said they’d resort to trading sex for food. these youth have no voice, we need to be this voice for them.

We want to and need to change this. Please help us in signing this petition that will go directly to Toronto Mayor John Tory and his council.

5. Crosswalks save lives! Remembering Jamie Hayes.

On October 10 2015, at 7:25 pm there was a tragic accident taking the life of my 20 year old brother, my parent's son, and my children's uncle. After going to the site of the accident it dawned on me. There are no crosswalks. The lights are so far away. It is "easier" to jaywalk. How many lives have to be taken before we as a community have to take a stand?

Leaving the site I drove around the two subdivisions on either side of the accident site. Only to see basketball nets, kids toys, swings. How many kids get off that bus at rush hour to go to their homes? How many ALMOST get hit. Let's all come together and make a stand and protect our children.

I am asking for a signature for support to do what we can to stop this from happening again. I am sure that many are aware of the growing memorial located at deerfoot road and Islington avenue. That is only a taste of the grieving. With a funeral of roughly 300 people, leaving behind 2 parents, 2 sisters, and two nephews and amazing friends and family.

Assist me in making a difference!

6. Support for Toronto Star reporter Catherine Porter

Letter to the Editor

We are writing a letter of support for Catherine Porter who we understand is going through a difficult period as a result of the column that she wrote on July 6, 2015 about her encounter with Ezra Levant.

Women Speak Out is a leadership training program for women like us who have been marginalized by poverty, homelessness, mental health issues, addiction, violence and newcomer/refugee challenges. Catherine has come to our groups many times over the years, sat with us as we shared our stories, our dreams and our boxes of Kleenex. She has always shown empathy and integrity in her interactions with us and in how she has presented our issues to the public.

We have so much appreciated her presence in our lives and would like to remind everyone that we are all human, we all make mistakes, and, as we know from our own experiences, recognizing honest mistakes can be an opportunity to learn and grow stronger.

7. Reduce income inequality in Toronto to allow better living standards

We are a group of Centennial College students and we have an assignment that is focusing on advocating a cause of our choice. And we are petitioning our City of Toronto to create awarenesss regarding the difference between high end living and lower class living.

Through this research, our group noticed specific grocery stores that have been placed in certain areas which aren't affordable for lower income families. It is unfortunate that the City of Toronto has also placed government housing condos in a high end area in downtown Toronto while also having expensive grocery stores around that area.

Our group is advocating to help citizens live a comfortable and appropriate lifestyle.

Please help us bring awareness to our issue also address or concerns to the public.


Thank you for helping us bring awareness.

8. Ontario Catholic Teachers' Union Must Withdraw from Pride Parade

The Ontario English Catholic Teachers’ Association (OECTA) announced plans to march in the World Pride Parade in Toronto on June 29, 2014, to “show its support for Gay-Straight Alliances (GSAs) and its lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, two-spirited and queer (LGBTTQ) members.”

WHEREAS: This decision appears to reflect an attempt to disregard, publicly, Church teaching on the practice of homosexuality. The parade exists to celebrate homosexual practices, (as distinct from homosexual inclinations) which are contrary to the Catechism’s authoritative teaching.

WHEREAS: Those who teach opinions opposed to the teachings of the Magisterium are entitled to receive a just punishment from their bishop according to Canon 1371.

WHEREAS: This decision appears to willfully mislead the views of the children entrusted to the care of Catholic teachers, and sets the example that dissent can and should be openly practiced.

WHEREAS: This decision appears to support Catholic students in sexual activity outside of marriage, contrary again to authoritative Church teaching.

WHEREAS: This decision appears to mislead the public in terms of what Catholics generally, and Catholic teachers specifically, hold true.

WHEREAS: Giving the impression that the Catholic Church condones participation in gay-activist events scandalizes the faithful.

WHEREAS: This decision makes Catholic teachers appear complicit with the number of unlawful activities (public nudity, lewd behavior, etc…) which take place at every parade.

WHEREAS: This decision appears to further erode the legitimate distinction between the Catholic and public school systems.

9. Eminem please come to Toronto!

The closest Eminem has been to Toronto was Osheaga 2011. I am tired of travelling to see the man.

Come to Toronto! You have so many fans here that are dying to see you!

10. Rob Ford Reality TV Show

Rob Ford is endlessly entertaining. Unfortunately, the authorities and concerned citizens are threatening to shut down the party.

This petition asks that Mr. Ford to immediately begin wearing a GoPro mini cam everywhere he goes. We must capture this final year for posterity!

Ideally the captured footage would be streamed, uncut 24/7 on the city's otherwise boring and useless website.

11. Deny access to publications advertising pornography and/or prostitution to people under the age of majority

Toronto newspapers that are free and readily available are advertising pornography and or prostitution.

12. Have the Ontario Municipal Board be made up of elected officials

The members of the Ontario Municipal Board are appointed by Ontario's Attorney General John Gerretsen. This organization can over rule elected politicians and in turn not follow the will of the people.

Members of the OMB should be elected to ensure they are accountable to the people.

13. Stop Scotiabank and the City Of Toronto from Stealing Our Festival

The Caribana™ Carnival in Toronto was created in 1967 by the Caribana™ Cultural Committee (C.C.C), now known as the Caribana™ Arts Group (C.A.G.). It is the largest cultural festival in North America and was created to commemorate Canada’s centennial independence celebration, by a group of West Indian immigrants living in Ontario, Canada.

Throughout the years, the founders made tremendous sacrifices to keep the festival alive despite the many adversities they faced, including bankruptcy. Others even lost their homes as a result of repossession by financial institutions when they could not repay the loan borrowed to run the festival. Needless to say, the Caribana™ creators got little or no financial help from the City of Toronto or any government entity when they started, which continued for many years. Despite their many pitfalls and lack of funding, the founders still held on to their visions and dreams and continued to risk all they had to ensure the Caribbean culture was showcased during the summer months when the festival called Caribana™ was held.

Ironically, the festival has now been usurped by one of Canada’s largest financial institution called Scotiabank, and the City of Toronto, through one of the city’s management company call the Festival Management Committee (F.M.C). The takeover was arranged when the City of Toronto, in 2006, offered to assist the C.C.C. with expertise advise in areas they were lacking. This arrangement was accepted when the C.C.C experienced certain challenges, some of which resulted from inadequate funding, so they thought this gesture was genuine and in good faith. Eventually the C.C.C agreed to allow the FMC to manage the festival for a year and helped augment their operations. Afterwards, the festival was to be returned to the C.C.C. management control, but this did not happen.
The C.A.G has requested the return of the festival many times or asked the FMC to enter into a licensing agreement, but their requests have been ignored by a group some people in the community have labeled “the de facto group.” Subsequently, the C.A.G took the initiative to pursue legal action to reclaim the festival and in May 2011, the Ontario Superior Court ruled the name Caribana ™ is a trademark that could no longer be used by Scotiabank and the FMC. With that ruling, the “de facto group” was forced to change the name and renamed it Scotiabank Toronto Caribbean Carnival.

An article in the Toronto Star in May 2011, stated, “An Ipsos Reid study released April (2010) showed Caribana generated $483 million for the provincial economy in 2009, drawing about 1.2 million festival-goers, including 300,000 from outside the country.” Maybe, the biggest question that needs to be answered is, who requested this study? Was it because of these astounding figures, Scotiabank and the City of Toronto do not want to return the festival to its rightful owners? After managing the festival successfully for almost 40 years, why do the City of Toronto, Scotiabank and the FMC now believe C.A.G is incompetent to manage it?

There is no doubt the festival belongs to the C.A.G, who demonstrated resilience throughout the years in promoting the Caribbean culture, even during the most tumultuous times. Scotiabank, by virtue of their actions, seems to be exercising organizational colonialism, which must be condemned. This is an unprecedented action taken by a large city in an advance democratic country. Where is Scotiabank and the City of Toronto ethics and social responsibly?

If anyone was to take away any property of Scotiabank or the City of Toronto, they might be charged for illegal possession of the property and possibly called a thief. Why does Scotiabank believe after all the sacrifices made over the years by members of the Caribana™ Arts Group and the Caribbean Community, the City of Toronto now has the right to take their festival away and let them claim it as their own? Hmm…Bully? Furthermore, under any other circumstances would this not be considered stealing?

14. Vote "yes" to Toronto Catholic Ban on Gay Straight Alliances

WHEREAS: The provincial government is breaking the law by violating s. 93 of the Constitution, which enshrines the denominational rights of the Catholic schools.

AND WHEREAS: Decisions from the Privy Council all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada have affirmed the responsibility of Catholic officials to provide Catholic teachings in Catholic schools.

AND WHEREAS: Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) clubs promote a positive view of homosexual activity, which undermines Catholic teaching on chastity and marriage.

AND WHEREAS: The Church’s solution to bullying is being ignored and Church teaching is being undermined by these clubs. Cardinal Thomas Collins put it this way: “So the key issue is not just the [GSA] name itself, but the content connected with the name” (“Observations on a recent change in government policy re: proposed anti-bullying legislation,” May 28, 2012 [press release]).

AND WHEREAS: Trustees must protect Catholic school principals from being forced to betray their Catholic values.

AND WHEREAS: Defining the terms of reference of the anti-bullying clubs in the Toronto Catholic District School Board is the responsibility of the Board of Trustees and is currently being left to front line administrators. This is compromising these administrators’ conscience rights.


Every day we hear about the bad in the world, and any man or women can see that we are living in the bottleneck of war. It is at this point in our global society where every man and woman should have a gun.

I'm not an american, nor do i agree with everyone having a gun at all times. This is because not everyone needs a gun at all times. With the situation in the wold only growing more dire and closer to war ever day i propose that every man & woman 20 and over should be provided with a 9mm pistol in times of crisis. While the military is off at war who is protecting you at home? There is no one stopping someone from coming into our home with their gun and taking advantage of you and your child. Some people may think putting guns on the streets of Canada is just adding to the problem when there is clearly enough death on our streets. This is the thing there are already guns on the streets in the hands of BAD people what's wrong with giving those perfectly SANE perfectly responsible people a gun in a time of crisis.

I and many people who i have spoken to believe that at the age of 19 you should be properly trained to use a gun, and given your licence, NOT YOUR WEAPON. this is just one of the precautions that we would have to take. Plus all guns will be registered, guns are not cheap, but whats more important than the protection of our citizens and our families... i cant think of anything, can you ? the gist of what i'm saying is that every man at the age of 19 should be properly trained and given a gun. This gun will be kept in a designated place their should be a few in each city so your gun is no more then 20 minutes away from your home closer would be better, This will ensure that these guns are not used to commit acts of unrighteous unjustifiably violence. their may come a time when everyone wishes this had been made a right but by then it would have been to late, whats wrong with this idea no one gets their gun to walk the streets, and you cannot pick up your fire-arm unless we are in a time of crisis.

What justifies crisis WILL need to be reevaluated. But as the president of the NRA in America said "we already know the bad guys have guns, whats wrong with putting a gun in the hands of good, trained, men and women in a crisis. i cant find an reason why this is a bad idea but then again everyone is entitled to their opinion.

16. Stop the Deportation of Augustas Dennie

Stop the Deportation of Toronto Queer Rights Activist Augustas Dennie!


Community rallies behind gay-bashed refugee facing deportation

Friends and supporters of Augustas Dennie will gather at the 519 Community Centre on November 1, 2012 to make a last ditch effort to stay his deportation to St. Vincent and Grenadines, which he escaped after being beaten for being gay. Since his arrival in Canada, Augustas has become an integral part of Toronto's Black Gay community, volunteering at the Black Coalition for Aids Prevention, Rainbow Health Network and building friendships and community.

Augustas fled to Canada in 2010, seeking safety from his attackers who, in 2009, beat him with a bottle of Hennessy cognac fracturing his skull and leaving him with memory loss, seizures, and limited function in his right hand. Most recently the same attacker has threatened Augustas' life if he returns to St.Vincent and the Grenadines. His deportation date has been set for Thursday November 8th and friends and community members call on the government to stay his deportation.

17. Do not close Beach Fairway - Toronto's last grass golf practice facility

Beach Fairway Golf Range is the last green-grass practice facility in Toronto. Our facility is scheduled to close permanently on October 31, 2012, as the land-owner, the City of Toronto, has decided to terminate the lease of the land in order to build housing and retail.

Beach Fairway is well-used and unique in the services it offers. In addition to individuals, families and schools, regular visitors to the Range include physically and mentally challenged youth and adults, recovering brain-injured patients, and visually impaired athletes—groups that are greatly under-served in sports and outdoor activity in general.

Toronto currently has 364 multi purpose fields, 314 baseball diamonds and soon to be zero full service golf driving ranges.

Keep golf in the city and renew the Beach Fairway Golf Range lease.

18. Reinstate and keep the second Friday prayers at Madina Mosque

The Madina Mosque of Toronto is proposing to cancel the second Friday (jumma) prayers.

This second instalment of jumma was instated (quite a few years back) to encourage, attract and engage the youth of the muslim community.

The timing was critically set in agreement with a few of the community high schools to address the fact that muslim children were absent from school Friday afternoons in order to attend prayers. There was considerable work, effort and negotiation undertaken to address the needs of our youth, the education system and the Prophetic traditions.

This second jumma is critical element of a muslim youth who can partake in the mandatory faith practice while not forego their educational needs.

19. Save the Canada Day Fireworks at Ontario Place!

For many years, Ontario Place has hosted a fantastic display of fireworks over Lake Ontario to celebrate Canada Day.

This year, 2012, the fireworks display has been cancelled.

We would like to see the fireworks display reinstated at Ontario Place so that we do not lose the celebratory nature of this significant cultural event.

20. Stop Increased Night Flights at Toronto Pearson Airport

The Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA) which operates Pearson International Airport is seeking a "modest" increase in the number of flights that takeoff and land at Toronto Pearson between 12:30 AM and 6:30 AM.

While this request would be to the financial benefit of the airport and airline carriers, the detriment to local residents in the forms of sleep disturbance, other health effects and lower property values significantly outweighs any perceived benefits.


An initial petition and comments were submitted to Transport Canada, the Minister, MPs and local officials in mid-December. An updated petition was also submitted on January 22nd.

We will keep the petition open until a final decision has been made by Transport Canada.

Thank you once again for your support and comments!


21. The Intensification of High Park

In June 2010, it was announced that a condominium building would be constructed on Bloor Street (which is the northern edge of High Park), between Pacific Ave and Oakmount Road. We do not object to having a condo building on this site.

However, in the past 16 months, we have been trying to tell the developer and City Planning that the building which they propose is far too tall and, being constructed largely of glass, would have a negative environmental impact on the park.

The project architects have modified the design, but their modifications are just variations on the same theme: too tall, too much glass, and a wrong fit for this area.

If this building design is approved, it will set a precedent for more tall buildings along Bloor Street. We do not want to see a row of high-rise buildings crowding the park.

Intensification has come to High Park. The time to act is now. THIS building is the turning point. THIS building will set the standard for all the condo buildings which will follow it, along the edge of the park and further west along Bloor. Your signature has power. Please join us.

Question: How high is 25 meters?
Answer: 8 storeys.

(Note: when you sign this petition, your street address and email address will always be hidden. You may also choose to conceal your name.)

This Is My Park is a committee of the High Park
Residents' Association.

22. Petition to Mayor Rob Ford and Toronto City Council to Support Lawrence Heights Revitalization

The Lawrence Heights community is home to a diverse and vibrant population of hard working families with young children, a large youth population and senior residents. It is also a community facing significant challenges including isolation, poor housing conditions, community safety issues, and limited transportation access, lack of parks and community facilities and limited social and economic resources.

Since 2008, residents of Lawrence Heights and our neighbours have been working with the City of Toronto, Toronto Community Housing, local school Boards, community organizations and other stakeholders. We have participated in hundreds of community meetings to develop a vision for a renewed Lawrence Heights. On July 6th 2010, with near unanimous support, City Council voted to proceed with a plan for the revitalization of the Lawrence-Allen community.

Our vision is for a healthy, vibrant and mixed community with good quality housing for people from a variety of backgrounds. A community with social, recreational and economic opportunities for all who live in the Lawrence-Allen area. A community that is well integrated with surrounding neighbourhoods, supported by good community and physical infrastructure and close to transit.

Over the last year, we worked with Councillor Colle and neighbours in the Lawrence-Allen area to further improve the plan. In June 2011, Councillor Colle brought forward “A New Vision for the redevelopment of Lawrence Heights”, with recommendations for the Secondary Plan that reflected community input.

After three years of community involvement in developing a plan for Lawrence-Allen, our community is now more engaged than ever. With the approval of the Secondary Plan at City Council in November, we look forward to moving ahead with the much needed revitalization of our community. It is in this shared vision that we write you today.

23. Give Caribana Back to the Community

In 1967 a group of visionaries from the Caribbean community formed the Caribbean Cultural Committee(CCC) and created, organized and presented the internationally recognized festival CARIBANA™ in Toronto Canada.

This festival has developed into the largest street festival in North America injecting over $400 million into the local economy annually. In 2006 the City of Toronto withheld funding for the festival from the CCC and transferred the funding to the Toronto Mas Bands Association(TMBA) and appointed Joe Halstead as head of a Festival Management Committee(FMC) to oversee the governance and finances of the annual festival.

An agreement was made between the CCC, the TMBA and the FMC for the FMC to manage the festival for one year ending December 31st 2006 under the guise of Joe Mihevic. Since then the FMC nor the City has returned the funding of the festival to the creators and operators for 39 years the CCC now the CARIBANA™ Arts Group(CAG). Negotiations have been going on for over 3 years for an official licencing agreement with the FMC to manage the festival however they would not agree to the CAG's terms.

The FMC has chosen to call the CARIBANA™ festival by a different name and operate it without a licencing agreement after the CAG was forced to take the matter to Ontario Superior Court to protect its trademark and stop unauthorized use of the name CARIBANA™. Appeals have been made to Toronto City Councillors to address the issue yet there has been no response. This community event has been transferred to another organization and has put a halt to 43 years of cultural tradition that the CARIBANA™ festival brings to Toronto. Give Back CARIBANA™ to the Community, it's rightful owners. The CARIBANA™ festival is the cultural, social and economic medium that the Caribbean's in Canada created to express their cultural heritage and affect positive change within the Caribbean community.

Scotiabank became title sponsor of the festival in 2008 through the FMC and is aware of the history and significance of the CARIBANA™ Festival, as it was called Scotiabank CARIBANA™ from 2008-2010. The City of Toronto, the FMC and Scotiabank should have assisted the CARIBANA™ Arts Group in expanding the CARIBANA™ festival. What has happened now is that the parent body of the CARIBANA™ festival has been left out to dry after creating a festival that has injected over $20 billion in economic activity during it's existence to the City of Toronto, the Province of Ontario and the Country of Canada.

Give the CARIBANA™ festival back to it's rightful owners.

24. SOS - Save Our Schedule - Via Rail Commuters

We the users of the Via Rail commuter service in the Windsor-Toronto corridor were recently informed of the possible change in schedule of train 75 to a later time.

This change would be very inconvenient for those who wish to return to their families in the evening at a reasonable time.

25. Stop the Privatization of Toronto Community Housing: Invest in Affordable Housing!

To Rob Ford and the Toronto City Councillors,

We, the residents and the workers of Toronto Community
Housing Corporation (TCHC), and their supporters, are
demanding a halt to the privatization the TCHC.

Privatization of the TCHC would place our community in
the hands of big business profiteers who would likely
increase rent, neglect their obligations to repairs and layoff
maintenance staff as to increase their profits. Furthermore,
privatization can mean the widespread destruction of our
housing to build condo or other commercial enterprises.

Canadians have a right to affordable and quality housing.
This means that beyond just preventing privatizations, we
need a massive increase in funding to public housing. We
must end repair backlogs, decrease rent rates, provide
adequate subsidies to those in need and massively expand
the TCHC. The expansion of housing would provide
tremendous employment, particularly for local youth, and
must be paid at union wages.

In light of the recent scandal, we believe that TCHC
tenants are best able to end corruption or any abuses of
power thought direct democratic control. No to corporate
ownership! For democratic tenants control of the TCHC!

26. Save Eva's Phoenix


The Land Eva's is built on has been recognized as surplus and relocation plans are underway. It will cost a lot of money to rebuild the shelter and I am asking all friends of Eva's Phoenix if they are willing to offer support by emailing the mayor and city officials as well as coming to the Government Management committee meeting on Wed November 9th at 930am. You can simply show up to offer support or you can sign up to speak and depute by emailing your name and address to

This issue will then go to council in the THIRD WEEK OF NOVEMBER. Stopping the relocation is not an option but working together to make sure we are provided with a suitable location and enough money to rebuild is an option!!!


Eva's Phoenix is a transitional housing and training facility, run by Eva's Initiatives which formally opened in June 2000. Eva's Phoenix provides housing for 50 youth, aged 16 to 24 years, for up to a full year, and since 2002 has also allowed up to 160 youth each year, aged 16 to 29 years, to participate in its employment and pre-apprenticeship programs.

Working with business, labour and community partners, Eva's Phoenix provides homeless and at-risk youth with the opportunities needed to develop life skills, build careers and live independently.

Youth at Eva's Phoenix live in shared townhouse-style units with access to common areas. While at Eva's Phoenix, youth develop the skills to live independently through goal setting exercises, workshops and hands-on programs that are delivered in a supportive environment.

In combination with a Mentorship Program, youth are able to build stable support networks outside of the social service system. Peer Mentors and One-to-One Mentors provide a range of support to youth including running cooking classes, conducting leadership development activities and supporting the efforts of youth to successfully manage independent living.

Youth living at Eva's Phoenix must be involved in a training or employment program. While the youth learn work skills, Eva's Phoenix staff provides counselling, job placement assistance, housing search support, mentorship opportunities, follow-up support and a range of other services to help youth achieve and maintain self-sufficiency.

27. Sick Puppies to Toronto Ontario!

The Sick Puppies is an amazing band, though they hardly play shows in Canada, if any.

We the Canadian fans should be able to see them live in our own country, instead of having to travel to the U.S. to see them.

Sick Puppies rose to prominence in 2006 when their song "All the Same" was uploaded along with a video to YouTube. The video supported the Free Hugs Campaign which was launched in Sydney, and has since received over 66 million views on the website.

This success followed up with Dressed Up as Life in 2007, which entered the Billboard 200 at number 181. Their third studio album is titled Tri-Polar.

28. Stop Adult User Fees at Priority Centres in Toronto

The City of Toronto's Priority Centres allow everyone in the community to register and participate in fitness and recreation programs without barriers, offering vital activities and opportunities for at-risk youth, seniors, and parents. All programs are open without charge on a first come, first serve basis, and many of the people who access the programs live in our Toronto Community Housing buildings.

The 2011 Operating Budget recommends introducing user fees for adult programs at Priority Centres across the city. This change will make it difficult or impossible for those who do not qualify for the Welcome Policy – which is only available to those below the Low Income Cut Off – to participate in recreation programs. We should not create a deterrent for low-income families or push away middle-income families.

Priority Centres work well, allowing everyone – regardless of income – to register and participate in programs. This mix from many social, economic, and cultural backgrounds helps break down barriers and prejudices, creating safer and more vibrant neighbourhoods.

29. No to Adult User Fees Proposed For Jimmie Simpson

The 2011 City budget proposes to add adult user fees at Jimmie Simpson. This means that unless you qualify for the city’s “Welcome Policy” that Adult Programs at Jimmie Simpson will cost between $48 and $75 for a 9 week session.

If we don't do anything about it now, the City can continue doing this for all the other free community centers that some of us need.

30. Zoning relief at 32 Glenayr Road

The owner of the property at 32 Glenayr Road is seeking to replace the existing home with a new home generally as provided in the image above. As can be seen in the image, the home will feature an architectural style and design characteristics which are similar to other newly constructed homes in the neighbourhood.