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1. Create Lord Of The Rings : Battle For Middle Earth 3

Battle for middle earth was one of our favourites game series ! We got endless times of joy and pure action! Still now on 2016 BFME 2 has tons of loyal fans who deserve a new game!

With this petition we will try to encourage EA GAMES to bring back our favourite game! There is no more things to say! You all know what are we asking for and if EA see too many fans asking for this i think they will try to make it happen ! SHARE IT TO ALL YOUR FRIENDS!


I dont have any powers within the EA company or else and i am doing this only to try to show EA GAMES our desire to play again our favourite game. I promise when the number of signatures is large enough 'll send the petition to EA GAMES so they can think what to do.

2. Yoga Community Petition: To replace the word “Warrior” with “Creator”

I have been doing yoga for about 12 years now. Because of yoga and other self-improvement experiences, my awareness levels are at the highest they’ve ever been. When people have heightened awareness they know thoughts, words, images and actions all have either positive (+) or negative (-) energies and rarely a neutral charge.

This is the reason politicians and much of our society use words with negative imagery like: fight, battle & war to elicit the most visceral emotional reactions, even when just debating each other. Instilling fear and anger is a primitive yet effective, natural technique to gain support for a cause. Because humans have been embroiled in conflict and war since our existence, we have been conditioned to perpetuate conflict and war. Thoughts, words, images and actions are what society’s use to continue the tradition of violence or create a new and more positive present & future.

Evolve 4 World Peace now calls upon the global yoga community to increase our own self-awareness by realizing one of the most used words of negative (-) imagery in many yoga classes is “Warrior”. There’s Warrior 1, 2, 3, humble etc. Even Peaceful Warrior is a contradiction. A person either creates peace or war. Just as it is impossible for mind to have 2 thoughts at the exact same time, so too is it impossible for peace and war to exist at the same place and time.

The imagery of a Warrior is usually associated with the glorification of war, death, weaponry and violence. The Sanskrit name of the pose, Virabhadrasana is name after the Hindi mythological warrior and horrifying mass murder, Virabhadra.

A greater awareness means we know thoughts, words, images and actions all create mental impressions on the human mind. A greater awareness means we have a choice of what those impressions are. We can choose the negative (-) impression of the word “Warrior” or we choose the positive (+) impression associated with our own albites to create a more peaceful, loving, inspirational, abundant, compassionate world: We choose to be a “Creator”.

This global yoga community petition is to replace the word “Warrior” with “Creator”, defined as a person or thing that brings something into existence.

As each yogi shares this awareness with others the ripple effect becomes global. That means other positive (+) words will fill our collective vocabulary much more often. Eckhart Tolle, author of “A New Earth” has said “yoga will be a great part of the awakening of humanity”. This new collective awareness in the yoga community will accelerate his prediction.

Then, even our world leaders and politicians will be speaking in terms of positivity and optimism. This is one component to Create world peace.

Love you all,
Evolve 4 World Peace

3. Bring Dukes Of Hazard Back to TV Land

I am not a huge Dukes of Hazard Fan with that being I believe this show being pulled due to the paint job on a car is ridiculous. I watched this show my whole childhood and it never evoked violence.

Due to the ignorance of one person with a warped mind we change our culture not me not now

4. Ball petition for Battle of Aiken

During the previous Battle of Aiken re-enactments the dance has been placed under the pavilion with uneven ground and nothing to block the wind. It makes for a cold and painful night of dancing.

5. Support for a permanent memorial dedicated to the nurses who have delivered care on fields of conflict, in service of their country

This petition is for anyone who wants to show their support for nurses who have delivered care on fields of conflict, in service of their country. There is currently no dedicated memorial to the service of all nursing staff in the United Kingdom.

We are therefore calling on the Government of the United Kingdom to back the RCN’s campaign for a national monument, recognising the service of nursing staff in conflict zones.

From the work of Florence Nightingale on the Crimean battlefields to the modern day service in Afghanistan, nurses have served courageously in the heat of battle for generations.

More than 2,000 nurses gave their lives during the two world wars.

We believe it is now time for this unique service by nurses to be recognised.

6. Bring Sonic Adventure 2: Battle to PSN/XBLA

Ok, most of you know that recently, Sonic Adventure came to PlayStation Network and XBox Live Arcade for purchase (If you didn't then get on your PS3, XBox 360 and buy it, it's bloody epic). But I think that Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic Adventure 2: Battle should be released, as (in my opinion) it was a lot better than the first one.

It had better graphics, more fun gameplay, and even a better Chao Garden! And on Battle, you could unlock Heaven/Hell gardens! Let's face it, it was a hell of a lot better. Also, you could add more features like a "Chaos Garden" (a rumour that was never true but would have been amazing if it was), an extended story, a deathless mode for chao garden and, of course, trophies. Personally, I think that this would make you a lot of money and a lot of sonic fans very happy.

7. Honor Brigadier General Strong Vincent

On July 2, 1863, Colonel Strong Vincent, Commander of the Third Brigade, First Division, Fifth Corps, of the United States' Army of the Potomac, moved his men, without orders, to the top of Little Round Top, at the summons of Major General Gouvernor K. Warren, and was mortally wounded while rallying his wavering men atop the hill known as Little Round Top near Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

Vincent, even from his wounded position, lying on the ground behind the line of the 83rd Pennsylvania, called on his men to hold firm. The line held, and the actions of the Brigade possibly saved the Union Army from a complete military disaster. Vincent's subordinate, Colonel Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain, received all the glory for the victory, including the Congressional Medal of Honor. Vincent was read his promotion to Brigadier General on his deathbed, and, most likely, did not even hear it.

8. Putting a Stop to Cyber Abuse on Fashion Battle - Sorority City Diva Life

The reason for this petition is simple and clear. Since the rise of Donna Walsh and Nerida Fletcher in your aplication game "Fashion Battle" Many players have been experiencing SEVERE abuse at the hands of these two.

Gaming abuse within the app as well as personal racist attacks have been made. What we are asking for is a good FAIR gaming environment. All of us signing this petition today are serious gamers who truly enjoy our apps. The one u have created with "Fasion Battle" we felt was one of the best to come along in long time so we didnt mind spending Real Money for a good gaming experience. But even buying enough glam to outfit all of our posse could not have prpared us for the meanspirited cyber bulling we have been subjected to at the hands of these two bad sports.

We ask that u please review our evidence. We feel that once u see it for yourself, you will agree that something must be done immediately to control the situation at hand. A suggestion may be that u cannot fight anyone who is not within 2 or 3 lvls of yourself ubless u are in the tabloids. Regrettably, If this matter is not tended too immediately we may all have to leave and take our business and friends with elsewhere.

Thank You for taking the time out to address this issue. We have faith in the fact that u have been consistent in Delivering results quickly and effectively. Thank you, The facebook community..

9. Give Action Battle Team a spot on Telethon 08!!

Action Battle Team broadcast 5 nights a week on Perth's Nova 93.7.

Give them a spot on Telethon 2008.

10. We seek support from rest of India

J & K Governor Gen, Sinha surveyed condition of pilgrims of Amarnath yatra & found that people have to relax in open tents and therefore he signed a project for constucting permanent shelters for pilgrims and alotted 100 acres (800 cannals) of land to shrine board after passing it in J & K assembly.

The Forest Minister in the Cabinet was from the PDP, a coalition partner in the government. Yet they (the PDP) refused to accept responsibility for the joint decision (of allocating forest land to set up temporary structures for facilities for Hindu pilgrims during the Amarnath Yatra) Then PDP and some Pro-pakistan parties started agitating against decision with anti nationalist slogans and ransacking public property.

The Congress sans PDP minority Govt took decision back and surrendered in front of these anti nationalist and fundamentalist forces. People of Jammu started agitating against this anti national, anti harmony decision with all groups together. Later jammu muslim comunity supported agitation through a press conference. When Omar Abdullah gave statement in parliament that his people will not give an inch of land to pilgrims or shrine board ; emotions n sentiments of jammu people ran high and one of the protesters KULDIP DOGRA commited sucide in front of 500 people.

At 3:00 am next day police took his body after beating his family, AND STARTED cremating HIS BODY BEFORE SUNRISE AT 4:00 AM WHICH IS AGAINST HINDUISUM. one of the family member used local temple loudspeaker and informed people, Anger rose high and people started beating police .Police hit back and violent agitation turned into massive rallies with more than 40,000 people. Police killed 2 protesters days after. Latest opression is that Local Cable TV as well as SMSes have been banned in Jammu.

Most sadly these people are not getting required support from national media against such dictatorship and their lonely battle is still ON.

11. Support local Bicester Bands in their fight to perform their music!

I have created this petition on behalf of my band 'Excessum' and friends of ours 'Not So Naked' who has signed up (through Dave who used to work in the Bicester music shop) to the Youth Battle of the Bands on the 25th of July at The Garth Park.

Recently, Excessum and Not So Naked has had a conflict with Dave (who gathered bands to play for the Battle of the Bands) when he scheduled us to perform on the 27th of July at the Bicester Snooker club. The story behind this is that Dan of the Football Club offered us to play with a 5-band set including a BBQ on the same date; as you may understand we decided to back out of the Snooker Club and accepted Dan's offer as we believed this would be better for us as a band - and to avoid risk of loss of crowd (as The Football Club has more to offer, e.g. 5 Bands (compared to 4), a Summer Special BBQ, and a better atmospher).

Upon making this decision, we received a rather threatening message by Dave through Myspace regarding Battle of the Bands (where Dave confirmed that we were going to participate in): "You can forget playing the Garth thats for certain! and tell dan he is a dead man". This caused an upset for the band as were confirmed by Dave and were really looking forward to perform with other local bands and friends; we were also putting in heavy preparation to perform a good set, not to mention our families were coming down to see us perform our first performance as a band.

I do not know if Dave has forwarded the list of bands and contacts to the Bicester Council (who is responsible for the event taking place), but we do not believe that he should have a say who on should not perform; we understand his anger, but we think that this conflict has nothing to do with this event. Plus, the event date is drawing near and we believe that this is a completely bad move as Dave would have to rush for time to find bands to fill in for the gaps (plus he no longer works in Bicester). This is punishment, not business.

We do not wish to influence any more conflict with Dave or any other venue. We just wish to play music as bands and gain as much enjoyment from that as possble.

Many thanks for your time and support.

Tommy of Excessum


For over 60 years, the young women who were forced into sexual slavery lived with the shame attached to the ordeal.

This caused many to conceal their past and only recently a few of them have come forward and speak out against the atrocities they experienced.

For too long, this dark spot of history has been largely glossed over or ignored by Japan.

13. Dismantling of Battle Ground Mobile Estates

City of Battle Ground wants to dismantle the Battle Ground Mobile Estates and put in roads and other structures.

14. We want Capcom to make a custom navi mmbn game

This petition is based on the ideas from the countless fans of the megaman series.

Capcom sales records for Megaman series as of August 29, 2006: Mega Man Series 110 titles, 26,000,000 Unit Sales

target system sales records:
Japan Sales Charts: August 7 to 13/06
01 - Nintendo DS Lite - 196,719 (3,730,118 total)
08 - Nintendo DS - 934 (6,576,038 total)
DS Total unit sales- 10,306,156

Back in 1992 Nintendo Power magazine had a contest for the readers to create there Robot Master for Megaman 6.
"Knight Man and Wind Man were the winning results of Nintendo Power's "Design Your Own Robot Master" contest, meaning these are the only two classic-series robot masters not to be designed by the Japanese. Knight Man was designed by Daniel Vallie of Canada, and Wind Man was designed by Michael Leader of the United States." (quote from wikipedia)
pointing out that way back in the days of the original Megaman the fans were designing there own characters.

15. Stronger buildings, walls and fortresses in Battle for Middle-earth II

March 02, 2006

Currently buildings, walls and fortresses in LOTR: Battle for Middle earth 2 are too weak and ruin online and skirmish experience, and people feel like they are wasted money.

Also you can't defeat even a single pikeman horde when they start to attack your resource production buildings, and even unit training buildings go down too easily.

This makes siege useless and takes away the entire concept of 'Build your own landmark fortress'

16. Fathers Rights in Bermuda.. Do They Have Any?

February 25, 2006

I am writing to you to demand change on an epidemic that is destroying families, fathers, and children right here in our country.

Simply put, the "Family Court" system as it now exists has stripped fathers of their rights to be a part of their children's lives. Instead, fathers have turned into financial pumps, living in constant fear of being dragged back into court by the mother and victimized yet again.

It is fair to say that the Children's Amendment Act of 2002 is biased against the fathers. Children aren't things that you buy off of a shelf in the grocery store. The whole child support system needs to be scrapped, and built up in a manner that the father and mother have equal rights to the child in question.

There is one judge in the family court that is clogging up the jails with fathers that don't pay support. If you take a look down the Prison Farm, you would notice that the majority of men down there are sent there by Judge Chin. It's really hard for a man to go to court and state his case when Judge Chin is leaning to one side……THE WOMAN!!!! I am a woman, and I feel that he is very biased.

This Government has an important role in changing this act. The person who is suffering through this whole ordeal is the child. It's not fair that when I go up on the Bermuda Laws Website there is nothing in there about a "Father's Bill of Rights" or "Fathers Rights". Why is it that a female has the last say when it comes to the care and control of a child? Why is it that she holds all the cards?

Fathers are not treated right in the Bermuda court system. Children need their fathers, as fathers need rights and access to their children. The Bermuda Court System needs to be changed to enable this to occur. Right here in our country, our homeland where we feel justified in wanting to raise our Child (ren) are we being stripped of our rights.

We, as parents have a fundamental right to assume equal periods of placement of our children, unless there is credible evidence that a parent is not fit, that placement would be harmful to the child (ren). This right is fundamental; not that one parent must win as a result of lengthy, intrusive and costly legal battle, or compromised simply to reach a stipulated agreement to avoid a battle.

I hope that this hits home, and you consider a change in the system. This letter will be sent to the Premier, The Governor, The Senate, until somebody in this country stands up and fights for fathers. We need to do more to make sure both parents are fully involved in the raising of their children, particularly fathers. We will start a petition, walk on parliament and call you out. This is just the beginning.

17. Withdraw Canadian Citizenship from Canadians who endorse terror

March 24, 2004

This petition is in response to a growing concern that the Canadian government is merely paying lip service to the problem of terrorists and terrorist support/logistics in Canada.

In 1995 the then Prime Minister Jean Chretien personally intervened on behalf of a Canadian citizen, Ahmed Said Khadr who was being held in a Pakistani jail on charges relating to the bombing of the Egyptian Embassy in Islamabad. He had moved his family to Afghanistan and befriended Osama Bin Laden yet denied links to terror.

While living with Bin Laden in Afghanistan, they raised money in Canada amongst Muslims who were told they were aiding Afghan orphans. They had their sons trained in Al Qaeda camps to handle guns and explosives. They encouraged them to become martyrs for Islam, even suicide bombers. They nursed their hatred for Americans.

In 2001, in a grotesque family get together, they celebrated with "smiling, laughing" when Al Qaeda-comandeered jets slammed into the World Trade Center and other sites killing 3000 including 23 Canadians. Yet even today years after leaving Canada and five months after Ahmad was killed in a battle with Pakistani troops after being identified as an Al Qaeda founder and financier, his wife Maha finds her Canadian citizenship handy.

Incredibly, from Pakistan she is pressing Ottawa to issue her and her children new passports so they can roam the world armed with their extremist views. One son, Abdul Karim was paralyzed in the battle in Pakistan that killed his father; another, Abdullah, is in hiding in Pakistan; and a third, Omar is in the American detention centre in Cuba as an "enemy combatant" for killing a U.S. Army medic with a grenade. A Daughter, Zaynab, is with the mother.
"We are an Al Qaeda family", a fourth son, Abdurahman, flatly told the Canadian Broadcasting Corp.

He admitted to the Toronto Star he had been "lying to everyone up until this point" about his role in the saga. Upon his release from detention in Cuba, Abdurahman was flown to europe and released. He made his way to Pakistan where he contacted his Canadian relatives. They made an appeal to the Canadian government and once again a Canadian Prime Minister (this time Paul Martin) intervened and made a public statement that if Abdurahman made his way to a Canadian consulate, he would be "welcome" to return to Canada.

These repeated interventions by the Canadian government to help known terrorists holding Canadian citizenship is damaging the credibility of Canada as a nation that can be counted on in the war on terror. In addition these actions are needlessly advertising Canada has a gullible weak link to be exploited by terrorist groups wishing to operate unhindered here.

Thirdly it increases the risk to public safety and implants doubt in the minds of Canadians that the Canadian government is taking a proactive approach to preventing future terrorist attacks on Canadian soil.

18. Save the Confederate Flag!

In the Civil War, soldiers of the Confederate army fought a long, hard battle against the Union army.

Many were imprisoned, left to starve in the cold, or killed in battle. Keep the Confederate flag flying, the only symbol of Southern heritage that we've been left!

19. Help E escape bad adoption law in Florida

New law comes too late for adoptive family.

JACKSONVILLE, FL -- At the end of the month, a new law goes into effect that gives biological fathers 30 days to file for paternal rights over their children. The new law is a welcome change for those seeking to adopt children but comes too late for one Jacksonville family.

For the Scott family, they say the law is two years too late for them. Two- year-old "E", has lived with the Dawn and Gene Scott since he was born. Five months after his birth, "E"’s biological father became involved. His biological father lives in another state and has visitation rights with his son. Now, he says he wants custody. "E's" biological father lives in Maine, and his biological mother lives in Illinois.

His adoptive parents live in Jacksonville. The 2-year-old is caught in the middle of a custody battle. His adoptive parents say if the new law was in effect two years ago, then there would be no conflict.

"[Adopting "E"] has been the most amazing experience to happen for us,"said Dawn Scott, adoptive mother. "He's changed our lives." 2-year-old "E" Scott has a mound of curls and a ton of energy. His adoptive parents, Dawn and Gene Scott, can't imagine life without him. "You dream about him...think about him...can't wait to come home to him, "said Gene Scott, foster father.

Now, "E" is caught in the middle of a custody battle. Five months after he was born, his biological father filed for punitive consent -- giving him the right to fight for custody. Under the new law, a biological father must register consent within 30 days after a child is born. However, the new law has come too late to affect this situation.

"We're just devastated and concerned about where he's going to go," said Dawn Scott. "What's going to happen to him?"

20. global Roolback

As of Friday afternoon EST there was a metheod released to the general public, on duping items based on closed realm characters. Since this point and time the diablo economy has been crippled and honest player moral has been crushed. Many members have given up diablo all together. And many more refuse to purchase anymore games from Blizzard, as they have so far shown no real acknoledgement of it exsistance, nor have they shown a willingness or a plan of action, which we as dedicated players demand on there part. We want them to act responsibly and fix this problem and to return the game back to a playable state.

21. Against Retired Items on Neopets

All of us Neopets users must stick together and fight strong! Retiring items is rediclious! Now we cannot buy some of the simplest to expensivest items! Such as Pink Poogle Toy, Tye Dye Lipstick, Faerie Paint Brush, Fish Negg, Wines, Magic Key, Little Timmy Battle Card and Kacheek Transmorg. Potion. Please sign this petition because maybe if we get enough signatures Neopets will un-retire the items, meaning prices for them will seriously drop!