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1. Let's Help the Good Lady of The Castle to keep Richard Stanley in Montségur

Just read this POST from facebook by Richard Stanley:

Empire down - I regret to communicate I was given verbal notice this afternoon that I have to vacate the premises currently occupied by Shadow Theatre HQ by the end of April 2018. The landlord announced this afternoon that the building is to be gutted and refurbished as modern tourist accommodation. It would seem I have stuck my neck out one too many times and now the wheels are seriously in motion to dislodge me from the mountain. I have six months to find alternative accommodation or risk being exiled from the Zone, prematurely ending my nine year mission here. As the 'nothing', the environmental despoliation threatened by the Imerys group, bears down on the valley of Montségur, the future of this place and the kingdom it commands has never looked less certain. I pray to the Good Lady and all the gods there be that a solution presents itself. In the meantime I have my work cut out for me...

2. Save our Sign! High Point South, Ocean City MD

High Point South is Ocean City's first Private High Rise built in 1970 in Ocean City, MD.
Our Board of Directors, currently comprised of newer Owners, is forcing a Signage replacement on Coastal Highway even though a recent Poll of Owners shows that approximately 90% support rebuilding the current Signage. The Board of Directors is planning on replacing the current sign with a gaudy Las Vegas style sign that is lit from within, which would completely obliterate our Signage as a symbol of Ocean City History.

3. Save the name of Robert E Lee High School

The Tyler School Board is asking to whitewash History by removing the name of Robert E Lee High School to appease a minority. We must draw the line to preserve History.


We ask that Alderman Burke and Villegas stop their campaign to remove or alter the Italo Balbo monument commemorating the transatlantic flight in 1934.

• The Balbo Monument consists of a pillar that is approximately 2,000 years old dating from between 117 and 38 BCE and a contemporary stone base.
• gifted to the city of Chicago in 1933 to honor General Italo Balbo's trans-Atlantic flight to the Century of Progress Worlds Fair.
• In saving this monuments destruction or alteration, we will have accomplished saving an important part of history.

5. Prevent Demolition of Iconic Parkour Spot: Save Bedok Maze

Bedok Maze is an iconic spot known internationally in the Parkour community. The spot consists of many brick walls with a variety of heights, spread over the wide area. It is also conveniently located at a place where Parkour practitioners can train without obstructing the path of pedestrians. This design and set-up makes it a perfect place to train Parkour, for both beginner or advanced practitioners alike.

As such, many international practitioners have made their way down to Singapore simply to visit this area, even rushing down from the airport during stopovers. In a recently published book called "The Parkour Roadmap", Bedok Maze is even featured as one of the more iconic spots for Parkour.

Most importantly, this spot is where communities come together. In the mornings the elderly walk through for some early exercise. The midday sees teenage parkour practitioners getting active and sharing their love of movement together, and in the late afternoon, the children come to play. The demolition of Bedok Maze will be grieved by many.

What is Parkour?
Parkour is a training discipline using movements to get from one point to another, through a complex environment, in the most efficient manner possible. Movements include jumping, vaulting, climbing and rolling.
Parkour in Singapore (and the world) is still young and undergoing development.

Currently, we are doing our best to educate and be known as a sport that encourages community, altruism, resilience, wellness, and expression; contrary to the negative perceptions that people may have of Parkour, such as recklessness, trespassing and vandalism. Some of Parkour's core values are 'To be, and to last', 'Be strong to be useful', 'Leave no trace', and 'Start together, finish together', The benefits of Parkour are numerous, such as the improvement in mental and physical wellbeing, building character, as well as providing a healthy outlet for creativity and energy. Also, it is an activity which is suitable for all ages, gender, class and race - which promotes social inclusion.

Parkour is getting recognised by government bodies, with UK officially recognising it as a sport and Denmark having built over a hundred parkour parks across its cities. Recently, the Parkour Singapore association has also been established in Singapore to improve the scene. We have been complying with the strict legislation in Singapore, even organising an event in partnership with certain government organisations, as well as volunteering performers for the National Day Parade 2017.

The news of the demolition plans is of huge shock to us and however slim the chances may be, we are pleading for the town council to review its decision.

6. WA Pioneer overlooked for 100 Years by town of Sandstone

In 1896, George Perkins Dent (22) and his 2 friends, Wilton & Theo Hack, left the South Australian town of Stewarts Range and traveled to Western Australia to seek their fortunes on the Goldfields near Mount Magnet. They prospected in terribly hard conditions for 8 years. In 1903, they pegged a mine just a few hundred metres from the now town of Sandstone, and called it "the Adelaide". After so many years of finding nothing significant, they finally hit a vein of gold. Overnight the area was crawling with hopeful prospectors who had heard about their luck. George and the Hack Brothers dug that claim for a year and it became affectionately known as "Hacks Mine" by the locals. In early 1904, because they couldn't dig the mine any deeper without machinery, the 3 friends sold the mine to Hans Irvine for a good price and all 3 returned to farming - The Hack boys in Victoria, and George in Boyup Brook and then later at Jacobs Well near Beverley. Hans Irvine bought up other mines in the vicinity and as a whole it became known as The Black Range Mining Company. Dent and Hacks mine produced more than 930,000 ounces of gold in its 13 year history. The town of Sandstone was created because of this mine and the population it drew to the area. When Sandstone named its streets, it established both Hack Street and Irvine Street......Nothing was named for George Dent. On discovering this history, the Dent family wrote to the Shire of Sandstone to request that something be done about it. That first letter was rejected instantly. A second letter was written requesting the situation be taken more seriously, and the local MP was also contacted. Melissa Price MP called the Dent family offering her support as she agreed that George Dent had been wrongly overlooked by the small mining town. Later discussions with Shire CEO Beth Walton, produced reactions such as "why should we change it now, its been over 100 years" and "We cant change the Street names". The matter will go formally in front of council on April 27th 2017 and must be won with a majority vote. The Dent family is simply trying to get George memorialised equally as the Hacks and Irvine have been. He has been overlooked for more than 100 years and the current Sandstone shire council is hesitant to fulfill this request. George Dent was equally responsible for Sandstones existence and should be equally memorialised.

7. Children's Museum in Delta, UT (REMEMBER TO SIGN, NOT JUST LIKE)

Like us on Facebook:
+Smaller towns have "high levels of social isolation, which could contribute to feelings of loneliness and depression." "From 1996 to 2010, rates of death from suicide among children, teens and young adults were nearly double in rural communities, when compared to urban ones." -Huffington Post March 17, 2015

+Delta has a shortage of winter extracurricular educational programs.

+Delta High School test rates are below average. "Students who do not have a good start usually do not thrive later on." Chrys Doherty (senior research scientist at ACT Inc)

+"Students with the good fortune to be exposed to rich content in science,
history, and other subjects at a young age may develop an interest in those subjects. Interest, in turn, leads to greater learning. Simply having the content available in libraries and on the Internet is not enough, because children need adults to guide them to the content and help them understand it." Chrys Doherty (senior research scientist at ACT Inc)

+Local businesses would contribute to the museum, a play area would be created to represent that business in play form, and visitors will be encouraged to shop locally.
+Utah State/high school students, scouts, and various adults/organizations would be encouraged to participate in community service hours at the museum
+Other community museums and city buildings would be promoted through the children's museum: Delta City Library, Topaz Museum, Delta City Museum
+People would be more likely to move here


CHRYS DOHERTY:College and Career Readiness:
The Importance of Early Learning,


8. Protect Jefferson Park Lawn Bowling Club - Save Seattle's History

Seattle’s history is rapidly vanishing. We, concerned citizens and community members, petition the City of Seattle to protect the land of Jefferson Park including Jefferson Park Lawn Bowling Club and its rich 75-year contribution to Seattle and the Beacon Hill community.

Seattle Parks & Recreation plans to expand its golf facilities in Jefferson Park. The Jefferson Park Golf Course holds at least 75% of Jefferson Park land. There is ample room for development within Golf’s 130+ acres without encroaching into what remains of Jefferson Park.

Jefferson Park offers a diverse range of recreational activities, including the sport of lawn bowls. The golf program expansion would uproot and thereby destroy the unique sports option of lawn bowls that serves a devoted, diverse, and multi-generational community – including many senior citizens. This expansion plan puts Jefferson Park Lawn Bowling Club’s future at risk. The Jefferson Park Lawn Bowling Club has no other options. If it is uprooted it will disappear.

The RFP has just been published. Click here for more details

9. Teach all school kids the basics ofsocial psychology

People only make allowances for human nature and make adjustments to it if they are given to understand it in the first place. This knowledge enables them to become enlightened global citizens and should be their birthright. (See also the highly rated free ebook "A Brief History of Human Behaviour, and How to Become an Enlightened Global Citizen"

10. The World needs GRIMM!

The TV Series GRIMM has a huge worldwide fan base- a 1.15 rating in the 18-49 demographic with over 8 million total viewers, uncountable number of fans and growing.

In MY household, Friday Nights do not start until after Grimm, the show, has been watched by everybody.

It is the perfect mixture between fact and fiction, using old, dark Germanic Folklore, myths and legends, bringing it masterfully to life.

A masterpiece of entertainment- the cast is chosen brilliantly, the writing is fabulous, the locations chosen perfectly. Make-up , Special Effects are masterful, the storyline always full of suspense and surprise.

The viewers have elevated this series to a "cult show".

This is OUR show!

Please, seriously REconsider terminating it- with its huge, determined, faithful following, THIS is a show BEYOND WORTH OF KEEPING.

11. Get Article 50 actioned Now

The English people have voted to leave the EU.

We now need to put pressure on the Government to action Article 50 now, and set the wheels turning to accompany the voice of the people in today's referendum.

12. Public Access Road and Protection / Preservation of Soule’s Chapel Cemetery

Summary of Soule’s Chapel

Location: On a beautiful hilltop giving a vista of surrounding farm and pasture land one and one-half mile southeast of Trebloc, MS, located in the West half of Section 29, Township 14, Range 5 East, and lying within property currently owned by Carnathan Farms.

Established: Probably between 1840 – 1850. William and Elizabeth Gates deeded five (5) acres to Trustees James A. Stewart, Wiley Conner, Eli E. Stephens, Francis A. Shell and Andrew Naugle on January 29th, 1852, “for the purpose of erecting or building or causing to be erected or built thereon a house or place for the worship of Almighty God for the use and benefit of the members of the Methodist Episcopal Church South.” The church was eventually named “Soule’s Chapel” in honor of Joshua Soule, a Bishop of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South. Per local oral history, the congregation probably merged with present-day McCondy Methodist Church since there were more people in the McCondy area.

Burials: As was the custom of the day non-white freemen and slaves were buried in separate parts of the cemetery. Burials are documented beginning in the 1840’s and generally ended in the white section about 1940. The latest burial in the black section is 1981. The majority of the white section is contained within a fence. There are at least seven (7) fenced family plots both within and outside of the current fence. There is physical evidence that another, or a larger area, was under fence at one time. There are 181 recorded burials, headstones vary from home-made to ornate. Local oral history states there are unmarked slave graves in the area. There is abundant physical evidence of marked and unmarked sunken grave sites.

Historical Significance: (1) First generation American immigrant pioneer families buried here. (2) Per the Chickasaw County History Volume II, pg 260 Edward S. Callahan, a War of 1812 Veteran may be buried here in an unmarked grave. (3) There is a significant number of Civil War Veterans, including at least one who was killed in action. (3) There is one black World War I Veteran and four black World War II Veterans buried here.

13. Restore Teddy Roosevelt's Moose Head at Rothmans Steakhouse!

We, the people, respectfully request that the massive moose head hanging high over the mantel in Rothman's Steakhouse (6319 Northern Blvd., East Norwich, NY) is restored to it's original glory.

The moose head was reportedly bestowed to the Rothmanns by Theodore Roosevelt himself, who is said to have ridden over there on horseback for meals in his day.

This priceless piece of history deserves to be shared by all at this historic hometown haunt. This is not just an Oyster Bay or Long Island issue. This is deeply American at its core!

14. Ban Confederate flag in Joplin, MO

The confederate flag is a symbol of hate speech. Hate speech should not be hidden behind freedom of speech or someone's heritage.

The truth is that the confederate flag induces fear for many, and it is no one's place to decide if that fear is valid or not, but we can decide to not aid in spreading fear and hate. Holding up the heritage of our past and our freedoms of expression should not take precedence over improving the value of life people can have today.

15. The F.Y.R.O.M. is not Macedonia; U.S. restore the truth!

Dear President Obama:

In advance of your historic trip to Greece, we are writing regarding U.S. policy on the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (the FYROM).

Your Greek-American constituents are deeply appreciative of your long record of support on this issue. We recall that as Senator you were an original lead co-sponsors of Senate Resolution 300 in 2007, which urged that the FYROM work with Greece to reach a mutually-acceptable official name for that country. We also appreciate that as President, you have refused to support NATO membership for the FYROM since it has failed to reach a mutually-acceptable solution with Greece.

We agree with your support of the UN-led negotiations and your belief that there can and should be an agreement between Skopje and Athens that leads to greater stability in the Balkans. Present U.S. policy on this issue, however, is unintentionally promoting instability in the Balkans.

In 2004, the Bush Administration rewarded Skopje’s support for the Iraq War by recognizing the country as “Macedonia” despite the ongoing UN-led negotiations. State Department officials at the time argued that the policy would lead to stability in the Balkans and make a solution with Greece more likely.

The exact opposite has occurred. Encouraged by what it has interpreted as unqualified U.S. support, Skopje has become more intransigent in its negotiations with Greece and more provocative in making claims on Greek history. Skopje has also made the refugee crisis in the region worse by closing its border with Greece. Finally, Skopje is mired in political and corruption scandals that risk further instability.

Greece is a frontline state for the Western alliance, and your visit underscores this strategic significance. Continuing the Bush Administration’s ill-conceived and improperly motivated decision to recognize the FYROM as “Macedonia” increases the risk of political instability in Greece at a time when Greece needs political consensus to confront economic and refugee crises.

Earlier this year, the Greek-American community launched a petition supported by Hellenes worldwide requesting that you reverse the recognition of a “Macedonia”. The tens of thousands of signatures on this petition and recent polling in Greece both demonstrate that this issue remains an important one for the Greek electorate and for the Greek diaspora worldwide.

Your visit can indeed promote stability in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Balkans. Therefore, we request that you order a review of the present policy on the FYROM by your State Department, with specific emphasis given on whether the continued recognition of a “Macedonia” promotes stability in the region and makes a solution with Greece more likely.

For more information, please visit:

16. Stop Demolishing Bayonne!


Historic Property, 1898 Emmett Smith-Dr. Orleanski Mansion, 124 W 5th Street, (convergence of Trask Avenue, West 5th Street, and JFK Blvd.), Bergen Point, Bayonne, NJ. This house is ALSO known as 101-111 Trask Avenue. IT IS SIX CITY LOTS ON TAX ROLL, to be demolished, subdivided, and developed!

Have EVERY adult in your household, neighborhood, Facebook account, and email lists SIGN! They do NOT need to be local. Historic preservation is a GLOBAL MOVEMENT!

Imagine the consequences if this house is replaced with the planned 4 or more two-family contractor's special!

SHOW YOU CARE ... Come to the Dec.1st Historic Preservation Commission meeting at 7:00 pm in City Hall Council Chamber. LET'S FILL the CHAMBER!!! Carpool, bus, bike, or hike, just be there!

This rare historic Bayonne landmark is slated for demolition depending on the outcome of the HPC Dec. 1st meeting!


17. Bring Dukes Of Hazard Back to TV Land

I am not a huge Dukes of Hazard Fan with that being I believe this show being pulled due to the paint job on a car is ridiculous. I watched this show my whole childhood and it never evoked violence.

Due to the ignorance of one person with a warped mind we change our culture not me not now

18. Save the Alexandria Hotel

Around June 21, 2015 proposal was submitted by Centennial Property Group for the "demolition of the Alexandria Hotel building and construction of a 4 storey mixed use building. Building consists of 28 residential apartments, a commercial tenancy on the ground floor facing Henderson Road, a basement for general residential storage and the storage of 28 residential bike lockers and 7 retail bike rails and a communal open space on the rooftop".

Opened 1870 and rebuilt in 1930, the hotel is a place for locals, workers, families, sports fans and even dogs.

With so much residential development going on in South Sydney it would be a tragedy to lose this hotel and it's wonderfully spacious beer garden.

Here's a few quotes so far from concerned community members:

"The density of the Waterloo area is quite high and non-residential communal areas, such as pubs like this one with a large outdoor area, are becoming increasingly rare in Sydney. It is a massive loss of potential amenity for the community. The Alexandria Hotel has a strong history of hosting big meet-n-greet events in their large beer garden (e.g. Green-Ups)."

"Alexandria risks becoming entirely charmless as it is through the rapid development, let alone losing one of the only cultural hubs it has. The Alexandra is a fantastic example of a family-friendly Sydney pub in an area that needs it. I strongly object to this." - Alexander Vitlin

"This would do a great disservice to its community, I work next door in a building that is 24/7 we all speak about how family oriented this facility is, never any trouble well policed family and drinking and sporting venue..... This makes no sense" - Kelly DeSouza

You can read more in media here:

Let's let the community know we care!

19. Keep Confederate Soldier Statue on Bulloch Co Courthouse Lawn

The Confederate Soldier Statue that resides on the lawn of the Bulloch County Courthouse is of great importance. It is a piece of history that deserves to be honored.

It's also a reminder of all the stuff that we have overcome in not just this county, but in the state of Georgia, and the United States.

20. Let's Make Lying in Sri Lankan Polictics History

Let's Make Lying in Sri Lankan Politics History.

In the political history of Sri Lanka we have seen corruption, greed and hypocrisy. A recent survey suggested that young voters have no clue on whom to vote in the 2015 general election.

If young people don't vote when they are first eligible to, it starts a pattern - there's a real danger that they won't ever vote. The potential consequences are clearly serious. Politicians already prioritise the older generation - baby boomer, grey voters - because they are the ones who turn out for elections.
The underlying problem seems to be an increasing lack of trust and respect for politicians and therefore for the political process. An all too common perception I've heard is that politicians are liars who are just out for themselves and that they don't represent our interests.

Next year it's the 800th anniversary of the signing of the Magna Carta - a document that gave birth to the rights and freedoms we enjoy today. Is it now time for a new Magna Carta? Could a Magna Carta 2.0 improve people's faith in politicians?

This Magna Carta 2.0 of Sri Lankan version could include a measure to make lying to Parliament illegal (and maybe have lying MPs thrown to the lions!). If I were to lie in a court of law, I would go to jail. If I make false or misleading statements as a director of a publicly listed company about my shares or assets I can face criminal prosecution. But astonishingly it's entirely legal for an MP to lie to Parliament.

It's one rule for them and one rule for us.

An MP said "At the moment you can lie to get elected. You can then behave in any manner you want in Parliament. You can do whatever you want. You can break every single promise you've made and there's nothing your constituent can do about it."

All those election campaign promises that are promptly broken - and the outrageous untruths spoken in Parliament. It's been suggested to me that the best way to begin the process of restoring trust and respect is to make it a criminal offence to deliberately lie in Parliament.

I'm launching my petition as part of a campaign to have this law passed. Magna Carta 2.0 Sri Lankan version is, after all, is a test. Rather I want to start a long needed debate about re-engaging people in politics and about the importance of truth and trust in Sri Lankan politics. What I want to discover is what support there would be if an MP were to propose a new law making lying to Politics/Parliament illegal. That's why I've launched this online petition.

Please sign the petition here and let's start a public debate about how we can make politicians' lies history.

21. Join the Lucayan Sea Campaign

Join the Lucayan Sea Campaign

The peaceful Lucayans were descendants of Amerindians from South America, who were the first to inhabit The Bahamas and the Turks and Caicos Islands, the first to welcome Italian explorer Christopher Columbus to the New World in 1492,and the first to suffer total genocide at the dawning of the modern Americas.

By naming the historic waters surrounding The Bahamas and the Turks and Caicos Islands, the Lucayan Sea,” you are paying tribute to the life and legacy of the peaceful Lucayans and those who suffered a similar demise, and creating a symbolic reminder for all to do their part to make their world a more peaceful place. Visit:

22. Save Peoria's Historic Fire Station #1

Historical Society of Peoria AZ is asking for the historic fire station #1 to be turned over to us. We want to restore and preserve this historic site. The Historical Society will dedicate this building to the fire fighters and open it as a museum for public tours along with our historic school buildings and jail house.

The city is considering outside proposals and putting the history of the site in jeopardy. We believe the building will not be preserved and we will loose another Old Town Peoria Historical Building. We have very few original buildings left.

Please sign our petition to have the City of Peoria give the Fire station #1 to the Historical Society of Peoria AZ.

Don't let another piece of our past go!

23. K'gari aka Fraser Island

K'gari, the original name for this paradise island now commonly known as Fraser Island.

The direct translation for K'gari' taken from the Butchella language means paradise and any one who has or is planning to visit the island will understand why. Pronounced, Gurri' this breathtakingly special island is still home to a few indigenous descendants and her community of residents share a deep respect and admiration for the island and her settlers history and culture.

The name Fraser Island came from Eliza Fraser so called honest account of her story of survival when she was shipwrecked on the island in 1836. Needless to say Eliza made a lot of money from her tales of her adventure. It was the catalyst that fuelled a dark sequence of events that would eventually lead to all but a few indigenous people left on the island.

It is our mission to see this wonderful island we now call home be crowned to be 'Princess K'gari' once again. Join us in our quest for awareness and help us stand for culture and indigenous history.

24. Stop the demolition of Melbourne's Pentridge Prison H Division

Pentridge Prison is a part of Melbourne's architectural heritage and a major force in the founding of the Colony of Victoria.

Developer Shayher Group are currently in discussion with Heritage Victoria as they want to demolish H Division - a Heritage listed building, and its surrounding rock breaking yards.

JUST so they can construct a seven storey apartment block with service road.

It is the largest of the nineteenth century prisons built in Victoria, and stands as strong now as it did when construction began in the late 1850's.

The prison is classified by both Heritage Victoria and the National Trust for having historical significance.

As an institution, it held our State's worst, including infamous hit-man Christopher Dale Flannery, Hoddle Street murderer Julian Knight & Russell Street bomber Stan Taylor.

With only weeks left before a decision is made, we must call on Planning Minister Matthew Guy and Heritage Victoria to reject this proposal.

25. Stop the removal of the Barmah Forest Heritage Brumbies

To the Honourable, The Speaker and the Members of Parliament

The Petition of the people of Victoria draws the attention of the House of their concern to the decision to remove all of Australia’s Heritage Horses the Brumby from Barmah Forest.

The Barmah Heritage Horses date back to the 1870s and may have preceded this time. The combination of horses, cattle and active forestry under the eye of a multicultural established local community has selectively thinned and weeded the vegetation to support 236 species of birds including at least 13 species of long distance migratory birds nesting and resting in the Barmah. There are an estimated 54000 or more birds living in and visiting Barmah. There are also species of 8 frogs, 50 mammals, 30 reptiles, 21 fish, 553 + plants. Unknown numbers of insects, fungi and other forms of life making up the successful ecological formula to attract RAMSAR declaration in 1982, as the 14th listed in Australia's of 65 wetlands internationally acclaimed.

The Victorian Parliament has decided to remove all Barmah Brumby Heritage Horses after 150 years of coexistence that saw Barmah Forest internationally recognised and included in Ramsar. The Strategic Plan adopted at Ramsar COP6 (1996) equates "wise use" with sustainable use. Contracting Parties to the Ramsar Convention also recognize that wetlands, through their ecological and hydrological functions, provide invaluable services, products and benefits enjoyed by, and sustaining, human populations. The Convention also promotes practices that will ensure that all wetlands, and especially those designated for the Ramsar List, will continue to provide these functions and values for future generations as well as for the conservation of biological diversity.

Ramsar COP9 (2005) updated the definition of wise use of wetlands as "the maintenance of their ecological character, achieved through the implementation of ecosystem approaches, within the context of sustainable development".

The Barmah Brumbies have been a part of human occupation and forest management for over 150 years. The moira grass 'lawns' are highly productive. The flood plain vegetation supports waterbirds, spawning native fish and crayfish raising of fry, fingerlings, spat, tadpole, ducks and wading birds during high water events. The Brumby in the dry seasons groom these lawns to remain at their most vibrant and productive level. Fertilized seed and rhizomes are distributed and re-established across the region by Brumbies and their grazed green, 'lawns' significantly reduce fire fuel levels.

To declare that horses and cattle threaten the biodiversity is ill conceived and deceptive to the Australian people.

Forestry, cattlemen and the Barmah Brumbies have a long history in the Barmah Forest successfully maintaining the security of the biodiversity well established prior to Ramsar and National Park declarations.

We believe the Victorian Government is violating its international undertakings to RAMSAR by removing its Heritage Horses and associated management systems. The Conservation status granted by RAMSAR was based on the results of local community management.

We strongly object and oppose the removal of the Barmah Forest’s Brumby population.

26. Save Abbie Loveland Tuller School

Abbie Loveland tuller is rich with history, and is the only Abbie Loveland school left of the 17 spread around the nation that were established by Mother Abbie and ran by 40 nuns. In 1954, Mother Abbie moved to Tucson, Arizona for health reasons. In 1955 she bought a wonderful property called the Merry Weather Ranch that had been built in the early 1900’s.

The ranch came complete with several quaint Spanish style buildings that the school still uses today. Mother Abbie changed the name of the ranch to Abbie Loveland Tuller School and converted it into a convent and private boarding school. Over the years people have donated their surrounding homes to the school, bringing the school to its current total of ten buildings on approximately 7 acres.

The school has now converted the buildings into classrooms, guest homes and even a library. Abbie Loveland Tuller is unique, and the only school of its kind in Tucson Arizona, and maybe even the nation.

27. Old Cowtown Museum continuation of WPRS Public Reveals and ongoing investigations of the paranormal activity

WPRS has raised lots of money over the last 4-5 years for the Old Cowtown Museum which is owned by the city of Wichita.

WPRS wants to continue research at the location and continue to provide evidence to the community about the on going paranormal activity and raise money for the museum and all that it stand for.

28. Raise Banners in Bramlage

For far too long the great tradition of K-STATE Basketball has blended into the walls of Bramlage Coliseum.

It is time that we prominently display these accomplishments, and once again hang them from the rafters.

Help spread the word and show your support for Banners In Bramlage!

29. Battle For Madison

Three simple words — “Save the Madison” — have been uttered online and off in the past few weeks, but they might as well be replaced by three more:

“Sell our souls.”

That’s what is at stake if the owners of the Madison Theater raze it to make way for a restaurant. And that’s what they’ve told the group who started the “Battle for the Madison” Facebook page.

The Madison is more than a building; hell, it’s more than most buildings in Peoria. Without going into the long and storied history of the structure, let me tell you what the Madison means to my generation.

It means many of our first concerts. It represents a point in time when a generation of Peoria musicians grew up with one goal in mind: playing the Madison. As rundown as it was then — a single light bulb hanging from the peeling ceiling, smoke hanging thickly in the air, the smell of sweat and stale beer sticking to the floor — it was ours. For many of Peoria’s youth of the ’90s and early 2000s, the Madison represented something we knew well: the feeling of being forgotten, ignored, even disliked.

At some point during this time, the owners made the decision to stop making repairs and bringing in acts. Now, it appears, another of Peoria’s forgotten landmarks will suffer a fate similar to the famed CBGB New York City night club, and it will be no less unceremonious.

The people behind the “Battle for the Madison” Facebook group, which accumulated more than 1,000 “likes” in a single week, are at fault for giving up too quickly. But their crime is a misdemeanor compared to the felony of neglect perpetrated by not only the owners of the building but by Peoria’s politicians, who sat by not far from the Madison and watched it deteriorate.

Year after year, winter after winter, storm after storm, the Madison crumbled inside and out. The only work I can remember being done there in the past decade was to take down the burgundy-turned-faded-pink awnings on the exterior of the building and discard them. Jim Comfort told the Journal Star last May that it would cost $18 million to refurbish the Madison. Those costs come after nearly a decade of vacancy. How much preventative maintenance was done to the structure?

It is their negligence, and the apathy of the majority of Peorians, that doomed the Madison. And it’s their disregard for history that will eventually turn Peoria into one endless, chain store-filled boulevard.

Say what you will about the Madison, but you can’t deny this: It had soul.

Justin Glawe is a Peoria native and former Journal Star intern, now reporting for the Bemidiji Pioneer in Minnesota.

30. Arrest Our Elected Members of Congress for illegally not passing a budget

It is written in the US Constitution that Congress must pass a budget. No budget has been passed in over 4 years.

Clearly Illegal.