Western Mail
United Kingdom

June 7, 2006

As a counter measure to the request by 40 Dragons Fans to make the Region the Newport Black and Ambers and provide Newport regional stand alone status.

We, the undersigned, would like to propose a counter measure of the Gwent Dragons actually retaining their title and becoming a real Welsh region with a balanced board of directors containing members of all of the regions member clubs, covering Gwent and the dis-enfranchised region containing Pontypridd and Brigend RFC.

This team will play at a neutral venue and seek to court the support of all regional member clubs. Current Head Coach, Paul Turner, is to remain in charge with the current squad. A new benefactor is to be sought by the new board of directors, and a proposal is to be generated for the development of sports facilities for the region at a central and neutral location, on main transport access routes, for all sports, with a stadium and running track.

This proposal is to be submitted to the Welsh Parliament and National Lottery for funding support, amongst other sources.

The on line link to the original proposal is identified below.


We, the under-signed, support a measure to retain the Gwent Dragons Regional Rugby Team as a Gwent and Valleys Regional team located in a neutral venue with a new board of directors.

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