The Football Association of Wales

The advantages of summer football.

Warm Weather is so much better for spectators and players. It is much better to play and support in the sun and the dry , nicer than standing in gale force winds and lashing rain.

Light nights mean more midweek matches which are better supported. No more postponed matches due to waterlogged or frozen pitches. The pitches would be flat and have a better playing surface. Much better than playing in mud baths. Safer travelling for fans due to lighter evening.

The English game is killing Welsh soccer and when games in local soccer kick off on a Saturday in Wales , Sky TV is in the middle of showing a live game involving one of the big four.

Clubs qualifying for European football would be better prepared for their matches. Other European Countries have the advantage due to their season being in full swing while most of our players are away.

Our neighbours The Republic of Ireland have summer soccer so it should not be a problem for Wales to follow their blueprint.

We should start in March and finish in November - leaving the sleet, high winds, driving rain behind forever.

Finding places for training in the height of winter is difficult and expensive for clubs. Most teams would not consider training in the winter months when the weather is at its worst.

These are just a few advantages and reasons why soccer in Wales should be moved to the summer. If you agree with me, then please add our name to the petition. Also add a comment on why Wales should be a summer soccer country!

Don't forget to tell your friends! Copy / paste the petition to an email and alert all those who will be interested!

We, the undersigned, call upon the FAW to introduce Summer Football to Wales.

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