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Shakin’ Stevens is a musical legend and national treasure who deserves to be honoured and commemorated as thus.

The biggest selling male solo artist of the 1980s, he has entertained music lovers all over the world with his prolific recordings and live performances, not just in the 80s but in a career now spanning over 40 years.

Not many people realise that he paid his dues many times over by tirelessly recording and touring across the UK and Europe throughout the late 60s and 70s before finally getting his break.

His achievements include thirty consecutive UK Top 30 hits in a decade, and four singles in the German chart simultaneously, feats which to this day remain unsurpassed by any other artist.

Only this year he was invited to perform at the iconic Glastonbury Festival where he succeeded in drawing the biggest crowd for an opening artist on the Pyramid Stage, proving that he is still very much in the hearts of the music-loving public across the generations.

As such a successful ambassador for British music, he deserves at least some sort of official recognition for his services.

Arise, Sir Shaky!

We, the undersigned, call on the UK Government to honour the artist Shakin’ Stevens with an MBE or OBE in honour and recognition of his services to the UK music industry and the entertainment he has given to hundreds of thousands of music lovers around the world through a recording and performing career spanning over 40 years.

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The Arise Sir Shaky petition to UK Government was written by Kris Griffiths and is in the category Music at GoPetition.