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1. Stop the loud music that keeps us awake

Since April 2007 we have been kept awake over most weekends, public holidays and long weekends due to loud music coming from Clermont. The music generally continues until 5am the following morning.

We have been reporting these incidents to Metro Police, Emergency Services and SAPS to no avail.
We know that the music is coming from taverns in Clermont yet when Metro Police is phoned to tell them about the problem they deny that the taverns are even open.
We have proved them wrong on many occasions. The music then carries on and our complaints aren’t dealt with,
The taverns reportedly have permits which stipulate conditions but they are not being adhered to.

It is not just the neighbourhood of Cowies Hill being affected but most of Clermont too.
Clermont is notorious for being very dangerous at night and if taverns are allowed to blatantly break the law it will continue to be a dangerous place for all who live there.

2. Petition Against Floodlighting at St Aloysius School

Developers Balfour Beatty have applied for planning permission to erect eight 23 foot (eight metre) high floodlight columns on the sports and games areas at St Aloysius School in Hornsey Lane. The pitches are next to a woodland conservation area and the floodlights will be clearly visible to homes on all sides of the school. This contrary to policy.

The facilities can accommodate 3 football games, the users of a large sports hall and associated spectators. The planning application requests permission to use floodlights until 9pm weekdays and until 7pm weekends and Bank Holidays.

3. Connect Mason to DC on the Weekends!

The Office of Student Activities almost never hosts events or sponsors activities off campus. Often times the events hosted by their office or other departments such as Program Board are costly but get a low turn out. It is important to have on campus student activities, and many of the events on campus are fun, well planned and successful. However, new ideas also need to be explored.

Parking services has a bus which operates to transport students into Fairfax City to enjoy the nightlife on the weekends. In addition Mason students ride free on the CUE bus and there is the Mason to Metro shuttle. These are all good services, and it is essential for any college or university to find ways to support the local community and economy. But the nightlife and activities to be found in Fairfax and the surrounding area have very little to offer when compared to the city of Washington DC, and the Metro is getting increasingly expensive.

While George Mason University is a great university and is growing in so many ways, students often find themselves lacking a real sense of a true college experience. Washington DC, with its proximity and attractions, can help to offer that experience. The Mall, the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial, some of the best museums, dining, and nightlife and much more can all be found in DC. A university bus into the city on the weekends would be a great way to enrich the life of students during their time at Mason. After all, college isn't just about the classroom.

4. Facility for teens to stay off the alcohol and keep them occupied

We the undersigned, as citizens of Goulburn community, i would like to bring underage drinking, vandalism and such; to your attention due to teens vandalising and drinking on weekends due to having nothing better to do. As i am one of these teens we all wish we had something fun and entertaining to do that we can afford, if we just had this we believe that none of the concerns would be addressed and everything would be great and we would have something to do instead of doing silly things to keep us occupied.

5. Jetix and Toon Disney

The goal of this petition is to (plan A) convince the Walt Disney Company to remove the Jetix programming block from the Toon Disney channel's line-up, or (plan B) to convince them to launch an all new channel specifically for Toon Disney's older programming, classic Disney animated movies, and Mickey, Pluto, Donald, and Goofy shorts, ECT.

This channel would be similar to the successful "Boomerang" channel, which Cartoon Network launched in 2000.

In February 2004, Disney added a new action programming block called "Jetix"(which was already featured mornings on the ABC Family channel), which aside from "Gargoyles", featured absolutely no Disney cartoons. Instead, it airs these shows "A.T.O.M.", "Power Rangers" (which is not even animated), "The Tick", "Digimon", "Kong: the animated series", "Dragon Booster", "Daigunder", "Dungeons and Dragons", "Get Ed", "NASCAR Racers", "Oban Star Racers", "Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go!", "Silverwing", "Yin Yang Yo", "Jackie Chan Adventures", and more.

At first it wasn't so bad, as the Jetix block was only a few hours long each day, but as time passed it kept expanding, first to five hours on weekdays and a bit longer on weekends. Now Jetix is practically eating Toon Disney alive, airing from 7:00pm - 8:00am (13 hrs) on weekdays and 4:00pm - 8:00am (16 hrs) on weekends. EDIT: They just recently removed Jetix from ABC Family and now Jetix has extended even further and now has a lengthly morning block as well :-(

Now I am not trying to say that the Jetix shows are bad, actually some of them are quite good, but the fact remains, they do not belong on the Toon Disney network.

It would be a good idea to launch a separate channel for Jetix oriented programming in the U.S. The United Kingdom has a channel specifically for Jetix programming, so why not do this for the U.S. as well?

If this cannot be done, we would like you to consider launching an all new channel specifically for Toon Disney's older programming, similar to the successful "Boomerang" channel which Cartoon Network launched in 2000. This new channel could also feature classic Mickey, Pluto, Donald, and Goofy shorts and Disney animated features such as "Dumbo", "Robin Hood", and "Alice in Wonderland" as well.
By doing this you can keep both the Jetix block and the newer Disney cartoons you have put on the network, such as "Kim Possible", "Brandy & Mr. Whiskers", "Dave the Barbarian", "The Proud Family", "Lilo and Stitch: the series", and "American Dragon: Jake Long", while still keeping fans of Toon Disney's older programming satisfied.

In November 2004, a very large amount of programming that the network was originally intended for was removed from the line-up and has not been seen since then. Some of these displaced shows included "Darkwing Duck", "Goof Troop", "DuckTales", "101 Dalmations: the series", "Pepper Ann", "Bonkers", "Teacher's Pet", "Quack Pack", "Mighty Ducks: the animated series", "Chip 'N' Dale Rescue Rangers", "The Weekenders", "Fillmore", "Lloyd in Space",, "TaleSpin" and "New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh".
We want these shows to be brought back to the channel along with "Jungle Cubs" and "Gummi Bears", which have not been seen on U.S. airwaves since 2001.

If you support this petition and its cause please help by signing the petition.

Want to make an even bigger difference?
Call the Toon Disney hotline and tell them how you feel! Here's the phone number:


or write to them at:

Toon Disney
ABC Cable Networks Group
3800 W. Alameda Ave.
Burbank, CA 91505

Thank you!

6. YMCA Operating Hours

April 23, 2006

The members of the Jefferson City area YMCA have seen the facilities hours of operation be cut back the last two years.

We accepted the early closings between Memorial day and Labor day since the pool was open and staffed for use in the evening. The first cut was closing at 5:00 pm on the weekends from April 1st to October 31st. April, May, September, and October are times when the facility get a lot of late day use.

When the facility posted the head count spreadsheets, you could see the facility closed at a peak use time. These facility use tabulations are no longer posted. Starting this year the facilities are starting to close early on a week night.

We find this practice un-acceptable to the membership. The YMCA is a haven for youth to give them a place to go and play sports. It keeps children off the streets and gives them a positive recreational environment. This does not occur when the doors are locked.

7. OSU LIBRARY REFORM - Weekend Hours

Nov 17, 2005

On the branch campuses, where many of the students are non-traditional, have jobs, families, and responsibilities other than being full time college students, our Library has let us down.

We, who work, raise families, and have other responsibilities that take up our time throughout the week, and only have the weekends to utilize the Libraries as facilities for study, learning, and as a hub to our educational experience are shut out! The Branch Campus Libraries' hours are all shorter on the weekend than throughout the week.

This is a terrible example of discrimination based on the status of the non-traditional students. It is unfortunate that the University is so intolerant and unresponsive to the needs of students, but as exemplified in Issue I, The Ohio State University is not interested in us, in our educations, or our lives…The Ohio State University is only interested in generating revenue and doing what is easiest for them!

We need to act! Attached is a petition seeking to force The Ohio State University Marion to offer the same hours of operation for the Library on the weekends as throughout the week, thereby ending the discrimination inherent in this policy toward non-traditional students.

8. Foxtel bring UK soaps up to date

September 05, 2004

UK soaps Coronation Street and Eastenders are shown on Foxtels UKTV channel. Episodes currently screening are 2 years behind episodes screening in the UK. Originally these soaps were shown only 2-3 times a week in UK but now Eastenders is shown 4 times a week and Coronation Street 5 times a week.

For the last couple of years UKTV has started showing double episodes of Eastenders over the Summer to help catch up but never has it shown double eps of Coronation Street. This means it will never catch up unless extra episodes are shown.

I have started this petition as I love watching both shows and although I appreciate the double helping of Eastenders watching 1.5 hours of soap a night is a big commitment and can be overkill. It seems only logical to me to screen some episodes of both on weekends instead until both are up to date.

One idea could be to move Eastenders 4 eps to Sat & Sun 6.30pm-7.30pm whilst showing double Coronation St weekdays and when Coronation St catches up move Eastenders back to weekdays but leave Eastenders on weekends until it also catches up.

Please sign my petition below if you want to see Coronation Street and/or Eastenders brought up to date.

9. Food at the Marlin Grille

We the students at the college do not like prepared food at the Marlin Grille on the weekends.