#Law & Order
Metro Police
South Africa

Since April 2007 we have been kept awake over most weekends, public holidays and long weekends due to loud music coming from Clermont. The music generally continues until 5am the following morning.

We have been reporting these incidents to Metro Police, Emergency Services and SAPS to no avail.
We know that the music is coming from taverns in Clermont yet when Metro Police is phoned to tell them about the problem they deny that the taverns are even open.
We have proved them wrong on many occasions. The music then carries on and our complaints aren’t dealt with,
The taverns reportedly have permits which stipulate conditions but they are not being adhered to.

It is not just the neighbourhood of Cowies Hill being affected but most of Clermont too.
Clermont is notorious for being very dangerous at night and if taverns are allowed to blatantly break the law it will continue to be a dangerous place for all who live there.

We, the undersigned, are requesting that:

1) Metro Police take our complaints seriously and investigate the taverns that are not sticking to their permit conditions.

2) Metro Police and SAPS to form a task-team to enforce the conditions of the tavern permits, i.e. music to be kept indoors and music to end promptly at 12am.

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