#Civil Rights
The Ohio State University
United States of America

Nov 17, 2005

On the branch campuses, where many of the students are non-traditional, have jobs, families, and responsibilities other than being full time college students, our Library has let us down.

We, who work, raise families, and have other responsibilities that take up our time throughout the week, and only have the weekends to utilize the Libraries as facilities for study, learning, and as a hub to our educational experience are shut out! The Branch Campus Libraries' hours are all shorter on the weekend than throughout the week.

This is a terrible example of discrimination based on the status of the non-traditional students. It is unfortunate that the University is so intolerant and unresponsive to the needs of students, but as exemplified in Issue I, The Ohio State University is not interested in us, in our educations, or our lives…The Ohio State University is only interested in generating revenue and doing what is easiest for them!

We need to act! Attached is a petition seeking to force The Ohio State University Marion to offer the same hours of operation for the Library on the weekends as throughout the week, thereby ending the discrimination inherent in this policy toward non-traditional students.

We, the students of The Ohio State University are requesting that the Library operating hours of the The Marion Branch of The Ohio State University offer operating hours on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday equivalent or longer to those offered on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

We see the shortened hours on the weekend as an act that discriminates against non-traditional students and demand equal opportunity for everyone to access the Library regardless of the day of the week.

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