#City & Town Planning
London Borough of Islington
United Kingdom

Developers Balfour Beatty have applied for planning permission to erect eight 23 foot (eight metre) high floodlight columns on the sports and games areas at St Aloysius School in Hornsey Lane. The pitches are next to a woodland conservation area and the floodlights will be clearly visible to homes on all sides of the school. This contrary to policy.

The facilities can accommodate 3 football games, the users of a large sports hall and associated spectators. The planning application requests permission to use floodlights until 9pm weekdays and until 7pm weekends and Bank Holidays.

We the undersigned object to the application on the grounds of:

VISUAL IMPACT of 8 metre high floodlights for all local people, particularly during autumn/winter months when trees are bare

NOISE from 365 days per year use, likely to be until 10pm weekdays and 8pm weekends / Bank Holidays allowing for showers, clearing up etc

ADDITIONAL TRAFFIC causing access and parking problems in Hornsey Lane and Thornbury Square, including buses and cars associated with 6 football teams, sports hall users and spectators

DAMAGE to the local environment and ecology, including a protected bat colony and tawny owls in immediate vicinity

COMPROMISE to twilight and night skies

IMPACT on privacy and security in the area

THREAT to neighbours' privacy, security and peaceful enjoyment of their homes and gardens.

We therefore request Islington Council to reject this application.

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