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The Office of Student Activities almost never hosts events or sponsors activities off campus. Often times the events hosted by their office or other departments such as Program Board are costly but get a low turn out. It is important to have on campus student activities, and many of the events on campus are fun, well planned and successful. However, new ideas also need to be explored.

Parking services has a bus which operates to transport students into Fairfax City to enjoy the nightlife on the weekends. In addition Mason students ride free on the CUE bus and there is the Mason to Metro shuttle. These are all good services, and it is essential for any college or university to find ways to support the local community and economy. But the nightlife and activities to be found in Fairfax and the surrounding area have very little to offer when compared to the city of Washington DC, and the Metro is getting increasingly expensive.

While George Mason University is a great university and is growing in so many ways, students often find themselves lacking a real sense of a true college experience. Washington DC, with its proximity and attractions, can help to offer that experience. The Mall, the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial, some of the best museums, dining, and nightlife and much more can all be found in DC. A university bus into the city on the weekends would be a great way to enrich the life of students during their time at Mason. After all, college isn't just about the classroom.

We, the undersigned, ask George Mason University to offer a bus service for students into Washington DC on the weekends. We ask that there be a minimum of 3 departure times (morning, daytime, nighttime), and 3 return times (afternoon, evening, late night) on the days of Friday, Saturday and Sunday every week.

In addition we ask that this service be offered at very little or no cost. The proximity of the city and all the activities, culture, and fun to be found is a great opportunity which no Mason student should miss. We ask that you help make the trip into DC an easier, cheaper and safer experience for all current and future students. Please connect Mason to DC on the weekends.

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