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1. West Bay Road Community Connection

Fair Haven NY is a small community that sits on the shore of Beautiful Lake Ontario and Little Sodus Bay. The East side of the bay is close to the downtown, the West side of the bay and businesses are connected by West Bay Road. This road is dangerous with many cars using it at peak season, we are petitioning for a walking and bicycling path to connect us to town.

2. RailTrail Central

Let’s transform the rail corridor ,

· Knit our community together,

o From east to west with dedicated, safe, legal crossings ,

o From north to south with a multi-use path accessible to old and young alike,

· Replace the dusty, thorn ridden, invasive plant landscape with diverse, habitat-building, native species.

· Replace the noisy horns with a quiet zone or wayside horns.

3. Get Industry Dog Walkers Regulated

Following a recent incident in Stoke Park Woods, it has become apparent that some industry dog walkers (who get paid for their service) are putting other dog walkers, families and walkers off visiting Stoke Park Woods and other local public areas.

There have been numerous incidents of groups of large dogs jumping up at children, meaning they are now scared of dogs, and people who are often felt threatened by a large group of barking dogs, and leading to concerns of an increased danger of attacks on other pets or humans.

There have also been reports of industry dog walkers visiting other local areas, such as Knowle Park, where dog walkers arrive in two vehicles and let up to 12 dogs jump out and run off into the park uncontrolled, and Shawford Down, where a professional dog walker is letting out 15 dogs! If you are out walking your own dog this can be intimidating and frightening.

4. Save the Bridge

There are issues with regard to the safety and welfare of pedestrians crossing the Cooper River at Cooper River Park, Crescent Boulevard, Route 130, in Camden County, New Jersey. The new bridge constructed over Cooper River allows automobile and pedestrian traffic to cross simultaneously. There is however, nothing that divides the two to facilitate safe passage for the pedestrians.

Currently there is a temporary foot bridge that allows for passage over the river completely separate from automobile traffic. This bridge was constructed prior to demolition of the previous road structure and has been used by people walking and bicycling for the duration of the new construction or approximately three years. The bridge has, in a sense, become part of the landscape, part of our vital and thriving county park and has created a feeling of safety from automobile traffic as well as the harmful fumes it creates.

For the safety and welfare of all who live in this area and use the temporary foot bridge, we respectfully request the bridge become a permanent structure. The foot bridge in addition to the new road structure will allow for a choice as to which path to take, this will be particularly important when there is heavy bicycle traffic that can ride up on the road keeping the walking public out of harm’s way. We would also like you to consider adding a foot bridge over the Cooper River at Cuthbert Boulevard.

For the sake of this conversation, we have polled many people using the foot bridge as to their opinion on it becoming a permanent structure. The response to keep the bridge is overwhelming. For these reasons and others, we request your consideration in not removing our Bridge.

5. Improving Walking and Biking Infrastructure in Brownsville

We need your voice now... more than ever.

Join us to plan your city's next steps, sign our petition and plan our next critical mass ride.

September 22, 2014/ Dean Porter Park Pavilion @ 5:30pm

6. Crosswalks for kids - Sagamore

Our neighborhood is divided by the state highways Clairmont Road and Lavista Road. In an effort to enable a safe route to Sagamore Elementary additional pedestrian facilities are required. A distance of 1.3 miles separates the two existing crosswalks on Clairmont Road at Briarcliff and Lavista, an unacceptably long and dangerous walk around distance.

Council Bluff Dr has an existing pedestrian path that leads directly to Sagamore Elementary, and is located approximately half-way between Briarcliff & Lavista making it the ideal spot.

Lavista Road is equally challenging to safely navigate as a pedestrian. Lavista lacks sidewalks in many sections and better infrastructure to enable a safe crossing is necessary.

It is unacceptable that to in order to cross the road, a person must literally risk their life.

7. Save Trafford Water Sports Centre

We have a facility that is unique to the people of Trafford and surrounding boroughs.

The centre currently offers Sailing, Kayaking, Canoeing, Windsurfing & Powerboating sessions and courses as well as hire and launch sessions. We are also a resource for schools and colleges, running structured courses as well as fun multi-activity sessions, some visiting from as far as Belfast.

To close the centre would mean the loss of an excellent facility and we need the support and backing from the public to help ensure that this does not happen.

8. Add Sidewalk on Manor Way to 164th St SW



Dunhill Terrace is a new development with about 139 units. The community sits North of 164th St SW along Manor Way and has seen a lot of growth, especially within the last year, and with that an increase in automobile and pedestrian traffic. Currently, pedestrians are forced to walk in the travel lanes of Manor Way to avoid the ditches and vegetation that come to the edge of the roadway. (Video of road at end of preamble). Manor Way residents are also concerned for the safety of the elementary school children that catch the school bus at the corner of 156th and Manor Way.

The Swamp Creek Park and Ride is a just a few blocks from Dunhill Terrace (even closer for those who live closer to 164th St SW). Because of the safety concerns, many of us who commute and utilize Swamp Creek Park and Ride are forced to drive this very short distance and not walk. Many residents also would like to walk to the nearby Fred Meyer and other retail establishments near the corner of 164th St SW and Manor Way.

Recently, it was announced there is the possibility of having fees imposed by Sound Transit for parking in the Park and Rides. This may force commuters to choose between walking along Manor Way, thus risking their personal safety to make it to work or incurring an extra expense to maintain safety and contributing to the parking congestion problem by driving their personal vehicles the short distance to the Swamp Creek Park and Ride.

Here are a few reasons why installing a sidewalk along Manor Way can improve our community:

• Safety for Pedestrians “Annually, around 4,500 pedestrians are killed in traffic crashes with motor vehicles in the United States. Pedestrians killed while ‘walking along the roadway’ account for almost 8 percent of these deaths”

• Increase Housing Values by improving Walkability Score. “Multiple independent studies have demonstrated that above-average walkability correlates to increased housing values”

• Less cars parked at local Park and Ride

• Other benefits include: Economic, Health, Environmental, Reduced Crime Risk

Videos of Manor Way while Walking-

9. Coastline Cycleway

There is fantastic potential for a 20-mile seafront cycleway from Folkestone Harbour to Dungeness, a high grade recreational facility for visitors and residents alike that will boost health, tourism, transportation and the Shepway economy.

Like the safe and scenic coastal cycleways of North Kent and Nord Pas de Calais, a dedicated cycleway from Folkestone to Dungeness would put Shepway back on the tourist map - a destination attraction for cyclists, be they long distance riders or a family with bikes on a day-trip from London.

The Folkestone-Dungeness Cycleway is the ambition of Damian Collins, MP for Folkestone and Hythe. The campaign for its realisation is headed by Cycle Shepway, the pressure group for better cycling that must lobby, cajole and propel our authorities into coordinated action.

This petition will be presented to Shepway District Council, Kent County Council, the Environment Agency, the Ministry of Defence and other interested parties such as town and parish councils.

10. Off leash Dog Walking on Surf Beach

Until May 2010, dogs could be walked on the beach , leash free, but under effective control. The Bass Coast Shire Council by-law expired, so to maintain a cohesive governance, both the Phillip Island Nature Park and the Bass Coast Shire Council now require all dogs to be walked on-leash.

At the moment, residents have to drive up to 15 km to a leash-free beach area of 100 metres, or a open, grassed, non treed area at Blue Gum estate. Given that 40% of households own dogs, both the Bass Coast Council and the PINP are failing in its duty of managing the different needs of residents.

11. 20 mph speed limit on Barnet residential streets

Barnet's road casualty figures are a disgrace. In 2010 it had the highest number of road deaths in London and the second highest number of people suffering injury on our roads.


Injuries from accidents have risen sharply in Barnet in the years since the council declared it was planning to remove all road humps without introducing any alternative traffic calming measures.

20 mph speed limits have been proven by several studies to reduce road accidents by a large proportion.


12. STOPtheSHAFT - Putney&Barnes

As part of the Thames Tunnel development, Barn Elms, a valuable green space in London, is being considered by Thames Water as one of its ‘main drive shaft sites’. A brownfield site must be used instead.

With its playing fields, adjacent river and tow path, Barn Elms is the main public sporting hub for South-West London. The facilities are used by *30 schools from 10 different London boroughs as well as 44 sports clubs and thousands of individuals. It is also an important conservation area with ancient rare trees, bats and birds. Strolls along the tow path provide a welcome touch of the countryside for thousands of people from all over London. It sits next door to the London Wetland Centre ‘the best urban wildlife site in Europe’.

A seven year construction project would permanently affect the ecology of Barn Elms and during this period the sporting activities that take place both on and around Barn Elms would be massively impacted.

For these reasons we urge you to sign the petition to object to a construction site being placed on Barn Elms SW13, Leaders Gardens SW15, the foreshore adjacent to Barn Elms or the Boat Repair Yard off Putney Embankment. There are alternative brownfield sites and Thames Water must use one of these.

For more information on the campaign to save Barn Elms:

from Stop-the-Shaft , please visit:

from Wandsworth Council, please visit:

13. Cycle Traffic Calming and Pedestrian Priority Warning signs for the Regents Canal - Islington to Lime House

For those that agree; The Stretch of the Regents Canal from Islington to Lime House needs "cycle traffic" calming measures to curtail what has now become a "cycle commuters" high-speed cycle-way, making leisurely cycling, walking or running a dangerous pursuit on the towpath.

14. No to Deerfield Walking Trail

This is a petition against the proposed walking trail that is to be located to the rear of the homes that are located in the 5900 residential block of Deerfield.

15. Child Sex Offender Protection: Ambertrax

Please send a copy of this on your letter head if available to your local Senator and Congressman and delete this sentence. 1/2


A blind spot exists in law enforcements ability to protect our school children / grandchildren from registered sex offenders, whose void is about to get much bigger unless confronted, assigned our symbiotic mandates and a federal oversight program and support is passed into law.

16. Support West Whiteland Dog Walking

Many surrounding boroughs and townships in Chester County have developed wonderful parks to address the needs of its residents. West Whiteland Township has planned parks that are great for families with children, however, have not accommodated those residents that do not have children, but have a family dog.

Some townships, such as West Goshen next door, have gone so far as to recognize the need for a dedicated area for dogs to run, play catch or practice obedience training, and have built fenced–in dog parks, and although West Whiteland Township does not have any plans for building a dog-park, we are trying to demonstrate to the Board of Supervisors that many West Whiteland township residents, dog-owners, and non-dog owners alike, feel that some access to our township parks for our four-legged family members should be permitted.

I have been working with the West Whiteland Township Parks and Recreation Commission since August 2008. As of March 2009, they will not discuss this issue until a calendar year has passed. This petiion is to accomodate those who have read the article in the Daily Local News and would like their voice heard.

17. Reinstate public thoroughfare 438 Seventeen Mile Rocks Rd

I am seeking your support to call for urgent action by Brisbane City Council in relation to the dangerous conditions recently created along busy Seventeen Mile Rocks Road (number 438). The dangerous conditions have arisen suddenly with the closure of a privately owned service road (between Oldfield Road and the roundabout at Counihan/Jennifer Streets).

For decades, the service road has been open for public walking and cycling. The service road runs parallel to Seventeen Mile Rocks Road where there is no footpath on either side of the road.

The service road was a popular, safe, tree-lined route for student, commuter and recreational cyclists and pedestrians. Due to the sudden closure of the service road:
• pram walkers have entirely disappeared from the area;
• pedestrians are now walking on the road or in a narrow strip of sloped rubble in close proximity to heavy traffic; and
• cyclists are risking their lives on the undulating road which in some places, is too narrow for a car to overtake bicycles (at the median strip).

The community is now left without an important connection to cyclepaths, schools, bus stops, shops, aged care facilities, child care centres, cafes and the new DFO (via Goggs Rd). For those traveling to the Rocks Riverside Park, there is currently no other viable route for cyclists, prams, wheelchairs or those worried about personal security. Plans for a footpath on the eastern side of the road will only address a quarter of the concerns we have and is estimated to take some time due to the drainage problems in the area.

The service road was closed in March/April 08, when the private landowner of the service road erected barbed wire to disallow walking/cycling access. Landowner has erected signs indicating the intention to build in the fenced off zone although a development application has not yet been lodged. The land is zoned as General Industry and public consultation might not be necessary to obtain a development approval (depending on the applicable code)

The row of large trees which lie between the service road and Seventeen Mile Rocks Road may be at risk if the owner’s intentions to undertake construction proceeds. The trees provide important shade to pedestrians and cyclists.

Please consider signing the attached petition proposing a:
1. short-term solution to the immediate dangers created; and
2. consultative process for working through long-term development issues.

This problem is much less complex than most traffic and development issues in the Centenary area and accordingly, should be quickly addressed. Please help us ensure the community can continue to enjoy and value safe walking/cycling under the trees into the future.

18. Kalamazoo Trails Movement Petition for Off-Road Trail Development

A petition in recognition of the ever-increasing need for additional outdoor recreational opportunities in the Kalamazoo area, support and encourage the development of multi-use, non-motorized, off-road trails within parks and underutilized land owned by the City of Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo County, and surrounding municipalities.

In support of this request, we submit the following facts and studies:

1. According to the City of Kalamazoo’s Parks and Recreation Plan (2003), 69% of residents listed trail or walking related activities as their most frequent outdoor pastime.

2. That Plan also notes that Kalamazoo is deficient in unpaved trails by 16 units of trail per person. (Recommendation of 17 trail units/pop. of Kalamazoo).

3. The Kalamazoo County Park’s 10-year Strategic Plan demonstrates a need for feasibility studies for off-road mountain bike and other trail related activities. This Plan notes “Undeveloped Potential,” “Flexible Usage (down-hill mountain bike racing),” and “Trails, with Planned Connections to Regional Trails” as distinguishing characteristics of Kalamazoo’s County Parks.

4. The County Park Plan calls for the provision of “various sports facilities” and “well-maintained nature trails.” Financial sustainability goals to implement include “revenue-generating activities and events for unique recreation..” and to “aggressively pursue alternative funding streams.” We believe that increased recreational opportunity will spur an increase in park attendance and revenues. An engaging and accessible off-road trail network will provide the basis for revenue generating events such as races or guided nature walks.

19. All CMS Employees Safety

We the CMS employees, request to get access back into 3 Wall or be escorted to enter or exit the MTC main building for the following reasons:

While we understand your decision, we feel that the safety of ALL Correctional Medical Services Female Employees are at high risk. Females walking the yard unescorted with inmates only a few feet away is very unnerving and frightening.

There is a large number of gang activity and stabbings in the yard, and God forbid; if there was an outbreak between the gangs and a female empoyee is walking through the yard innocently, she could get hurt.

Another reason for our request is that keep in mind ALL CMS employees work around the inmates in the hospital on a daily bases and for example, an inmate may not like that employee because they may had a run in with each other on a particular day or year, and that inmate now would have the opportunity of setting them up by another inmate when they walk across the yard.

20. Consturction of a New Black Top Road on Welch Road

July 24, 2006

We the Undersigned request that Welch Road in The State Of Michigan, Leelanau County, Empire Township be rebuilt with a new black top to enclude a walking and bike path on the shoulder.

This road connects the main roads of M-22 and M-109 so we recieve a lot of walking and Bicycle individuals and groups.

We also request that a stop sign be placed on the south side of Harrigar Road where it intersects with Welch Road.

People going west or east have a hard time seeing to the north and is a possible accident waiting to happen.

21. Disagreeing With New Dress Code of the Anaheim Union High School District

As a resident in Southern California, sandles have been a part of every day life since I was a young child and now they are trying to take that away. Sandles are a convenient way for comfortablity and style. They allow our feet to "breathe" and in several other ways keep us comfortable. But, now because of our schools new renovations, our administration feels the need to take away that comfortability for safety.

Safety is a big issue in society today and from our prinicipals point of view, she wants to make her students as safe as they can be, this is understandable. However, if she wants us to be safe, cut down the fighting or lock our campus up, but do not take away the students personal expression and comfortability. It is understood that with the construction taking place on our campus, sandles may be a safety hazard. But, we are not walking around over open trenches or boxes of nails, all the dangerous places are blocked off by fences or caution tape. Another problem the principal sees with sandles are the opened toes, causing toes to be stepped on or stubbed. But, people see these problems before they leave the house wearing sandles, they know of the risks they are taking.

Football players are constantly breaking bones, spraining ankles, or physically injuring theirselves in other ways but, do we see the principal taking away their ability to tackle and play the sport they love? No, we do not, so why should the students of Kennedy High school have to stop wearing the shoes they feel comfortable in, due to a few minor injuries? We allow athletes to play the sports they play with the knowledge that they may be hurt, but we do not allow students to wear sandles because of a safety issue, it is very hypocritical.

The fact of the matter is that we as people are going to get hurt no matter what way or where, it is going to happen, its just a factor of life. But, do we see kids walking around with helmets and safety pads everywhere they go? No, because we cannot constantly be afraid of being injured or unsafe, we have to live life and roll with the punches.

22. Crossing guard necessary for safety of children walking to Muller Elementary School

Pedestrian crossings at 15th Street 142nd Avenue, and 22nd Street and 138th Avenue.

23. Install SPEED BUMPS along JUPITER ROAD!!

The neighbors of North Star are concerned about the safety of our children, animals, and other neighbors who enjoy walking outdoors. If you are one of the neighbors who are concerned about the safety in our community, please take the time to sign this petition to install SPEED BUMPS along JUPITER RD.