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A petition in recognition of the ever-increasing need for additional outdoor recreational opportunities in the Kalamazoo area, support and encourage the development of multi-use, non-motorized, off-road trails within parks and underutilized land owned by the City of Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo County, and surrounding municipalities.

In support of this request, we submit the following facts and studies:

1. According to the City of Kalamazoo’s Parks and Recreation Plan (2003), 69% of residents listed trail or walking related activities as their most frequent outdoor pastime.

2. That Plan also notes that Kalamazoo is deficient in unpaved trails by 16 units of trail per person. (Recommendation of 17 trail units/pop. of Kalamazoo).

3. The Kalamazoo County Park’s 10-year Strategic Plan demonstrates a need for feasibility studies for off-road mountain bike and other trail related activities. This Plan notes “Undeveloped Potential,” “Flexible Usage (down-hill mountain bike racing),” and “Trails, with Planned Connections to Regional Trails” as distinguishing characteristics of Kalamazoo’s County Parks.

4. The County Park Plan calls for the provision of “various sports facilities” and “well-maintained nature trails.” Financial sustainability goals to implement include “revenue-generating activities and events for unique recreation..” and to “aggressively pursue alternative funding streams.” We believe that increased recreational opportunity will spur an increase in park attendance and revenues. An engaging and accessible off-road trail network will provide the basis for revenue generating events such as races or guided nature walks.

We sign this petition to support the Kalamazoo Trails Movement, a volunteer organization, in spearheading the coordination and implementation of the development and maintenance of sustainable off-road trails in the Kalamazoo area.

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