#Neighborhood Living
Brisbane residents, pedestrians, cyclists, concerned parents

I am seeking your support to call for urgent action by Brisbane City Council in relation to the dangerous conditions recently created along busy Seventeen Mile Rocks Road (number 438). The dangerous conditions have arisen suddenly with the closure of a privately owned service road (between Oldfield Road and the roundabout at Counihan/Jennifer Streets).

For decades, the service road has been open for public walking and cycling. The service road runs parallel to Seventeen Mile Rocks Road where there is no footpath on either side of the road.

The service road was a popular, safe, tree-lined route for student, commuter and recreational cyclists and pedestrians. Due to the sudden closure of the service road:
• pram walkers have entirely disappeared from the area;
• pedestrians are now walking on the road or in a narrow strip of sloped rubble in close proximity to heavy traffic; and
• cyclists are risking their lives on the undulating road which in some places, is too narrow for a car to overtake bicycles (at the median strip).

The community is now left without an important connection to cyclepaths, schools, bus stops, shops, aged care facilities, child care centres, cafes and the new DFO (via Goggs Rd). For those traveling to the Rocks Riverside Park, there is currently no other viable route for cyclists, prams, wheelchairs or those worried about personal security. Plans for a footpath on the eastern side of the road will only address a quarter of the concerns we have and is estimated to take some time due to the drainage problems in the area.

The service road was closed in March/April 08, when the private landowner of the service road erected barbed wire to disallow walking/cycling access. Landowner has erected signs indicating the intention to build in the fenced off zone although a development application has not yet been lodged. The land is zoned as General Industry and public consultation might not be necessary to obtain a development approval (depending on the applicable code)

The row of large trees which lie between the service road and Seventeen Mile Rocks Road may be at risk if the owner’s intentions to undertake construction proceeds. The trees provide important shade to pedestrians and cyclists.

Please consider signing the attached petition proposing a:
1. short-term solution to the immediate dangers created; and
2. consultative process for working through long-term development issues.

This problem is much less complex than most traffic and development issues in the Centenary area and accordingly, should be quickly addressed. Please help us ensure the community can continue to enjoy and value safe walking/cycling under the trees into the future.

Dear Lord Mayor

We the undersigned object to the lack of safe walking and cycling space due to the recent closure of the privately owned tree-lined service road between Oldfield Road and Jennifer Street, parallel with Seventeen Mile Rocks Road (number 438) in Seventeen Mile Rocks/Sinnamon Park.

We agree that the Brisbane City Council should urgently address the danger and ensure a safe walkway and cycle path via the following suggested options:

1. Urgently return the service road to public use by negotiating with the landowner to lease the space, provide maintenance services as appropriate and cover public liability insurance as a temporary measure (while negotiations continue for a long-term plan for the area);

2. Consider buying at least a proportion of the land in question to return it to long-term public use (particularly for walking and cycling) – the entire piece of land is 8326 m2 (approx 400m x 20m) in size and valued at approximately $1.2 million; and

3. Ensure public consultation in the planning for the area’s future, with a view towards balancing transport, commercial, community and environmental concerns.

Chief petitioner: Ngaire McGaw

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