Warden Wayne Hill
United States of America

We the CMS employees, request to get access back into 3 Wall or be escorted to enter or exit the MTC main building for the following reasons:

While we understand your decision, we feel that the safety of ALL Correctional Medical Services Female Employees are at high risk. Females walking the yard unescorted with inmates only a few feet away is very unnerving and frightening.

There is a large number of gang activity and stabbings in the yard, and God forbid; if there was an outbreak between the gangs and a female empoyee is walking through the yard innocently, she could get hurt.

Another reason for our request is that keep in mind ALL CMS employees work around the inmates in the hospital on a daily bases and for example, an inmate may not like that employee because they may had a run in with each other on a particular day or year, and that inmate now would have the opportunity of setting them up by another inmate when they walk across the yard.

We, the undersigned, call on Warden Wayne Hill to eliminate the CMS Employees Access to enter and exit the MTC main building or be escorted to enter or exit the MTC main building.

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