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1. Return All Trump Manufacturing to the Continental United States

President Trump wants to create jobs to "make america great again". He can do his part by returning all Trump and Ivanka branded manufacturing and sourcing materials, equipment, labor, research to the continental United States.

2. Employers should be required to inform applicants if they did not get the job

Millions of job applicants around the country end up wasting countless days, or even weeks waiting for a reply from their potential employer, yet if said employer doesn't pick them for the position, they'll never know. This is unfair to the public, if we don't know that we didn't get the job how can we move on to the next employer? Businesses should also be required to provide the reason why they turned down an applicant so that he/she may better themselves and learn from their mistakes, so that they can have a better chance with the next employer.

3. Jobs For Cons

When people are put in a jail cell, they will no longer have the same rights as other people in the United States., whether they are let out of jail or not. This will cause them to fail at finding jobs when they get out of jail, causing the U.S. Economy $57 to $65 billion yearly in economic output. The section that is boxed in about having a past criminal record is damaging a lot of people's chances at getting jobs, and the United States economy too. If the box and banned, then the chance of people getting a job will be more equal, as oppose to, the past criminal history box remaining. It will help to stop employers from judging people because of their past and hire them because they can do the job they are applying for.

4. Time for Kenny Anthony to Deliver on Promises of Job Creation

The Lucian People’s Movement (LPM) affirms that after almost 15 years under the leadership of Dr. Kenny Anthony , Saint Lucia’s unemployment situation has become progressively worse.

The LPM laments the growing number of youth in the country who are currently unemployed, and the party is adamant in its belief that Saint Lucia is teetering on the verge of a human resource development tragedy if its present course is not remedied with quick and aggressive action.

The LPM also points to recent statistics which suggest that Saint Lucia’s unemployment figures have risen to 24.9 percent and that almost 50 percent of youth between the ages of 15 and 24 years are unemployed.

Therefore, in the interest of the people of Saint Lucia, the LPM has launched an online petition aimed at highlighting the magnitude of the problem. We urge every citizen who is unemployed or who is disappointed with the current state of unemployment in the country to sign the petition as an open show of protest against a government that has sought to give the impression that all is well in our country.

The petition will run for a total of 10 weeks and will culminate with a public protest action march, at the end of which all the signatures will be delivered to the office of the prime minister.

5. Save the Port of Cairns

Support the Sea Port of Cairns, Australia. Our port, our city, our future.

Let the politicians and their advisers know we support the Cairns Shipping Development Project that can sustainably open up one of Australia's most beautiful ports to more cruise shipping and vessels that service our region.

We love the Great Barrier Reef, our stunning beaches, the Atherton Tablelands, Port Douglas, Daintree, Innisfail and want to share it with others.

The Port of Cairns, developed over 100 years, underpins jobs, businesses and investments. Support the Cairns Shipping Development project by submitting a petition to the Queensland State Government Coordinator General.

6. Round The Clock Child Care

In recent studies it has been shown that although there are many childcare providers only a few offer non-standard hour childcare. Now the growing demand of a service-based economy have eaten-away the traditional am-pm, Monday-Friday working week.

Large proportions of the labor force now have to be available beyond the old work pattern. New work patterns such as round the clock work, shift work, and extended hours are now found everywhere,in shops in hospitals, care homes, post offices, warehouses and factories, just to name a few.

In addition to changing working patterns, increasing parental employment and changes in cultural and social attitudes highlight the issues of work-life balance, bringing increasing demand for non-standard hours childcare provisions to the fore.

at the heart of this new workforce:61% of working families contain parents employed outside regular 9-5 hours (DFEE2000),managing shifts,and working during early mornings,evenings, nights, and weekends.A study by the Daycare Trust (2000) also suggests 34% of working families contain a parent who worked long hours, and 22% of working families contain a parent who worked shifts. So the need for non-standard hour childcare is great.

What exactly are our politicians doing for the community? No, this does not include holding up a can of peas smiling ear to ear for the news team photographer on how they donated lots of can goods!

Many families would rather work for their food than collect food-stamps contrary to popular opinion. When needs aren't realized,that is a failure on our leaders part for not asking the right questions. When needs are brought to our leaders attentions, that not only must be addressed,but goes ignored,that is OPPRESSION of the people by our leaders!

7. Support Arizona Local Business Day

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, as of May 2014, Arizona has a higher unemployment rate (7.3 percent) than the national average (6.7 percent).

While the nation continues to reel from the economic recession, Arizonans suffer from joblessness, and in turn, poverty. Many Arizonans, such as my own step-mother, live with very low budgets because they struggle to find a consistent job. But Arizona is not hopeless.

Thousands of jobs stem from local business. My own step-father, owner of local store East Valley Sports, for example, has had to cut back from hiring for summer swim season, because of the consistent economic state.

While the economy is improving, it is taking too long. We, as the affected people, should not stand by and wait for times to change for the better.

8. Fire the head of CA EDD, Sharon Hilliard

I know I am not the only one who has been fired in CA and when filing for Unemployment benefits is met with an offense and what should be criminal game. This game includes instructions to call a number that is never answered. An email system that is never responded to, and repetitive requests to resend documents over and over. All of which seem systematically designed to allow the EDD to delay and push off claims, three eight months.

What is the EDD’s answer for this, ”sorry, we updated our system and it didn’t go well, and we are understaffed.” This answer is not good enough, they are charged with the duty of handling the unemployment benefits. There is a certain level of response they are required to provide and they have failed miserably. It is the job of the Sharon Hilliard to guide the EDD and ensure that the needs of Californians who are laid off are met.

They should have anticipate that they are going to have an increase in claims as they always do at the end of the year. When the new system failed to meet expectations then it was her duty to identify ways to ensure that people in need are addressed in a timely manner. If they don’t have the resources they need then it is the job of Sharon Hilliard to fight for those resources. It is the purpose of EDD to provide immediate support to ensure people don’t fall into debt and stay afloat in the reality of an uncertain world.

Meanwhile Californian individuals and families have to worry and sink into debt as they fight to keep a roof over their heads, clothes their children and food on the table. As well, it seems that the current system that is in place is to stall for as long as possible without any remorse. The current status of the EDD is unacceptable and a clear failure on the part of Sharon Hilliard. I feel it would be best if she were fired for her incompetence. Then when she is unemployed she can enjoy the offensive insanity of dealing with the EDD.

9. Stop Work for the Dole

It is unjust to force humans to work for social security.

It is unjust to make single mothers work for social security.

Such a policy does not take into account the current underperforming economy and mismanagement by governments.

Such a policy fails to take into account the cost that volunteer workers will need to pay for transport, clothing, shoes and other equipment.

It fails to address the opportunity costs and potential lost of income carried by individuals forced to work on a "voluntary" basis. Person who are unemployed could have spent time and money looking for real employment and getting involved in education and training.

In the case of single mothers who have been forced onto new start, being forced to "work" for the social security payments would mean money and time which could have been spent on the home and children will be transferred to third parties (who are not in need of the mother's care).

10. Voice of the People: Stay out of Syria

The government is meant to reflect its people. How many, countless times have Americans said "What about us? Why do we have to be the ones to get involved?"

In America, we should focus on our own in-country affairs before funneling out money, weapons, and resources to a civil war. It is a "civil war" because it is far more complicated than a simple country uprising. There are too many variables that the government has not considered before taking rash action. With the rebel group linked to al-Qaeda, we should not get involved in their efforts.

If you know anything about the real Syrian people, you would know they would never support the public execution of children for "blasphemy". For all intents and purposes, America should not support an extremist rebel group.

Since unemployment and other serious issues still a major concern, we cannot go around policing every country. Leave our military defense as a DEFENSE.

American people, you have the right to voice your opinions.

11. Put Florida Back to Work

There are many projects that would be helpful to the state: enviromental clean-up, infrastructure repair, feeding the homeless and hungry.

12. Say NO to The Welfare Reform Act

The Welfare Reform Act is draconian and against the working class.

The poor are getting poorer and the rich getting richer. It has caused poverty, ill health and social instability.

13. Petition on the recent changes to Unemployment Insurance eligibility criteria:

Petition to the House of Commons in Parliament Assembled:

We, the undersigned residents of Canada, draw attention of the House to the following:

THAT the government of Canada has recently made changes to the eligibility requirements for unemployment insurance (UI);

THAT these changes have been made behind closed doors without any input from the ordinary Canadian citizens who are affected by such policies and these changes will negatively affect the livelihood of numerous Canadians;

THAT the adopted changes will negatively impact Canadians nation wide, in particular they will impact those Canadians who live in rural areas in which the economy is dependent upon seasonal employment.

We feel that the adopted changes to the unemployment eligibility criteria will force people out of their specialized occupations into unskilled, low wage jobs. In addition, we agree that Canadian individuals will be forced to look for employment at great distances outside their area of residence causing them to incur unreasonable time commitments and travel costs.

Combined, we feel these changes may lead to increased poverty for unemployed individuals as well as the families which they support.

14. Child Care Resources & An Infrastructure to Create Over 9.7 Million New Jobs

Our groups, the Universal law of Economic Observation, etc. are about combining the economic and military histories of ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome and the Americas or West into a new scientific perspective involving the marketing warfare strategies and tactics of global markets, through the simultaneous implementation of the genetic and molecular sciences to immediately begin the processes of creating over 9.7 million new tech jobs.

This process is best defined @, and

15. Fair chances on apprenticeships

Majority of young people who are out of work apply for apprenticeships. Currently in my town there are many apprenticeships although I've apply for many and still seem to get nothing out of the interview.

Apprenticeships are supposed to be helping young people like myself although its just like a normal job in the UK only the best get the job and now its the same for apprenticeships only the ones with the grades get the chance. Like myself I have loads of experience but the interviewers were only interested at grades and levels which at the time I did not have certificates to prove my grades due me just finishing school and not receiving the certificate till August 2011.

For example I live in my own flat at 17 with barely any money, living on money from social services which is very difficult to live on, but I do not want to be on benefits in the future or now I would like an opportunity to have a job and not be sat at home doing nothing.

16. Show The Real Unemployment Numbers

Let's finally get the real numbers out there. The administration wants to put out all these fake numbers and say the unemployment rate drops, but fail to mention all the people who ran out of benefits or no longer are looking for work because they can not find any.

17. Drug testing for ALL who receive earnings or benefits from taxpayers

Drug testing for welfare and unemployment benefits are underway. However, employed or unemployed, buying drugs with taxpayers dollars is unacceptable.

It is discrimination to limit one group of people. I am asking we have zero tolerance. Drug abuse is not a "lower class" epidemic. It is a widespread one.

18. Help the sick and injured in Canada

We want to change the laws in parliament. If a person is forced to leave work due to illness or injury they only get unemployment sick benefits for 15 weeks, yet if a person quits for the right reason they get up to 50 weeks unemployment benefits.

It takes Canada Pension Plan over four months to decide on whether or not a person is even eligible for C.P.P. Unemployment benefits should continue at least until C.P.P has made a decision.

19. Put Americans Back to work

With an unemployment high and our budget in a mess we need to demand that our leaders address the issue of unemployment in a manner that will actually put people to work and not raise our deficit or our taxes.

20. Stop Employers Performing Credit Checks Prior to Employment

The UK officially went into recession during the last 3 months of 2008 where there were more than two consecutive quarters of negative economic growth. This evidently had a devastating impact on employment figures in the UK (UK in recession as economy slides: BBC News: website).

Coming out the recession the figures aren't getting any better. Within the last quarter the total number of unemployed people increased by 44,000 to reach 2.49 million. Youth unemployment reaching 965,000, the highest figure since such records began in 1992. And the long-term unemployment also deteriorated, with 17,000 more people out of work for more than a year, to a total of 833,000. (Economy tracker: BBC & Office of National Statistics: Respective websites)

Unemployment can make it hard to pay bills, and failing to do so can damage your job prospects and carry over to your credit rating. More and more companies (especially thoses in the financial sector - those directly linked to the recession between 2008-2010) are demanding that credit checks are conducted before you enter into employment with them.

This means employment opportunities can be lost and the duration of unemployment is lengthened for certain individuals. This creates a vicious cycle of chronic unemployment and state dependency. This form of discrimination hits those most vulnerable as well as disadvantaged groups such as single mothers, young people and disabled individuals.

This petition proposes there should be a ban on credit checks preceding employment contracts. Failing this a policy should be put in place that commands that if a credit check is conducted that this should not affect whether a person is accepted for an employment position.

The individual should be given the opportunity to improve their credit rating by agreeing to pay their debtors through their employer (e.g. an amount can be deducted from their monthly payslip and forwarded to their debtors - like with student loans). This provides a win win solution.

The company will know their employee is keen to solve past destructive credit patterns and they will gain recognition as beneficial company to work for and one that seeks to improve and develop its employees. The employee will gain employment and the ability to pay off their debtors while also gaining a better credit rating - clearing their name and making them more appealing to future employers

After witnessing a recession that took so many jobs from so many people, this is not the time (especially for the financial sector) to be providing a further barrier to employment by be demanding that credit checks be conducted on people who need work the most.

21. Review College Jobs application systems

As a student fresh out of college I am extremely frustrated looking for a job. Despite the fact that I may have equivalent experience through my education to enable me to work jobs such as an administrative assistant the computer systems do not take that into consideration and I get kicked out before anyone even looks at my resume.

If people wonder why college kids have such trouble finding decent jobs, this is why. I once got a rejection letter 10 minutes before I submitted my application.

22. Save Derbyshire Unemployed Workers' Centres (DUWCs)

Derbyshire Unemployed Workers' Centres (DUWCs) is an organisation established in the former coalfields area of North and East Derbyshire in the early 1980s as part of a TUC initiative to support people becoming unemployed.

The Centres opened offices throughout North Derbyshire as the excellent reputation of the organisation spread. In the current recessionary times the free, independent welfare rights advice provided is needed as much as ever.

23. Save Opening Doors service

Opening Doors service provides a valued and successful free employment and advice service to hundreds of unemployed people.

Lewisham Council has identified that the closure of the service will have ‘a particularly negative impact upon those residents living in those localities with the worst employment deprivation and income deprivation’ in the borough.

In addition, the closure will impact negatively and disproportionately on Black and Ethnic Minority people, who make up 66% of Opening Doors service users.

24. Stop Rising Unemployment in Michigan

With the fall of the auto industry and the nation in a recession, Detroit and the metro area has been hit the hardest economically, out of any region in the United States.

The nation's unemployment rate is 9.6%. Michigan's is a staggering 13.1%.

25. Save Jobs and Services - Middlesbrough & Teesside

Middlesbrough and the whole of Teesside face devastating cuts in jobs and services, which will affect workers and service users, shops and shoppers, schools and students, families, pensioners and claimants, and our communities across the board.

26. Keep Unemployment Benefits for Those Who Need It

Congress is currently sitting on the decision of whether or not to extend Unemployment Benefits to many states across the country. The extension of this program will help those families and individuals who are currently out of work and actively searching for jobs. By providing this assistance to citizens we are keeping thousands of people off the streets and in livable conditions.

If this extension does not pass, many people will be into positions where they could lose their transportation, housing and dignity.

27. Support a National Debt Relief Act

Largest Foreclosure and Economic catastrophe in the United States since the Great Depression.

28. Help The Homeless of Nevada

In Nevada over 15 percent of people are unemployed. This makes it hard for people to pay for homes, food and other necessities.

Some of these homeless and less fortunate people are our youth. These people of our future need support and help to make it through these hard times.

29. Stop Eskom Extortion Now !

Since inception, Eskom was a well run independent Company, backed by State guarantee. This guarantee has never been called upon until recent years due to gross mismanagement of Eskom.

Eskom's sole mandate was to ensure cheap electricity availability throughout South Africa to all who paid.

Since Eskom has been converted to a Profit making entity, it has become a complete shambles, threatening the very economy it was designed to benefit.

30. Funding for G2V Tech, A North TX Solar Company

Over eleven hundred semiconductor workers, engineers, and support staff were laid off when the silicon manufacturing plant, STMicroelectronics closed its site in Carrollton,TX and went overseas in this past year.

The last several dozen people in the company put together several state and federal grant and loan applications to convert this silicon manufacturing site to a silicon solar manufacturing company (G2V website: ) complete with solar education, and certificate and degree programs, to not only retrain and hire back all 1100 people, but provide new Green Economy employable skills and education for other laid off workers and young people in the Dallas Fort Worth area.

The state grant was essential for the initial cost of the project - to buy the plant and set up the retraining with local colleges, and to apply for the Federal low interest loans. A group of thirty or forty scientist and engineers have been working on this business plan for the past 4 months.

In spite of a positive initial response from the TX state government, it seems that the state grant is not coming through. We requested 30 - 40 million dollars. There is enough money in the state budget allocation for the State Enterprise Development Fund to support this project, however the funding is basically at the discretion of TX Governor Perry (although the lieutenant governor and secretary of state also must sign their approval, if Governor Perry agrees, the other approvals are virtually assured.) As of now it seems that the application for the grant has been shelved indefinitely.

It should be noted that the cost of one year of state unemployment benefits for those laid off workers would be roughly equal to the grant in question to pay for the solar manufacturing facility - costing the state of TX and it's taxpayers nothing for this great benefit.