#Civil Rights
Public Protector
South Africa

Since inception, Eskom was a well run independent Company, backed by State guarantee. This guarantee has never been called upon until recent years due to gross mismanagement of Eskom.

Eskom's sole mandate was to ensure cheap electricity availability throughout South Africa to all who paid.

Since Eskom has been converted to a Profit making entity, it has become a complete shambles, threatening the very economy it was designed to benefit.

We the undersigned, hereby call on the Public Protector to investigate the following issues pertaining to Eskom and report back to the public of South Africa before 28 February 2010:

1. The actual direct cost of generating electricity.

2. The efficiency of Eskom in collecting revenue.

3. The effectiveness of Management of Eskom in providing cheap electricity to SA and what happened to the Revenue that should have been collected to cover costs.

4. The merits of the 45% plus multi year price increases demanded by Eskom.

5. Any misappropriations or fraud or wastage incurred by Eskom and what steps are being taken to arrest this.

6. Whether it is prudent for any utility to attempt to cover Capital future expansion by overcharging current payers.

7. Whether it is Eskom's role to decide who should get free electricity and how much.

8. To quantify how much revenue Eskom has not collected since 1994.

9. To poll all paying users whether the Eskom monopoly may discriminate charges by charging some users nil or near nothing and penalizing others such as farmers by charging them double the average rate.

10. Whether any transgressions of the PFMA will be prosecuted.

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