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The benefits system in the UK has taken a turn for the worse over the last 15 or so years. The amount of money and incentives there for people who are not working make it far too easy to rely on the welfare state.

The key to reducing unemployment and crime is to encourage self ownership and responsibility for personal circumstances.

The situation has gradually deteriorated under a Labour government who encourage people to have children they cannot afford to support by themselves, encourages abuse of the housing systems and openly allows exemption from the numerous taxes that everyone else has to pay on top of paying the tax for benefits in the first place.

If someone has NOT paid any NI contributions they should NOT be entitled to payment under the unemployment benefit system.

This is in no way intended to penalise people who cannot work for genuine reasons ie medical or disability.

I, along with many others in my situation, am paying university tuition fees, and borrowing student loans which i have infact paid into myself during my 5 years of full time employment prior to study. I am also working part time whilst studying and STILL paying in excess of £100 tax every month, not to mention VAT and sales tax on everything i buy, alongside a TV licence, Council Tax, extortionate rent and other housing costs.

Its time to see an end to this trend and the dissolving of the huge communities of benefit claiming people who are perfectly able to work, they are just bone idle.

We, the undersigned, hereby request an inquiry into the current social and benefits system in the UK. We feel it is unfair and allows far too much fraudulent claiming alongside pure and unadulterated laziness.

Get these people out to work instead of claiming our taxes as their income week after week.

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