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UK taxpayers have seen billions of pounds of their hard-earned cash poured into the banking system and watched as government ministers claim thousands more for second homes and other questionable ‘expenses’. Now we call on the government to return the favour and assist taxpayers, workers and families who have fallen on hard times due to no fault of their own.

Unemployment is 2 million and rising. As the economic crisis deepens, many unemployed workers face the loss of their savings and homes as they struggle to survive on the £64.30 a week Jobseeker’s Allowance for the over 25s. Despite paying into the National Insurance system – often for decades – many have been shocked to find they aren’t eligible to receive the full £64.30 a week or additional payments, such as housing benefit, because their partners are in work. Others are forced to commute many miles to ‘sign on’ to receive payments which barely cover their travel costs. The Jobseekers’ Allowance makes no allowances either for the cost of travel to job interviews or other expenses incurred in the job seeking process.

In addition, Jobseekers complain that Jobcentre Plus staff are often poorly trained and unsympathetic and that the system is currently incapable of helping white collar workers find skilled positions or providing relevant training schemes.

The system has to change.

We, the undersigned, call on the government to increase the Jobseeker's Allowance to £120 a week and provide more help for those struggling to keep up with rent and mortgage payments.

We demand that Jobseekers’ financial circumstances are assessed on an individual basis and that the Jobcentre Plus system is given a serious overhaul.

We need a 21st Century Jobcentre Plus system in which genuine jobseekers are treated with respect and which provides useful job search advice for all, targeted training courses and apprenticeships.

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