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The unsporting behavior of the National Cricket Captain of Australia is a disgrace to Australia and also for the spirit of the game of Cricket.

Mr. Ricky Ponting the present Captain of Australian Cricket Team displayed his loutish behaviour again in the 4th Ashes Test Match and displyed to the world that how weak he and his team is when losing.

When He was run out by substitute player Gary Pratt of the England Team, Mr. Ponting got into an argument against it with the umpire and with some players of the England Team and later he was fined 75% of the match fee by the match Referee.

When the ICC had set rules and regulations for the game of cricket, it is the duty of the players to follow them. When players like Mr. Ricky Ponting tries to overrule, then what's the role does the governing body play?

Over to you Mr. Ehsan Mani, The President of International Cricket Council (ICC).

Petition date: August, 2005

Sack Ricky Ponting, The Australian Cricket Captain for violating ICC Rules & Regulations at the 4th Ashes Test Match.

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