#Roads & Transport
Mr Tony Blair
United Kingdom

This petition is launched after the death of our son Christopher Osborne on the A1307 at Horseheath Cambridge on the 18th July 2004.

Christopher was hit head on and was killed instantly by an out of control F reg Vauxhall Nova modified with a 2 litre engine that crossed the carriageway. The driver of the Vauxhall was charged with causing death by dangerous driving but was only found guilty of the lesser charge of careless driving. He was fined and banned from driving for 1 year.

We feel this in no way reflects the severity of his crime and the loss of our son's life and future. Christopher was an innocent third party. Since this accident we are now accutely aware that many other families are suffering as we are. Their relatives and friends have also been slaughtered on our roads and pavements whilst doing no wrong.

We feel that the law must be changed to defend innocent victims. The notion that careless action can result in death is utter nonsense and the charge of death by dangerous driving is un-attainable since the only witness now lies dead.

We are calling for a charge of Vehicular Manslaughter carrying a custodial sentence when an innocent third party is killed.

We demand to CLAIM BACK OUR ROADS for the majority of careful and law-abiding drivers.

We Believe a car is as dangerous as a loaded gun in the wrong hands and are very disturbed at the number of drivers who kill inocent third parties, be they other road users or pedestrians, being ONLY charged with careless driving, fined small amounts and banned from driving for short periods.

We demand that the law is changed and drivers who are responsible for the death of other inocent road users or pedestrians are charged with a crime of "VEHICULAR MANSLAUGHTER" and punished severely to reflect their actions.

We, the majority feel it is our HUMAN RIGHT, to travel our highways and walk our pavements in the knowledge that our RIGHT TO LIFE will be respected by courts of law.

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