Number 10 Downing Street
United Kingdom

Update December 19, 2005

The petition was delivered to Number 10 Downing Street on the morning of the 19th of December 2005. We are following up with press. More details will be provided in due course.


Help to Inspire a Cultural Renaissance in Britain.

The Government's proposed National Lottery Bill will turn the national lottery into a STEALTH TAX.

The National Lottery Bill allows the Government to shore up its failings by taking lottery money away from good causes to plug gaps in departmental budgets.

The creation of a Big Lottery Fund will take fifty percent of the money raised for good causes by the National Lottery. It will deprive the areas that it was set up to support - arts, sports, charities and heritage.

I oppose the establishment of the Big Lottery Fund; express grave concern that the Government are taking control of a greater share of Lottery money for political projects; and desire a return to the principle that Lottery money should be used to fund those projects which would not ordinarily receive Government funding.

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