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The labour government have once again shown their true colours, and despite having formally approved the Manchester Metrolink extension in 2000, have now suddenly cancelled all 3 planned lines. At the same time, approval was given to the £10billion light rail system in London - a city already many times better served with public transport - and costing some 20 times the amount required for the Metrolink.
At a time when Tony Blair is making big noises on how improving public transport is a key policy, and after millions of pounds in preparation, houses getting compulsory purchased and preparations all but completed - this is nothing short of disgusting. Manchester has been promised this vital extension by the same people who are still in power, and it is totally unacceptable to make this yet another broken labour pledge and another kick in the teeth for the people living outside London.

I believe the extension to the Manchester Metrolink is a vital development and should go ahead as promised by the labour party on numerous occasions.

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