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1. David Cameron should resign now!

Over the last six years this nation has had to suffer the wrath of the rich, the ignorant, and the just plain evil. 13million families are living in poverty with 60% in work, so many of those people have had to rely on food banks just to stay alive.

Thousands of disabled people have died after having their support taken away and have been sanctioned for utterly heartless reasons including having to go to hospital. The NHS is at breaking point, the arts funding has been cut to shreds and homelessness and depression have gone through the roof.

Yet the Conservatives have continued to steal from the poor to line their own pockets by 11%. They have continued to vilify the sick, the poor and the most vulnerable in the country. The bedroom tax has caused untold misery. Students and junior doctors are being taken advantage of. And now it has been revealed that Cameron himself, after giving the public an entirely false spiel about how tax dodging is immoral, has been found to have owned shares in his father's offshore account.

We saw recently the impact the public's voice has had in Iceland where their Prime Minister has recently resigned. The time for the people of Britain to follow was yesterday, but now we have the biggest push of all David Cameron must resign as prime minister now.

2. Stop councils wasting millions of pounds of your council taxes

Over the past 5 years, the United Kingdom like many countries has gone through a period of public service cuts, resulting in hundreds of thousands of job losses because of the banking crises and over spending by governments and local councils. This had led too many local councils switching off their street lights at midnight (Daily Mail front page news in December 2014).

I was directed to one of my local council’s web sites (Bournemouth) to find that Bmth had invested £7.3 million (part loan and part own capital) to replace 16,000 street/ road light lanterns with an all in one LED lantern head, which can never be serviced, unlike the traditional lanterns with a replacement bulb every 4 years.

The web pages promoted energy savings of 70% compared to the old types along with a big reduction in carbon emissions compared to the existing street/road lights which for 80 years burned high pressure sodium bulbs (HPS)

For the past 4 years I have been researching the growing development and innovation of LED lighting, which is a semi conductor designed to produce a wide range of light colours, but more importantly up to 90% energy savings and a long life of up to 50,000 hours.

This also included me spending many months a year in China at my personal cost, visiting many manufactures to see how the many parts were assembled and what the expected life span would be.

Today is the beginning of a LED lighting revolution which will change how the world will power its global lighting needs.


A quality 10 watt LED globe bulb, would replace a 100 watt Incandescent bulb we all loved, before the energy saving CFL bulb arrived in 2005, which we hated for many reasons.

Today every old light bulb or tube used in the world is now available in LED, including replacing 1 billion + street/road and highway lighting burning up the worlds fossil fuels that has added to climate change, as more housing developments are built.

A 5 watt LED globe bulb can be purchased from £1.00, but sold through such companies as B&Q for £6.00-£10.00. At the same B&Q stores, you will also find ECO bulbs (Economical) costing from £1.20 each that burns 42 watts compared to a 50 watt bulb.

Reducing energy is down to people power, but for the electricity generators and multinationals, it’s all about selling us products that use more energy.

Around 10% of global electricity generation powers the world’s street/road lighting.

If every local council in the world switched every street/road light with a retrofit LED bulb that matched the same light quality as we are used to, but with the added benefits to the community of a lower maintenance cost and a70% lower electricity bills.

It’s now up to us to have a say in how councils spends the money given to them from central government, which is in affect our taxes paid across all aspects of our lives.


3. Petition for a motion of no-confidence in the UK coalition government

As most of you will know, the UK government operates an e-petition website on the basis that any petition achieving 100,000 signatures or more must be passed forward for parliamentary discussion. The govt has repeatedly rejected an e-petition calling for discussion of a no-confidence motion in the current coalition government.

This government has repeatedly shown itself unfit to govern - sleaze,an all-out attack on the NHS and the public sector generally, inappropriate interactions with powerful media & corporate interests, opposing Freedom of Information requests and not least mismanagement of the UK economy, among many other issues.

If you wish to communicate to the government that it does not have the support or mandate of the UK people for its actions, please sign the petition below - and publicise it to your friends via Twitter, Facebook and any other means. The government may not listen, but the more people sign, the harder it will be for it to ignore!

4. End Lib-Dem cooperation with the Coalition

A coalition is when two or more parties in government work together, either because of similar ideology or to achieve an elective majority, theoretically reaching compromises on important subjects to achieve a roughly even legislative record (issue #1 goes to party A, issue #2 goes to party B in exchange. It's not ideal, but both parties get something they want).

This coalition fails in both of those regards.

The Lib-Dems do not, and should not, have even a remotely similar political ideology to the Conservative Party. Similarly, the Tories have little to nothing in common with the Lib-Dems, and compromises on major issues have been non-existent. Instead, only a series of humiliating concessions have been made, and the Prime Minister has seen fit to lend his weight to sabotaging even these, as has been made clear with the referendum.

This is not a coalition, it is a Tory government masquerading as a coalition, pinning the blame for their actions on the Liberal Democrats whilst slowly eating their electoral base.

It is a state of affairs that cannot continue, and thus the Liberal Democrats must salvage what is left of their reputation and leave this ship of government before they are nailed to the mast. They do not deserve the criticisms aimed at them, and if they are to avoid decimation at the next election they must realise their mistake early, pull out, and assume a campaign of coordinated blocking of the government's supposed-reforms until concessions are made on major points of Lib-Dem policy and tangible results are produced as a result.

5. Stop unfair changes in employment law

The ConDem coalition is beginning to flex its' muscles and are following a Tory ideological aversion (with Lib Dem support) to employee rights. The attitude of the Lib Dems is particularly disappointing.

They are proposing under a Employers Charter to 'raise the bar' for protection against unfair dismissal from one years service to two. This will mean thousands of more workers will be dismissed unfairly and there will be nothing they can do! They are also proposing to force those who will still be able to claim to lodge a deposit of cash into Court to be forfeited in the event they lose their case! In reality this will mean that many workers will not be able to afford such a deposit and will have to give up seeking their rights.

The Government sees these measures as a way of paying back their big-business backers post election.

6. Introduce a Fuel Duty Regulator

East Kilbride SNP is backing calls for a Fuel Duty Regulator to tackle constant escalations in fuel prices.

The SNP has been campaigning for a Fuel Duty Regulator ever since 2005, when Alex Salmond moved an amendment to the Labour Government's Budget Bill. The SNP conducts this campaign in partnership with Plaid Cymru, its Welsh counterpart.

Before the 2010 election, the Tories and LibDems also called for action on fuel prices, but, since coming to office, have failed to act. Even worse, the coalition not only allowed Labour's planned Fuel Duty increases to go ahead, but added another 2.5 pence in VAT.

Before these increases, in a review of fuel prices in Europe in December 2010, the AA reported that the price of diesel in the UK is second only to that of Norway.

However, Norway, unlike Scotland, has control of its own oil and has much higher incomes than Scotland.

The Road haulage Association (RHA) supports the campaign for a Fuel Duty Regulator.

Speaking in support of a recent SNP/Plaid Cymru motion submitted to the Westminster Parliament, Phil Flanders, Director of the RHA’s Scotland and Northern Ireland Region, said:

“We have always supported the SNP’s proposals for a fuel duty regulator in order to bring stability to the costs of a haulage business where fuel can account for around 40% of running costs at today’s prices.

"Help is urgently needed for all hauliers and particularly those further from their market such as those in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland."

Speaking in support of the petition, Linda Fabiani, SNP MSP for Central Scotland, said:

“Under both Labour and the coalition, Westminster has let Scotland down over soaring fuel prices. Indeed, both governments made matters worse by taking windfall tax benefits from soaring oil prices.

“It is simply unacceptable that in energy-rich Scotland, motorists and businesses are facing pump prices of up to £1.40 a litre, the vast majority of which goes to the London Treasury.

“These record fuel costs put huge pressure on vital sectors of the Scottish economy and risk choking the recovery that Scotland needs to provide long-term jobs in our communities.”

“In the past year alone, fuel prices have gone up by at least 14% and in the last 28 months there have been 8 fuel duty hikes amounting, on their own, to a 25% increase."

"This petition is an important part of the campaign to reverse that trend and I urge you to sign it."

7. Boycott the Referendum on Electoral Reform - Sign if you want Fair Votes!

Please Read Before Signing.

We were promised a referendum on Electoral Reform in the UK. Yet the best the Government can offer us is a choice between the current, unrepresentative "First Past the Post" and the immoral, unfair "Alternative Vote" system, where the victor is decided by second, third, fourth or even fifth or sixth best votes rather than genuine support for a party.

Currently, and which would still be the case should the Alternative Vote be adopted, a vote is only powerful enough to elect a single MP to "represent" the voters' constituency in Parliament. The UK is one of the oldest democracies in the world, and given that 21st Century politics is much focused on the race to who will form a government, this system of "First Past the Post" is outdated and not up to scratch in giving voters a real voice in elections.

A switch to the proposed Alternative Vote system would only change the way we vote. Instead of putting an "X" next to our selected candidates, we will be made to put numbers in descending order according to our "preferential" selection of each candidate. Not only will this be a pain in what ever but it will also cause problems in future elections. The thousands of people being left without a "voice" at the last General Elections due to polling stations closing before they got inside after waiting for hours in long ques is down partly to some voters not actually deciding who they will vote for before coming to the polling booth, news sources have claimed. Imagine what will happen if voters were to draw up a list of their most desired candidate down to their least desired candidate!

This is not necessarily a petition and is not going to anyone. This is a call to BOYCOTT the referendum in May 2011. No, not to abstain but to write "BOYCOTT" in clear, capital letters on the ballot papers. Sign up to this "petition" to confirm you will be voting to boycott this referendum. Just write "Anonymous" or any nickname you wish to use.

A "No" vote will be allowing the Government to assume we do not want an Electoral Reform of any kind. A "Yes" vote would leave us stuck with the Alternative Vote for a good number of generations to come. The more "Boycott Votes" we can get through, the more seriously the establishment would have to take our call for a Proper Referendum for Proper Electoral Reform.

For those of you who don't know, Proportional Representation is a system in which MPs are elected equally to how much votes their party gets, where votes can directly influence which party forms a government and who becomes Prime Minister, and is being used in many of the fastest developing countries around the world. Why can the Government not offer that as an option instead of a complex style of voting?

Please give a few minutes of your time to consider this as this will influence your daily life, and the daily lives of your children and grand-children. What will it be, will you vote "Yes" or "No" and let the Government take us, the voters for sheep, or will you simply write "BOYCOTT" on the ballot paper for a Real Referendum Now?

Introductory video on Proportional Representaion

This is a short video we made to promote our cause. Join us on Youtube!

8. NO! to the HMRC proposals for the PAYE system!






9. Petition for Her Majesty the Queen to Dissolve Parliament

Her Majesty the Queen charged the government of David Cameron and Nick Clegg to "serve the country". As of this present moment, it seems more likely that they are instead serving only their own idealogical motives and are likely to destroy the country.

We hereby call upon Her Majesty the Queen to dissolve Parliament.

10. Full Exposure of Government Expense Claims - TORIES!

In light of recent exposure of fraudulent claims made by parliamentary members during the Labour Term in office, it is our right to view the records pertaining to the previous government TORY/CONSERVATIVE.

We the undersigned would like to see these records made public and ask that a full enquiry be made into the expenses claims of all Tory politicians during their time in office.

11. Save The Royal Hospital Rebuild From Tory / Lib Dem Cuts

In March 2010, the Labour Health Secretary, Andy Burnham MP, announced that the Labour Government was approving plans for a complete rebuild of the Liverpool Royal Hospital, at a total investment of £451million.

But on 18 May 2010, the Liverpool Echo reported that the Tory / Lib Dem government was reviewing those plans. They are now under threat, and there is a chance that the Tories and Liberal Democrats might cut the investment altogether.

Liverpool needs a modern NHS, and a Royal hospital fit for the 21st Century. Sign our petition, and demand that the Tory and Liberal Democrat government protects this investment.

12. Labour Campaigning Against the Increase in Resident Parking Permit Charges

Labour is campaigning in Northampton to oppose the proposed increases in car parking charges, for residents and visitors to the town, that are planned by the Tories running the County Council.

Local Party Secretary, David Brede, said:

'The local residents are being asked to pay through the nose, just to raise money for the council to subsidise the Tory rural heartlands. Also, shoppers visiting the town are being driven away by high car parking prices.'